"Cas looked around the deserted sand and saw that it was true – not a soul except for the two of them. It was quiet except for the methodical rush of the waves and the cries of the gulls. The sun peaked through the overcast clouds and speckled the water with light before slowly folding itself up again"


satansfavoritenipnops replied to your post:meta can i follow you on pinterest I have one too…

ohhhh gotcha! hey that’s kinda cool though. but yes thank you for sharing your adventures haha. I love your blog the variety is rlly fun 😊 ((esp the occasional horses I’m such a weird horse girl))

Thanks! I try and keep it at a state of indecipherable chaos!

When I get home I’ll take a pic of all the model/toy horses I still own and tag you with it, I think you’d like it. I’m also one of the Weird Horse Girls.

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i don't understand how u can still ship them after that pic

helloo lovely anon.

a picture paints a thousand words anon…if the spoilers didn’t come out the other day then I would have found that pic hot and I’d be fangirling over Robert’s smile tbh.

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hello yes I'm actually a huge fangirl when it comes to your account because I found out about something rotten! just before I went to NYC a couple of weeks ago to see it and I found your account after scouring tumblr for SR! pics and it just made me fall more in love with the show and now you're helping me through withdrawals from seeing it on Broadway and wow this is a mess sorry I typically have much better grammar just thanks ever so for loving the show as much as I do

oh my goodness wow this is so touching!!! getting others excited about SR is my main reason for blogging and it’s so great that i’m helping you through your withdrawal!! (i’m still not over mine tbh) anyway thank YOU for being such a nice person and liking my blog :))) and i’m glad you liked the show!!

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hi Linh!! You're the prettiest thing I have ever seen tbh and I was wondering where you got that flower choker? (your recent pics sometimes confuse me cause at some you look like you're older and then others you look like your 2010 self again lmfao, still A+ looks)

thank you dear!! you’re over-flattering meee TT o TT!!!!!! i made it myself! it was quite simple to make! you can buy the flower trims at any arts and craft store and then buy the necklace hook and sew it on :) and you’re done! so simple and cheap!! hahah yeah im experiencing with my bang as you can see ^^ i can side part it or leave it as a straight bang over my face :) the straight bang made me look extremely young while my side part made me look slightly older ^^