Jennifer and Vincent celebrated their #gorgeous #Nigerian #wedding in #Dallas. Visit the blog to read their captivating #love story! Wedding planned by @dureevents | #stationery by @isabellainvitations | #photo by @stilllifemedia

How he proposed: “I was never into surprises, so for my proposal Vincent took me out to a beautiful restaurant on a quiet evening when he knew I wouldn’t be too embarrassed. He got the waiters to come sing as he told me all the things he loved about me and proceeded to get down on one knee.” Jennifer thought she was just going to have a regular date night with her boyfriend but ended up leaving becoming his wife! She was more than elated to become Mrs. Ekwu” #MunaLuchiBride

Hangin out with The Chrisman’s before their event. @foodietjack07 @benchrisman @erinchrisman would have posted earlier but Tamika and I were “sleeping in” after a few margarita’s. I know…. I messed up the black theme. Next time I will be ready. #chrismanstudios #awesomefriends #stilllifemedia #margaritas #mesamaya #whodoesntlovemexicanfood #photographers