Yui is tired of the Sakamaki's bs
  • Shu:*is sleeping
  • Yui:gET youR AsS OuT oF bED
  • Reiji:I need your help with someth-
  • Yui:I s2g if this involves a whip again...
  • Laito:Hey bitch-chan~~
  • Yui:please get away from me you need jesus
  • Kanato:*screaming
  • Yui:??????????????
  • Ayato:Oi chichina-
  • Yui:for the love of god my name is yui fucking holy komori why is that so hard to remember its literally 3 letters. here: y for y'all need our lord and savior, u for uterus you know why and i for i have a name stfu oh my god.
  • Subaru:vroom vroom catch me if you can
  • Yui:what the f-

super-spectacular-rini-things  asked:

When Sapphire doesn't feel the same way but you're still friends, you surprisingly find someone else that you love and that person loves you back and everything turns out surprisingly well.