FINALLY did some SU fanart YAY I wanted to do this ep bc it’s one of my favs! This will be a print for SMASH! too YEAHHH 

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i dont mean to be a creeper but i noticed u talkin about characters you might have shipped if they had only had more scenes together and let me tell you, i was gunning pretty hard for Monty/Octavia after that one scene they were in together. (i dont remember the ep, monty was still trying to use the bracelets to communicate with the ark tho so it was really early) i shipped that for a good, idk, 30 minutes AT LEAST

AWWWWW :) yes that was a cute scene, i know what you’re talking about! and you’re not a creeper! I have other characters i would have shipped too, like even lincoln x clarke not gonna lie, but i cant bc linctavia and bellarke buT in another universe i would have shipped them pretty hard too, and also octavia x wells, or raven x wells oh my goD, WELLS WOULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD FOR HER, i have so many crack ships on this show in different universes honestly hahaha

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why was it weird? i don't really get much into the fandom just can't keep my attention on one thing for a long time. GO WATCH AHS i absolutely loved the first 2 seasons (evan peters is part of the reason but still) s2 was my fav, s3 is hella boring so you don't even need to get started on it, and s4 looks hella weird, i've only seen the first ep. and what i like about it is that each season has a different set of characters and storyline

Hey, you changed your URL! I was super confused for a second. 

It was just a combination of no sleep, lots of booze, spending time with some friends I don’t get to see very often, a massive depressive downswing and a huge misunderstanding with my other half which turned a really good weekend into a really shit one. All good now, though. 

I will definitely watch AHS, then! I didn’t realise the characters were different every season. Weird. I tried Googling The Visitors but all I could find was casting stuff for the pilot. :(

Oooh, I forgot about Penny Dreadful; I want to start watching that as well. Honestly, it’ll be amazing if I find time for any of my other hobbies at this rate, LOL. 

man, i’m still trying to work out the angle i wanna explore for one of my fanfics. this particular one is mostly so i can write my two fav dynamics in dw which are team tardis (s1 version) and tensimm if they actually worked together. team tardis are alright- once i’ve rewatched their eps i can get that down okay, but tensimm idk. now, i’m all for dysfunction junction; barely contained and horrendously volatile- that’s one option. it makes sense too. but i’m also down for partially rebuilt banter dynamic, and since i’m writing post eot rather than lottl like most versions it makes more sense that way; there’s a real possibility, that if the situations were different, if they could travel as equals then it could work. but, really, i’m not sure how far i can push the boundary and still be realistic with ten because yeah, he’s a dick and would go gallivanting off with the master probably but would he let him wander around at the possibility he could go and murder for the fun of it? ehhh. plus i’m still not sure how nine would react to seeing the master again. would he punch him in the face? would he just be super shocked? i don’t knoooooow and i want it to feel realistic enough that it could have happened in canon

Oh boy Oh Hee Jung’s second EP, Set Adrift, is even better than the first! Tighter rhythms and melodies with some dancier, solid beats. This one also shifts more into electronic, the previous EP was still a little more centered on music, I think. I was thinking about tracks I wanted to rec and then realized that every track is basically great. But my favs are Break and I Want You, and My Body and Soul is growing on me. Titles are all translations btw.

I also really like her voice. Imo when it comes to female voices, Korean music industry doesn’t have that many mellower, fuller, darker voices, they favor either kind of light and girlish, or strong and bright (YG especially seems to like strong, bright voices, a good number of their more popular stars all have this voice type) more suited to pop and RnB. Oh Hee Jung has a thin voice, but it has a mellowness and warmth to it that’s a nice departure from that kind of mainstream voice type, and the thinner, wispier voices that I also hear here and there in k-indie. And it’s also got this edge of wildness that I like.