Here they are! My characters drawn by Archie Comics’ Tracey Yardley and Matt Herms.

When I first got into the Archie Sonic comics, the first thing that drew my attention was Tracey’s style as it was very close to the official Sonic art but still had the flexibility you see in cartoons that allow for amazing facial and body expressions, which Tracey was a master with. That combined with Ian Flynn’s writing made me enjoy a comic which didn’t catch my interest previously and I’m glad I started following it as it opened my imagination with what I can do with my own characters.

So as you can imagine when Tracey Yardley announced he was doing art commissions I jumped at the chance to have my 4 main characters drawn by my favourite artist. I decided to go for all 4 at once since it would be unlikely I would get another chance if I only asked for one, even though it wouldn’t be cheap. It was a long wait though due to Tracey being a very busy artist with his job plus the 50+ commissions he accepted, but I was patient and only sent him reminder e-mails once every few months just to check what was happening, and he in turn was appreciative for my patience and politeness and understanding. It was all worth it though as I got 4 awesome linearts of my characters with all the details either perfect or improved in some way. Initially I was planning to colour them myself but then I discovered another Archie Comics artist on DA who is known for colouring the comic cover art and was offering Colourist Commissions. The idea to have him colour the Tracey pics was too perfect to ignore and he happily accepted.

This and the other 4 are the best thing to happen to my characters, and can only be beaten if they cameoed in the comics themselves or even the games (both being impossible ^^; ) so I’m going to print these out and frame them on my wall.

It’s 1am and time for all good little Jet Wolfs to try and sleep.


Speaking of, my next week is going to be a pretty busy thing. It’s Hubby’s birthday next Saturday, and as per usual, it’s a multi-day extravaganza that requires prep work. Things will settle back down again mid-the following week, however. I’ve been doing much better lately, and so I feel like I can set that as a still-flexible-mostly-firm date for the next Stars episode.

So! Barring any need for changes, Episode 193′s liveblog will be Wednesday, 15 July.

Will it stretch into multiple days? Well what do you think.

Until tomorrow. Goodnight, Tumblr.

So, I was re-watching the Joffery auditions, and what I found very upsetting is that the judges comments to Maddie were that she really needed to slow down and finish her moves before continuing on, and that her feet lack flexibility and need to be worked upon. It makes me sad that still, all these years later, these are still two of Maddies biggest flaws. She still rushes her dances, and she still lacks flexibility and strength in her feet. In all these years, nobody has taken the time to correct these flaws that they have known about since then. Lets all just pretend that Maddie is perfect and pretend they don’t exist. Abby and Melissa are really doing this little girl and injustice, and it isn’t fair.


It had been the torture memory again, but this time so much worse. The pain that Bobbi had felt that way had been amplified, the amount of needles increased and seemingly everywhere. Thrashing to try to knock them out, or at least hit Ward and Kara, screams of pain ripped from her throat. Feeling hands grip her shoulders and shake her, another scream escaped her, only ending as her eyes shot open.

“Fitz..?” Slowly coming back to her senses, Bobbi took a few deep breaths. “What… what happened?” Thank god he was real, strong against the quickly fading dream. The question was, though- what had he heard to wake her?

       “I’m not sure, Bobbi…” Fitz had wanted to be reassuring so that he could help his friend move on from her nightmare and into reality, but he knew Bobbi wasn’t the kind of person who appreciated half truths for the sake of sanity– She would want the stone cold truth with all of its pain in one go without beating around the bush. Fitz would never patronize her. 

       “Do you want to… talk about it? That was… I know you’re not okay, Bobbi. You don’t have to pretend to be… Okay. Not with me. You can be honest with me,” Fitz had been all too familiar with his own demons to know that the past could be the scariest baggage a person carried. He also knew though that Bobbi took pride in her independence and strength and that maybe Fitz wasn’t her best option for a confidant. Mostly, he wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone.


picked up this sweet lil fella on the way home from work tonight. poor guy seemed to had just gotten hit and was still pretty flexible. couldn’t resist bringing him home since his pelt is in near perfect condition, minus a little tear on the shoulder. put ‘em in the freezer for the night and am going to practice skinning tomorrow morning. the one wide eye kinda freaks me out though…

ooQ 🔁 mission;one

002 enjoyed the dynamics of his job and the overall swiftness of things in SIS but, for fuck’s sake, by dynamics he never meant receiving orders twenty minutes before departure and two hours before his flight. Commercial, of course, he’d apparently done nothing to deserve a private jet and whisky older than himself as an extra treat. Okay, there was no better way to get to Ethiopia than by an ordinary plane no-one cares about but still, annoyed 002 could picture any other agent putting their sunglasses on right after leaving the shiniest jet SIS had.

Oh, come on, Leonid, give me a fucking break, you apparently have too much fucking time right now, you fucking jealous idiot. Ugh, shut up for once.

While going down the stairs, 002 was scrolling files M provided him with. The situation seemed clear but besides a clear picture, he also needed a plan; a plan precise enough to not end up stuck in a middle of some enormously huge shit and still pretty flexible since all of his relatively few African missions sooner or later needed some significant adjustments.

He walked over to Evan’s desk, leant against the edge of it and looked at Stark rushing with collecting the equipment and all the other stuff he should have at least an hour for but no such lap of luxury was provided for that mission. “Hey there, what do you have for me today? They’re probably gonna burrow everything inside out at ADD so I hope the bag of invisibility is included,” he joked, giving Q a little smile. Of course, they were both in a fucking rush but being all stressed and pushy could only make it worse.


Traveling today and brought along A TON of food. So much food that I actually have asparagus in my purse…I also weighed Greek yogurt in public, crossing the threshold into crazy town!

With my competition less than one month away I can still be flexible but my goal is to diminish the amount of variables in my eating schedule. I haven’t decided what my competition schedule will look like after I take the stage for the first time on July 25, but I am going on vacation three days later for nearly a month. Since I’ll be out of town for a prolonged period of time I plan on reverse dieting (slowly adding calories back to my post-comp diet) so that my body, weight, mind & metabolism can adjust. Post competition binging and weight gain are common and I’m determined to do this the healthy way!

My goal is to eat 3,000 calories a day at maintenance in the next year- what can I say? I want big muscles & love food! I know this will take time and heavy duty training but I’m up for the challenge.

And for now I’ll continue to haul vegetables around in my carry-on… :)

Another weekend cheer camp, another sprained joint. Seriously though. Last month it was my thumb and now an ankle. I’m too clumsy! Or is this something I can do more exercises to avoid? Better ask a professional but if anyone has advice feel free to share. At least it was a great camp otherwise!! I based and midbased so still proving myself as flexible and valuable!

Aiichirou Nitori headcanons that I forgot weren’t canon facts:
+ he’s part Korean (I wanna say half but idk)
+ his mom was a professional ballerina; currently a dance instructor (he learned to dance from her; doesn’t take classes anymore but still flexible af and will piqué when asked w/o batting an eyelash)
+ his family lives nowhere near wherever Samezuka is
+ is messy in regards to his room but a super clean person (can’t stand not brushing his teeth, always washes his hands before meals, showers before and after getting in the pool and then again at night)

June 25th, 2015

Strength: Take 15 minutes to work to today’s heavy Snatch.  Topped out at 75lbs

Conditioning: 21-15-9 reps, for time of Sumo Deadlift High Pull at 95lbs and 
Overhead Squat at 15lbs (teeny weeny bar).  RX was 95/65lbs.  I couldn’t RX OHS cause I still have the shoulder flexibility of a 100year live oak. Time: 11:23 (…i think. it was definitely something-23

Warmup: 400meter run + mobility drills + 5sec handstand push-up negatives (push-downs?)

Cool down: 15min pre-walk power nap with Zeeter McGeeters. 

There’s nothing quite like practicing a downward dog with a #puppy licking your face and your friend’s boobs in your neck. Having some yoga fun at the beach. Still working on my flexibility but gotta start somewhere! #yoga #acroyoga #beach #dominicanrepublic #dr #health #asana #balance #instayoga #instafit