Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.


❝ I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.
I am changing the things I cannot accept.❞

- A N G E L A   D A V I S

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I’m so baffled right now.

Someone recently bought something from me and asked how long the item gonna reach their place and if I offer express shipping. I said no and it might take 1-2 weeks to reach their place.

They were shocked and asked where the hell I live. I told them the answer and that they should’ve known that if they check my store FAQ carefully. I ended up getting lectured that my reply was ‘curt’ and that they’re a busy person and have 5 children with a husband working for Disney and I’m just ??????

To everybody asking my opinion about the spoilers

I’d rather wait for the full chapter before making assumptions from vague spoilers. It was literally a fiasco last time I did it so…

I’ll just mention shortly about the main spoiler considered true: Every shifter has 13 years to live after their transformation. While I’m glad becoming a shifter doesn’t grant immortality. That implies a lot of things with every shifter’s action and consequences behind their transformation.

  • Frieda and Uri became rulers because their predecessor’s life was about to come to an end. I thought Uri’s state was mostly due to the coordinate and the mental alteration associated with it, similar to victims from a ghost curse in Japanese horror novels. But apparently, every shifter is affected by this condition, meaning Frieda’s life would end at 28, assuming she’d have a successor.
  • Reiner’s line about the warriors being “shot-lived mass murderer” takes a different meaning as well. I initially thought it was about him being hunted down as a mass-murderer but it turns out he’s well aware he has 8 years to live at best.
  • In complement, Bertolt’s line about how enjoyable their time as infiltrate soldiers was dead honest because… they actually don’t have much time left in their lives. Him commenting about the cruelty of the world references him being enslaved from birth to death: pushed in training at 5-7, selected at 10-11, death planned at 23-24. Warriors literally had no future even if the mission is a success.
  • It’s unclear whether or not shifter utilization and physical condition influences the threshold. In order to save himself, Reiner performed an extremely risky action, which is brain function transfer. I have no idea how fatal it is for his lifespan, but that could very well cut him a few years left.
  • About Zeke, I have no idea whether or not he’s the exception or if the life expectancy has been stretched when Grisha was gone, but nothing proves he turned to Marley warriors right after. All he wanted was to get away from his parents and their influence. He’s still healthy as a shifter, with the only sign of “decay” being his eyebags, meaning at best he used the serum in his early twenties. Once again, if he isn’t the exception.
  • That also explains why Reiner’d rather keep his distances with Bertolt because attachment at this point means misfortune, since I suspect him pushing Bertolt to Annie is him thinking he doesn’t deserve Bertolt and:or can’t make him happy.
  • Erwin really dodged a huge bullet from the serumbowl. He didn’t come back with a 13 year timer on his forehead. Meanwhile Eren and Mikasa unknowingly put it on Armin’s, meaning he’ll outlive Eren by five years at best.
  • Grisha’s timer was coming to an end, which is why he entrusted Eren with his shifter power instead of doing it himself. The same can be assured for Kruger?
  1. This is also what motivated Ymir from leaving Historia because she knew she couldn’t ensure their long future together in that state.

And there’s a spoiler about Grisha naming his son after Kruger, the main card of the revolutionaries? What the hell? Is he so obsessed with glory he literally names his sons after war men? No wonder fandom considers him selfish.


A vital exposé on the rapidity of American police militarization, Craig Atkinson’s Do Not Resist is terrifying, important, amazingly-shot, and a 2016 Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary. Atkinson’s feature debut disturbingly and dynamically captures an ongoing national crisis in a way that refuses to let you forget it. You can watch Do Not Resist in full on Vimeo right now.

Showers - Domestic Steve x Darcy fluff

I wrote this little ficlet after seeing a gorgeous image set by @glynnisi

When I first saw the image set, I thought it was an inspiration/prompt. So I wrote and then got too far ahead of myself and posted without asking. No worries though! Mistake has been fixed! Thank you @glynnisi for understanding and here is the ficlet as promised :) and the link to the inspiration!


Darcy woke to the sound of steady rain pattering against the window. A soft and subtle light was beginning to filter around the edges of the window curtains and she turned over toward the darker side of the bedroom.

Her hand smoothed across soft rumpled sheets left behind by a super soldier intent on his routine early morning run. The same pair of sweats that he used to sleep in were haphazardly tossed near his pillow and their little adopted kitten was happily nestled upon them. At least until the little furball noticed the movement of Darcy’s hand and pounced for her fingers.

“Oh no you don’t, little stinker,” Darcy quickly retracted her hand, a bit more alert, and checked the time.

Steve would be back any moment, so as much as she lamented leaving the warmth of the best bed in the world, she knew she was going to need to get the shower going. And extra towels. She didn’t even bother dressing, thought she did slip into one of his shirts because she enjoyed the look on Steve’s face when he saw her in his clothes. Likewise, he enjoyed seeing her in his clothes and so it was a mutually beneficial thing. A mutually beneficial thing that usually led to very beneficial intimacy.

Sure enough, just as she was gathering their very necessary and fluffy jumbo towels from the hall linen closet, she heard the front door close and lock.

“Muddy shoes stay…” she called out, although the words died on her tongue as Steve rounded the hall corner, skin glistening and soaking wet shirt plastered to his pecs and his abs and his everything.

“On the mat by the door.” He finished for her, with that charming little crooked grin of his, though it faded into the look she was expecting once he noticed her state of attire.

He approached her and reached out to tuck a loose lock of hair behind her ear, and that was pretty much all it took before she was in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist, kissing him and being kissed breathlessly. Towels be damned, as well as wet and dry shirts for that matter.

“God I love rainy mornings.” She whispered against his lips at a brief respite for air, and felt his responding smile.

“Me too, sweetheart, me too.”

me: I’m reading stone ocean, so I might as well draw some of those characters-


I’m probably going to clean this up properly sometime tomorrow if I feel the urge to do so, but for now, have another Rohan Kishibe because i cannot get enough of this boy and his awful outfits

Head on over here to see the cleaned up new version.

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I don't understand why Brian has to have an open relationship why can't he just commit to Justin ??




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i love you

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((haha i sooo wanted to draw your ocs but idk if i drew them correctly ;;; i couldn’t do everyone buuuut.. yah. i love EVERY LITTLE ONE OF THEM. precious bbies-))

i literally don’t understand how a person could be disgusted with racism but be homophobic like??? there are some,,, jarring similarities,,,