I’m just. I really just want Daniel to go away. Rose can come back to NY, despite not liking the cold, and go on adventures with Peggy and Jarvis. Jason can get his friggin body back and work as a SHIELD scientist (while accepting like a decent adult and friend that Peggy loves Angie) and Angie can contribute to all the crazy and have vintage sex with Peggy and that would be a really awesome season 3.




So @andnowimonfuckingfire is visiting this week! We decided to use our time wisely and cosplay two of our Beast: the Primordial characters, Sadie (me) and Theron (him). These are the adventures of Two Horrible Jerks, feat. Snow.

i had a really really really vivid.. really really.. disturbing holocaust type nightmare last night

it was surprisingly incredibly historically correct, i found out. since waking up i’ve been reading about what my dream entailed online on websites about nazi occupied france and loads of things i dreamt of are matching up to what actually happened and now i feel really sad and it’s making my stomach churn

REbooting blog

look who’s showing their face after being gone forever. 

A lot of shit has happened, online and offline, so it’s been hell trying to return to this blog. To be honest this blog has been causing me nothing but stress, but that’s bullshit cause I love this blog. It be sad to just delete it. 

To be honest it’s pretty weird for me to be back, I feel like a completely different person. It’s like I woke up one day and the me that use to be doesn’t exist anymore. That this blog doesn’t really belong to me anymore. It’s strange to be saying things like that, but, it can’t be helped. 

So for the next couple days, between work and school, I’ll be working on updating this blog, everything is going to be getting an update. I’ll be dropping pretty much all my threads and unfollowing a lot of blogs. If I unfollow you it doesn’t mean i don’t want to interact anymore. It means I was cleaning up my dash, leave me a message telling me you’d still like to interact and i’ll follow you back. Just trying to figure out who’s still interested in playing with the peachslut. 

But I guess this is goodbye, thank you for all the memories. It’s time to move on, and with that comes a new face to reflect the changes.

{ It’s nice to met you all, please call me Abel. Sorry if it feels like i’m deceiving any of you, but from now on i’ll be acting in this new manner. It feels more natural.}

anonymous asked:

I don't have anyone to spend Valentine's day with cause I'm a lame nerd *lays down* plus my birthday is on the 16th, I'll be 20 yrs old. *curls up* but I like Genos or "Gen-Gen", you think he'd like Neko Atsume?

It’s ok friend. We can be single lame nerds together. -lays down next to you- But Gen-gen would definitely like Neko Atsume (it would be his guilty pleasure LOL). And happy early birthday! I hope you have a great one and enjoy your twenties!! ;D