This video still has me dead

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anonymous asked:

Since the "punch a nazi" discourse still ain't dead, I have to wonder what they think will happen to all the people they attempt to exile from society. Get them fired, ruin their lives, make them pariahs... and the only people who will empathize with them and support them will be other people who have been labeled nazis. Even people who simply fear or reject what the left has become will steadily start siding with the more extreme group that offers them support and a promise of fighting back.

Part of me thinks that they know that’s exactly what has been and will continue to happen - because then they’ll point out the growing opposition and say “SEE?? They were racist Nazis all along, aha!”

They’re pushing extremism to create huge division between political extremes and force people out of the middle, because it consolidates power.

Or I’m reading too much into it and they’re actually this stupid, that they think they can just make bad ideas go away by assaulting people.

The following is a rough transcript of my own recorded video footage (which I’m still trying to convert since I lost the USB cord and am currently looking for it lol). 

Q&A: If you guys could do, like, any kind of movie genre, what would you do? Since I personally think Jared – er, Jensen and Misha should be in a romcom.

Jared: [pause] [smirk on face] …I’d direct that.

Jensen: [holds back a laugh-snort, schools expression] You’ve never directed anything.

Jared: That’s my point. I’d direct that.

Jensen: That’s what it’ll take. The scenario. You’re like - “No, okay, I can’t pass up this opportunity”

Jared: [folds hands, begs] Please please please please.

[Jared provides a serious answer]

Jared: In the meantime it [inaudible] – I’d be directing a romcom with this guy. And wherever Mishkavich is.

Jensen: I’ve said it before. I’d love to do a Western…slash romcom with Misha.

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