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P1-I haven't seen this brought up at all yet but Sam is smart. I think he knows how SM works & he also knows that the majority of interest in his private life includes spec on him+Cait. Anti v shippers don't matter-still all about SC & are they or aren't they. Though he's been seen w/ MM & she's not necessarily an unknown in his life I think especially on social media he's aware that anything new in his love life would undoubtedly circle back to him&Cait somehow. It did too if you think about it

P2-Sam’s location post seemed strategic, basically making it known he’d be at a family wedding w/ MM & in most talks I’ve seen it still goes back to SC. It’s not S/MM happily together. It’s either MM as a decoy or his ways of getting over the pain of losing C. You could expect this reaction to a certain extent & if Sam did it begs entirely new questions of why he’d post something linking him to MM if you could predict most reactions wouldn’t be about him+MM but him+C? P3 will be short I promise. P3-Maybe I’m wrong but Sam knows about shippers. Hell he engages w/ us. He must know the discussions this would lead to about him/Cait even though it directly relates to him/MM. If he didn’t want that SC discussion to happen, he would have been more blunt that he was there w/ MM rather than let fans make their own conclusions. He seemed so passive aggressive it makes you think even more he had hidden agendas for posting the GA pic. Almost like he wants the comparison/spec of C v MM to come out.

I agree with you on pretty much everything in this. I think his posting was absolutely strategic and you’re right, it did circle back to Cait because so much of their behavior together would be considered straight up disrespectful and inconsiderate if they were with others. And yes Sam absolutely knows about shippers, there’s zero doubt in my mind about that. He’s engaged with shippers consistently since November 2014 and probably before, but that was when he liked the tweet about him and Cait making pretty babies. 

The last part of your message is where I have the most questions because WHY the fuck does he want that comparison? He’s behaving like a passive aggressive teenager almost. Sam is stubborn AF, that’s one thing I’ve gleaned over the last year especially. But you mentioning the hidden agendas definitely makes me wonder if this has something to do with Starz???? like was he giving them a middle finger by being so obvious about being in Georgia? but still!! why does he want to invite the speculation? why does he want people thinking he’s an absolute douchebag? why does he want to make it seem like he’s being incredibly disrespectful to women no matter who he’s with, Cait or Mackenzie??  He has lost the respect of a LOT of fans, especially in this corner of the fandom and even potential fans outside the fandom, over the last year bc of his various associations. It makes no sense to me why he’d continue to do that and it makes no sense to me why he’d continue to play the innuendo game, especially after being so out there w Cait for the last 6 weeks. I mean the man stayed up until 4 in the fucking morning on a Sunday night to watch her at the Globes and turned his twitter into a shrine for her. I know people are sick of theories and I am too but this still reminds me so much of whatever the fuck was going on last year with the merger that I can’t help but think this was some sort of leftover deal w Starz. but that being said, it could have been handled so much better. everything about this has been a disaster. 

I was kind of thinking out loud for most of this so hope this makes sense!

I gotta quit popping these stupid pills, I need to learn to find peace without them, I need to learn how to love without showing hate and I want to fuck her with emotion not just motion, I still think about you I won't ever forget ur still all that matters don't you ever forget. you stole my heart before I even met you ofcorse I'm here for you I don't care about none of these niggas I know where ya heart is and I know where ya mouth be boo I love u.