“Braindead Leafy fans”

Look, as a fan of Leafy, I know he is problematic. He fucks up a lot. But when he fucks up, his fans are gonna be the first people to call him out on his bullshit. And YES he does make his transitions a bit too long. Yes, he is offensive. Yes, he says stupid shit. Obviously he isn’t the most attractive person on earth. He does repeat things all the time. He has unnecessary shit in his videos that makes it longer. He does a bunch of other bullshit. I KNOW. I fucking know. However, I still love and support that fucking Leaf boy. Why? Because he makes me laugh. He puts a smile of my face. He makes my day better. And despite everythingI truly believe that he’s actually a nice guy.  Yes he’s far from perfect and I’m perfectly fine with that.

“I told you, Swan, I shan’t be joining the Queens of Darkness, I don’t need a tiara—”

“Hold still or I’m asking Regina for a loan of that corset.”

“I still maintain that would look far better on you…”

… in which ex-villain Killian Jones is invited to join the Queens of Darkness, and Emma takes the title a bit too literally for his liking. [insp.] This is the silliest thing I’ve drawn yet bye.

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These two designs are the ones I’ve listed on both the Etsy shop and currently, but tons more are coming!

Holy crap NEW SPORTS BRAS (and undies coming very soon in a ridiculous amount of styles, like this evening very soon)!  These amazingly awesome bras are available in size XS through 3X and will be available in all current prints and color variants :D.

I shamelessly designed this bra around MY perfect sports bra. I rarely have the patience to deal with stupid cups and wires digging in and riding up, but I still want to make sure I’m not flopping everywhere because that crap is painful.  I wanted something I don’t care to wear around all day.

I wanted great back support with wide straps, comfy elastic, removable cup support, and breathable, moisture wicking fabric.  I also wanted something comfy I could wear under sheer shirts while still supporting mah girls.  The sublimation process is the same, but this fabric is quite a bit stiffer (more tightly woven) than other types I use for better support and zero ‘stretching out’ before lunch.  These can easily be worn over an existing bra if you need extra support as well.

In short:  I freakin’ LOVE them and I hope you do, too :).

Back To Basics

Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: Hi, i love you’re writing so much! cn i request a oneshot where YN pranks Fred and he ends up confessing that he loves her or something like that and just really fluffy and all the Gryffindors all ship it and stuff! thanks!

A/N: this will come of no surprise to you, but I’m still a bit drunk from last night and am battling a hangover, so please pardon any errors! 

Squicks: slight innuendo

Fred and George certainly live up to their pranking reputations: they had somehow cast a spell or spiked your drink or something so that every time you open your mouth to speak, you make dolphin noises. You weren’t best friends with them or anything like that, but you did get along pretty well. Rather than scolding them on their stupid (yet admittedly funny) prank, you had a better idea: get them back.

The next morning, you knocked on the door of the boys’ dormitory. You had Potions this morning in about half an hour and hadn’t even had breakfast, and you had lent Fred Weasley your text book the night before.

“Hey Y/n, whatcha need?” his identical twin asked, tightening his tie as he opened the door,

“I lent Fred my book last night and we’ve got Potions soon… Is he still in bed?” You ask, peering around George to see, as you suspected, Fred still in his bed.

George turns around to face his brother and gives a chuckle, “yeah, he woke up for a bit about an hour ago, saying something about how we are in our prime youth and we can’t afford to waste it on shitty teachers or something like that”.

A few of the other Gryffindor boys said good morning to you as you walk into the room, up to Fred’s bed with your hands on your hips, shaking your head with a smile on your face, laughing “what an idiot”.

Now, in your head, you had planned to just get your revenge by turning his possessions into otters or something this afternoon, but now you were having second thoughts. Not because Fred looks adorable still sleeping or anything, but rather the fact that you had just seen a better opportunity for pranking him.

“Anyway, I can grab that book for you if you— WOW what are you doing?!” George asks in alarm.

You had just took your shirt off, leaving you standing in the middle of the boys’ dormitory in a bra and pyjama shorts,

You earn a few wolf-whistles and quiet “what the hell”s, before turning around to face George, “Getting him back,” you reply, “but unlike you, I don’t need to use magic,” you say with a smile, as you carefully pull back the covers of Fred’s bed and slide in next to him, taking off your shorts as well once you’re covered and tossing them out the side of the bed.

Fred was fast asleep, lying on his back with his arm stretched out next to him, where you rested your head and lay on your side facing him. At this point all of the boys in the common room were standing around the bed, looking at the two of you with quizzical looks.

Fred began to stir, before lazily rolling onto his side, his other arm instinctively wrapping around you. The boys in the room all try and muffle their laughters to not wake Fred, but it didn’t work as he gave a little jump to the sudden noise, his eyes fluttering open to see you pretending to be asleep in his arms.

“What the hell?” Fred asks himself in a whisper.

You take this as the right time to pretend to wake up. You open your eyes, looking at Fred with a smile, “Morning, Freddie,” you say in a flirty voice, moving closer to him and placing a hand on his bare chest and nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck. The boys all standing around began to holler, laugh and whistle at the two of you, especially Fred with his eyes widened and looking around frantically.

“Class is in ten minutes you two, you better get dressed Y/n,” George says. 

Fred’s eyes open even wider somehow, as he (without thinking his actions through fully) pulls the covers up to see your half naked body, his mouth dropping,

“Fred!” You squeal, tucking into a ball and giggling a little, as he quickly covers you up again, turning onto his back with his free hand clasped over his mouth, staring up at the ceiling in shock.

The boys in the dormitory were clearly stalling, packing and unpacking their books so that they could stay to see what happens.

“Fred…” you began in a worried voice, “…Don’t you remember what happened last night?”

Fred looked over at you, on your side propped up on one elbow to see him properly. He admires you for a moment, taking in the way your hair falls around your shoulders, and your eyes staring into his… Those eyes are what made him fall in love with you when he first met you.

After a few moments of silence and Fred staring at you, you mumble “how could you”.

“Wait, Y/n, I can explain—“ Fred begins, but is cut off by your abrupt actions,

HOW COULD YOU FRED WEASLEY?!” You scream as you jump out of bed, grabbing a pillow and begin whacking him with it, “HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER, YOU DICK!”

“Y/N IM SORRY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON,” Fred shouts back in panic as he covers his head with his arms to try and block the pillow,

“Do you really think that little of me?! Do you seriously not care enough about me to even remember what we did last night, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” you start to sob loudly and over exaggeratingly, throwing the pillow one last time, before turning around where you stood so your back was facing him, as you bury your face in your hands and pretend to cry loudly.

The boys in the common room had stopped being discreet about staying in the room now, their full attention on you and Fred, who was sat up in bed with his hands in his hair looking terrified.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry… I don’t know why I can’t remember, honestly I…” Fred stops to take a deep, shaky breath, before he too buries his face in his hands, shaking his head. You had started to think that you may have taken this too far, since he looked really worried, but before you could tell him it was all a joke, he continued,

“Y/n, I’ve loved you from our first day at Hogwarts… I don’t know what’s happened… I’ve been wanting to tell you how I feel for so long now… And I don’t know what’s happening…” Fred says as he stands in front of you, holding your hands in his, his eyes starting to water, “I just woke up and you were… I’d never use you like that Y/n I promise, I’m so so sorry…” he says before legitimately crying, shaking his head.

“Oh God, Fred, no!” You say frantically, wrapping him in a tight hug, feeling really really bad now.

The boys that had decided to stay back all “awww’d” and gave worried looks to one another.

“Fred… Shit, nothing happened, it was fake!” you say worriedly,

Fred looks up, his eyes red and puffy, “What?” he croaks out,

“Freddie, I got into your bed just before you woke up, i wanted to trick you into thinking that something happened last night and I didn’t mean for it to get this far… God Fred, I’m so sorry,” You can see the hurt in his eyes, realising that he had not only been tricked into thinking he had taken advantage of you, but also, he had just confessed his love for you.

“But Fred, what you said about loving me… I hope that was true,” you say hopefully, “Because I’ve loved you for a while now too”.

“Okay boys, now it’s time to leave,” George says as he ushers people out of the room, leaving you two alone.

“You’re not just saying that because you feel sorry for me, are you?” Fred asks hesitantly,

“No Fred, I’m not lying to you again, I promise. It got way too out of hand and I didn’t think of how it would all turn out and I just—”

Before you could finish rambling your apologies, Fred’s arms had pulled you towards him, and he had attached his lips to yours. Not forcefully, but gently yet abruptly.

The two of you stood there in his dormitory kissing for what felt like ages, yet still not long enough, before breaking away,

“I’ll admit, it was a pretty good prank, Y/n,” Fred chuckles, looking down at you, “But what I like even better is the view I’m getting right now,”

You remember that you were still in nothing but your lingerie, quickly bending down to retrieve your clothes and hurriedly put them back on, Fred laughing as you do so.

Once your dress and had both stopped giggling, you wrap your arms around his neck, “Fred, I honestly am sorry about scaring you like that,” you say sincerely,

“Don’t be, the outcome was worth it,” He says, before tilting your head upwards so that he can kiss you again, making it clear that Potions wasn’t happening today.

ad astra per aspera (a rough road leads to the stars)

@flange5 is terrible because she likes to send me headcanons for headcanons:

Because I am terrible, I’m imagining Tony buying Steve a star every year after he gets out of the ice. Even during the CW. Even after he ‘dies.’ He actually does it twice the year of the brain delete because, well, he doesn’t remember the first time. 

He doesn’t tell Steve. Ever. Especially now that Steve will barely speak to him after the incursions and everything else. But he just can’t help himself. It still feels like such a great metaphor, you know? The perfect light he can’t touch but which is all the better for that. There’s something almost therapeutic about putting Steve’s name, variations of it, his epithets, nicknames, even the stupid things the baddies called him in fights years ago, on the stars. 

Steve actually finds out when it comes up on an astronomy show as a bit of trivia. Even though Tony’s been doing it anonymously, and the show doesn’t say who it was, floating the idea of maybe a fan club or something, when they call him to ask for a comment, he knows immediately, and he doesn’t even know what he says. It must be vaguely acceptable, because they go away.

Your choice where it goes from there, whether Steve at first gets mad and sees it as an attempt to manipulate or buy his way, or if he recognizes it, or if he just misses his friend. 

Or buys him a star and sees if Tony notices. 

I have this total vision of them sending messages in a bottle via stars, neither of them admitting that this is them tentatively rebuilding their friendship. Meanwhile, a few astronomers are following it on twitter, not knowing who is having this epic conversation, but completely shipping it. 

Eventually, they actually have to meet bc heroing, and it’s harder, but they are able to do it.

And later they can literally tell people, should they choose, that (hee) their relationship is written in the stars.

It literally brought tears to my eyes and so I just had to try writing SOMETHING for it. 

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what was johnny cade like before he was jumped?

did he still smile widely when he was with his friends, even if he was treated awfully at home? did he laugh at stupid things ponyboy said; at two-bit’s awful jokes and steve’s creative insults?

was he full of hope? did he always believe there was something better waiting for him somewhere? did he trust people? was he open and loving, his every emotion clear on his face?

could he go somewhere by himself and not have to be afraid?

did dally love the other johnny better? did he constantly dream of johnny being how he was before? did he only want the boy he loved to smile more and laugh for no reason; to not have to be afraid of sudden movements and loud noises; certain sounds that reminded him of sharp rings on callused fingers and not being able to breathe right?

did dally think of johnny after he got beat up and cry silently into his shitty pillow at buck’s, trying to keep his shit together because he was supposed to be the strong one? did he sob quietly, because all he wanted was for johnny to be happy, and he should have been there to do something, and johnny couldn’t be fixed?

did they cry together sometimes; johnny shirtless and bruised, dally trying to quiet him while inwardly breaking? did they ache for something better, sharing dally’s last cigarette under a flickering street lamp at three in the morning?

they were never really okay, were they?

they weren’t.


feeling a bit better ppff BUT i still wanted to draw more grimamu god I REALLY LIKE.. THINKING ABOUT IT….. i like the idea of his appearance always shifting a little like the eye markings close and open as actual eyes, his teeth & nails turn into fangs and claws, when he stabs chrom the only difference is his eyes are slits. also even more monstery forms but i cant really work one out without it looking stupid

The origins of the Ankh-Morpork Civil War (8.32 p.m., Grune 3, 432 - 10.45 a.m., Grune 4 432) have always been a subject of heated debate among historians. There are two main theories: 1. The common people, having been heavily taxed by a particularly stupid and unpleasant king, decided that enough was enough and that it was time to do away with the outmoded concept of monarchy and replace it with, as it turned out, a series of despotic overlords who still taxed heavily but at least had the decency not to pretend the gods had given them the right to do it, which made everyone feel a bit better OR 2. One of the players in a game of Cripple Mr Onion in a tavern had accused another of palming more than the usual number of aces, and knives had been drawn, and then someone had hit someone with a bench, and then someone else had stabbed someone, and arrows started to fly, and someone had swung on the chandelier, and a carelessly-hurled axe had hit someone in the street, and then the Watch had been called in, and someone had set fire to the place, and someone had hit a lot of people with a table, and then everyone lost their tempers and commenced to start fighting.

Anyway, it all caused a civil war, which is something every mature civilization needs to have…

—   Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures
prom date

Summary:  Prom is coming and Clarke is kind of bummed Bellamy hasn’t asked her.

Note: Just a bit of a drabble bc @riddledwithdaisies suggest I write something based on this post.

AO3 //

Clarke isn’t going to prom, mostly because she thinks it’s stupid. Also, nobody asked her to go. Which is fine, obviously, since she thinks it’s stupid. But even though she thinks it’s stupid, for some reason she still gets a little jealous when her friends start talking about their dates or what they’re wearing.

But then she remembers Bellamy isn’t going either, and hanging out with him, hanging shit on prom is just as good, if not better than going to prom with him. Even though she had been kind of hoping he’d ask her. She had thought he’d been kind of hinting at it, but now it’s a little over a week until prom and he still hasn’t asked her so she’s kind of given up hope on that idea.

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Wig funds for Anna

A lot of you helped with my chemo fundraiser, for which I am eternally grateful for, however now I have a new problem. This illness has taken a lot from me, and now it’s taking the one thing I desperately tried to avoid.

I tried everything to keep my hair for as long as I could, I told my Mum that I’d rather die with my hair than live without it and to some extent I feel like that is still true. Now my hair is coming out properly I had a bit of a breakdown and took an overdose which I spent a few days recovering from in hospital. Admittedly it was a bit stupid but I am not dealing well with this stage of my illness and whilst untimately I am getting better this has made me feel like I’ve had a major setback and it’s effecting my mental health more than I feel like I can cope with.

Wigs are expensive, even shopping for them has left me feeling worn out both physically and mentally. Because of ym circumatances I can’t really afford one even with the help I’m getting so I thought I’d set this up.

Whilst I won’t be getting over the loss of my hair easily, I think having a wig will make it significantly easier for me. This amount may seem small but it’s a lot when you don’t have it so if you think you could help at all please donate or share. This will be the last one I post as I am on my way to getting better but this one last thing will help me an awful lot.

Thanks guys, Anna x

svt reacting to you finding out that you’re not their ideal type

s.coups: would probably feel kinda guilty over how you’re feeling, maybe blame himself for saying something that stupid in the first place. would try to tell you that his ideal type doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t love you

jeonghan: would feel a bit surprised that you would feel this way because he saw you as a really strong person that didn’t really let things like this get you down. to make you feel better he’d probably shower you with affection and say that his ideals type has changed, and now it’s you

joshua: he’d be really sad and also probably guilty because he never intended to make you feel this way!! he’d definitely pull you into a tight hug and start telling you about all things he finds are wonderful about you ~~~

jun: being the dick he is he’d probably say something like “I can’t just limit myself to one type good things need to be shared, don’t they” but then for a moment he’d just drop the facade and be serious and look into your eyes (probably would kiss you and tell you you’re beautiful anyway and it doesn’t matter to him)

hoshi: hoshi would probably be really pouty and look at you with a really sulky face. he’d probably whine a bit before confessing he was lying for the sake of the interview because he can’t decide on an ideal type. would try his best to make you feel better with silly jokes and funny faces

wonwoo: would smile that lazy smile of his and ruffle your hair fondly. “Don’t feel bad about yourself okay? That type thing doesn’t matter to me. Only you do.”

woozi: woozi would be like “what are you serious when did i ever say i had an ideal type what” and he’d just try to deny it. even though he doesn’t really seem to care on the outside, he’d probably be really harsh on himself for making you feel like that

mingyu: he’d get really shocked like !!! What are you serious? Maybe he’d sulk a little but would become really clingy and follow you everywhere announcing that “my ideal type is y/n and no one else”

dk: would probably shed a few tears. would probably deny everything about what he said earlier, and would also try to convince you that ideal types didn’t really matter to him. but once he sees you smile again, the sunshine boy we all know and love would be back to his normal self again

the8: he’d pretend not to notice but ACTUALLY WOULD WRITE YOU A LONG SAPPY LETTER professing his love for u and maybe made you something/ got you flowers. the whole nine yards. or should i say eight yards.

seungkwan: he’d be super dramatic about it like WHAT? NO ? WHAT IS MY IDEAL TYPE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? maybe say something sappy like “now that my eyes are opened, i see that you’re my ideal type” but in the end he’d just. kinda feel bad about it if he hurt you and hug u

vernon: this boy and his fragile heart would probably shatter with guilt let’s be honest… he’d probably get really down and try to tell you that you’re his ideal type now, and try to make you feel better by showering you with affection (well try to)  

dino: dino… poor child doesnt understand.. he wouldn’t really get why you took it so seriously because he’d just made something up at the time. would tell you that he didn’t mean it and that you’re the only one for him.

Eric & Ivanka aren't voting for Donald Trump because they're idiots.

It hurts my heart to write that little headline because – BY DEFAULT – if you are not voting for Donald Trump, that makes you a better human being.  If you pick a bowl of grits over Donald Trump at a Trump rally, then you’re not the dumbest person in the room.  So naturally, if two of his kids aren’t voting for him, that makes them just a little bit better than literal garbage juice.

But they’re not NOT voting for him by choice.  They were just too stupid to register in time.

Congratulations, Donald Trump.  You want to run the country but you can’t even keep two of your own kids aware of when the deadline to register for a state primary is.  AND YOU STILL DON’T KNOW WHEN IT IS.

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yall need to back off with these fucking assumptions and disrespectful jokes aight like im not fucking kidding these girls are showing support over a TRAGEDY that happened and shook the entire fuckijg PLANET… these are LIVES that were taken and yall manage to disrespect an entire fucking COMMUNITY with ur stupid uncalled for jokes and comments. please shut the fuck up and take a seat and learn a bit about common sense and then u may have a say in this. before that tho yall are wrong as hell and i hope u choke

convincing people to start watching rvb is the most difficult thing ever like:

“how long is it?”

“13 seasons”

“what? I’m not watching that it’s going to take forever!”

“nononono they have super short episode every season is like movie length”

“ok…what the hell is this format is it some kind of video game? the quality is kinda shitty”

“it’s machinima and yes it’s a bit shitty but that’s because it’s old it get’s better I promise”

“so I watched the first few episode and this show is really stupid”

“no look it starts out like a dumb comedy but it gains plot and actual story arcs later and it’s going to be totally worth it I promise”

“idk I just don’t see how this could go for 13 seasons and still be interesting.”

and then I have to restrain myself from showing them clips from newer seasons in hopes that it’ll convince them and then I cry forever.