Tomorrow is the big day. Four years have come down to this very moment.
I honestly can’t believe this is finally happening.

Can’t wait to be over with it tho, but I’m also curious about what kind of feedback I’m gonna get for this project.

And still, I think that, for once, I’m really proud of myself. I put my life into this creation, and TBH I’ve never worked that hard on anything else. I’m so excited but also super anxious. 

Wish me luck :)

so Mumford and Sons w/ pwopercas was pretty fucking awesome

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is it weird to still get upset when i think about my abuser even though it happened a while ago and im happily in love with a new person? i mean, im over them as a person, but i dont know if im over what they put me through, and i dont know how to be,,

no no no not at all! youre totally justified and can take all the time in the world to heal. infact you may still feel upset about it forever and its okay because its just you recognizing it wasnt okay, and it wasnt. just learn from it and never allow yourself to go through that ever again! its over now though, it was a bad experience, but an experience none the less. love more and allow nothing less in return!

im the same exact situation as you right now tbh if that helps at all. i was treated absolutely awfully and they probably still think they did nothing wrong :-) but its okay because ill never allow it again.

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you're like the only other person on tumblr that i know of who actually uses they pronouns for gerard besides me omg i'm still so happy about when they said they liked they/them too??? everyone seems to be "over it" tbh but i'm still so excited whenever i get to use they/them pronouns for them it just makes me rly happy

i know!!!!!!!! im lowkey so scared of cis bandom not using they pronouns ever for gerard like…. please i understand but also why wouldnt you use they prons for gerard…… but anyways im not over it at all personally ill never be over it im still so HAPPY and excited this is amazing im so glad u sent me this message this is so cute i love this

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Did you freak out when your post hit 10k notes for the first time?

Tbh no because it’s all a shock for me one of my posts actually has over 71k notes and I have over 53k followers I never in a million years thought I’d get any of that so its all still a shock 😳

When I was like 15 I was sitting in the cafeteria kind of just drawing alone and some dude walked over, slid a note over to me, and walked away. I never got a look at who it was and never figured it out.

The note basically said something along the lines of “you’re more special than you think and people care about you”

For some reason it really stuck in my mind and still confuses me to this day. I wasn’t close to anyone, I didn’t talk to anyone, there really wasn’t anyone I was special to. It baffled me that some unknown person took the time to do something like that. It still baffles me.

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Tell me about it bruh like I love Dean a lot but he has done some seriously questionable/objectionable stuff and is not a perfect individual, so it bugs me when people try to gloss over that. Same goes for Sam and Cas tbh. You don't have to ignore a character's flaws to appreciate them, and I think it's something of a disservice to ignore their moral complexity.


I have in the past been equally annoyed at over praising of Cas (never actually seen much of that for Sam in my fandom circles, poor poor Sam! so it’s never been an issue with him)

though I don’t think there’s really much over praising of Dean going on around my dash atm, I think I’m just being over sensitive right now

it’s an issue I tend to be jumpy about is all… because idk I’ve always harboured a (perhaps irrational) feeling that fandom is biased towards Dean…

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"I told everybody that the sky is still the sky without u but u know what? At the end of the day it's just a lie and tbh I can't get over u. I want u to know that I still love u and hope u do the same. Hope u r doing fine. Can't get over your green eyes and your beautiful smile. Love, max." - things I could never tell her

Ich hoffe ich kriege auch irgendwann mal nen Typen ab der Fremden von mir erzählt??
Auf jeden Fall finde ich, dass du ihr das sehr wohl sagen solltest! Was kann schon passieren?

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Jenny, Sadie, Lapis, Alexandrite :]

Jenny: Post a selfie

dang youuuu, well, i took a picture with that new flower i have which i dont know if i can pull it off because its so big and its prettier than me and im not used to things this feminine. yeuugh i don’t like this picture that much smiling selfies feel weird for me

Sadie: How tall are you? // 5′4 or 5′5ish?

Lapis: Do people ever walk all over you? // Not as much as they used to tbh. My friends always used to slap me in the face because they thought it was funny and my face was ‘very slap-able’ and i never did anything about it but then my friend had a dream that they like slapped me to death or something so they stopped. I stand up for myself more than I used to but I’m still probably a bit of a pushover. People still do walk all over me sometimes but not as much as I used to allow, I guess I still let my parents do that. 

Alexandrite: Whats your family dynamic? // Hahah well its a little complicated my mom married this guy Gary when she was like 19 and she had four kids with him but he was a massive prick so she divorced him and married my dad who she had three kids with. So I have 7 siblings (4 of which have a different dad so they’re kind of half siblings?). So I have three ‘half’ brothers, one ‘full’ brother and one sister of each. My bigger ‘half’ sister helped alot with raising me and my other sister since my mom was a single working mom for a while. 

i still feel like i have to defend taylor constantly.  the red era is still here with me… i’m not over it yet.  i’ll never be over it tbh… 

but every time i meet someone out in public and they say that they “just love taylor swift!” i don’t say “right omg???” i say “do you though?  do you love her?  Or do you just ‘like that song about blank spaces and starbucks lovers lol? or that song about shaking things off, or that trouble song?’ ” because when i say i “just love” taylor swift it means i have been there for her fort the past 9 years and she’s been there for me for the pat 9 years and she’s such a big part of my life i don’t know what i’d do without her. I mean that she’s saved my life multiple times… that when i have a problem, her music is where i figure it out.  

but above all…   when i say “i love taylor swift,” i mean that she never was the bullshit the media said.  and that i never once believed it.  in fact, i was the person screaming at the rest of the fandom when speak now came out (and being this person on TC in those days was not a popular thing… yes… taylor swift dot com endorsed the bullshit back then) that the value of the songs of speak now were the lyrics and the actual music, not who each song was about.  i got into many fights screaming it didn’t matter who dear john and enchanted were about, they were to of the best songs she’s ever written.  and again… endorsed caring about who each song was about… but i defended her from that shit… even then.

loving taylor isn’t some cute little phase for me… it’s not something i do because it’s fun.  it’s a part of who i am.  I am a taylor swift fan.  and as much as it’s cool to “love taylor omg” i don’t think it’s cool to love  taylor.  not really.  because it’s still not cool to have been her fan back then… 

so i haven’t let my guard down.  i’m so proud of taylor for defending herself… but i’ll never let my guard down.  even when we’re old and she’s a legend… i’ll still defend.  and maybe that makes me silly or petty or whatever… but it’s honest.

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*drops url here* i can't believe dio hell is almost over

[ Dio hell will never truly be over, just wait for all the other parts. Pillar Men hell still isn’t over for me. We will burn. ]

Send me your URL and I’ll tell you

My Opinion on;

Character in general: THERE ARE LITERALLY NO ENDS TO HOW MUCH I LOVE MOUSE. Honestly Mouse is one of my favorite OCs out of the ones I interact with on here and the ones I’ve written with on my Kars blog. They’re number one in the top ten tbh. 
How they play them: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit 👌

The Mun: Truth be known I was so intimidated by them when we first started writing together last summer, I can clearly remember myself worrying about how lame I was and how my characters paled in comparison. Now look, they are burning with me in this eternal Jojo hell. We plot such horrid things for our characters it’s amazing. And don’t get me started on the art, the art is some good stuff man lemme tell ya. I’m so lucky to have them as a mutual both here and on the personal blog tbh.

Do I:

RP with them: Of course!
Want to RP with them: They cannot escape, I will always want to rp with them

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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4, 26, 36?

4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

I can honestly say I’ve never done that (wouldn’t hurt to try though) :P

26. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Oh god this is kinda hard…probably Howl’s Moving Castle, Parent Trap and Kotonoha no Niwa. I’ve watched Kotonoha no Niwa 3 times so far and it’s gotta be one of my absolute favesss, and Howl’s Moving Castle is just so beautiful (as expected of Ghibli tbh). And Parent Trap cuz i used to watch it a lot when i was a kid and never got tired of it :P

36. What is your usual bedtime?


jk tbh i don’t really have a bedtime i just sleep whenever i feel like but it’s usually late

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My friend started to yell at me because I said I picked Sebastian x Claude over Sebastian x Ciel. Even though I don't really take a huge liking to either of the ships, she made me choose. And when I picked, she started to say that Sebastian would never pick another demon over Ciel. Thus making me slightly angry, I told her that I didn't support Sebastian x Ciel in any way, and that I replied honestly on who I would of picked over. Now she won't talk to me anymore. What do I do, seriously? Sigh..

Hmm,this is quite difficult tbh because I’m really not the best at giving advice.

Anyway, I would say wait until you’re both completely calm because approaching them while still angry is definitely going to end in another argument then just explain to them as nicely and maturely as you can that losing a friendship because of a ship isn’t worth it and that disagreeing on one thing shouldn’t be the end of your friendship because you still love and care about them which is all that matters.

I wouldn’t worry too too much about it. My friends and I fall out over silly thing all of the time, eventually they’ll get over it and probably laugh because of how ridiculous it was. ^^ <3

Janet seriously called her new tour Unbreakable? …wow.

and then her new song, which she releases just days before Michael’s death anniversary, is called No Sleep and the word “insomnia” is mentioned in it over and over again. 
Like Michael could never fucking sleep and his insomnia was what eventually led to his death and then she makes a song like this??


Whatever. I lost all respect for her when she pulled that shit with taking Katherine away from Michael’s kids to the point where the kids got so scared for their grandmother they felt they had no other choice but to report her missing. Tbh I hope the kids still got a restraining order against her.

I see so many MJ fans buying tickets for Janet’s upcoming tour and ofc people are allowed to do whatever they want, but there’s no way she’s ever getting as much as a dime from me with the way she’s treated both Michael and his kids since his passing.