A-HA!  I knew I knew this print.  It’s a study on the length of the stride of a deer by Dr. J.D.B. Stillman from the 1880’s.  He’s better known for a similar study done with the help of famous Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge that proved all four of a horse’s hooves leave the ground while running.  I feel better now. It was driving me insane.

(FYI in case folks aren’t aware: Benedict is rumoured to be cast in an upcoming Muybridge biography. Links on my blog for more info on his (possible) role.)

Captain Mini Marvel in watercolor and ink on Stillman and Birn Delta.

While waiting for the larger Captain Marvel commission to dry, I used some of the spare paints to add some color to this warm up sketch. I just forgot to scan it. I like her rosy cheeks.

Here’s a link to the B&W version:

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