“Ah! Karamatsu-niisan looking in a mirror! That’s painful.” 

“…Ah. That’s even worse.”

“Save me, kids!”

Just got @tuneout‘s lovely Karamatsu mirror today, along with some extra Jyushi buttons! I’m now a certified Karamatsu(and Jyushimatsu)Girl!


A very sparkly new home for a very sparkly new boy…

Good morning dear Followers!

We all got the news and I think I don’t have to speak more about this.
but in all this negativity I want to stay positive. Not all Eddsworld-Fans are bad and I want to take this chance to make something clear.
Of course we’re all shocked…it isn’t the first time that the lack of common sense and decency caused the loss of a part of Eddsworld.
Thought I’m pretty new in this I know about what happened to Tord, Tom and now the recent disaster.
Of course I respect that some of our Mods here need a break to take this in. We had a serious discussion on our Channel.

Right now I want to keep up what I’m doing…enjoying Eddsworld and this Blog. So I’ll be online today…I’m almost done with my newest picture and after that it’s time for what I have also in mind. *smirk*
I’m gonna start to draw the story about my alternate version of Tom and why he’s the way he is.

Have a nice day and don’t forget to still send asks. We’re still here and still fans who enjoy this. There’s nothing wrong about it but maybe it’s just time to take in what we just witnessed and take a deep breath overthinking what we’re doing here. No one should feeling threatened by us.

Mod Tom

anonymous asked:

whatd you dream about?

i went to this fast food place w/ @yongguksblackwife and @y0u-sun-of-a-beach and ordered a pizza and cheese fries and they ordered after me. when i swiped my card and looked at the register it said $30 and i was like wtf?? there’s no way it costs that much. the cashier (teenage white girl) was like yeah mb so i swiped again for $5 and i asked her to give me my money and so she went back to get the manager (hot ass woman btw). and so they just talking front of me and Start Eating My Fries. and i’m steaming. i’m like where’s my money and my food, im hungry af. the two w/ me left by this point and i was ready to smack someone. the manager tells me to wait a minute. i mutter my pizza’s probably cold by now and she pulls it off the counter, looks me in the Eye, and takes a bite. puts it down and says yeah, it is. holy shit. i think i popped a vein at this point. the people in line behind me are getting pissed at me for holding them up so i tell em what the fuck is happening. i call the workers out for being unprofessional and i got kicked out by this big ass white dude. worst. dream. ever.


nathan chen is only 17 and he was the first to ever land five clean quads in a free skate - please watch this, his skating is truly awe inspiring 

Ok, Summa Y'all Done Ticked Off Grandma

Sooo … To all you supposed @taylorswift fans on here bitching your self-righteous heads off (anonymously, natch) about your own narrow-ass ideas of what Taylor A. Swift - aka A Real, Live, Adult, American Woman, NOT Your Personal Home-Grown Intracranial Taylogram-o-Rama - SHOULD have said/done re: WHATTHEHELLEVER sociopolitical issue you’ve decided is too anemic to make it without a Tayransfusion of just-right lyrical wisdom from our favorite singer/songwriter in the whom wide world, I have a message for you:
Girl the hell up.
Grow the hell up.

🔹Please, please, please take a look around you with your actual mind and heart and eyes open and SEE what’s going on.
🔹This isn’t whine-for-likes kinda stressful times, people; this is a-delusional-Aryanesque-madman-is-USA’s-Commander-in-Chief kinda dangerous times.
🔹How many times - and I’m truly asking - has Taylor Swift openly weighed in on a red-hot-button issue as unequivocally as she did in her tweet today? Has she EVER done anything AT ALL like this before????? I don’t know of any time she has, and I’ve been as consumed as the next Taylor-addict for months now.
🔹Whatever is happening today is earth-shattering enough to our Taylor for her to break out of VERY rigid patterns of what she is and is not willing to say to the world about how she feels.
🔹We all need to STOP this whiny-ass finger-pointing, since it’s exactly that kind of responsibility-dodging mindset that’s landed us here anyway.
🔹Taylor blasted out of her box by posting that tweet. I still can’t believe she did it. She absolutely did not have to, and I’m practically certain it was a major act of courage for her to send it out. What it looks like to me is that Taylor answered her own heart about what to do today, and she girled the hell up.