Hey, I´m sure you guys know I´ve been wanting a KND reboot and now´s our chance. You may be wondering: Why is it our chance now?

  • Well, CN has a new CEO and he´s taking good desitions.
  • There will be a reboots on CN, such as: Courage the Cowardly dog and PPG.
  • Mr Warburton wants GKND
  • We know there´s still story left
  • The fandom has just rised and we are more than we thought.
  • They´re accepting stories like KND (funny simple animation [not like generator rex or justice leage or teen titans with complex drawings] with serious stories, but funny as well, like steven universe, adventure time, gravity falls, over the garden wall, etc).

Now you may be wondering: Why does KND has to come back?

  • Numbuh 3 CURSED for this!
  • There´s a big story we´ll just know when the show comes back
  • We need to know what happened to numbuh 1 and the rest of the characters.
  • The crew want to do this.
  • The technology on animation has grown a hell lot and just imagine the VISUALS of GKND now! Look at cartoons this days and make a comparation, your mind will blow!
  • Numbuh 3 freaking CURSED for this!

Now, I´ve seen some petitions here and there AND THAT´S FREAKING AMAZING!!! but the question is: Ok, I signed the petition, what do I do now?

Keep the fandom ALIVE and let Catoon Network know WE´RE STILL HERE!

I have a BAZILLION ideas of what we can do now! Right now, I´m asking for recuits to participate on this movement I´m calling STILLHERE. Just send me an ask message (no annons, please) saying who you are, that you want GKND back and why, and your KND commission (´cause I´ll do a drawing for you just for joining).

If you do this, I´ll notificate you by personal messages any news or missions to do. I´ll reward you after each new accomplishment by giving you a free commission (you can look for the tag “my art” if you want to know my art skills :P). We´ll send letters to CN, make fanarts, spread the word, MAKE THIS GROW! I´ll open a deviantart group, and even a facebook group if you want to.

Please rebblog this so more people know about this. If you see this from another blog that´s not mine, let me know and I will owe that other blogger a commission.

If you sended me a message before, send it again, so you can get your commission and so I can write you down to notificate you each new plan.

For more information about my thoughts before 2015 (before the GKND thing came) go to my tag #please on my tumblr page. The tag now will be #stillhere

Remember, is up to us on making GKND happen.

Stay true.

Stay strong.

Stay Young…



“nobody is going anywhere
nobody is coming from anywhere
we’re all here
we’re all here
in eternal time & space
we’re always going to be here
we’re just doing lila rasa
the divine dance we’re dancing
& dancing & dancing
dance after
in one body
in another body
& we’re all here
we’re all staying right here” 🌿 #beherenow #ramdass #stillhere

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STILLHERE Second Mission!

Kids Next Door Operatives, now that we´ve reached the 15,000 I think it´s time for our next mission:

I´ve found this comment on Facebook and I think this is an AMAZING idea! Kids React is one of the most popular shows on youtube, so it can help us on:

  • Spread the word of KND to other kids (not only the ones from the show, but also young viewers).
  • Cartoon Netowrk can see how popular this show would be now.
  • It would be awsome to see their reactions, ain´t it?

Now do I really have to explain the teens react to GKND announcement?

  • The petition will be 11 billion times faster to fill.
  • More people who already know KND will know about this.
  • This won´t become just a fandom revolution, but a discussion with people outside the fandom.
  • Cartoon Netowrk will notice.
  • The fun facts that they show during the reactions of the teens will be enough information for people who´s just realizing about it.

´Come on, guys! If we could make 15,000 signatures in 2 weeks, we can ask TheFineBros for a kids react to KND and Teens react to GKND (Maybe they´ll do just one because it´s the same topic “KND”, but we have to ask for both ;) ).

Link to TheFineBros:

If you want to know what is the STILLHERE proyect (and the link to the first mission):

Link to the Facebook account who gave me the idea:


Are you unsure how kids would react to KND? Check out this link:

We can do this!

Are you in…

Or are you old? …

Kids Next Door - Why April First?

I’ve been binge watching Kids Next Door on Netflix lately, but today, it appears to be unavailable. This is heartbreaking, but it got me thinking.

We all feared that the April First countdown suggested a prank, but hoped it was an announcement for a new series. Instead, we got a call to arms: let Cartoon Network know that we want a new series!

But why now? Why whip the fandom into a frenzy before April First?

Because of Netflix.

Without Netflix keeping the series alive and possibly enticing new viewers, KND risks being forgotten. But if everyone wants KND, and if the show sees an impressive increase in ratings on Netflix, that could send a message to Cartoon Network that we want KND back.

Warburton probably knew the show was getting yanked from Netflix on the first, so he initiated this campaign to get attention to the franchise before that happened.

That’s why this happened now. Don’t get upset or angry, fellow operatives. Get determined. Tweet or e-mail to Cartoon Network! Make KND trend on Tumblr! Sign the petition (and while you’re at it, consider some other worthy petitions, too - ones dedicated to fighting hunger, violence, and disease. Because the KND is all about being a hero!). Let the world know our message… five words only:

We are Kids Next Door!

Cartoon Network Adress.

Well, guys, our friend gamzeejoker gave me the adress of Cartoon Network we can mail to.

Here is one way to email them. Go to programming and choose code name: kids next door.

And of course, (as Trevor Isaacs [the creator of the GKND petition] said):

Actual, physical letters mean quite more tan email. The petition is a good starting point, but we have to start thinking bigger.

The letter adress is: Cartoon Network 1050 Techwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318.

And the tumblr is: if you also want to sent a message there.


Do You Want to Help Make the G:KND Possible?

Hi! I know many people would die to see the Galactic: Kids Next Door episodes as much as I do, but, again like me, are afraid that might not come into a reality and that makes it harder for you to fight for it. The thing is that the best way to fight is just forgetting if the show comes out or not.

The possibilities are endless with the tiny information we recieved, so many ideas, feeling and character development we had with the 3 minute teaser we saw. So forget about Cartoon Network and the work, and start focusing on the passion and the story, we don´t have to fight, we just need to have fun with the idea. Still confused? Here´s a mini guide:


This is what the KND fandom do best (well that and the headcannons). I´ve seen amazing artists developing some KND and GKND ideas in this way and they seem gorgeous! The visuals of this show are amazing and the galactic universe will be even better!


As I said before, the possibilities now are endless! Now more than ever before! Just imagine, practically an AU went cannon, here! You know the characters, you know the basic (or beginning) of the plot and you have a whole UNIVERSE to develop it! That can open your mind to the ocean of creativity that´s there to make the hype train still run as fast as it did on April.


Nothing´s better than doing exactly what made you get hooked into this world! KND is just so imaginative and makes you feel a kid again with that crazy imagination it has! Fall in love with the characters once again, laugh at the jokes, cry at the beauty of some moment, and revive what you once expirieced before. This is the best part of a hiatus, you can process, meditate and focus with calm.


Hey! We also love the show! Got a GKND headcannon? we´re more than happy to hear about them! You wanna talk about a character? that´s what we love the most to talk about! Mr. Warburton is also with us in a Facebook Group (here: ), and there are like a bazillion KND blogs on tumblr! We just love KND and GKND related stuff, anything you do will be happily recieved!


A big advantage we have is that this show came out when we were young, so if you tell a friend about this, they will get excited even if they´re not fans! Also, if you know a kid, most possible is that they´ll love it if you show the the cartoon (my nieces did). If you´re a new fan and your generation is not that familiar, you have the perfect chance to spread the word!

We´re not as small as we thought, we made Cartoon Network contact Mr Warburton in just 1 month after the end of the countdown! I remember the mass mailing day I recieved a HECK TON OF LETTERS! Not to mention international fans who don´t speak english (and trust me, at least in the latinamerican fandom, we still have a lot of operatives).




So, for any of you that don’t know, when I started liking IM5 (October 5th, 2012) I was a full out Dalton girl who slowly morphed into an IM5 girl. I’ve love this kid in all ways possible. Earlier, when I heard he was leaving the band, I was literally balling my eyes out, but quickly stopped, remembering one thing: Crying won’t make them come back… || Dalton, you’ve done SO much for me and tens of THOUSANDS of people across the globe. IM5 sure isn’t gonna be the same without you. I will still support you in anything you do, IM5 or not. You are an inspiring angel in my eyes. I fucking love you to death, I hope you know that… ♡ |•| #StillHere #WillAlwaysBeHere #DaltonRapattoni #IM5 #IM5Band

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Attention KND operatives, we have to keep moving! I know numbuh 37 (me) owe a commission to 5 of you, but I promise I´ll do them as soon as posible. Maybe tomorrow…

Anyway, what´s the next step? Well, we have to do the most obvious thing: Spread the Word.

This FIRST MISSION is divided in 3 parts:



  • Now, the main porpuse of this is to let Cartoon Network realize we need the GKND, right? The best way is to send them the message directly. Now here I need your help, I´m not sure where we can contact Cartoon Network, I mean, where do they recieve fanmail specifically. A telephone number, a mail adress, or e-mail, etc.


  • So I´ll give another commission to THE FIRST PERSON ONLY who can tell me the correct adress, and e-mail adress.

Now, here´s one last thing: Commissions will only be black and White from now on, like this:

Because each drawing takes me to much to do and coloring it duplicates the time. Don´t worry, you will still be able do draw anything you want, just expect it black and White. The good news about this is that because I´ll just have to worry about the drawing and not about the color, I´ll put more effort and make them better.

Well, guys, this is our first 3 step mission (I´ll participate in this too, don´t worry, I´ll find as many people I can to join the stillhere proyect, I´ll ask every friend and relatives to sign the petition, and will be looking where´s the right place to contact Cartoon Network).

Link to know what´s the STILLHERE proyect:

Remember, are you in, or are you old?

Stay Proud…

Stay Strong…

…Stay Young.