things i can’t handle in call me baby mv
  • eyebrow game improved like 906%
  • jongins fresh-out-the-shower hair gives me all sorts of inappropriate feels
  • the amount of $udaddy
  • blond yixing
  • blond yixing singing in english
  • kyungsoo’s meolli-meolli
  • noodle sehun’s what up
  • minseok front and center during choreo???
  • taolay tummy flash x-x
  • jongdaes whole fucking face istg
  • chensoo duet (my hearteu)
  • tao sitting in a ferrari
  • chanyeols goddamn goofy smirk idek but it was hhot? ??
  • gangster umin’s never don’t mind about a thing
  • i still wanna punch baek in the face, but now for sexually frustrated reasons

Yet another concert I won’t be attending. Thank you parents.