There Came a Thought

Summary: The time Garnet nearly fell apart, and the time she didn’t.


It’s just a small skirmish. Four Crystal Gems against six Homeworld soldiers. Not a big deal. They’d been in worse situations, and Garnet knows they will be again.

But then there’s an enemy Topaz. “Come on,” she says. “Give up. We outnumber you, even counting the fusion freak.”

Another Topaz looks right at Garnet, and sneers. “Can’t wait to break those two in half.”

And everything shifts.

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This is Shaw’s fantasy. 

In Shaw’s fantasy, Root is the one to find her first. The one to save her. In Shaw’s fantasy they kiss, and more, and Root calls her baby and there is pillow talk and its Root Root Root until the end. In Shaw’s fantasy, her safe place is with Root, her last moments are with Root

 She would rather DIE than kill Root. And if that isn’t love I’m not sure what is.


To die by your side would be nothing short of an honor; but it’s an honor you don’t wish me to have. And if I don’t have a miracle up my sleeve, if can’t save you, my love, if I can’t give you anything else, I can give you this.

spn hiatus creations | week twelve
↳ “i could go with you.”

  • Nate:And the produce guy asked us what our favorite fruit was. And Jack, being the hipster he is, saids pomegranates.
  • Jack:Hey, before the pomegranate was wrapped up in this hipster craze, I loved it. It was a part of the jewish tradition, and growing up I ate a lot of pomegranates.
  • Nate:*continues* And I said bananas and potatoes, and I felt like an idiot.
  • Jack:Well, the potato is perfect because you're underground.
  • Nate:I'm the most underground there is. I am a potato, the potato lives in me