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Um... The two lovebirds in the barn may wanna hurry up and get back, they're definitely missing one heck of a show

*enters the building* What’s the big deal? We heard a lot of noises.

Yo Souda, already running away to spend the night with your boyfriend?

Leon idiot, Gundham is not my-


Leon ! *runs and hugs him*

Haha glad to see that you’re still the same !

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So... did any of the dead witness the certain events in a certain barn last night?

No. We aren’t always watching, you know?

Yeah and we can’t see everything either. Beside, none of us would have watch that. It was private.

N-Nothing happened ! Don’t make it sounds like something did !

C’mon Souda, we are best friend, right? I can see when my best bro has feelings for someone. So even if nothing really happened, it was still a private thing.