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or maybe not

ok i’m seeing a lot of people still do this so i want to clear up a misconception:

both frisk and chara are non-binary and use “they” pronouns. neither of them are intended to be avatars of the player and neither of them you’re ultimately intended to project your own gender on

the game wants you to think this - it wants you to assume frisk is the character you named at the beginning of the game, and it wants you to project on frisk and then later on chara when it’s revealed chara is the human you named  - but it’s to mess with you. neither of these are true.

frisk’s entire character is about how they aren’t you - they’re their own independent person, who maintained their own independent personality in spite of their hardships and who ultimately lives on as their own person. that’s why the narration in the mirror says “it’s still you” and “still just you, frisk.” it’s kind of like raiden in mgs2, when him throwing the dog togs with your name on them away at the game’s ending was meant to show how he wasn’t under your control anymore

chara’s character is the same way. without getting too deep into the more complicated chara meta, you’re tricked into inputting the name you usually do in rpgs - which is probably your own name - because the entire game is about the relationship between the player and the characters you control in rpgs. chara’s behavior, for good or ill, is reflective of your actions - that is why, in no mercy, they refer to “your guidance” as being what drives them.

but chara is not you either, in any route. in no mercy, they become more powerful than you, and if you give them your soul they take control of the timeline - if they’re you, that makes no sense. in the pacifist route, they are clearly and consistently shown to be their own character with their own history and personality that’s not your own, just like frisk. and, just like frisk, characters such as asriel and the monsters refer to chara consistently with they pronouns.

in short: stop misgendering frisk and chara. it’s really not hard to refer to them with the correct pronouns, the same way as the game does, and if you’ve beaten the game i really don’t think you have an excuse to keep doing this




that bangtan’s ‘am i wrong’ (2016)’ is sampled from keb’ mo’s original song of ‘am i wrong (1994)

am i wrong, fallin’ in love with you
tell me am I wrong,
while your other man was out there
cheatin’ and lyin’, steppin’ all over you

and how they turned the blues love song to a sassy mid-tempo r&b swingers, reflecting about society while still maintaining the original sound, its brilliant, really. 

fyi there has already been an established relationship between music and samples for decades particularly in hip hop, from its very conception, this genre has transformed loop sections of other tracks into some of the biggest songs of all time. like for example, warren g’s regulate (1994), is actually sampled from michael mcdonald’s ‘i keep forgettin’ released in 1982. jay z’s ‘99 problems’ (2003) main lines are actually from the same title track by ice t released ten years earlier. kanye’s gold digger (2005) is sampled from ray charles ‘i got a woman’ (1954), which was actually based largely on a song called ‘it must be jesus’ (1954) by the the southern tones. and there are many more, amazingly. 

but whats mind-blowing to me is the fact that bangtan listed ‘am i wrong’ as their album track but crediting only kevin moore (keb’ mo’s real name) as the writer & composer when they have basically recreated the whole song. no one else took credit like how past artists would ㅠㅠ

i find that very very endearing and downright humble, the whole staff producers too. cool team~

edit: wiki listed the WRITERS: kevin moore (cover), sam klempner, james reynolds, josh wilkinson, rap monster, supreme boi, gaeko, pdogg, ADORA, the PRODUCERS: kevin moore (cover), sam klempner, james reynolds, josh wilkinson.

regardless, i still think theyre a cool team~~

but lets, lets talk about how savage

the world’s goin’ crazy
how about you how bout ya’
you think it is okay?
i don’t.. think so
even having ears, they don’t hear
even having eyes, they don’t see
in all of their hearts, there live fish
and the name is selfish selfish 

we’re all dogs, pigs, because we get angry we become dogs 
storks vs crow-tits it’s a war errday
it’s a crazy world, yeah
drives us all crazy
that’s right, we’re all crazy
all right now lets shout out MAYDAY MAYDAY 

and direct the rappers are

that’s right kid you’ve gone crazy
the fact that you’re not crazy in this crazy world makes you crazy
(there’s hate) the entire earth and the sky and all around HELL YEAH
(there’s hate) online or offline HELL YEAH 

if you see the news and feel nothing
if that comment means nothing
if that hatred means nothing
you’re not normal and that makes you abnormal

in case you dont know, yoongi was actually taking a jab at a government official who not long ago had made disparaging remarks during a meeting with newspaper reporters, at which he said that 99% of his country’s people are “like dogs and pigs.” i quote,

Na Hyang-wook, head of the Education Ministry’s policy bureau, was speaking with the newspaper Kyunghyang Shinmun on July 7 when he said, among other things, that 99% of South Koreans have no ability to move up in the world and can be treated like animals — simply fed and kept alive.

like what a preposterous. thought.

with whats going on in their very own country (as well as everywhere else around the world, for that matter) bangtan is basically saying how insane the world we’re living in is and how problematic the societal boundaries are. how ignorant and selfish ppl can be, because bystanders are just as wrong as the perpetrators, like we’re living everyday with these fallacious moral values up our faces and yet, why wont we say anything?

i think the whole world has gone crazy
i think the whole world is coming to an end 
oh why

you don’t say?

which is why when namjoon said

are you ready for this
are you ready for this
are you ready for this

its almost like hes jeering back at everyone with the same offensive thoughts, challenging the system, like, look, look at us, look at how we’d roll and try to make the world better, look at how we’ll try to change things for the better, even when we know how ugly it can get, even when we’re not ready. WE ARE.

and when the vocal line goes

did i, what? say something wrong?
did i, what? lie about something?
going crazy, crazy 
am i wrong? am i wrong?
wherever i go the world’s gone crazy

i lost it at jimins craaaayjiii cos it sounded exactly like he lost it right there askjhd they still find it in themselves to stay true like

even if i walk in this crazy world’s path
i still want to live longer
i still want to keep looking for it, my belief/faith

so yes, i think its brilliant that they went with ‘am i wrong’ and 21st century girl’ (which is also another exceptional track) as follow-up songs in their promotion. ‘am i wrong’ as well as at least half of the songs from their wings album are quite frankly, a perfect response to the rude government official and to every insult they have ever gotten. like, damn genius, what a clever way to make a COMEBACK

so yeah

lets fly higher than the sky!