still... i'm amused

Instruction: Hold up as many fingers as drinks it takes to get you drunk

Now Steph’s phone may not have been working, causing a slight distraction for those trying to focus on the Patricks, but take a look at Matthew

Is that 1? Can we get a zoom to confirm

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a solid 1. You heard it here first, it only takes one alcoholic beverage to get Matthew Danger Fear Impossible Lightweight Patrick drunk


I got told about the Lance bloopers in this ep and I went to check them out and I think I lost myself laughing so hard. (To those who don’t understand: the first pic is supposed to be Pidge’s hand to the right, at the start of the little “time/clock-off” with Coran—with Lance still supposedly in the healing pod, in the bodysuit, mind you. The second one is literally the cut AFTER Lance, standing beside Nyma, tries to explain to Rolo what Voltron is. …That face with the red armor doesn’t look like Keith)

(Take note that this face stayed the entire time for this shot/cut)

And all I can think about is, is VLD trying to pull a Kafuka (from Zetsubou-sensei) in this ep? I’m lsakfjaldksfasdfk 。゚(TヮT)゚。


Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


The feels hitting Levi.

Hanji lights up the world around her.

Well, Atjour did say SHE wasn’t the one who was going to clean up that mess.

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

thinking about the voltron fandom is like thinking of an ex. a terrible shitty ex. i don’t wanna see anything even remotely related to it because all i get is bad memories but i can’t help but wonder how it’s doin’ nowadays