I just woke up in the morning, saw this illustration by Ishida sensei for the sample card & I’m still screaming for those smiles! :D <3 <3 <3 <3

Matt (in Tom)- ahhh,, I know!

Tom (in Matt)- yeah, you did.

Tom (in Matt)- it’s fine, don’t beat yourself up over it. we’ll figure something out. its not that big of a deal.

Tom (in Matt)- guys, stop worrying about Edd.

Tom (in Matt)- he’s fine. we’re fine. its going to be fine.

Matt (in Tom)- we just saw him go in the kitchen for some food. he just gave us a smile, it still looks like he’s really tired.

Matt (in Tom)- so we got that on our side. He’ll be pretty oblivious for a while.

Matt (in Tom)- w-wait..! no-!

Tom (in Matt)- …Matt,

Matt (in Tom)- a-and I thought your body was hot before…

Matt (in Tom)- good lord Tom…

Edd- you guys OK in there? hang on, I’ll be right there.

Tom (in Matt)-

Matt (in Tom)-

Tom (in Matt)- where’d I drop the blanket.

Matt (in Tom)- that’s n-not going to work…

Tom (in Matt)- damn it Matt, its all we got.

M!A: Switched Bodies 3/6

M!A: Monster Matt 1/3

Deal Breaker | Part Two

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Word Count: 2.459

A/N: (Y/C) stands for “your country”

 Part 1 

“You two can come out now, it’s over”, Yoongi’s head popped up in front of you, with a gummy smile plastered on his face.

Inyeon picked herself up and crawled out from under the bed, jumping into his arms and wrapping her tiny arms around his neck. Yoongi buried his face in the crook of her neck, still smiling. 

“Daddy! You’re back! I was so scared, there were gun sounds and it was really loud, I thought something happened to you”, she sternly said.

Yoongi softly smiled at her. “I’d never leave you behind sweetie. Never, okay?”

She hung her head low and a small tear escaped her little eyes. “Mommy used to say that too…”

Yoongi gritted his teeth and automatically stiffened. Her mother had caused her so much pain and he wasn’t sure he could ever heal the wounds she had left on Inyeon. He hated his ex for that, he hated her for all the bad things she had let happen to Inyeon, he hated her for taking his daughter away from him and then leaving her behind like she was some kind of trash.

“Yeah she did but mommy wasn’t strong enough to stay. You know how strong daddy is, I’d never be weak enough to leave you behind”, he tried to cheer her up and a little smile crept onto her lips.

By now you had crawled out from under the bed as well, makeup all smudged on your face but you didn’t care. All you cared for was Yoongi standing in front of you, holding his daughter and sharing this loving moment. You sniffled unconsciously and that’s when he turned around, letting Inyeon down to the floor.

His eyes softened when he saw your puffy face and he opened his arms, motioning for you to come closer and hug him. So you did, burying your face in the crook of his neck as new tears formed in your eyes when you realized how anxious you had been to lose him. He hugged you back, inhaling your familiar scent and goosebumps spread all over his body as he felt himself getting lost in your embrace.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered, only for you to hear. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“For what?”, you asked, still holding onto him.

“For making you go through all of this. For taking the risk to leave you behind, holding my daughter in your arms that you literally just met. For scaring you so bad. For dragging you with me into this messed up life of mine when you were perfectly fine before we met. I’m sorry for everything”, he whispered and you could feel him slightly shaking from all the emotions that were running through his body.

You leaned back and removed your hands from his back to cup his cheeks. “Don’t be sorry, Yoongi. You warned me. You warned me multiple times but I didn’t listen. No let me rephrase that”, you shook your head. “I did listen and I memorized everything you said every single time. But I don’t care. Because my feelings for you are stronger than my fear. I really don’t care that my life could be at a risk okay? I don’t have anything to life for anyway. My life is boring but you bring love and excitement into my life. So I’ll take all those risks, if you let me be with you and Inyeon.”

He had been staring at you during your little speech but when you mentioned Inyeon as well, his eyes went wide and his jaw slightly dropped. “You’d be okay with my daughter? You know that I have to take care of her, I can’t just shove her away when we want some alone time or whatever.”

You chuckled. “Of course I know that. She’s your child Yoongi, she has to be your priority. I’m totally fine with that and I’d love to help you taking care of her”, you hesitantly said. 

His trademarked gummy smile appeared on his lips and he quickly closed the gab between you two, crashing his lips onto yours.

“Ew daddy, don’t do that!”, you heard Inyeon exclaim and you gently pushed Yoongi away, laughing and awkwardly removing your hair from your face.

“You’ll have to get used to that Inyeon, (Y/N) is going to spend a lot of time with us from now on”, Yoongi answered and swung his arm around you, lovingly smiling at you.

All three of you were sitting in Yoongi’s car on the way to his apartment, so he could pack some things for himself and Inyeon before driving you to your place so you could do the same. You two had decided that it would be best to flee the country for some time as you didn’t know if other attacks were to expect. Yoongi might have killed Minho aka the Mafia boss of the Mafia bosses, so he wouldn’t be able to harm them in any way anymore. But Minho had his loyal followers who wouldn’t just let their leader be killed without getting revenge. The plan was to fly to (Y/C) and start a new life there. Maybe you would come back in a couple of years but none of you were thinking about that right now.

“Yoongi?”, you whispered, trying not to wake up Inyeon who had fallen asleep in the backseat, cuddled up to her stuffed animal.

“Mh?”, he hummed back in response, looking over at you, waiting for you to continue talking.

You swallowed hard and ignored your inner voice who was telling you to not ask that question, that you were perfectly fine without knowing. You looked at his side profile and told yourself, now or never.

“What happened to Inyeon’s mom?”, you cautiously asked, focusing on his reaction. His jaw clenched and his grip tightened around the steering wheel, making his knuckles turn white. He was trying hard not to snap, you knew that. 

“Nothing happened to her (Y/N). She was a shitty mother, so I took Inyeon away from her and took care of her myself”, he grunted through gritted teeth, obviously not wanting to talk about it any longer. 

You on the other hand wanted to know more. There was no way, you’d give up your whole life for Yoongi and Inyeon without knowing what actually happened. You had to know and you’d get the answers, even if it meant to start an argument with Yoongi.

“Why do you think she was a bad mother? As far as you told me earlier, you left her when she was pregnant…”, you didn’t want it to sound like an accusation but somehow it came out wrong. Yoongi stopped the car in the middle of the highway, making the car driving behind you almost crash into you and you let out a small scream, grabbing for the door to have something to hold onto. Cars were honking at you, drivers holding their middle fingers up and cursing at you, so Yoongi moved the car to the emergency lane.

“Are you accusing me of leaving my daughter behind with that woman ON PURPOSE?”, Yoongi furiously asked, turning now fully to face you. He looked like he was about to break something and you moved a little further away, just in case.

“No I’m not accusing you of anything, Yoongi…”, you started but got cut off by your outraged boyfriend.

“Then what’s with all these questions? Do you think I’m not a good father, is that it? Or that Inyeon would be better off by staying with her mother? I can tell you that’s not the fucking case”, by now Yoongi was getting resentful but you couldn’t stop.

“What’s with all these questions, you ask? I need to know what happened! I can’t just give up everything without even knowing the past of my new family, Yoongi. How am I supposed to be a better mother figure for Inyeon when I don’t even know how her actual mother was like? How am I supposed to be better and treat both of you like you deserve to be treated when I don’t know anything of your past? You know everything about me Yoongi, everything. Yet I don’t even know about the woman you dated before me and have a child with”, you bit your lower lip to try to keep the tears from falling. 

A tired sigh left Yoongi’s lips and he grabbed your hand, gently stroking over the back of it with his thumb. 

“You don’t have to know about her to be better than her. Being you is already enough for us and a million times better than her”, he softly said and looked up at you. “Do you really want to know? It’s not a romantic fairy tale, I can already tell you that”, he chuckled cheerlessly. 

You nodded and mentally prepared yourself for the worst. Yoongi glanced at you and sighed again, finally starting to speak.

“We met through my job. She was a college student, looking for adventure and fun. We never were serious, just a flirt, meeting up a couple times per week to have some fun”, he gave you a look, trying to figure out if this was already enough to satisfy your curiosity but rolled his eyes indulgingly when he noticed, it wasn’t enough.

“She wasn’t the only one I was hooking up during that time. I was new in the whole scene and enjoyed the power I had. All hot girls seemed to fly for the bad boy imagine I had so I took advantage of it, sleeping around”, he scratched his head, embarrassed of telling you all this.

“It must have been about three or four months after I met her that she got pregnant. It was an accident, the condom ripped and she swore, she’ll get the morning-after pill. Which obviously, she didn’t. She knew that she wasn’t the only one I was sleeping with and got jealous even though I had told her my intentions from the very beginning”, he sighed. “I guess she still hoped that I’d fall for her and start a family or whatever”

It was a lot to take in for you but you bravely nodded, wanting to hear the rest of the story. So far she didn’t seem like a bad mother or a really bad person, just like a desperate, love-sick college student.

“So she never got the morning-after pill and when I noticed, I told her to abort it or I’ll leave for good”, he looked back at Inyeon, who was surprisingly still sleeping and lovingly smiled. “I was so stupid back then. Thankfully she never actually aborted her…”

“Anyway, she begged me to stay and start a family with her and all that crap that desperate people say but I left. I don’t know what I thought when I left her but I knew that I wasn’t ready to be a dad and less with a girl I couldn’t see myself with other that sex”, he took a deep breath, regret washing over him and you gently squeezed his hand.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Yoongi. It’s in the past. That was the old you. I know you would never do something like that today”, you grabbed his hand, pulling it towards your mouth and placed a soft kiss on it, signaling him that you didn’t think any less of him. He smiled at you and squeezed your hand back.

“I never saw her again and never even thought of her again until I saw her during one of our jobs. She was one of the prostitutes and crack whores that were living in the ruins we had a shooting in. She was a wreck and I almost didn’t recognize her but she surely remembered me. She came up to me, screaming as if she was Satan herself, accusing me of being the reason why she had to quit college and start sleeping around for money. That I was the reason why she started taking drugs and other shit. She could barely stand straight and she smelled terribly like a mixture of alcohol and all kinds of drugs. Her clothes were drenched in sweat, teeth were missing, she looked horrible. That’s when I remembered Inyeon. So I asked her what happened with our baby and she just laughed in my face. Saying that it wasn’t “our” baby but only hers and that she couldn’t care less where she was because she wasn’t any better than her pitiful dad. My heart sank and I felt like throwing up from all the guilt building up in me. That’s when I realized that I needed to take responsibility for my daughter and get her out of that awful life”, he shrugged and tried to play it off with a small smile.

“The rest is pretty clear I guess. I took two year-old Inyeon home with me and started to be a real father to her”, he gently pushed your hair behind your ear. “The sad thing is that even though she was so little when all of that happened and one would think that kids from that age don’t remember anything, they do. Inyeon remembers almost everything that happened during her first two years of living, sometimes on purpose but sometimes she has nightmares and doesn’t know where they come from. I can’t bring myself to tell her that those nightmares used to be real, so I tell her, everything is fine and that she’s safe now.” 

Yoongi looked battered and you didn’t know what to say. It was too much information at once and your brain didn’t know how to process all that information.

“Is she- you know-”, you didn’t know how to phrase it without sounding inconsiderate.

“Dead?”, Yoongi chuckled slightly, which surprised you. “No, she still lives that life. Wouldn’t let me help her.”

You nodded abstractedly and looked out of the window. Inyeon was so young and had already seen so much more than most adults will ever. She had to go through so much, it wasn’t fair.

You were still in the middle of the highway, so you suggested that you could drive them all to Yoongi’s apartment,, considering how battered he still looked.

“I’m fine (Y/N), really”, he exhaled and slightly shook his whole body to relax again, finally looking over at you again and grinning. “Plus, I don’t want you to crash my car, now that we almost made it out of the country”

You punched his chest in dismay and he just laughed at you, turning the car back onto the highway, ready to flee and start a complete new life with his beautiful daughter and breathe-taking girlfriend. 

FE Femslash Week Day 1: Armour

Pairing: Effie/Elise

Summary: Elise always insists on removing Effie’s armour for her after a mission.

A/N: Man it’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. What better way to get it off the ground again with a good ol’ femslash week!


Despite being on the road for a long, rainy week, there is still a smile on Elise’s face, radiant and sweet and all the things Effie loves about her. When they stop at last at the gates, Effie takes her liege’s hand in her own and helps her slide off her horse, throwing the reins to another servant.

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[I sent my view on how the monsters (at least, Sans, Papyrus and Toriel) would react to Frisk getting old and dying. Your turn. Add Floweypot, maybe? Maybe have Alphys and Undyne there? I'm in a "I love these characters. Let's make them suffer!" mood and I am dragging you down with me. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. ~Rose-mun]


They’re still smiling.

He can’t figure out why. They’re dying. They dying, but they’re still just smiling away like it’s just going to be another normal day. But Flowey knows that it’s not. All of the monsters do. They can feel it–they can see it.

Frisk’s SOUL is shattering.

A few weeks ago, the cracks began to show. They were tiny, almost indiscernible spiderwebs at the edges of the normally solid crimson SOUL. Sans was the one to catch onto it first, & his frantic questions to the elderly human had prompted the other monsters to find out just as quickly. It was how they all found out, in one fell swoop of panic & tears. But Frisk had been calm through it all, just as they always had been during moments of tragedy & duress.

It disgusted him, how they could accept their fate to easily, when they’d always been so damn determined at every other turn. But with time, Frisk explained to him, came age. Came knowledge. Came acceptance. & they accepted this, the fact that they couldn’t stay forever. He’d known it as well from the moment they started to show the first signs of grey hair. They’d gotten older, weaker, gentler. They couldn’t walk anymore, & could hardly sign with their shaking, withered hands.

But they wouldn’t let themself be taken to a hospital. It was too cold, too cramped. They just wanted to feel the warmth of the sun, to sit in their home with their loved ones, for whatever time they had left. & while no one was ready to watch their dearest friend crumble to dust before their eyes, they knew better than to deny the dying human their last wish.

Flowey wouldn’t leave their side. If anyone tried to pull him away he’d snarl & hiss & spit until they put him back. But Frisk would just gently stroke his petals until he calmed back down, reminding him that they were near. He needed them near. He didn’t want to lose them.

He offered to take their SOUL, if they’d let him. He promised he wouldn’t use it to hurt others. Just to keep them safe–to keep them alive. He pleaded, he begged, he threatened to rip it from their grasp. But they still just smiled, & finally, he realized that his violence & tears wouldn’t change their mind.

They were going to die, but they were okay with it. They were happy with the life they had lived.

& when the day came, that Flowey awoke to see the human’s slumped, still form, that he found he didn’t have the energy to cry out. Only watch, as the soft, pulsing SOUL that floated between them two cracked with finality, spreading the spiderweb of cracks across it’s surface. So thick, so dense, that nearly all the red was choked from existence.

If he hurried, maybe he could–

The moment his vine touched the edges, the SOUL shattered. When he screamed, the power, Frisk’s power, pulsed through him, warm & gentle. But he’d been too late. He couldn’t SAVE them, couldn’t stop what had been coming for so long. So he bent his head, petals pressed to his friend’s cold, lifeless hands, & wept until someone came to find them.

But Frisk still smiled.


Lynn turned her head and smiled brightly at Gumshoe. She waved at the other detective before he headed off, then saluted a little loosely at him.

“Hello Detective Gumshoe. What do you need from sir?”

Then she saw the spiky haired blue-clad man behind him, and her face changed from a bright smile to a quizzical look, still smiling just a little bit.

“Who’s that behind you?” She spoke in a quiet voice when she asked this, as though she didn’t want him to hear.

Phoenix stood up as straight as he could when Lynn spotted him, puffing out his chest and trying to look presentable.

Gumshoe clapped a hand behind him and knocked him off balance. 

“This is my apprentice detective, detective Alburn! Just been promoted. He’s a bit shy, so I thought I’d show him around the floor a li’l. You’re a new detective too, see, so I thought you guys could be friends!”

Phoenix gave Lynn an awkward smile.

‘Cool it, Phoenix. It’s okay. It’s just like making friends in college! Smile, be nice, talk about your interests, and keep your mind wide open…’ )

Darcy/Spencer"It's Darcy, I met her while I took some political science classes, I'm thinking about taking another degree."

for @greennonmonster

A/n: This is SO LONG.  Omg.  Got so out of hand.  I might continue this one into a full fic at some point.  At least a one-shot.  I like it.  

Garcia was still smiling at him. Looking between him and Darcy, who was standing on the complete other side of the coffee shop.  In that weird way she had.  Like she knew more about what he was saying than he did.  Which was impossible.  “So that’s why all the Poly-Sci, huh?” she asked, pressing her lips tightly together to hide a smile.  To badly hide a smile.  

“What’s why all the Poly-Sci?” He narrowed his eyes to peer at her.  

Penelope shrugged.  “You just didn’t seem like the type. Now I see. You’re not as weird as I thought you were, Baby.”  She reached out to ruffle his hair.

“Thank you…I think…”  He frowned. “Why am I not as weird as you thought?”

“Oh, you know…pursuing another degree.  Because of a cute girl.”  

He was well aware that his face was flushed red when Darcy approached their table. “Heya, Spence…I missed class last Thursday…do you have the notes by any chance?”  

“Oh, no…I don’t take notes…I have an eidetic memory…I just remember everything…” he trailed off when her shoulders slumped.  

“Oh…cool…” she nodded. “Thanks anyway, I’ll see if someone else has them…”  

He was spurred by Penelope’s pointy-toed shoe kicking him in the shin.  “I could…recite the lecture back to you…if that would help…I mean…if you have an hour and a half to spare…I know you’re busy…”  

She smiled, adjusting the shoulder strap on her back, hoisting it up higher.  “I have time now…my next class isn’t until four…but I mean…I don’t want to interrupt your…” she looked over at Garcia and smiled.  

“Oh honey, interrupt away, I’m late for some shoe shopping.” Garcia gathered up her purse and took her coffee with her, waving as she left them standing in the middle of a crowded coffee shop.  

“It’s loud here…want to head to the library?” Darcy asked, jerking her head in the direction of the campus library.  She hoisted her bag up on her shoulder again.  

“You know…it’s not good for your back to wear all the weight on one shoulder…” Spencer reached out to take the bag from her.  “You can cause long-term back problems by carrying uneven weight.”  He slung it over his shoulder.  

Darcy bit her bottom lip to hide a grin.  “What about your back?”  

“I’m a civil servant…my back is of no consequence…” he answered, taking a few steps towards the door. “Shall we?”  


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Sofia with the boys still makes me smile a year later! That happy smile on Louis kills me every time!

I know!! Sofia saved us all with that picture.

      rory was bored. it was written in the curvature of her long spine, how her feet tapped against each other in her ugly waitress shoes. let it be known, however, that she was not the boring type. the diner was full of customers who enjoyed her sunny smile & the sunny side eggs that she often had to serve up. the person in front of her however– well, rory wasn’t sure what they enjoyed. still, she forced a smile upon her lips, gesturing to the jukebox that had taken a good portion of her tip money. ‘ if you feed the machine, you can put on WHATEVER you want. ‘