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A/N: Part 13 of the ‘Fresh Start’ series. This is a mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. I should have posted this on friday, but because of adulting I didn’t get to it. From now on I will post once a week (Mondays) because I’ve been kind of blocked on this lately and writing has gone slow. Thanks again to my awesome beta @thorne93. Hope you all enjoy reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Balthazar.

Warnings: Language, fluff.

Wordcount: 2.644


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Thursday came and there was still no response from Balthazar, frankly you were getting annoyed. Sure it had been a while since you talked to him, but he was still Beth’s uncle and you figured that should mean something to him. Maybe it was for the best though, you had managed on your own so far, there was absolutely no reason for you not to be able to handle this too. Besides, you had that lunch with Lexi today, maybe she had some helpful advice. Dropping Beth of at school was harder these last few days, not because she didn’t want to go, but because you didn’t want her to go, you couldn’t stand the thought of anyone being mean to her. You checked your phone for what felt like the hundredth time, still no word from Balthazar, and nothing from Dean either, you hadn’t heard from him since he came by with your car. There was a ring on your door just as you were heading upstairs to grab a shower.

“Balthazar? What are you doing here?” Your face portraying the confusion you felt.

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Can you believe how the writers gave us such good Bellarke scenes and it's only the first episode. According to one of the screeners it gets better. I am still looking at gifs from that episode. Bellarke all the way! They have such chemistry it just feels like they are married and so in sync with each other. Bellamy being all protective and Clarke trying to calm him down. Can you imagine if Bellarke kiss then we will be tweeting and creating gif of that kiss for years. So excited for this season

I know, I can’t imagine how it gets better? I mean obviously the handle nuzzle scene will be amazing. But apparently there’s a scene that’s even better before or after. I’m gonna die rip. And stop I can’t talk about the kiss yet, I’m too anxious. Ask me again at the midseason 


Well that certainly escalated. Not so sure about the new electrified orange wall though…

- Can attack in 8 directions while jumping, 5 while standing, and 2 while ducking. Still working out the hit detection, will need to test out hitting multiple enemies/objects at the same time, and also consider spark/debris placement

- Sloppily added in a friendly green box friend to smack around (being able to add/move interactive objects in edit mode is still a ways off..)

- As shown in 2nd gif, wall climbing is… uh, not exactly working yet heh. Need to change the way I’m doing movement overall a bit so I can properly handle jumping off and climbing to the top of walls.  Will need to do this anyway for other things that affect the player’s position (moving platforms, damage knockup, etc)

Once I can get a decent handle on basic movement/interactions I’ll probably focus back on the editor side of things. Would be nice try out a prototype tileset soon and see how things might look.


The Poltergeist ad that Tumblr is promoting is a GIF.


It is designed to scare you by making you think it is a still photo, but it is animated.

Once the red ball reaches the nose area, the doll will stand up and lunge at the camera.

Please keep safe babies, and take care to avoid that ad if you know you cannot handle it.

jajalone mentioned mark2young2jae in a photoset “got7europe: GOT7 EVERYONE! Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t…”

Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t youngjae do the doggie in peace smh @mark2young2jae

Don’t be too harsh on our poor Jaebummie, darling! Jinyoung and Jackson have been getting onto him about the heart eyes lately, and Mark keeps messing with him every time he notices them, so sometimes Jaebum must resort to covering his usual response to Youngjae’s antics of heart eyes and smiles…

with an attitude of judgement instead.

[GIF by got7europe]

Not that it’s super effective because I can still see that little smile peeking out at he watches, and he’d probably be doomed without those sunglasses… but at least he’s trying to be less obvious than:

His attempt at judgment is just our poor, love struck leader trying to handle his overwhelming affection in any way that he can!

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Gif reaction to bts being ultra cute to get your attention when youre grumpy?

This definitely killed me. Why you play with my feels like this anon? BTS cute gifs were too much for my heart to handle!!! I live for a twerking Namjoon tbh ;)

Rapmonster: “ Would my twerking make you feel better?” 

*Gf cracks a small amused smile* “ See, I told you I can make you smile!”

Jin: *makes funny faces* 

“ Still not happy, Jagi? Should I kiss you then?”

Suga: “ You know I don’t sing for anyone…”

*cutely whines* 

“ I love you baby, cheer up!”

JHope: *does funny dance version of N.O.*

*pulls out cake* 

“ Still mad?”

Jimin: “ Jagi, I know you love cuddling so come here! If you don’t come in 5 seconds, my arms won’t be open anymore~” 

“ Who can’t resist the Chim-Chim?”

V: “ If you’re mad at me, then I’ll do the same!”

*pretends to be angry and begins to leave very slowly* 

“ See? I’m leaving… I’ll be gone… Won’t be back soon to buy you your favorite ice cream… Okay… I’m going now…” 

Jungkook: “ My hands are waiting…”

*when gf doesn’t budge, does his bunny aegyo* 

- <3 Bella

Exo Reactions To You’re Having A Hard Time Reaching Something

Here you go xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Come here, little one.” *puts you on his back so you can reach* /pretend you’re Tao/

Chanyeol: *comes up behind you & grabs whatever you couldn’t reach then holds it above your head* “Say please & I’ll give it to you.”

Chen: “You’re so short.” 

D.O.: “It’s still amazing that you forget you can ask for help.” *gets down what you were reaching for & gently hands it to you*

Kai: *watching you as he eats, giving you advice from the table* “No, no, use the broom handle, it’s longer.”

Kris: “You know we own stools, right?”

Lay: *tries to figure out what you’re doing*

Luhan: *comes in after you’ve climbed up on the counter & shakes his head at you with a smile* “What the hell are you doing? Get down, crazy.”

Sehun: *sits back & watches because it’s funnier than actually helping*

Suho: “I’ll get it, don’t hurt yourself.” /Because Suho isn't a big enough jerk to tease you/

Tao: *comes up behind you & picks you up so you can reach, laughing in your ear* “Do I need to start carrying you around everywhere?”

Xiumin: *watching your butt the whole time*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

Dating Kris’ Sister

Xiumin: “Helloo fami….” *walks out*

Luhan (idk if i should still include him?) “Aah…aah so that’s why you looked like him…you’re related…”

Suho: “Look, Yifan. I’m trying to move on from you. Please stop following me” *doesn’t get it*

Lay: “Duizhang? Truly, we are all meant to be together, that’s why I got to meet you. As expected: we are one” *more confused than poor suho*

Baekhyun: “Oh…”


Chanyeol: *gets scared by hearing yifans deeper than the ocean voice*

D.O: “If we get married then…why”


Kai: *can’t handle it*

Sehun: “DAD”

gifs not mine


cs anastasia au (pt. 1)

Years ago, the Evil Queen placed a curse upon the royal family, forcing the Charmings to lose their beloved daughter, Emma Swan. Even though everyone in the kingdom believes the princess died the night the curse was cast, the king and the queen still hope she is alive and out there somewhere, and are willing to pay a good amount of gold to whoever will bring their daughter back.
Killian Jones and his crew are going to do whatever it takes to get the money, even finding a girl who will play the part for them. Unexpectedly, he meets a bar wench, Anna, who is impressing for her striking resemblance to the lost princess, and decides to take her with him to use as a pawn in his scheme.
But before Anna meets the royal family, there is one thing she needs to do: she must prove to a very powerful sorceror that she actually is Emma Swan.


Data Soriku Week | Day 1: Favorite Scene

“But Riku, why didn’t you tell me what was going on when we met?”
“I’m sorry. You still needed to toughen up a bit on your own. You had a rough job, and if you couldn’t do it, then… Well, I guess my only option would’ve been to handle it on my own.”
“Riku… You know what? You gotta stop doing everything by yourself. ‘I like getting dragged into your messes.’ Donald and Goofy said that. Friends want to help you out whenever they can.”
“Forget that own my own talk.”
“I’m sorry, you’re right.”

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Would Meg be willing to pose for Mason's 'wasteland wonders' book? If it lasts more than an hour he's willing to give out caps or stimpacks. He'd draw Buttons more but Meg is gorgeous

Meg still can’t handle ghouls very well, especially if it’s a more personal interaction than just a simple trade. I will make a little comic about what induced her fear/anxiety of them sometime in the future. She will get more used to being around ghouls after Randy and Keagan move into Arefu but for now:


“I went around for years thinking, “Well, what’s it all for? All this stuff that I gotta do, interviews and movies and success or not success or this or that. [But when my daughter was born] it was if a veil was lifted, and things became clearer, and I went, "Oh, I get it now! That’s what life is for … ” I didn’t have a real handle on what life is supposed to mean or be or anything like that. And I still don’t. And I’m not sure life is supposed to mean anything at all. But as long as you have the opportunity to breathe, breathe. As long as you have the opportunity to make your kid smile and laugh move it forward … . I think we’re here and that’s kind of it.”

Happy 52nd birthday John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II (°9 June, 1963)

Decided to make a new post for this with an update instead of reblogging the old one.

I appreciate all the donations everyone has given me, it’s helped us out quite a bit in being able to afford non-food items that we needed, but the funds are running short and I still haven’t procured a job. We also have a huge electric bill we need to pay off that my mom’s monthly Social Security just can’t handle (again, she gets a little over 800 dollars a month). So if you can donate, anything would be helpful.

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Look, I’ve been in fandom for 15 years - since I was 13 and I joined a Sirius Black forum with the handle blacksbeauty (still proud of that) - and yeah, I’ve been spending some time back in those fandoms because the past month in this fandom has me a bit fatigued, but I will never willingly leave this fandom for one reason alone. I have never had people in other fandoms the way I have people in this fandom. You guys are why I’m staying. I love you all a whole fucking lot and not matter what I’m sticking this out with you.