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The Joy of Shipping Ships That Will Never Sail By Design

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Honestly the only reason the ship is still afloat for me because I know they will never be (and probably were never meant to be) a 100% canon couple. The logic may seem weird but it draws a distinct line between what’s going on in the canon and any shippers headcanons and the land of fanfiction which will still be there long after the the storyline is finished.

It’s probably a little easier for me to deal with the disappointment in the final arch because I came into the series so late. I haven’t invested years in the story, so my expectations were probably lower than people who have. Having been through that with Inuyasha and to some degree Naruto (I got fed up and ditched that series long before it ended) I can understand the soul crushing disappointed though.

I also sort of ended up binge reading chapters since I don’t always have time to read them when they come out. So I end up getting all my frustration out at once by yelling at my computer over the course of a couple hours ^^;; Still, I’m on tumblr a lot so I do end up coming across spoilers. I don’t really mind though as I tend to have a love/hate relationship with them.

Honestly the only reason the ship is still afloat for me because I know they will never be (and probably were never meant to be) a 100% canon couple.  

That actually makes all the sense to me. That’s how things are intentionally written for my favorite OTP ship in all of fiction: Rock x Revy from Black Lagoon. When I say they’re my favorite ship, I’m not just talking about animanga, but all of fiction. FULL STOP.  Anyway, you just described the dynamic that describes my favorite ship, so strap yourself in for a full length essay about it. 

 For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Rokuro “Rock” Okajima is a Japanese salaryman from Tokyo sent on a business trip to Thailand. The ship gets robbed by the Lagoon Company (basically pirates) and for various reasons, one of the pirates, Rebecca “Revy Two Hands” (surname unknown) decides to take him hostage as well. They end up stuck with him because his boss expected him to die anyway. Revy hates him for being a wimp for a while, blah blah blah, they become very close the moment Rock stands up for himself when she literally has a gun to his head and is 100% serious about trying to kill him. There’s nothing romantic going on in the scene below, but you can cut the sexual tension with a knife by the end of it. Rock really gets in her head in a way that forms a special bond she’s never had with any other person. 

Everybody talks about how Rock and Revy are always together. In fact, it becomes a major plot point whenever they’re separated. They eventually act as a single unit, and it becomes clear that one cannot function logistically or psychologically without the other. There’s an iconic chapter/scene in an OVA in which Rock describes her as his “gun,” and he’s her “bullet” Revy responds that she’s her “magic bullet,” and thinks aloud at some length about what kind of bullet he is. The upshot is that no matter how good she is with a gun, she can’t achieve anything without ammo. Without someone to push him forward, Rock is useless as a piece of cold lead. Their relationship has become so close that they literally have no hope maintaining their sanity or even survival if they don’t stick together. If either of them dies, that’s the end for both of them. 

It doesn’t get frustrating or come off as ship trolling because it’s clear that they need each other and will always be together. Other cast members constantly pester Revy about whether they’re having sex, and she always dodges the question. We’re never given any clear indication that something like that is going on, and becuase of a certain incident that occurred when Revy was 10 years old, it’s not clear if she’s physically or psychologically capable of having a sexual relationship with ANYONE. Nevertheless, she’s comfortable with him entering her room - probably because she’s confident he knows all her secrets and he’d the only man in the crime-ridden city they live in that can be trusted to not fondle her. That being said, there’s a moment in the (very short) clip below in which he does something that my husband swears up and down is “the most boyfriend move ever,” at the 0:45 time point. The clip is only 55 seconds long, so I’m not jumping ahead to the specific timepoint. 

Ultimately, Rock x Revy are considered canon by the fandom. I can say with confidence that 90+% of Black Lagoon fans OTP ship Rock x Revy as if they were canon. @mrgam3r​, @miss-rebecca-two-hands​ (hey, slut!) @black-lagoon-rokuro​, @wftc141​, @kj18-mezz​ - correct me if I’m wrong on that one.

 Any rare pair ships seem to be regarded as crack even by the people who ship them. That being said, the closest we’ll ever see them to kiss is depicted in the gif below, and I wouldn’t have it any other way in canon

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Rock x Revy would be ruined for me if the fluffy fanart some people draw (and I enjoy) suddenly appeared in the manga or upcoming anime reboot. That leaves me with one question for you (and any other OTP SinJa shipper who’s still reading.)

How would you feel if SinJa became canon at some point in the final arc? Would it spoil the ship for you or would you be happy about it?

I also sort of ended up binge reading chapters since I don’t always have time to read them when they come out. So I end up getting all my frustration out at once.

I found myself in a similar situation in when I started reading the manga. I had just finished watching the anime and started reading at the Second Sindria Arc. That was back when AliMor trolling for the sake of comedy hadn’t been completely worn out. If I had started from the beginning, waiting a week for each chapter, I am absolutely certain I would have dropped the manga at the beginning of the World Exploration Arc. Hell, the anime could barely hold my attention during what I felt were filler episodes (but were actually rather true to the manga.) I had plenty of material to binge on at once since the manga itself was a few chapters beyond the Alma Torran Arc. When I went on forums to discuss the manga, I was utterly confused about why people were so hard on Aladdin. After the timeskip, it all became clear and I basically had to retract every statement I made in defense of him.

Having similar experiences with Attack on Titan and some other franchises have gotten me into the habit of waiting until the full season of a show I like is completed. I watch the first 1-2 episodes and the finale. If everything seems kosher, I’ll go back and watch the whole thing.

Who knows, maybe people who start reading the manga a year from now will think we’re bitching about nothing because they were able to binge read it. 

One day, one rhyme- Day 793

Water drops on a window pane
Like rain soldiers on a campaign
Heading towards some common goal,
A continuous downward role
Leaving behind faint water trails.
Against water, the glass prevails,
Stands strong through the heaviest storm
A triumph of its fragile form.
The vanquished droplets are now found
In growing puddles on the ground,
While smaller indoor counterparts
Are forming from our breaking hearts.
Ever turbulent salty seas
No match for lifeboat memories,
And so those of us that are left
Still afloat, albeit bereft,
Can know the window will remain
For when the sun while shine again.

In loving memory of Andrew John Monteith 1933-2016

Though you go where I cannot follow, I will someday.

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nice teenagers reference. Remember though; I’m always willing to help.

its nothing i need HELP with per se its just

when i was searching for Ragyo, i had people crawling up my ass about why where how now brown cow and so on

now i know where she’s at (the ruins of honnoji, that’re still afloat somewhat) and i’m scoping the place out to attempt and be sort of informed about what i might be walking into?

nobody saying a damn thing.

its boring as hell, Edge.

As Empire of Storms approaches...

This fandom is a bit of a wreck. We tear ourselves apart with shipping wars, disrespect one another’s opinions on the daily, and half of us don’t like the main character anymore.

But whether you ship Doraelin or Rowaelin (or Chaolaena… Sorry guys). Whether you think Aelin is tops or you’re missing the Hell out of Celaena. Whether you think the character development in Queen of Shadows was whack or thought it escalated beautifully. Whether your ship was destroyed ruthlessly or still remains afloat (again, sorry Chaolaena fans… We love you guys!). We are stuck in this together and we are all fans. So no matter what…

Please don’t be bitches.

Empire of Storms may change a lot of things. Some of us may love it. Some of us may wish we had Aelin’s fire magic so we could burn it. But no matter what our stances are, we shouldn’t treat each other like garbage. Each opinion is valid, no matter how much it defers from your own. Don’t lash out at others who disagree with you or shove your ship into anyone’s noses. Discuss things peacefully. Debate calmly if a debate is open.

But don’t be bitches.

Much love,

I want to talk about deck prisms because they’re clever and pretty looking.

On old ships, the only sources of light below deck were often candles and oil burning lamps, both of which could easily be dangerous on a wooden ship. Another (safer) solution to the lighting problem was the use of deck prisms. These were made of glass and set into the upper deck, flush with the boards, and they drew light down into the lower deck that was the equivalent of a 30 watt bulb.

This example is from the Charles W. Morgan, a wooden New Bedford whaleship built in 1841 that is still afloat, and the last of its kind.

On The Subject Of FitzSimmons

Everyone relax. The ship’s still afloat. 

The writers made it blatantly obvious over the course of the episode that Simmons and Fitz are basically soulmates. The thought of Fitz coming for her is what kept her sane until she met Will. When she saw the flare, she instantly knew it was Fitz. For a while, she was having Castaway-style conversations with a picture of the guy. And to bring the point home, Will said this out loud halfway through the episode. 

So why did Simmons fall for Will? Easy. He was the last man in the world, and a very attractive one at that. He’d saved her life several times over by that point, and she’d returned the favor. It was these two against the world, in the most literal fashion possible. Keeping your pants on in that scenario is pretty much impossible. If she had to choose between Will and Fitz, it wouldn’t be a question, but there wasn’t a choice to be had. She got together with Will because Will was the only person she had on-hand to comfort her.

And Will knows this. Why do you think he stayed behind while Simmons made a run for the portal, fighting what could very well the physical manifestation of death itself? Yes, he clearly loves Simmons, and he’d sacrifice himself for her in a heartbeat, but that’s not entirely the answer. There was nothing for him back on Earth, nothing but Simmons, and he knew he was fated to become the third wheel if the two of them survived. So instead of making his own run for safety, risking the possibility that It would go for Simmons instead, he stayed behind to ensure that Simmons got back to her second half. If he does survive, he’ll probably break the relationship off the minute he sees the sun again. Or Mockingbird will just beat the crap out of him, because she is to FitzSimmons as a grizzly bear is to her cubs. 

And if you don’t believe me, remember: this ship was literally at the bottom of the ocean at one point, and all that did was slow it down a bit. After everything, there’s no way in hell the writers will scuttle the S.S. Fitzsimmons now. There’s been too much screentime and too much character development for this not to happen. 

We’re safe. Trust me. 

Somewhere in the Caribbean- minus a bow, but still afloat, the torpedoed U.S.S. Blakeley (DD-150) labors her way to a Caribbean port for temporary repairs on her way home. Although she was one-fifth demolished when an enemy torpedo hit her last May, the old four-stacker destroyer is back at sea again, doing her job for Uncle Sam. Workmen accomplished a remarkable feat, repairing the vessel by cutting the entire bow off the Taylor (DD-94/Damage Control Hulk No. 40), a sister ship to the Blakeley, and “grafting” it onto the bowless destroyer.