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Demon!Dean, Endverse!Dean, Dog!Dean, Moc!Dean or regular Dean? You can only choose one, which will it be?

Why you gotta do me like this????

Ok so as much as i love love love

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I would pick my not-possessed-by-anything-not-suffering-with-ancient-curses-not-a-dog-not-having-to-fight-to-survive-the-apocalypse Dean beause….

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not only is he sexy as fuck….. 

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sorry still on sexy as fuck……. he’s also

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an enormous nerd… but most of all

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look how happy he is!!!!!! #MakeDeanHappy2k17

So basically to summarise:

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  • Yuuri: *becomes all sultry and possessive*
  • Victor: Good god, I’ve created a monster