Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Holtzmann x Reader

Summary: In which Holtzmann and the reader have a flirting match. 

A/N: Gif isn’t mine. Also, still open for requests! x

Oh my golly gosh I’m so in love with this woman it’s not even funny anymore

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You heard Patty call your name as you entered the bar and you went to join your team mates at one of the high tables, hopping onto the stool next to Holtzmann. You two had been dancing around each other for a while now but neither of you were sure how to make the first move. So of course, it resorted to stolen glances and outrageous flirting, much to the begrudging delight of the rest of your friends. 

‘Y/L/N,’ the blonde greeted, a small smirk on her face. 

'Holtzmann,’ you replied in kind. As you waved the bar tender down, signalling for the same drink Holtzmann had. 

'So did you know, if Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up they’d be pretty good alloys.’ You couldn’t help but chuckle at her terrible joke. She grinned as well, pleased she’d managed to get you to laugh. The rest of the team groaned. 

'I like your shirt by the way,’ you started, ready to playfully kick it up a notch from jokes to pick up lines. Just to see how the engineer would react, 'did you get it in the sale? Y'know at my place it’d be 100% off.’ Holtzmann shook her head, clearly ready to match you. She countered with a fantastic response, before taking a long swig of her drink. 

The pair of you continued as the evening went on. Truth be told you both had the same plan: egg the other one on just enough to get them to cave and ask the other out, but neither of you wanted to be the one to cave; you were both equally petrified of the notion of asking the other one out. 

Finally Holtzmann played her trump card. Sure she’d come up with better before but in the spur of the moment this was the only thing she could think of. Lucky for her, it worked… Almost. 

'I gotta be honest, Y/N I really love your outfit,’ she said, giving you a devilishly sinful once over, 'but…’ She savoured this, 'I think it’d look way better on my bedroom floor.’ You choked slightly on your drink and Holtzmann laughed, her eyes not leaving yours, willing you to best her. Oh boy, did you want to put her back in her place. 

'Wipe that grin off your face, you minx!' 

'Why don’t you come over here and make me?’ The blonde taunted, a sultry look gracing her features. You hummed and placed your hands on Holtzmann’s knees and she visibly tensed. You leaned in closer, sliding your hands up her thighs. 

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Can I request for BTS Reacts to their girlfriend having mood swings during her period and whatever they do annoys her. Could go either way, fluff or angst up to you! 😊🙆🏼

thanks for the request~  I felt like this has been done many times before but I’ll try my best to make it more original.


You: *a frustrated yell*

Jin: *gif*

Jin: Time to raid the chocolate section.

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You: I just don’t get why us women have to suffer a week of pain every month.

Suga: Babe, please sleep. It’ll help.

sleep is the cure to everything

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You: Do you still love me?

Rap Mon: Yes, of course.

You: Are you sure??

Rap Mon: Always.

You: Then go get me tampons.

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*finds you crying*

Jhope: *literally so sweet and would comfort you with his love*

Jin: Get a room — OMG (Y/N) WHY ARE YOU CRYING?

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Jimin: Honey, don’t get mad~ Look at your cute boyfriend ^.^

You: Where? *joking*

Jimin: *aegyo*

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Taehyung: How was your day?


Taehyung: *gif* I’ll go get some chocolate…

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Jungkook: Why are you so quiet?

You: I’m in pain.

Jungkook: *becomes a meme and tries to make you feel better*

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It’s strange how I am doing this request as I’m on my period lmao

Requests are Open.



Okay so here is what it’s about. It’s about Darkiplier. Make some Darkiplier fanart or some gifs or edits or write imagines or fanfics. talk about you favourite Darkiplier moments. Reblog stuff to do with Darkiplier. Enjoy it! :D

The tag is #DarkiplierDay28thJuly

I’ll be hanging out in the tag all day long as best as I can. As long as it is 28th July somewhere in the world it is still Darkiplier Day :)

I hope everyone enjoys the day when it comes around :D

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So I got my heart broken and it wasn't really bad it was kind of a bitter sweet thing where we didn't really fall out but he moved halfway across the country and we were always off and on but never officially dating but we decided that we'll take a break from whatever it was we had. And basically we started speaking again yesterday after about half a year and all those emotions came back so could I get a long request where the boys find out their best friend got their heart broken? Please and ty

I’m sorry you had your heart broken bby~ I hope you like this reaction

Gifs aren’t mine

After hearing that you’d had your heart broken, Seokjin hurried to your side to comfort you. He didn’t care if you were fine on your own; if you weren’t upset. He was going to be there for you even if you were still smiling and assuring him you were okay. He would either bring or make comfort foods for the two of you to binge eat while you watched heartwarming movies or television shows that you liked or would improve your mood.

Yoongi didn’t know what he could say to help heal your heartbreak, so he just wasn’t going to say anything; he’d turn on music, cuddle you on the couch, and wait for you to talk if that was what you needed or wanted to do. He might not know what to say, so he hoped you were okay with him just listening to you, but he would end up speaking if he thought he could say something that you really needed to hear.

Hoseok was going to do everything that he could to make you smile or laugh. He’d feel like he was actually helping if he could make you laugh despite your heartbreak, so he’d do what he could to cheer you up. If that meant him dancing/acting like an idiot, he gladly would; if he could get you to laugh by watching funny videos with you, then he’d find every funny video he could. The moment he got a smile on your face, he’d feel like he’d accomplished something.

Namjoon was going to comfort you, but he didn’t really know how; he wasn’t one to just hold you, but he didn’t want to threaten to hurt whoever had hurt you on the off chance that it would make everything worse. So he ended up asking if you wanted to talk about it; he’d listen as long as you wanted him to and talk only when he had something to say. He wanted to be sure that he was actually helping you, so he’d say whatever you needed him to say so that you’d feel better.

Jimin wanted to help you forget about your heart break in any way that he could. And, whenever he wanted to help you forget about something, the two of you would normally end up talking. Talking about anything except what had caused your heartbreak. The two of you could end up talking for hours about anything, and he’d want to talk to you for as long as possible, until your heartbreak wasn’t even at the back of your mind anymore.

Taehyung was going to take you to places he knew you liked; whether that be a restaurant, a movie theater, the park; wherever you wanted to go, he’d take you. He didn’t want to take you anywhere that might remind you of the person that had caused your heartbreak, so a few places might be off limits, but he’d be sure that you had fun no matter how far he had to travel to find a place that you hadn’t been to with the person that had caused your heartbreak.

Jungkook would head over to your place after hearing that you’d had your heart broken. He’d bring movies, video games, anything that he could use as a distraction. He wanted you to feel comfortable, so he’d want to stay in so that you didn’t have to get ready; the two of you could just hang out in pajamas, snack on whatever you had in your kitchen, and play video games. He’d even “let” you win a couple of times, just to see you smile.

Imagine being Daryl's girlfriend and Rosita's best friend only to find them in bed together

(Alright I know this request was supposed to end up with everyone getting back together/back to normal…but as I wrote, I couldn’t find a way to make it happen :( sorry but I really tried. Hope you can still like it as it is :) Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You and Daryl had been together since your stay at the prison.

You were good on runs and as Rick and the others found out, they had always assigned you to go along with Daryl.

The both of you butt headed a lot at first, he was stubborn and so were you. He’d go one way and you wanted to go the other.

You had arguments about how things were handled and what should be taken or not.

However, when it came to one of you being in danger, no matter what you had each others back. There were no arguments about what had happened but only gratitude and hugs.

That’s what you liked about him and that’s what he liked about you. You were different in some aspects but slowly the two of you couldn’t spend a day without seeing each other.


Gradually, the two of you became more than friends and fell for one another.

“Daryl…No matter how hard it is for me to admit…I kinda like you… ”

He chuckled and nodded. He approached you and put his arm over your shoulders. He pulled you against him and walked towards your cell.

“Really? You like me?”

You held his waist and nodded. You looked at him and saw him smile. You expected him to say something else but he remained silent.

“Well, Is there something you wanna say?”

He shook his head and looked at you wondering what your reaction would be.

You stopped and hit him playfully. It made him laugh and said “I’m joking…I love you too…and to believe you used to give me headaches…”

“Hey! You were stubborn too…if anything it was me who was suffering from headaches!”

Your reaction made him laugh and as you arrived at your cell, he grabbed a hold of your waist with his hands.

He hugged you tightly against him as your arms rested on his shoulder. You looked into each others eyes and both laughed at the fact the two of you ended falling for each other.


Since the two of you were inseparable, even after what had happened at the prison you were lucky enough to spend those days by his side.

On the road, you met with members of your group as well as new faces. Among them you grew close with Rosita quite fast. 

With her you were able to talk about anything and everything, just as with Daryl.

You cared for her like you would a sister and would do anything for her.

She felt the same for you and was glad to finally be able to have a girl to talk with.


When you finally arrived in Alexandria, you were all relieved. You were able to get clean and have a place to call home, for once.

Just as always, you were spending most of your days with Daryl and your relationship only seem to grow even stronger.

Every day before he’d leave, you tell him you loved him and he did as well. Hugs and kisses became so natural between you two that it was strange when neither of you showed affection.

As yours got better with time, Rosita’s relationship with Abraham got worst.

She had revealed to you what had happened and how he told her, he used to think she was the only woman left but not anymore.

You felt bad for her and couldn’t help but be angry at Abraham. You had comforted her as much as you can and tried your best to change her mind.

You had even went as far as to punch Abraham out of surprise one day just to get back at him.

Rosita was thankful for your support and everything you did for her. She had then decided to comfort herself in the presence of Spencer at night to forget the past.

“So you’re seeing him?”

She shook her head and said “No, it’s only a little distraction…”

You shook your head understanding what she meant and held her hand.

“If that makes it better, than i’m fine with it!”

It made her laugh and as she held your hand back said “You’re really lucky Y/N…you have someone who only has eyes for you…and thinks about you all the time…you should be grateful for that in a time like this…”

You slowly nodded and agreed with her. You started to tear up thinking about you and Daryl and immediately Rosita hugged you.


One morning, you were called to go on a run with Rick. You wanted to go with Daryl but he had already left with Glenn the day before and was taking a rest from it.

As you went along with Rick, Daryl stayed in bed for most of the day. When he woke up, he was surprise to not see you and thought about going to look for you.

However, he saw the note you left and decided to stay in for a little while.


Rosita had planned to spend the day with Spencer in bed, once again but as she got tired of his attitude, she decided to walk towards another house.

The one where you and Daryl lived. She’d never admitted but since her breakup she was jealous of you.

Seeing you and Daryl so happy together had made her hoped she and Abraham could’ve been the same.

As she arrived at the door, it was unlocked and she managed to enter the house. She got into your shared room and saw Daryl asleep.

She got rid of her clothes and got in bed. It woke Daryl up and it surprised him.

“What are you doing?” He whispered as she got a hold of him.

“I-I don’t know…I just want you for a while…Y/N doesn’t have to know…”

Daryl felt a little bad but as she started to kiss all over, he had forgotten about you for that moment.


The day with Rick was quite long but worth it. As you came back, you couldn’t wait to go take a break with Daryl and tell him about your day.

You walked to your house in happy mood but the moment you entered something was different.

There were noises upstairs, you knew what they were but didn’t want to believe it yet.

As you walked up the stairs, the sound became clear to you. It was that of your boyfriend Daryl with another woman.

Immediately, you felt tears rolling down your cheeks and ran to the room.

You pushed the door open and saw the source of the noises. Your boyfriend with another woman, your best friend Rosita.

They panicked and grabbed the blankets to cover them.

“Y/N! I’m sorry! I-I just walked in here…it’s my fault…” Rosita said as she tried her best to cover herself.

Seeing you so calm and your eyes red worried Daryl. He knew you were mad and got up to try and apologize.

“Y/N…I-I’m sorry…I don’t know what I was thinking…”

He grab your arm trying to reason you.


You were in shock and couldn’t move or say a word. You were being betrayed by the people you love and they had the audacity to apologize saying they didn’t think about it.

Although you were crying and angry, you didn’t make a sound, you didn’t flinch a muscle. Your breathing became faster and faster but soon you tried to control as you held your tears.

Daryl tried to pull you in for a hug and that’s when you snapped.

You pushed him away as hard as you could. He fell back and for the first time he saw your true anger.

“Don’t you ever touch me again! I don’t ever want to see you! Don’t ever talk to me! From this day, leave this house, move in with her if you have to but I don’t ever want to see you…”

Daryl tried to grab you again but you only pushed him back. You looked back at Rosita, you calmed yourself down and told her “ The same goes for you…don’t ever talk to me…”

You looked back at Daryl and told him “You have an hour to grab your things out…when I come back I don’t want to see a trace of you in this house…”

You turned away from them and walked down the stairs to go wait outside. 



To the person who continues to be an inspiration to us fans to never give up on our goals and dreams even after encountering many obstacles; the one who makes us laugh with his sassy remarks and puts us in awe of his incredible fashion sense; and the one who makes us all swoon with just his voice and his keyboard, happy birthday Junhyeok!!! May all your wishes come true, and may today be the best birthday you’ve ever had in your life.


Oh Sehun x Reader ft. EXO

Oh Sebrat: Y/NNNN!!!

You: Whaaaat?! Are you dying?!

Oh Sebrat : Wow. I’m reconsidering our status.

You: I’m sorry! I still want to be your best friend!! I’M ON MY WAY! WAIT FOR ME!!

Oh Sebrat: I didn’t even tell you yet…

You: dorm in 20… if I don’t stop along the way.

Your POV:

Sehun.. that brat is always calling my name with hell on his side to make me arrive faster, but it’s okay, because I haven’t seen him for a while now due to his tour schedules.

It’s a wonderful sunny day. I’m dressed in my distressed sky blue fading into white jeans and a regular white V with a jean jacket.. is it too fancy for a dorm meet up? Whatever. It’s just I’m glad to see him after all these months!

I stopped by the corner store to buy some soft drinks for the rest of the boys and headed to their dorm.


*Ding Dong*

You stood nervously in front of the door, palms now an ocean. You’re never been this nervous seeing Sehun and the boys. Your heart pounding making your ears numb for a bit. ‘Wait.. reconsidering our status? He better not’ you thought with a huff blowing the stray hairs out of your face.

“Y/N-ahhhhh!!!” It was Chen. Always a loud greeting. He pulled into his Dino hug and left you breathless. You pulled away trying to catch a breath. “Why are you here?” he joked.

“Y/NNN!!!” Both Chanyeol and Baekhyun ran to you with open arms. And again, another Dino hug, two times the size of Chen.

“Heey…” you finally squeezed out as they pulled you in the dorm. “Wait..” you stopped in your tracks and handed them the bags.

The beagles looking at you confused. You give them the index finger indicating ‘just one sec’, you turned around and walked towards the elevator. Without telling the beagles, you grabbed your hair, bent down a little, and let out a screech. ‘I need that.. to calm my ass down. Why so nervous all of a sudden.?’ fixing your hair.

You turned back to see the three with similar shocked faces.

“Sorry..” you mumbled towards them, “loong day.”

Chanyeol quickly attached his giant hands to your ant arms and dragged you inside. “It’s ok. If I could scream like that, I’d do it all day.”

“Me too” Baekhyun replied, “It’d be fun”

You and the boys laughed and made your way to the living room where the rest of the boys were. Typical video game day. Resting days. You greeted the boys and told them you bought some soft drinks making them huddle towards the three beagles.

You looked around and noticed your Best friend wasn’t there.

“Where is Sehun?” Looking at Kai.

“Of course..” Chen spoke walking past you.

“Sehun? He’s in his room.” Kai response.

You gave him a mouthing thanks and headed towards his room. Hopefully it’s not messy cause he shared rooms with JoonMyeon and… it was the dirtiest of the other rooms. 

You knocked on his door, “Come in.”
You opened the door and found an Oh Sehun lying on his bed with the back his hands on his forehead.

“What’s wrong with you?” You scoffed with a hint of sass.

“I’m thinking..” Without opening his eyes

“About?” You sat at the edge of his bed.

“Something. .”

“Wow. What a thought.” You slightly kicked his leg, then laying down on the edge.

He opened his eyes and got up facing you, “Y/N…I have something to tell you..”

“What..” not looking at him but the ceiling.

He rolled his eyes and kicks you off, “Yah!! What was that for?!”

“So you can get your ass up and listen.”

You sat up on the floor and ran a hand through your now tangled locks and looked at him in the eyes. His cheeks beginning to flush some colour.

“Why are you blushing?”

“Come sit up here.”

A knot in your stomach. Great. Just what you needed. You slowly moved your way up to sit on his bed. “What…” you whispered.

He moved closer his knee touching your now crossed legs.

“So..” he began, “I think I’m falling for someone.”

You looked at him and then away to the pile of dirty clothes in the room, “Oh…oooh.. why didn’t you just say that through text?” you letting out an awkward laugh and looking at him. So not amused at the moment. For some reason, you were sadden at the news. Someone has won him, and it was not you.

“I’m not sure how to approach her with this.. and she could reject me” He looked at you, eyes soft and delicate. You’ve never seen a soft brat before.

“Ppft, who would reject the al mighty OH Sehun?! I mean.. you’re handsome, nice.. a brat at times, and funny, If I were her, I’d say yes.” throwing your hands in the air mouthing “hallelujah”. 

“So you think so?.. Would you?”

“YES! If she doesn’t she’ll regret this. She doesn’t know what she’s -”

He leaned in one hand tugging your arm to bring you closer closing the gap between your faces.

Your eyes on the verge on popping out as he kissed your lips. Finally processing what he had just asked. His other hand caressing your cheek, and you giving into him and responding back kissing him. Your arms making their way around his neck.

He placed you down gently on the bed and closed gaps between your bodies with his lips still locked to your’s. He suddenly broke the kiss and whispered, “It’s our our little secret.” With a smirk on his face and leaving little pecks on your lips, making you smile and turning your head in embarrassment.

“Sehun-ah. .” with the softest looking face you can give him. The back of his hand caressing your cheek.


“Get off me.” pushing him off you.

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"regina trying to help emma" oh you mean Regina forcing emma to do things she doesn't want to do and insulting her every chance she gets? You guys are all such delusional idiots

omg this is my first anon hate! wow! truly feels like I’m swen now, right? I mean, isn’t this what we do best? get hate? here I am, peacefully in my anti tags and this is what I get. sigh.

I may be delusional but at least I’m not that insecure that I go on sending hate to everyone who doesn’t agree with me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Here, have a nice gif and a nice day :)

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By the way, Idk if you’ve ever had a friend, but (best)friends tend to call each other out for their shit. Friends fight and talk things through. Friends make peace. Friends still love each other and stand side by side. I hope you will some day find a friend like that.

21: Psycho Dan.

Her every asset was art, every move she made could make my heart ache. 

Shame I had to kill her. 

Being the psycho I am I aim to be the best psycho out there. Sociopaths and psychopaths from the surrounding area normally get intimidated and move up country but obviously I’m not the only psychopath in London. 

Because she is still here. 

I’m walking down the empty street with a cold and dark setting around it. Pretty stereotypical if you ask me, but not a false stereotype. Tonight was just the perfect night to kill the one psychopath that won’t move. 

I hear a muffled yelp, and smile to myself, a light laugh falling from my lips. I knew it was her. I turned the corner, to a small section of forest like terrain at the edge of the neighbourhood. 

There she was.

A poor fool stuck underneath her, she straddled his waist, I watched on in intrigue.

She raised her arms above her head, clasping the large kitchen knife with confidence. My eyes wandered her figure, the curves of her body, the line of her arms. The enchanting red smears on her skin, to me it was nothing but pure beauty. 

My entire body twitched as I shook my head, my thoughts glitching. My mind placing me under her, her breath on my neck and her eyes locking with mine. Her skin caressing mine.

Thoughts of mine broken by her plunging the knife in the man’s chest. The satisfactory feeling of death running in the air. 

Now, it was my turn. 

I silently darted through the wooded area. She had lifted herself from the now dead body and I had her where I wanted her. Moving fast I had her body pinned up against the closest tree. 

I pulled the small knife from the pocket of my coat, grazing it against her neck. I didn’t to anything but gently touch her skin with the knife. Watching the emotion dead in her face, she showed nothing. 

She took a shallow breath. My pulse like electric and my heart banging like a wild animal on my chest. I couldn’t let her overrun me. I pulled the knife away with a faster force I aimed the blade at her throat. But I missed, and hit the fucking tree. 

She locked her eyes on mine and it flicked a switch within me, I saw a thing I couldn’t and didn’t want to. I felt things I never had before. 

I saw myself become emotionally invested.

I felt myself fall in love. 

I left the knife stuck in the tree and let my hands caress her face. My lips on hers, the contact making me go into overdrive.

Thank bloody hell I didn’t kill her.

Made For Each Other - Part 18

[Parts 1-17] (at the very bottom)

This one is a little shorter than usual! I’m sorry about that, but I did what I could. Also, out of the couple versions I wrote of this chapter, this was the one that I liked best. Also, the end is in sight, my friends! There are only two more chapters and then an epilogue left for this story! The idea of that is super exciting, but it also makes me a little sad because I’ve loved writing it so much! Anyway, since we do still have a bit of story left, please enjoy this next chapter! :)

As always, I didn’t make nor do I own the gif I’ve used. If the creator wants credit or for me to remove it, all you have to do is ask! :)

After Isaac ran off, chaos ensued, making it almost impossible to follow after him. You tried anyway, needing to see him again – to know that he’s still alive, breathing, and that he’s going to keep his promise.

You keep replaying the image of Isaac saying those three little words to you again – after all this time, to keep you as calm and levelheaded as you can in a situation like this. Through the mob of people running in all different directions across the lacrosse field you eventually get turned around. You see a set of bleachers nearby and rush over, climbing them to figure out where you are on the field and what’s going on around you.

Once on the top bleacher, you look all around you, and what you see doesn’t make you feel any better about the situation because as you look towards the parking lot, you see Isaac’s battered and beaten body land right beside the last school bus. Before you can even think about it, you’re climbing over the railing of the bleachers and climbing down the outside of them instead of running back down to the front. It takes you a few minutes, but when you finally reach the edge of the parking lot, you can see Isaac’s motionless body huddled up in the exact spot you’d seen him land. You rush towards Isaac as fast as your feet will take you, the sound of your feet against the blacktop ringing in your ears.

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I know you’re grumpy, cause I took over the kitchen.
But please stop filling up on snacks;
I’m making something really delicious here…”
“Well, you can serve that to me naked, Jaejoongie;
I’m still not hungry!”
“Oh, really?”
“Hmm… Lets put that to the test, shall we?” ;)

“Too Many Cooks” - Mr. Right -  Epilogue!

🌌And they lived happily ever after!🌌


Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

And with this, my little Fairytale comes to an end. With the Boys happy; playful and as in love as ever.^///^ Thank you all for loving & supporting this story all the way here. You guys are the best! ^^//

My gifs/edits.

♥ Blogrates + Compliments

Hello, beautiful people! I hit a sorta-milestone recently but life has been doing its level best to keep me scrambling. I’d normally do a graphic/fic/art/gif giveaway, but even though that’s not possible at the moment, I’d still like to do something to thank all the awesome people here. 

You all are amazing, you are loved, and you are enough.

How to do the Thing™:

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Do you have a clear image of the sticker he used on his phone 'cause I'm really trying to figure out how you knew it was Jimin's (or possibly Taehyung's). Because you said it was covering the apple logo right? No matter how hard I try to look at it I can't see it /cries/ it still looks an apple logo to me lmao ;n; on a side note did you see how Jimin switched seats just to let Taehyung sleep on his shoulder in the new episode, then again to be able to eat next to him? GDI VMIN IS AT IT AGAIN

a clear picture? nah, because lmao its from a v live and the bon voyage is also of quite a shitty quality but this is the best ive got

and yeah haha, first thing i giffed bc i cried, idk whether it was on purpose that jungkook and jimin switched but im feeling v blessed regardless

okay that makes sense, because I was trying to look for it but I couldn’t find it (your post with Taehyung and his phone)

yeah as biased as i am, i didn’t want to spread wrong info sobs

So I know y'all will probably never see this be I'm gonna do it anyway

@siriusly-not-over-remus I absolutely love you. I love everyone on this post but you were the first cosplay blog I followed, then you led me to Katie and Lunds and it has just expanded from there. Your Pansy is one of the best things ever and I’m so ready for you to finish Crimson&Clover with Jes. Andy, I just wanna say thank you for always making me smile when I open up your blog. I died that one time you did the Wolfstar kiss forever ago with Lunday (I keep messing with this sentence but it never doesn’t sound weird so this is what I’m stuck with). I’m still dead just so you know. Not to mention the gif set with Jes. You’re killing me, babe (WTF am I even saying!?). PS I can’t wait for you to go see KP.
@girlswillbeboys11 Katie, how do I start? I could start of by praising your Lily like everyone else and now would you look at that, I’ve become a cliché because I need your Lily like I need air. I wanna say that you make me really happy with all of those videos in the car where you’re singing. It’s basically the cutest thing ever. Just all of your content in general makes me really happy. And hey I’m ranting again, seems like I’m good at that. 
@lundayy Honey (where the heck did that come from?), your Remus makes me weak at the knees. I have (not so) unfortunately become even more Wolfstar trash than I already was because of you and I thank you for that. The last straw for me falling in love with you was that video you did of you singing Ballad of Mona Lisa and just why are you so perfect? It’s honestly not fair at all.
@asktheboywholived TT WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING PRETTY IYS NOT FAIR!?!? (I’m calm, I’m okay, I’m calm. I’m lying, I’m a mess but let’s just keep going.) What do I even say to express what you’ve done to me? I guess for starters you made me fall in love with Paige so thanks for that. Your Runaway gif sets pretty much tore me to pieces. And basically I just need more of you in my life! Plus you’re gorgeous so that’s great too.
@askdoratonks Jes, I love your tattoo (what a stupid way to start off). I love your blog. I love you. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I freaked out when I found out you were going to see Andy, Katie, and Lunds because all of the possibilities of gif sets and threads and just internet friends meeting internet friends!! I just can’t get enough of your Tonks. She’s one of my favorite characters in the series and I love seeing you as her because it makes me smile no matter what. 

I guess this is just a giant-ass post saying thank you to people I’ll never meet and will never see this but it’s midnight and I should go to bed but I just don’t want to so I wrote this instead. I’ve only been following you guys for about 2 months (I know, lame), but I’m really thankful for how happy you make me and I love you guys (oh gosh I’m so cliché I’m gonna die). I can’t wait to see what you guys put up next.

About Posting When Starting Days is Released

I’m not going to be eyebrows deep in the Free! tag.

I honestly can’t.

I still get nausea thinking about going into tags after those spam blog epidemics, and my hands are honestly shaking right now as I’m typing this because I feel so guilty and stupid but that’s been a huge problem for me ever since the end of March.  I’m still trying my best to make sure I post a good variety and don’t miss good things, but there is honestly no way I’m going to manage my current job and mental health if I don’t let you guys know why I can’t do what I used to do every water day and try to lessen the pressure I tend to put on myself whenever there’s new content.

That being said if you are a gif/edit maker, and you makes some sets from the movie, I’m inviting you to send me a message with direct links to some of your posts. Not like… 25 at once, but 3-5ish is good. Just let me know why you’re in my inbox so I don’t flag anything as spam. Same thing if you’re an artist. Just a small sampling of what you’ve made recently and I’ll do my best to get it up onto the blog.

Thank you so much you guys and I hope you can understand why things have changed for me. I owe you guys so much