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Favourite supergirl episode?

Oh boy, that’s a tough question, bc I love so many of the eps.

But if I have to choose one I’d say 1x08 “Hostile Takeover” because I like the plot involving CatCo, and of course Astra, AND that balcony scene (also Cat in that outfit, I’m too gay for Cat in button ups and tight pants, be still my beating heart) (seriously it’s probably my fav Cat outfit).

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TV shows blahblah

WTF, they canceled Agent Carter and renewed Sleepy Hollow?! Btw, I’m fine with Agent Carter being canceled, I liked the show a lot, but the last ep. served fine for an ending so it’s OK. Though, wouldn’t mind seeing more.  

While Sleepy Hollow…beating a dead horse continues…

When I decide to watch a show, I commit, to the bitter end, so I usually choose carefully (unless it’s a show to casually watch/listen to while drawing). I mean, hell, I’m still watching Supernatural, BUT I definitely won’t be watching Sleepy Hollow anymore.

I’m very happy Orphan Black and Black Sails are ending, precisely because they so good and one of my top fav shows. They were renewed for one more and final season. It’s so great to know we get to see a proper ending.

Wasn’t very happy when I saw The Americans was renewed for 2 more seasons…Ugh. I wanted it to end already. I can survive through one more season, but two…They better be good. The show hasn’t gotten much worse, it just isn’t nearly as interesting. I’m more than ready to be done with it.

I finally watched Orange Is the New Black! Love it! Liked Scandal a lot too, but by the season 5′s end, there’s not much love left for certain characters. I’m kinda worried about S06.