If I were to pick who I’d want Bruce to be in a relationship with in MCU, Natasha would be the last person I would choose. You know who I want Bruce to be happy with?
I want Betty Ross back. Honestly, where is she? There hasn’t been one mention of her in any Marvel film since “The Incredible Hulk”. It’s like she fell off the face of the planet. I want her back. I want her back and I want her to be with Bruce again because she made him happy. She was his whole world; we saw that in The Incredible Hulk.
And Bruce was clearly hesitant at the suggestions Natasha gave him about them being in a relationship in AoU. I refuse to believe that it’s only because he thinks he’s a monster. I firmly believe that Betty Ross does still exist, that Bruce still loves her, and he would be hesitant about whether or not he could go into another relationship if he knew she was out there - possibly looking for him.
I want another woman scientist in the MCU as well. We have Jane Foster. We have Helen Cho. Honestly, bring Betty in. Let them make a scientist club. Make it happen, Marvel.

So it’s about 1:15 am and my cat was playing with her favorite toy (that orange space ship looking thing behind her, it has a ball in it that she chases) and she was getting really intense but then I didn’t hear her playing anymore and I looked over and she’s just been laying like this for like ten minutes just staring at the toy. Idk man I think she’s just too high on life rn.