Everything Changes, or, On Writing Canon Divergence Fic

One of the fun and yet nerve-wracking things about doing a canon rewrite is handling the big, iconic moments. I talked about this with @whovianhalfblood in relation to this week’s chapter of Time is Still A-Flying, and I had a bit of a lightbulb moment, which I thought I’d share for other writers and readers. 

Readers and writers alike tend to see the iconic scenes as untouchable. Those are the emotional touchstones of canon–because iconic scenes almost always carry huge emotional weight–and we can’t imagine the story without them. 

Writers, I encourage you to try. Some big moments might stay the same, or only be altered slightly. But if you’ve done enough reworking of the story leading up to it, your characters likely aren’t in the same place anymore. Does this moment carry the same meaning for your characters that it does for the canon versions? Does it still make sense for where they are?

The thing is, if you take away one big moment, you need to replace it with something that has equal emotional value. I think that’s probably part of why writers shy away from changing those scenes. But writers, you know where your characters are now, emotionally. Think about the story you’ve given them. What would carry the same kind of punch in their new story that the big canon moment did?

I can think of two in TISAF that I changed significantly. The first was the scene in Family of Blood in the farmhouse that led to John Smith agreeing to open the watch. His reaction as he cries over the loss of that life with Joan is heartbreaking. But John and Rose Tyler had each other, and were assured by both their own returning memories and Martha that they would still be together in their real life on the TARDIS. The only thing John didn’t like about the Doctor’s life was the memory of how many times Rose had been in danger. 

So where was the emotional punch? What was the shock that motivated him to open the watch? 

(I’m going under a cut both because of length and because there will be spoilers from here on.)

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yesterday i was driving with my mum and when if i could fly came on and harry sang is fist verse “if i could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you” my mum just looked at me and said “he literally got his own private jet what the hell is his problem” and i’ve never been so speechless


Drake making “I’m still Fly - Remix” and more

Having fun sketching these 2 cuties as a birthday present for myself~ ♥
Edit* Changed the pic, I didn’t get too far, I guess this counts as a “thumbnail”?? ehh… [a thumbnail that took me WAY too long] I still want to finish it but I need to go back to editing photos and doing my homework </3


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Sooo I planned out a new art project a few months ago that I only recently got back to. Terrible timing, really, since I have Uni deadlines and am also a part of a TW weekly challenge contest that started yesterday, but alas!

First up is Amy Rose, ‘cause her work inspires me like no other.