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      ֎The poor skeleton jumped violently when he heard the other’s voice, a bright red blush covering his face once he realized that he had been caught singing. With a extremely exaggerated sigh, Flower leaned forward, putting his face in his hands as he tried not to scream in both embarrassment and fear.

      ֎Finally, he tilted his head to the side so that his red eyelight could see his mysterious onlooker, his face still bright red. “Don’t'cha know it’s rude to eavesdrop?” His voice was a quiet mumble, surprisingly quiet compared to the skeleton’s earlier singing. With a muttered string of curses, Flower lent back in the bench he had been sitting on,  trying vehemently to fight down his embarrassed blush.

      ֎He failed rather spectacularly at that, though.

      ֎After a few moments, Flower finally got his embarrassed blush under control, and finally he moved his face from his hands mumbling quietly under his breath. Flower sighed, looking back at the other. “So, now that ye’ve gott'n a free concert, what’s yer name love? I’m Sans, or ya can just call me Flower.”

One day someone is going to ask me about my first love. And I won’t say your name but your smile will still flash in my mind, I’ll still feel your warm touch against my skin, and your laugh will still ring in my ears. But I won’t tell them that.

No, I won’t tell them of the boy who still haunts my dreams. I won’t tell them that I loved him so much that I carved myself hollow just so I could fill every inch of myself with him. They’ll never know the way my lips burned for his kiss or the way my mind was consumed with thoughts of him. No, I won’t tell them that.

I’ll tell them about the boy that I thought I loved. That I was sixteen and foolish, but aren’t we all. I’ll say how I should have known better, how it wasn’t really love. I’ll say all the right things so that nobody knows just how much it hurts, the pain of missing you.

No, they won’t know how much I regret it. Three years later and my heart still hurts like it was yesterday. I won’t tell them how much I miss you, but I do.

as long as we’re all together, it doesn’t really matter, right?

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ok i’m seeing a lot of people still do this so i want to clear up a misconception:

both frisk and chara are non-binary and use “they” pronouns. neither of them are intended to be avatars of the player and neither of them you’re ultimately intended to project your own gender on

the game wants you to think this - it wants you to assume frisk is the character you named at the beginning of the game, and it wants you to project on frisk and then later on chara when it’s revealed chara is the human you named  - but it’s to mess with you. neither of these are true.

frisk’s entire character is about how they aren’t you - they’re their own independent person, who maintained their own independent personality in spite of their hardships and who ultimately lives on as their own person. that’s why the narration in the mirror says “it’s still you” and “still just you, frisk.” it’s kind of like raiden in mgs2, when him throwing the dog togs with your name on them away at the game’s ending was meant to show how he wasn’t under your control anymore

chara’s character is the same way. without getting too deep into the more complicated chara meta, you’re tricked into inputting the name you usually do in rpgs - which is probably your own name - because the entire game is about the relationship between the player and the characters you control in rpgs. chara’s behavior, for good or ill, is reflective of your actions - that is why, in no mercy, they refer to “your guidance” as being what drives them.

but chara is not you either, in any route. in no mercy, they become more powerful than you, and if you give them your soul they take control of the timeline - if they’re you, that makes no sense. in the pacifist route, they are clearly and consistently shown to be their own character with their own history and personality that’s not your own, just like frisk. and, just like frisk, characters such as asriel and the monsters refer to chara consistently with they pronouns.

in short: stop misgendering frisk and chara. it’s really not hard to refer to them with the correct pronouns, the same way as the game does, and if you’ve beaten the game i really don’t think you have an excuse to keep doing this