Abstract Cityscapes by Salavat Fidai

Artist Salavat Fidai produces exceptional paintings that imitate the work of legendary artist such as Van Gogh, and experiments with a wide range of oil on canvas painting techniques and styles. The versatile artist has a diverse portfolio of work, including scenic landscapes which highlight picturesque scenes from around the world; floral portraits of realistic flowers at the peak of their bloom and framed as a still life painting; murky and obscured street scenes which show colors and light melting off the canvas as if from a fractured memory, and other surreal and imaginative subjects.

Fidai’s artworks show a depth of mastery and an ability to summon emotion and respect from reserved paintings to a distinctive audience. Find his work in his Etsy shop.

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Joker from Suicide Squad - I wanted to redesign his tattoos to try illustrate his mentality/beliefs of him and B-man being parallels (Bats is on the left, Joker is to the right.) I feel the original ones only accentuate what he looks like on the outside, not what’s within (*/▽\*)♡ might finish properly some day.


Henri Fantin-Latour (1836–1904, France)

Flower paintings

Fantin-Latour was a French painter and lithographer best known for his flower paintings. He was the most celebrated French still-life painter of the 19th Century and a friend to many artistic figures of the time (including Manet and Whistler), many of whom he painted.