Imagine cuddling with Woozi on a cold, rainy morning while you two are still in bed. Your head is gently resting on his chest and your arms lightly circled around his waist. Woozi on the other hand, has his head leaning on top of yours with one of his arm on your shoulder, pulling you close to him.


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

animation study - NCT U


And there, lo and behold, a wolf etched in steel, poised beyond all desire of thought, ready and willing to strike - but she waits, she waits, she waits.

One more Google trend chart, with the reminder that Google Trends shows what people are searching for. :D

Blue is Klaine, yellow is Brittana, red is Finchel. This is delimited from January 2009 to June 2013. Note that the shipping terms don’t really take an upswing until January 2011. Did the popularity of the portmanteau Klaine provide some kind of impetus or model for other ship names within the Glee fandom? Or did something change about the text and/or our response to it?

everything, by design.


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@toastyhat​ wanted me to make a list of my fav. made-up tropes (not actual TVtropes tropes but the stuff I do in my writing) like she did, so…let’s see.

  1. 100000 Words Of Culture (Rituals, Traditions and Meaningful Outfits, Oh My)
  2. You’re Watching (X), I’m Watching Your Wonderful Face
  3. Background Gokudera Hayato**
  5. Four Pages of Hair-Stroking And Kisses
  6. The Tougher They Are, The Harder They Cry
  7. And Then They Didn’t Have Sex 
    1. And Then They…Probably Had Sex??  
  8. Everybody Is In Awe Of How Hot You Got (But I Get To Kiss You)
  9. Talks Tough, Touches Gentle
  11. Laser-Guided Pain-Vision
    1. Malevolent Psychic Force Of Pure Angst-Fuel.
    2. My Nightmares Are Remarkably Articulate (And Painful)
    3. WE HAVE YOUR ANGST ON BLU-RAY (Welcome To The Matinee)
  12. The Worst Villains Make You Watch.
  13. I Am Bad, You Are Wonderful (Reciprocating My Crush Is FORBIDDEN)
  14. Your Secret Angst And Pain…REVEALED!!! (See #4 and #11)
    1. We Misjudged You And Your Suffering (We’re So Sorry)
  15. Here’s 100 Reasons You Should Love Yourself (As Much As I Love You)

#my very own tropes (which kind of sound like Fallout Boy titles)

…yeah.  So all y’all writers who follow me should do this too b/c it’s a lot of fun?  Just think about what your plots and characters always seem to do–your favorite things to write. :D (feel free to ask for clarification I am MORE than happy to provide examples. eue) 

** In every non-KHR fandom, I’ve got at least one background character in at least one fic who steals multiple traits from Gokudera Hayato.  Smart little fighty background troll?  pony-tailed background science-nerd? desperate, affection-starved background subordinate of a bad boss? over-emotional background punk in that one fight scene?  Gokudera.’s traditional by now.

you’ll never guess what I’ve been up to this past few weeks (it’s pinescone. lots and lots of pinescone.)

lots of AUs! fallen london AU (which is Very Developed; wirt is a university boy studying the correspondence and Seeking The Name, whilst dip is involved with the devils and spirifer work on the side whilst also Hunting The Vake) ac AU, and obligatory hs AU with thanks to my partner in crime algedoniics for inciting that one.

there’s some other stuff too but that’s. that’s where I’ve been lately. I’m so sorry mom and dad


spn minor characters graphic challenge | maraparkers vs. @deanfeaters
↳ prompt: gordon walker + red

You’ve been playing too rough lately

I am preparing for so many things coming up soon. Projects for svt and other “big” stuff thaticanttellyoubutitsgonnabebigandgood;)
Anyway my quick question is … Should i send josh a twix cake? … Or cake that look like a giant twix? ……