since we’re all in our finnpoe feelings we should take the time to think about Finn and poe slow dancing in their kitchen years after the first order falls, content and basking in their time together. The music is quiet, a beautiful symphony that resonates between the two of them. They have no idea what the song is, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the moment between them. Something that theirs, a quiet symphony only for their ears. 

Imagine Finn and Poe doing this well into their older years. Poe just slowly twirling Finn as they get breakfast ready, his smile still so very bright on his face. Finn laughing softly as he dances over to his husband, eyes twinkling just as it always does, shimmering galaxies that had never dimmed in the years. Imagine them laughing and grinning as Finn swoops Poe down and sneaks a kiss. Imagine it and then cry with me please.

Things I am currently mad about:
The US government in general
The transgender military ban
Great Comet’s casting choices
The lack of POC and LGBT representation in media

Things that still make me smile:
Tom Holland
Animals in general
Young LGBT kids who are growing up not understanding what the big deal with coming out is (they exist I’ve met them)
Trans head canons
Historically White roles being played by POC


You were up early ready to go for a run. As you passed down the corridor, still rubbing your eyes, you heard movement inside Bucky’s bedroom. “I’ll ask him if he wants to come with me.” you thought. So you knocked on his door, waited a moment, then went in (as you usually did). Instead of seeing Bucky sitting on his bed, however, you saw a girl who span round, as you entered.

“Oh hi.” she smiled.

You smiled weakly back and said “Hi…umm…sorry I was looking for Bucky.”

“He went for a shower.” she said, still smiling. It was friendly smile, not fake, but you still felt a pang of hatred for her and that made you feel guilty. Just then you heard a door open behind you and Bucky called out in a startled tone behind you


You shut his bedroom door, turned and walked straight past Bucky without looking at him or saying a word. You heard a shout behind you but carried on into the fresh air. Whilst jogging, you assessed what had happened.

Your heart felt like bursting though this wasn’t helped by the fact that you were now running trying to exert all your emotions. For the past few moments you had accepted that you had feelings for Bucky but hadn’t acted on it out of fear of embarrassment or rejection. Well it was too late now anyway.

You slowed down and came to a stop, bent over breathing deeply in out and, catching your breath. Suddenly, you heard a shout behind you.

“I didn’t sleep with her”

You span round, hands on your hips. Bucky was stood around 15 feet back from you, sweating and also out of breath.

“What?” you said, heart now definitely not racing because of your stamina.

“I said I didn’t sleep with her” Bucky shouted again and you moved closer towards him, aware of the people now staring.

“You ran all this way to shout that at me?”

He seemed to ignore what you said. “I know what it looked like but honestly we met in a bar and we talked that’s all. She got too drunk I couldn’t let her go home. We didn’t sleep together.”

Confused was an understatement for how you felt.

“That was really great of you Buck, but erm I still don’t know what that’s got to do with me.”

“Its got everything to do with you.”


“You know why, you’ve got to know why” he said, taking a step forward and your reflex made you take a step back.

“I’m sorry I don’t.” You were a little nervous now, of his behaviour and also because you had a feeling or rather you hoped you were right about why.”

“Because you’re the only person I want to sleep with.” He said, taking you by surprise. He seemed to surprise himself aswell, flushing red before adding “Well I want to do more than sleep with you obviously, you know, I want to do other things like kiss you and ugh…” He screwed up his face, running his hands through his hair, annoyed at himself you guessed. You just laughed and stepped closer to him until you were almost in front of him.

“You’re the only one I want to sleep with aswell.”

Bucky opened his eyes, mouth slightly open.

“Really?” he said.

“Yes you idiot.” you said, pushing him gently, playfully on the shoulder. As you pulled your hand away, Bucky grabbed it and pulled you to his chest. There was a moment of breathlessness as you stared at each other then Bucky pressed his lips against yours, his hand leaving the grip on your wrist to stroke your face, finding it’s way into your hair. You didn’t want it to end but eventually Bucky pulled away smiling.

“Well, this has been lovely” you began to tease “but I’ve got to finish my run.”

Bucky groaned, making you laugh. “You could always join me?” you said, slowly beginning to walk away.

“Fine then.” Bucky said, behind you before you were thrust in the air.

“Bucky, what you are doing?” you screamed.

He began to run with you over his shoulder, carrying you like you were a feather. Despite your protests, he carried you all the way home.

“Is your girlfriend still here?” you asked, as you entered the apartment. Bucky let you slip and you screamed out slapping him. “Oi!”

“Yep she’s still here.” Bucky said lightly tapping the back of your thigh. You giggled, slightly blushing,

“Are you going to put me down yet? you moaned.

“In a second.” Bucky said, taking you down into his bedroom, using his foot to kick the door shut behind him.

So I haven't gotten to catch up with Penn Zero

But the episode “Trading Faces” came on and it was like…
the best thing I’ve ever seen so far
I could not contain my laughter for the life of me

Every scene was like Chuckle city in my mind
I’m still smiling over it
And on top of that I am so glad they made an episode like this; I mean it wasn’t too surprising, but I never expected it to be that funny (also the boxers Boone was wearing got me and my sister chuckling)

I’ll be sure to catch up soon

"Oh, it's like that" - not the kind of tired people talk about

I’ve reached the stage of acceptance where I’ve begun telling the truth when colleagues complain/express sadness over me leaving my job.

After 7 years of always joking any of my issues away on professional settings, it’s strange to admit that yes; it did cost something, and yes, I’m still smiling, I’m still having good hours, but I can’t remember what happened ten minutes ago a lot of the time and my anxiety and insomnia has never been this bad and I spend a lot of my spare time with earplugs in a dark room, and no; it isn’t stress, not the way people generally experience it. It’s the stress of constantly biting back your reactions to sensory issues and constant interruptions in an acute psych setting for eight to nine hours at a time. It’s not that it’s too many tasks. I’m just as stressed when it’s calm. Perhaps even more so. Because adrenaline helps drown some of it out, but when I don’t even have that and am still subjected to all the sounds and movements of a ward while not having one single place to retreat to and be sure not to be disturbed in, and when you can never relax because you always have to be ready for an explosion… it’s another kind of stress. It’s not the violence. It’s not the workload. It’s the lack of sensory recovery.

And it’s not something you can really ever explain to someone who’s never had that kind of brain. And so I joke about being like a goldfish and having to start blood pressure medications before the age of thirty, and luckily, working where I do, people get that and will simply say “oh, it’s like that”, and relate. The only thing disturbing me is that people assume it’s about other things than it really is, but being unable to accurately describe what it’s really about.

celestial-storms  asked:

hello I wanted to say that your blog cheered me up after having a rough day today. I could have been hit by a semi and kumamon could still make me smile. also thank you for being one of the only places on this site (that i know about) that doesn't constantly bring up bts in every kumamon post (though i do like them too)

the thing is, this blog existed before bts got ahold of kumamon, so thats why we dont talk about it a lot. i like a few songs and i did talk abt bts for a bit if u look thru the archives but it’s not The Goal of the blog, the goal is kumamon, and clearly that seems to be working since its making u happy

i know how u feel tho kumamon is such a good good boy

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"Food?" he asked, groggy. Will nodded. Nico didn't want to wake up, but his stomach growled. He allowed Will to lead him into the kitchen. Reyna set a plate before him, and Will draped a light blanket over his shoulders. They took their seats on either side of him. "Eat up." Nico waited for the steam to disappear before scarfing it down. He really was hungry. Full, he was now awake. "Play game?" he asked. Will smiled, still eating. "What kind of game?" He thought while Reyna and Will finished.

“Cards?” Nico made a shuffling gesture with his hands, and Will nodded. “I think we have some cards around here somewhere.” Will started looking around the kitchen and into the living room while Nico cleared off his plate and the dishes from dinner in the sink. Reyna handed Nico the dirty plates for Nico to rinse and place in the dishwasher. He heard Will shuffling around in the other room while Nico finished up the dishes, and by time he was wiping his hands on the towel hanging on the oven Will had reappeared with a deck of cards. “What game do you want to play with the cards?” Will asked.

Feeling a bit sad, it’s my grandfather’s birthday today, he’s the only grandparent i have left. But he’s so depressed and other mental stuff, he doesn’t want to see too many people on his birthday. But my mum just texted me a nice picture of him and my mum and my uncle and he’s smiling. It brings me joy that he is still able to smile, i love him

La chronicles: okay didnt see that coming.

*sitting on the couch with A watching aliens*

(X walks in whistling)

Me: hey boo thang.
X: baby *kiss and a flop on the couch later*
L: you are Happy today.
Me: yeah….
X: I am.
Me: good.

(A walks in with a shocked look on his face)

L: what’s wrong with you?
A: did he tell you what he did?
L: no??
X: made myself happy
L: I’m assuming since A didnt take you to the clinic, it wasn’t drugs?
X: nope. *still smiling this goofy smile*

Me: umm. What he do?
A: ask him!!! (Turns to x). Tell them
Me: yeah tell us…. *looks confused*
X: well I
A: *interrupts* he released them

*l and I look at each other *
L: what?
A: he fired them
Me: omg.
L: X!
X: I have the others and I signed with a new….
Me: but the penalty?
X: waves hand in the air* its just money.
L: oh well if it makes you Happy

A: *looks at me* you okay you look green.
Me: its just money? That’s my whole car!!! Imma pass out.
X: you can’t really be upset.
L: baby you know how unhappy…
Me: I know its not that. I just get lightheaded when we start talking about that kinda money. I’m kinda thrifty ya know.

A *mumbles* more like tightwad.
Me: *glares*


Soooo. maybe things will work out after all.


  • Jazar and Dord
  • the continuing adventures of damianos “really REALLY sucks at subterfuge” of akielos
  • laurent staying with the horse until it died )))))))):
  • laurent hitting an akielon with a lamb
    • damen: ‘………fuck’
  • I need a full length story about damen and laurent attempting to figure out rabbit skinning bc they are TOO ROYAL FOR DIS 
  • everyone discussing whether laurent and damen were boning in front of them + wild theories about how they met and damen being all ‘excuse u i fucked that display fighter for 7hrs not 6’
  • damen like ‘I CAN’T MEET HEIRON’ and charls being all ‘awwww it’s ok bb we all get shy in front of important people’
  • finally an akielon marginally better at subterfuge than damen
  • charls having a Fatherly Talk with damen
    • charls: ‘you’ve chosen a difficult path but i’m sure he’ll still love u long after he marries the king of akielos’
    • damen: ‘thank……..u’
  • no but it was a very cute scene ; u ; charls is a good bean
Here's my issue with some dudes.

It’s late, I’m out with my girlfriend, who’s quite feminine and dresses in a very, very girly way, often puts lots of make up on. And we’re attending a social event, lots and lots of people around to talk to. And at some point I’m going for drinks and an old acquaintance of mine picks up a conversation with me on the way. Everything’s completely cool, except that whilst we’re talking, in the distance I see my girlfriend talking with this big dude. At first I’m like.. oh, okay. But then something bugged me quite a little bit, because I know her well and I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed kind of uncomfortable. So I excuse myself and approach them, and the very moment she saw me, she hooked her arm around mine, smiled and politely introduced me. In this introduction, the words “that’s my girlfriend” were present. She looked rather bugged herself, so I sort of figured out what was going on. His reaction was “cool”. But what surprised me was that he continued to look at her in that very flirtatious way and talk to her that way too, despite my presence.

So we were just about to leave, and the guy stops us, still smiling, didn’t seemed bothered at all, and straight up asked her if she’d like them to meet up sometime. She kindly refuses, whilst I’m already boiling inside. Then on our way, he asks her about full name so that he can add her on Facebook. To which I react with a “fucking what?” I got very, very, very freaking angry and he told me to “chill”. Chill? Chill my ass. You fucking touch my girlfriend, I don’t care if I’m 5'5 tall, I’ll punch you in the face, break your nose, and then I’ll get into a fight with you.

It bugs me, because I’ve seen guys do it before, but then the boyfriend of the girl shows up, and it’s like they just back off. But then I’m the girlfriend that showed up and he didn’t give a damn. It bugs me, because something like this doesn’t happen for the first time.

Ye, I’m a girl and that’s my girlfriend, you freaking bother her and you’re gonna wish I was a guy.



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