Verster, Floris (1861-1927) - 1910 Still Life with Flowers (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) by Milton Sonn

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<br />He trained first at the Ars Aemula Naturae school in Leiden under George Hendrik Breitner, then at The Hague Academie (1879-82) and the Brussels Academy (1882).  In Leiden in 1882 he started painting landscapes in the style of the Hague school.  From 1882 to 1892 he shared a studio in Leiden with the still-life painter Menso Kamerlingh Onnes.  Influenced by Onnes and such French realists as Antoine Vollon and  Ribot, in 1885 he turned to painting still-lifes in a mildly Impressionist style that by 1888-9 often attained monumental formats.   He submitted some of these to exhibitions, where their reception was mixed; artists including Breitner, H. W. Mesdag and Jacob Maris were enthusiastic, but the critics quite often were not.  He participated in a few exhibitions abroad, notably from 1890 to 1894 in Munich and in 1891 with Les XX in Brussels.

Floris Hendrik Verster (9 June 1861 – 21 January 1927, in Leiden) was a Dutch painter.