I can’t speak enough on the subject about how adored this man was on the crew, and he’s playing a scary guy, the crew was always really amused at how dedicated and intense he was and then how approachable he was after scenes were completed.
  • Nate:And the produce guy asked us what our favorite fruit was. And Jack, being the hipster he is, saids pomegranates.
  • Jack:Hey, before the pomegranate was wrapped up in this hipster craze, I loved it. It was a part of the jewish tradition, and growing up I ate a lot of pomegranates.
  • Nate:*continues* And I said bananas and potatoes, and I felt like an idiot.
  • Jack:Well, the potato is perfect because you're underground.
  • Nate:I'm the most underground there is. I am a potato, the potato lives in me