‘How is it you live alone?’ the woman asked, and before Therese knew it, she had told the woman her life story.
But not in tedious detail. In six sentences, as if it all mattered less to her than a story she had read somewhere. And what did the facts matter after all, whether her mother was French or English or Hungarian, or if her father had been an Irish painter, or a Czechoslovakian lawyer, whether he had been successful or not, or whether her mother had presented her to the Order of St. Margaret as a troublesome, bawling infant, or as a troublesome, melancholy eight-year-old? Or whether she had been happy there. Because she was happy now, starting today. She had no need of parents or background.

Therese did not ponder it. It was right. She was still smiling, as if she had just learned how to smile and did not know how to stop.”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

i remember

my story 

from the time i found astro, april 2015 to now, february 12th, 2016

i remember the day i asked for edit requests on instagram and someone requested sanha

i remember looking up sanha on weheartit to find pictures to edit and there were 3 pictures total

i remember occasionally checking to see if people had added more pictures of sanha to weheartit

i remember the day in june that i remembered sanha again and looked up i-teen

i remember finding their youtube channel, i-teen, and watching a few videos without subtitles

i remember not knowing what they were saying but still laughing and smiling at everything they did

i remember the day that they announced that they would have a webdrama

i remember watching the first episode on youtube and then giving up because the subtitles weren’t very reliable and dramafever was going to sub it soon anyway

i remember the day that dramafever subbed to be continued and i immediately started watching it

i remember watching 2 episodes and then getting too busy (school was just about to start, i believe) and i forgot about it

i remember the day that they announced that they were going to be officially called astro

i remember saving astrorocky, astrominhyuk, astroeunwoo, astrodongmin, astrojinwoo, and a few other usernames on instagram because i was super excited

i remember subscribing to their new youtube channel and watching their videos whenever they released new videos

i remember forgetting about astro for a while

i remember finally using one of my astro instagrams. it was astrorocky. i started using that instagram in october or november

i remember the day in december that i checked out astro again because someone on my tumblr dash was reblogging astro posts

i remember watching puss in boots for the first time and getting super excited 

i remember changing my url from charizardmega to meowbin

i remember joining the astro kik and kakao chats and making a bunch of new friends

i remember officially becoming an astro tumblr

i remember fantagio announcing that the reality show would air soon

i remember finally starting to create my own tumblr content because people actually started caring more about what i posted

i remember reaching 200 and thinking holy shit. 

i remember becoming less scared to talk to people on tumblr 

i remember sending compliments to people because i thought they made a really nice post or that their theme was nice

i remember thinking that those people were super nice and i still think of them as my friends because they still mean a lot to me

i remember making my first gifset and it got a bunch of notes. it was a minhyuk gifset and i honestly have never been more proud of myself and everyone on the kakao chat told me it looked really nice

i remember the day that fantagio announced astro’s official debut date

i remember reaching 1k and that is honestly still the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me because i never expected that to happen and i’m really grateful

i remember the day that fantagio released the first teaser pictures

i remember the day that i cried while watching ok!ready because jinwoo and sanha were crying because of the videos of their parents

i remember the first teaser video being released. it was beautiful and minhyuk was wearing a girl power shirt and it was just amazing

i remember those boys that performed at lotte world every weekend. the boys that were known as i-teen. the boys that worked hard to get to where they are now. the boys that had a webdrama and a reality show before they debuted.

those boys are debuting in 10 days

Seventeen's reaction to you dancing to one of their songs:


He’s so sweet he’d probably think you were cute af. Even if you were doing the moves wrong he’d still smile like an idiot wondering how someone could be so cute 

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He’d probably be a little shit about it. He’d shout out “hEY YOU DID THAT MOVE WRONG!” and laugh at your struggles but seungkwan would secretly think it was adorable… not that he’d ever let you know that 

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 I think he’d be a mixture of Joshua and Seungkwan?? like he’d point out your mistakes and make his presence known but he would smile and think it was sweet that you were jamming out to HIS songs 

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OMG THIS BOY… he’d smile like vvv big okay hed think you were adorable and he’d probably even clap once the song ended. He’d tell you that he thought it was cute 

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 like jeonghan he’d be smiley and applaud your dancing skills even if they were bad. 

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He’d probably try to imitate you when he realized what you were doing, making you blush a lot 

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 He’d be like S. Coups and Seungkwan. I just feel like he’d make fun of you (in a playful way ofc) more than think about how cute you looked trying to do their dances 

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 He wouldnt want to interrupt when he walked in on you, but he’d be laughing at how silly you looked dancing so he’d be hiding behind a wall with a hand over his mouth so you wouldn’t notice him 

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He’d be so cute about it omg. He’d blush a little bit because it was his song (and tbh you’d be rapping to his part and he’d think it was cute even though it was vv bad) hiS NOSE WOULD SCRUNCH UP AS HE SMILES AH 

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Since he choreographed it, he’d be laughing so hard. He wouldn’t care that he interrupted because he just couldnt help it. he’d probably hug u once he calmed down :,)) 

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 He’d be like Wonwoo in the sense that he’d blush bc it was his song, but he’d also hide like Mingyu so he could watch for a little bit longer until you heard his cute chuckles and called him out on it 

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 He’d definitely make fun of you. He’d probably come up behind you and say “what'cha doing there?” which would scare you and hed start laughing ok 

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My little baby omg. He’d join you okay. he wouldnt even care how stupid you looked, he would just jump right in 

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How do you feel about fanart about the au that isn't so good in quality?

* Regardless of skill, I love it.
* It still makes me smile from ear to ear.
* And if you’re not confident, just know that you can only ever improve!
* Believe in yourself, you can do it!

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Scott McCook

Nimoy II

I shot this Panoramic series the night Leonard Nimoy passed away last year, I’ve gone back to the image because it was one of my favourites and it still makes me smile :) Dedicated to the late and great Leonard Nimoy.

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Bellamy's reaction to finding out he misses the birth of their child?

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When Bellamy hears the sound of a baby crying as he’s running down the hallway, his heart both bursts and sinks at the same time.  Because despite the fact that he knows it’s the cry of his child and that they’re finally in the world with him, he knows it’s too late for him to be there to hold your hand.  

The dark haired man slides to a stop at the end of the corridor and freezes in the infirmary doorway for a moment.  He takes in the sight of Abby clamping the umbilical cord connecting you to the squirming infant in Clarke’s arms.  

“Y/N,” He mutters.  You meet his gaze and smile; still covered in sweat and catching your breath.  

Bellamy.  It’s a girl.”

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☱ [[Use chris!]]

Dearest Diary, 

I met a lovely girl today! She’s very kind and sweet, and has a very pretty smile that could light up any cold darkness in my heart. Is it love? Forgive me, but i think not. Love is something else. Maybe it’s admiration? That must be it. I admire this girl- she’s been through so much, and still manages to smile! 

I hope I’m like that someday. 

You’re closest Pen-pal, 


It all starts with a couple scribbles.

I started this character while I was in Korea with cancer. Fighting cancer was one of the most miserable experiences of my life, and for me the best way to immortalize this such a painful time, was to make a story out of it.

So I made a character who was infested with a horrible mutation, who despite all the terrible things that happens to her, doesn’t let it change her. She fights on. She still smiles.

I think I’ve had a lot of moments during my treatment when I wanted to throw myself out the window and end it all. But I’d think about the girl that loved me and the friends I cared for, and just suck it up.

So here it is, the start to finish of creating Liliya Reznya.
Big thanks to Bur Bur for working so closely with me on her development.

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Drew this is a msg for all those pro Ana girls on your page. I've struggled with an ED for 3+ years and wasted away the best years of my life 18-22 what got me out of the mindset was seeing someone with muscular dystrophy struggling to walk and yet still smiling. I almost cried. there are ppl that have ACTUAL problems. Anorexia is such a vain illness, you're so wrapped up in aesthetics it's absolutely pathetic I couldnt take part in it anymore. It's way more prevalent in first world societies.

Truth tag

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. (I wont tag that many though, sorry)

I was tagged by @mother-fucking-potatoes (I still smile everytime I see your URL, thank you <3)


  • Drink: Gin and tonic
  • Last phone call: My cousin
Last text message: My cousin.. (We’re fighting)
  • Last song I listened to: Ready to fuck
  • Last time I cried: Last night (Fuck you Kara, I can’t handle puppies)


  • Dated someone twice: haha fuck that
  • Been cheated on: Naw fam
Kissed someone and regretted it: Ye
  • Lost someone special: Quite a few, actually…
Been depressed: I don’t think so
  • Been drunk and thrown up: Lmaooooo


  • Made a new friend: Yes
  • Laughed until you cried: No, someone fix that
  • Met someone who changed you: Yeah
  • Found out who your true friends were: Um, no?
Found out someone was talking about you: nah


  • How many people on tumblr do you know in real life: 5
  • Do you have any pets: SOMEONE GET ME A DOG
  • Do you want to change your name: Nope
What time did you wake up this morning: bout 7
  • What were you doing last night: Sinning homework
Name something you cannot wait for: MY DOG, WHERE HE AT THO
  • Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: My year 8 teacher was called Tom. The principal of that school was named Tom. There was a kid in that class called Tom. My cousin in Australia, whom I talk to almost weekly, is called Tom. nah, I’ve never spoken to one
  • What’s getting on your nerves rn: STOP TRYING TO KILL ME UNDYNE LETS BE FRIENDS
  • Blood type: I don’t fucking know
  • Nicknames: Tiny human, Aggression corgi, Jazz/Jazzy, Pup gang, random shit relating to things like how short I am/ the fact that I live in a country with more sheep than humans.
  • Relationship status:  What
Zodiac sign: Lee brah
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Favourite tv show: I’m gonna assume we aren’t counting anime.. Uhh, anything on MTV or Comedy Central
  • Hair colour: Brown but the sun is turning it blonde, help
  • Long or short: Short
  • Crushes: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Tattoos: WANT
  • Righty or lefty: Righty tighty


  • First surgery: In my ear when I was 10
  • First piercing: My ears, I think I was like 6? 7?
  • First best friend: This bitch named Greer
  • First sport you joined: Netball, and I still play it.. ‘socially’ (I’m too shit to join a proper club team)
First vacation: No clue, I left for England when I was 2 and uhh… we stayed there. Then I moved back and… I stay here.


  • Eating: Imported Goldfish that are two weeks past their use-by date. Fuck it.
  • Drinking: My damn gin
  • I’m about to: Play a song or two on my trumpet, or maybe homework idk…
  • Listening: Undertale is running in the background, Spear of Justice has been playing for over an hour, help
  • Want kids: Absolutely not


  • Lips or eyes: Depends on the person
Hugs or kisses: Bitch why not both
Older or younger: Older?
  • Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
  • Sensitive or loud: Somewhere in between
  • Hook up or relationship: Hook up, love is for the weak
  • Troublemaker or hesitant: Gotta be trouble with me


  • Kissed a stranger: Ew, no
  • Drank hard liquor: And fucked up, yeah
  • Lost glasses/contacts: I don’t wear either
  • Broken someones heart: Yes. 
  • Been arrested: Not yet, eheheheehe
  • Turned someone down: Yah
  • Cried when someone died: what kind of a fucking question…
  • Fallen for a friend: Um, yeah


  • Miracles: N
  • Love at first sight: o
  • Heaven: p
  • Santa Claus: e

Well that took a few years

I’ll tag @phan-matsuoka, @eyepatched-earl, @feliciakainzofspades, @aloistrancy-trash, @tori-is-weird,  annnnddd, idk anyone else who wants to do it, but this shit’s long, you don’t have to

@ojikuro. continued

REFUSES to show the wince that wanted to crawl up her body from the sudden onslaught of fingers pressed to temples. she laughs low, her smile spreading crookedly along the slopes of her face. 

OHO ??” she mimics, smile still LOPSIDED with innocence. “Lemme think about that ——” she stands up on her tip toes to grab onto his shirt, at the same time pulling back her fist before SLAMMING it against his stomach.

                                  “THOUGHT ABOUT IT. I choose: F U C K T H A T.” 

First Christmas - Ashton

“Wake up.” You heard softly in your ear. Knowing it was just your boyfriend, Ashton, you rolled over, ignoring him. This was a usual occurrence, him not letting you sleep. It usually only took a few minutes, but today, you did not want to get up.

“Babe.” He said, a little louder, you groaned, hitting him on the arm. He laughed, holding your waist.

“Baby, you have to wake up.” He told you, kissing your cheek. You smiled, still not moving from your position. His soft lips continued leaving kisses all over your face, him rolling you over so he could hover about you. He continued pressing small, short kisses on your face until you pushed him away by the chest.

“It’s Christmas.” Ashton reminded you, you finally moving from the laying down position you had been in.

“‘Well, you should’ve started with that!” You cheered, basically jumping out of the bed, and running downstairs to make breakfast.

Ashton sat in your shared bed, shaking his head to the way you jumped out of bed when he reminded you that it was christmas. It was your first christmas together as a couple, something he was extremely excited for. Every time you’d asked him what he got you, he’d just smirk and kiss you to get your mind off of it. You wouldn’t mind, since kissing Ashton was one of your favorite pastimes but that wasn’t the point.

You had got him some front row tickets to see The Killers, one of his favorite bands, and a few other random things you thought he’d like.


After you ate the pancakes you made, which was harder than usual, because Ashton wouldn’t remove himself from you for a moment.

“You’re clingy today, what’s up with you?” You asked him, turning your head to look him in the eyes. His hazel eyes never failed to make you smile, he pecked your lips, back away from you slightly.

“I just love you is all.” He smiled, walking into the living room when he heard the doorbell ring. It was the boys, what else could you expect?

Michael entered first, kissing you on the cheek,calum was next, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, luke was last, hugging you tightly. You hugged the blond, smiling t all of them.

“Merry Christmas, guys!” You cheered, Luke catching your hand in a hi-five.


“For some reason, everytime I look at you, I think of the first thing you did when you met Ash, like it was supposed to be a normal hi-five but no, you made him hold your hand. You should’ve heard him after. ‘Omg did you see that? haha, the gorgeous girl liked me, not you.’ Non-stop. You’re all he talked about, actually you’re still all he talks about.” Michael gushed, you were sitting on the couch right next to Ashton, your head resting on his shoulder. Luke was sitting next to you, his legs over your lap. Calum and Michael were on the floor, trying to sort the presents out.

Somehow, the christmas celebration was held at your place, you didn’t mind, you got to spend christmas with your best friends.


“Here’s your first one from me.” Ashton smiled, handing you a small box, wrapped with blue wrapping paper with white snowflakes on it. You admired the way it was wrapped, something he obviously didn’t do himself.

After removing the paper, you revealed a matte black box with Michael Kors printed on it, you looked at Ashton in shock, opening the box to reveal a rose-gold bracelet studded with diamonds, with a lock charm, also studded with diamonds. After admiring the gift, you looked at the dimpled boy, smiling wide. After thanking him, you handed him an envelope, which had the tickets.

“Is this for real? No.” He shook his head, reading the paper. You nodded, and he grinned widely, kissing you harshly on the mouth.

“God, I love you so much.” He breathed, pecking you on the lips once more.


“Thanks again for the tickets, babe.” Ashton murmured when you and him were laying in bed, The Killers playing softly from the record player in the corner.

You had your head resting in the crook of his neck, and you placed a soft kiss to his neck as a reply. Although he got you an extravagant gift, all you could ask for was to always feel this way towards this man.


I’ve cuddled with your flannel every night for many months just because it’s yours and it’s all I have now.
I wore the socks and shirt you gave me today because to me they’re good luck and they make me smile.
I still wear the bandana you gave me a million months ago, I’ve worn it every day since, only because it was yours and it’s probably my favorite thing besides you.
I get really excited when I look at pictures of us in my phone but now it only breaks my heart.
You’re so damn beautiful. I’m a piece of shit and I won’t make it.
I still have the first card you sent me before we met, I look at it every morning when I wake up.
But I don’t want to wake up anymore.
The necklace you gave me for our 6 months means the world to me. I just get scared to wear it because I don’t wanna break it. You know I’m clumsy.
I won’t take this ring off of my finger only because you gave it to me and it makes me so happy because I remember how you asked me to marry you, your eyes lit up and you got so nervous.
I carry the knife you gave me everywhere I go, I can’t leave the house without it because you gave it to me.
I don’t really wanna dye my hair anymore because you were the last one to dye it and I don’t ever want it to change.
I’ll never eat a pizza again if it has pepperonis. I just can’t. I know you don’t like pepperonis.
I’ll never eat jolly ranchers again because I know they’re your favorite.
I’ll never see a shopping cart without thinking about you. Or a goat, of course.
Every song I write will be about you. I hope you’ll listen to them.
I hope you see this and I hope you know how in love with you I am, and always will be. You’ll be my princess, always my love.