As if I didn’t have enough pressure of studies on my head that this had to fucking happen today?!

Some fucking bitch (boy or girl idk) stole my fucking Physics journal. LIKE WHAT THE FUCKING HELL. WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS CHEAP TRICK. SERIOUSLY THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE.

I went to the school to collect my physics journal and guess what did I see? Or should I say what did I NOT see? My journal. I submitted it with Hector and another girl, who has absolutely no role in what I’m about to say next, and that bundle of journals have their journals except mine.

All through my school life, I have never even completed a fucking notebook because I know there is no fucking use of that fucking shit and today when I finally complete it because I fucking have to, it gets fucking lost. 

I’m pretty sure someone fucking got fucked up and stole it, that bitch. Not because my journal is neat (because it’s not, it’s the worst journal you’ll ever fucking see) but because someone wants to fucking trouble me and I don’t know who that would be who wants to fucking trouble me that asshole uuuugggh. Maybe Alfred?

Oh yes, it is. It must be him. Who else could do that fucking shit? So I go to the computer lab to ask my classmates. I see Alfred, Allen, Hayden, Pauline and many other people. I ask everyone if they have seen my journal and none of them have. Great! I ask Alfred too and he says he had long back completed his journal.

Alfred: Did you check that last cupboard which had all the old books?

Me: I did.

Alfred: And that first rack?

Me: Yeah.

Alfred: How is it possible that it can get lost when you gave it with Hector and that girl?

Of course, because you stole it.

Me: I don’t know.

Alfred: If you have checked everywhere and still can’t find it..then probably someone took it on purpose, maybe?


Me: Maybe. Possibly. I think the same.

Alfred: Maybe to eliminate a competitor, haha. 

Me: That’d be stupid.

Alfred: It could be though. I don’t think there would be any other reason of why you can’t find it when it was with everyone’s journal.

Me: I know.

And then I think he read my face.

Alfred: Oh..wait, if you think I did then I didn’t take it.

Me: I didn’t imply that.

Alfred: Honestly, I don’t have it with me.

Me: Yeah..I get it.

Alfred: I could do anything but not something cheap like this. If you think it’s me, then you’re wrong.

And then it hit me. Why would Alfred even do that? He doesn’t need to do that. He’s already a genius.

Me: I get it, don’t worry. It also could be that someone by mistake took it home?

Alfred: If you still think that way, I’ll check it in my bag and home.

And then I smile, closing the conversation.

I want to fucking beat the shit our of him/her whoever fucking did this to me.

Maybe it’s in the chemistry lab? Could get misplaced. So I go to the chemistry lab. I see Steven, some other boys from my class and the XI standard students. The boys from XI were talking to boys from XII, including Steven. 

Boy 1 (from our class): You got your physics journal?

Me: Uhmm..not yet. Thought I would check here.

Boy 1:Did you ask everyone?

Me: Yeah. But it wasn’t of any use.

Boy 1: The journals are in that rack, if you wanna check.

Me: Thanks.

So there were standing Steven and Akul and others. Akul was sitting in a chair right in front of that rack so I said “excuse me” to him multiple times and he got annoyed lol.


Me: I want you to get aside because I need to check.

Akul (handing my chemistry journal): Here, you go. Need anything else?

Me: Can you just excuse for a minute?

Akul: Ugh, fine.

I started checking the rack and while I was checking, I overheard their conversation.

Steven: When are you guys keeping our farewell?

Boy 2 (from class XI): First week of February, maybe?

Boy 3 (from class XI): We should keep it on Valentine’s Day, haha.

Boy 2: Exactly. Then Akul would bring a red rose for someone on that day!

Boy 3: Steven would too, actually.

Steven: Hey..why me?!

Akul: Haha, you would.

He pointed towards me but I don’t think they saw that I noticed it. Steven remained silent.

I was done with checking the rack. So I thought to ask the guys from my class about my journal.

Akul: What on Earth are you doing, Stephanie?

Me: Searching for my physics journal.

Akul: In chemistry lab?

Me: Long story.

Me: Hey Steven..when did you collect your physics journal?

Steven: I didn’t.

Me: Oh well..By any chance, have you seen my physics journal?

Steven, all of a sudden, smiled. The XI guys start coughing. Akul joined them.

Steven: Do you have any idea that these guys are teasing you?

Me: Uhm..why?

Steven: Err..with me. With my name.

Logically, if they’re teasing me with him then they’re teasing HIM with me too. How come he said they’re only teasing ME? Steven is an idiot. I felt a little awkward, a little happy and wanted to blush.

It’s amazing to know that the whole school (the XI graders) knows that I was in love with Steven. And they still think I like him. Wow. Plus point, they only tease him with me. Minus point, I seem too desperate.

Another thing is that these 2 boys from XI grade are really popular. Especially one of those guys, looks good, plays football well and like every other girl is fangirling on him. OMG, they know me, that’s amazinggg.

Steven: And I haven’t seen your journal though.

Me: Oh okay. By the way, your journal is in the physics lab.

Steven: Yeah, alright. I’ll take it.

Me: It’s on the table.

Steven: Yeah, thanks.

I said, as I left the chemistry lab. I was so angry on that fucking person who took my journal and was about to cry (because I cry when I’m extremely angry) but this incident made me smile. Enough to control my tears and anger. Though I got back to be that angry Stephanie and rant about this shit to Hayden and one of my juniors in the physics lab.