After the Storm

Life is Strange; Pricefield; 1605 words
contains major spoilers for Polarized

“Where to?”

A startled breath escaped Max before she could stop herself. She glanced around in reaffirmation that it was Chloe who’d spoken. They were alone in her truck, and a quick glance at the clock told her that several hours had passed since either of them had spoken.

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Dating Jaebum would include (pt.2)

it’s a little bit longer than pt.1 but u thirsty ppl asked for a pt.2

here we go

• him being all over your thighs
• and butt
• and stomach
• basically your whole body
• him sending you cute pics of Nora
• bc everyone knows how much he just misses his baby
• he really likes to cuddle with you
• lazy conversations bc why the fuck not
• “I love you”
• “I love you more”
• “I love you the most”
• “I totally disagree with that part”
• “No you don’t”
• “Stop it Jae”
• “But it’s the truth”
• “oh shut up”
• and then you’d just snuggle into his chest to hide your blushing face
• but he saw and gives you the ’:^)’ look bc he won that conversation
• you wearing his clothes all day
• especially his hoodies and t-shirts
• and he would drool at the sight
• “put that tongue back where it belongs Jae”
• “i can put my tongue between your wet folds if you want me to”
• “Omfg Jae pls”
• he would really love you walking around the house wearing his clothes
• but he would prefer them lying on the floor
• just his hands covering your body
• and touching every inch of you
• and then he would get into action with the 3 points i just mentioned
• what a fucker
• did i mention that he really likes to cuddle??????
• i mean he’s the best cuddle buddy in the goddamn world!!!!!!
• him drawing random patterns on your exposed skin
• and him kissing your crown
• when you’d fallen asleep while cuddling on the couch
• he’d carry you to your shared bedroom to tuck you in
• and then he’d continue to cuddle you until he falls asleep
• and fuckboy!jb
• he would want to mess with you when he’s at home alone and you’re at school
• so he’d message you
• “baby when do you get back from school?”
• “i won’t be back home for the next 2 hours :( i need to go to the library to learn for the upcoming test. sorry babe…”
• “but i’m hard rn”
• and he would send you a pic as proof
• “i don’t care. come home and help me getting rid of this tent in my pants”
• “Seriously Jae. you know how to take care of that yourself! you don’t need me to get rid of it. this test is fucking important. now stop”
• “but my hands cannot compare your tight little pussy wrapped perfectly around my cock. now come home”
• “omfg sTOP”
• “but i guess you don’t want me to fill you up to the hilt and pounding into you relentlessly. hitting that perfect spot that makes you scream my name and you cumming all over my cock several times while mewling, crying and begging for me to continue. it’s okay. my left hand will do”
• “don’t you dare touch yourself! I’m coming home right fucking now!”
• “You’re such a good girl for daddy. i bet your panties are already drenched”
• “fUCK. STOP. I KNOW THEY ARE. just gimme 4 minutes!”
• and he would reward you with what he messaged you a few minutes ago
• maybe he would deny your orgasm several times because you didn’t react coming home the first time he asked you
• but he’ll definetely fuck you into oblivion
• and after that steamy session
• he’s just a cinnamon roll tbh
• from “thank you for letting me date your daughter” to “your daughter calls me daddy too” in 0,03 seconds
• ffs he would be really nervous when he’d meet your parents for the first time though
• he’d be so nervous that he would accidently say “hello i’m Im Jaebum. But our complex knows me as Jae”
• and he would be super embaressed about what he said
• and you would choke on your own saliva
• but your parents just thought he would be nice to ppl so everyone knows him
• no
• you actually scream that name when he fucks you
• that was a close one
• so he wouldn’t say a word for the rest of the day
• baking christmas cookies on cold winter days
• including flour fights
• and much laughing
• ending up together in the shower
• and him taking you from behind while the water runs down your bodies
• watching horror movies together
• you sitting in between his legs
• and him being super scared
• “calm the fuck down Jae. it’s just a movie”
• and then you would be sceaming so loud bc of that fucking jumpscare
• and he’d just laugh his ass off
• “Fuck this! I’m going to bed!”
• and he would turn off the tv to follow you
• “I’m coming with you so we can cuddle~ and maybe have sex”
• “stop yourself Jae. I’m not in the mood after i’ve seen that bloody fucker with the chainsaw”
• “oh baby girl. i will get you in the mood when i’m going to go down on you. i promise”
• “try again in the morning Jae”
• but he’d just ignore you
• and he would really get you in the mood like he said
• but he would be the cutest boyfriend ever
• bc you know he loves you just as much as you do ♡

Still not over the newest Malec promo tbh. OK, I know we are all stressed out now. As much as we all wanted bamf!Magnus (well, I did and I still do!) and angst, why not giving us some fluff for a change I am sure you are all asking yourself.

Well, just think about this: From what I gather so far, the new scenes seem to be all from the pilot if you ask me. And honestly? The big “argument” looks like it might happen after/before this pic:

Which also leads me to think that it happens before Alec and Maryse have their argument/fight regarding Jace going with Valentine. The scene where Alec says “Jace is closer than blood.”

AND I think we can all pretty much agree that after that, and even though Alec and Magnus probably went their seperate ways after the fight in the institute (which we saw in the trailer), Magnus is still the only person Alec will go to.

Look at this pic. Very closely. Magnus doesn’t exactly look like he is happy at all. He is most likely even annoyed at Alec that he comes to see him after pretty much shutting him out after their fight. You can even see it when you take a closer look at Alec’s posture. Being welcomed and happy to see his boyfriend Magnus clearly looks different.

But if you ask me, they will work things out. Remember “When things got crazy, don’t push me away?”


And I believe after they talk about that argument, the famous “Alec dropped his stele” scene will happen.

What I am trying to say: JUST RELAX, PEOPLE!!!

We all knew that angst was about to happen because the thing with Jace is way too important for Alec to just go all “lovey dovey”. But they will get through it. Heck, they will go on a date in 2x06. Besides, Malec is canon. AND endgame. No need to go crazy. All will be fine. Pretty much everyone involved in the show told us that. ;)


I’m rewatching “Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out” and the faces Jess and Rory are making at each other/at Logan the entire time give me life

Also, I love just how done and over it Jess is during this scene. Despite the fact that Logan starts his condescending, pretentious, alpha male bullshit not two seconds after meeting him, Jess was still trying to be polite and not start drama for the majority of conversation, for Rory’s sake, but the moment Logan asks how long they’ve known each other he immediately closes his menu like “Yep. Here we go. I’m seriously getting too old for this shit.”


He’d never forget his first glimpses of true family life in the Greene household; the warm sunny kitchen, his mother with her sweet smiles and her gentle hands, sliding plates of fresh-baked cookies or brownies or slices of pumpkin spice bread between them and nudging over glasses of lemonade or iced tea with perfect square ice cubes inside. Every time they’d insist on him spending dinner with them and he’d never eaten so well in his life; baked chicken and turkey and ham and potatoes and sometimes, when Beth insisted for fun, pancakes and eggs and bacon even though the sun was setting.

He had his first Thanksgiving dinner at Beth’s home, staring wide-eyed over the table at the massive turkey that Mrs Greene set down and Mr. Greene carved, carefully and slowly. His plate had been loaded up with mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing and turkey, and he’d never been so full in his life. (The Greenes had gone around the table giving thanks, and no one had minded when he just shook his head and didn’t say a thing. But later that night when Beth had walked him out to her front porch so her Dad could bring him home, he’d whispered to her in the safety of the darkness: I’m thankful that you’re my friend, Beth. She had smiled right back and reached out to squeeze his hand as she’d whispered back: Me too.)


So, here’s the second and final version. I am so sorry guys, I don’t know what’s gotten into me to post this crap of a drawing I posted yesterday. I know a lot of ppl told me they like it, but tbh, I didn’t. I couldn’t just leave it like that and decided to go over it again. It’s still not my best portrait of them, but I’m finally happy with the outcome and I think it matches the original pic quite well.
I keep working on the new Barba sketch now and I’m gonna post it soon.


the most important one tbh, also i have rediscovered my love for france during this journey (canadas still #1 tho)

sunglasses on every single hetalia character part 18

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10 /part 11 / part 12 / part 13 / part 14 / part 15 / part 16 / part 17

all pics taken from kitawiki which gets them from screencaps and himaruya


i know these pics are kinda “gross” and part of me hates myself for putting it online but! All the pics on the left are me without makeup last summer, and the pics on the right are me without makeup today, just over a year later!

i cant believe how severe my acne was (if u click on the pics it’s even worse, and tbh, and irl it was WAY worse than these pics make it look) 

anyway, shout out to my dermatologist who gave me aczone and ziana gel, and shout out to me for cutting heavy gooey face makeup out of my life which has allowed my skin to heal finally! i literally never thought the day would come! 

As you can see i still have some lil spots and i definitely get break outs from time to time, and the scarring is still pretty bad (it’s hard to see the texture in these pics, but you can imagine from the severity of my acne that my scarring is pretty severe) (It was supposed to take 5 sessions of laser treatment, to clear up the scarring but i only went to 2 and then i got broke and couldnt afford anymore, but this is after some treatment so the scars used to be a lot worse.)

Anyway! here i am! im happy and i love my face, scars and all:+)

If you don’t have the time or energy to put “BODE” over your cat’s pic, then that’s ok!

Don’t be afraid to still submit the pic! I’ll do it for you and tag you in it if a URL is provided!

You can even tell me what type of font style you’d like (curly, fancy, block text, etc.) if you don’t then I’m just resorting to the font from Dark Souls tbh…

anonymous asked:

taking the whole session of la pictures at gg insta it can't be good for gg/cp. i get that you can't say stuff BUT maybe just a tiny teaser. ;) Just say if it's good or bad?

Lol get used to it. While they dating they will be posting pics every time they together (I mean it’s predictable as hell) that doesn’t mean it’s over for Grandice or him and CP’s relationship isn’t going to go anywhere. We all knew they were still together so yall should of knew to expect pics. It has nothing to do with him and CP he not going to stop posting pics until they not together anymore.

I’ve told y'all again and again don’t believe the hype but y'all don’t listen and every time one of them post a pic y'all swear it’s over for GG and CP. Tbh no matter how many hints I give y'all or tell y'all y'all don’t listen anyway. I can spill all the tea I have and y'all still won’t listen.

Long story short don’t tell me to spill tea or drop hints cause I’ve been dropping hints but y'all refuse to listen cause “omg one of them just posted a pic.” 😒 like that’s all the fuck they do. That’s the only sure thing about their relationship they will be posting pics.