I had a dream in which marinette finds a small notebook that turns out to be Adrien’s so she decides it’s time and she leaves him a little note where she finally confeses and she gives it back at him and next day at school she’s super nervous about his reaction, but Adrien’s still oblivious because he didn’t open the notebook since he didn’t need it the other day and Alya and Nino are trying not to kill him themselves while keeping Marinette from taking the notebook out and getting rid of the note.

Ps: I woke up laughing because Marinette was having a melt down because she wrote “from you” instead of “for you” and I thought it was hilarious

tattoo counting


y/n wants to count each and every one of harry’s tattoos with her lips and he’s not one to complain.

** sensual topics but not entirely smut if you feel me? **


Harry was a boy of many questionable propositions. As for example: his tattoos. Not many of them have certain meanings to his life, and some are plain acts of spontaneity caused by boredom.

Now, Y/N used to hate his tattoos. Inking up his body for what purpose? To look cool?

But I don’t think you can really blame her. As a matter of fact, Y/N knew Harry before all his tattoos. When his skin was fresh and clean of any inked art. When his skin was a pure creamy ivory without any distraction. Back before he took on the life of “Teen Heartthrob Harry Styles”.

And although in the beginning she disliked the idea of Harry putting permanent pieces of art all over his body, she did end up growing to adore them.

And as it goes, she’s been there for him every single time he went to get a new one.

“Babe, can you pass me that shirt?” Harry walks into their bedroom, his newly cut hair damp while water trickles down his bare chest.

She looks up from the book she’s currently reading and peers up at her beloved boyfriend, squinting as her eyes rake down his body.

Her eyes land on the butterfly one, her favorite, and she licks her lips as if she’s staring at the upmost delicacy in all the world. She very well might be.

Harry slightly chuckles, causing her eyes to connect with his. “Haz, what is it with you and not wearing shirts?” 

“I suppose it’s all a big trick to get you to fall in love with my body.” He wiggles his eyebrows and she rolls her eyes.

If only he knew how deeply in love Y/N was with his body. His whole self for that matter. But she doesn’t want him to turn into a cocky bastard so she sits up and hops off the bed, walking over to where Harry’s waiting shirt is. 

“You asked for this shirt, did you?” Y/N says in a low voice that could be pegged as seductive. Harry walks over to her, intrigued.

He tries to grab at the shirt, but her grasp on it retaliates back a bit as her other hand pushes at his chest a bit.

Harry would be lying if he said he didn’t love this. What with her usually being so shy and even a bit bashful when it comes to situations like this. She’s not dominant, what the hell? But he fucking loves it. 

“Y/N. Give it here.”

Her eyes flicker from his to his body to the shirt in her hands and she can’t seem to find a reason why he needs to put the shirt on. 

“I don’t know..” Her force on his chest pushes him back, towards the bed as a small smirk grows on his lips.

She’s sure that smirk will be gone by the time she’s done with him. 

His calves hit the mattress and she barely pushes her single index finger and he falls to the silk sheets underneath him. A smirk now covers her face as she quickly straddles his lap, the shirt still in her hand.

“Still waiting for that shirt, love.” He goads and she laughs at his cockiness.

Harry was always like this. In most to any situation, really. She remembers all the times he would flirt with other girls right in front of her. He was so damn cocky, she didn’t understand how that scored him a date. But then it happened to herself one day and she finally understood the dilemma of Harry’s cockiness. He’s a cocky bastard and she fucking loves it with all her heart. 

“Ya know, H, you have exactly 62 tattoos-”

“And counting.” He adds, a smile tugging at Y/N’s lips.

“How many of those have I kissed?” Her eyes connect with his and she notices he gulps down as his hands move to her hips. Perfect.

“Not sure.. maybe half?”

Her lips move to his neck, causing his mouth to run dry. “I wanna kiss them all.”
And fuck, when she says that, Harry knows he’s done for as he lets out a low groan, a smirk covering Y/N’s face as she makes her own mark of territory. 

Who said Harry didn’t love Y/N’s cockiness? 

“No one’s s-stopping you.”

She stops for a second, hooded eyes staring down at him like some kind of prey as she mutters the words that are sure to kill him.

“I know.” 

i guess this is a blurb?? if ya want, i could make it into a full one shot, just message me and if enough people do ill totally do that!!


ok it’s chill here’s my masterlist i h8 harold v much :)))

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And here we go again! Let’s hope this is the last time I have to make an update about this ‘cause, really, devs, enough is enough.
ANYWAY, back at the important things! This is obviously a post about recruits and robots (have a link to the last one [x], you’ll find link to the older ones there), so here are the info about LV 12!

Here is what you’ll need to upgrade them…

And here are LV12 Hydra Thugs’ stats/rewards.

DONE! I’m praying in languages I don’t even know that this is it ‘cause I really can’t do this anymore. Upgrading these troops is one of the most nerve wrecking things of all time.
Anyway, can we have a low key event next? Like, “Hey! Just chill and rest and make everyone do funny missions! And you just have to buy 2 new funny building for just a couple of drops each! And here, have a new funny character for free already at rank 5!”… No? Can’t we have this? Sigh… I’m gonna go die for a little bit now. See ya later.

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ooc; *slowly crawls in fatally wounded from life* h-h-hey guys what i miss?

Disneyland Secret No. 1

You guys all know I’m a HUGE Disneyland fan.

External image

I’d live there, if I could.

External image

I’m not sure where, because there’s tons of people and security cameras everywhere.  But it’s still one of my dreams.  (Up there with inventing the foldable waterbed.  I forsee very high market demand for that.)

Anyway, because it’s been on my mind, the last time I went to Disneyland, I decided to ask an INSIDER.  An actual CAST MEMBER (!!!!)

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image


It makes perfect sense.  No one ever goes to Toontown (or as I like to call it, Abandonedland) so logic says, there’d  be even LESS people behind it!

External image

The waiter said no one ever really goes back there, it’s just full of storage and old props that no one cares about anymore.

(I’m sorry to ruin the magic for you.)

External image

External image

I thanked the waiter profusely and told him he’d probably be seeing me a lot more often.  Me, and my lice.

He was like:

External image

External image

ROAD TRIP!  Grab a cardboard box and come along!

External image
External image
External image
External image

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For him…it’s utter disbelief because how many times has she haunted his dreams and his life, always present but never really there. And he can’t simply trust his own eyes cause they have lied to him before, seeing her when she wasn’t there. (tags by @tinyconfusion)