the Signs as Leaders

Aries : the freedom fighter, she raises her fist in a call to action for those around her, she is the spark to set a movement aflame, whether standing behind a podium or charging into battle it is a war of principle to throw herself into and bring to victory with a loyal coalition of followers, she is the beginning. 

Taurus : the politician, there is no gambling only the eternal tread of fate, she plays the long game, she is the grassroots movement that gains momentum until change is inevitable, this is for her past and her future, this is for the present of those around her, willing to compromise and curry favor, in the end she will be sitting in the Oval Office.

Gemini : the aristocrat, the autocrat, the backroom dealer, whether a philanthropist or a robber baron she is out for blood, this is not someone here to make nice, for better or for worse she will do whatever she must to get what she needs, she will deal with anyone any how if she will meet her ultimate goals.

Cancer : the empress, her family has sat on the throne for generations, it is her duty to preserve what was as she moves into the future, she wields ultimate power alongside the love of her people, adored and feared her will is iron and her word is law, change is either immediate or slow, protecting the nation has been her only goal since she was born and she will defend it to the death.

Leo : the warlord, conquest is both her only fear and her only goal, always moving forward never looking back, to sit on her laurels will be her downfall, she cuts a swath through the land amassing an army and a nation both of little consequence, offense is the best defense, if you conquer your enemy before they know you exist you’ll never have anything to worry about.

Virgo : the diplomat, the wordsmith to weave a net of peace, whether the world is already in chaos and she aims to quell it or whether war looms on the horizon she is there, she is a peacemaker and compromiser until her ideals are challenged, with such an infallible set of parameters it is hard to know her true bottom line, she will not reveal her full hand until you are already defeated.

Libra : the principal, the small setting advisor, to be fair and honest one must be willing to focus in on things, she understands those she speaks with and will speak with anyone, the equalizer where she must she understands the importance of backing down to higher powers, she wants to help the world and will do that however she can, she will be the face of nostalgic hope nobody knows but everyone remembers. 

Scorpio : the dynasty, less a person, more a concept, she is what was and what will be, her power ebbs and flows depending on the day, she stretches thin when she must and concentrates on a single instance when she can, she is a winding road made to lead to an inevitable fate lined in fear and sunlight.

Sagittarius : the queen bee, it does not matter where you are in the world you can tell who she is, she is magnetic and intoxicating and her power is vast within its limits, once you are in her bubble it is hard to know the way out, she is singular and exists in those who love her, in high school and in the office she is beloved and feared with no certainty as to what she actually is.

Capricorn : the CEO, the headlines maker, new money in an old world, her scepter is a pen and her army is a hedge fund, she created her power and shields those within it, sometimes you may not agree with all her choices, sometimes you may not understand them, but while she is still afloat decades passed disaster you will see her true motives only in retrospect. 

Aquarius : the influencer, the social media darling, the thoughtful twitter account you keep seeing screenshots of but you cannot seem to find, she has millions who listen to her, millions who follow her, she could found her own country based on those who think she is worth watching and listening to, but she has no idea they exist, she would just as easily see them all gone for good.

Pisces : the martyr, whether in a decades old feud or a millennia old war, she is held as the lynchpin to it all, she does not need to be here, she does not need to lead, she does not even need to speak, it was that she existed that love could so freely flow to her and what she believed in, she transcends humanity until she is an idea that has amassed more followers and worth than any person alive, until the next one comes along.

Mermaid request AU

A dear anon requested this. Hope you like, sweetie. 💜💙💚

Master list

Imagine: Being caught in netting, and Newt saves you.

Panic set in, and you struggled wildly against the net that your fin had gotten caught in. It was moments like these you wished you had listened to your mother’s constant nagging about your curiosity getting you into trouble one day. This wasn’t going to be easy, and on top of that you were sure your tail had been permanently damaged.

“Oh come on!” You pulled weakly at the strings curled around your tail, trying in vain to release at least one of them. So this was it, you thought. Death. Death by starvation because you couldn’t just leave your interest for the outer world alone.

You stopped suddenly, exhaustion setting in. You had been stuck here for hours already, and even if you managed to escape, swimming wasn’t an option anymore. You were too tired, and your fin was torn. With a small whine you sank slightly into the current, hair swirling around. Your eyes scanned the ocean around you, ears perking up when you noticed a disturbance on the water surface. It looked very much like a boat floating along. You could see the paddle entering, and you thought maybe if you could just get close enough and grab it, you’d be able to pull yourself out of here.

The paddle sank deep, just passing you by, and with flailing arms you gripped the edge of the wood, slick fingers slipping against the smooth wood. It was a valiant attempt, but it did nothing.


Newt paddled along the ocean, case sat next to him as he waded out into the water. He wasn’t particularly far from the shore, but enough that he may actually see some lesser known creatures worth noting. He dipped the oar into the water, pushing himself along until he felt a slight tug against it. He blinked down at the paddle, thinking perhaps it was seaweed clinging to it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it wasn’t because instead beneath the water’s clear surface he saw a degraded fishing net, still somewhat afloat, and attached to it a mermaid. The wizard’s eyes widened, and he threw the oar into the small boat, letting down an anchor. He leaned over the boat, trying to figure out how to help you out of the tangled mess.

“Please, don’t panic! There is absolutely nothing to worry about!”

Newt glanced around, and he finally decided to jump into the ocean for you, he placed his overcoat on the side, and undid his vest, and instantly went in.

The sudden sound of the water splashing made you swim back, frantically trying to get away from the human. But, there wasn’t much you could in this moment, and as the man swam down to you, you clung fearfully to the net.

Newt placed his hands out, trying to ease the worry he saw in your eyes, it was a rare occurrence to see any mermaids so close to the shore, but from what he had learned they weren’t a very trusting species. He inched towards the net, gripping one side of it as he started to untie it. It came loose enough, and he pushed the edges of it off your tail. He glanced up at you, his cheeks puffed out a bit as he tried to hold his breath. It may not last much longer, so he reached for the pocket knife he had, cutting effortlessly at the roping. After a minute, he managed to free you and your first instinct was to swim off, but your damaged tail wouldn’t allow for that. Your body curved and bobbed crookedly in the water, balance no longer there. Newt grabbed your arm, pulling you up along with him.

As soon as he hit the surface he gasped, oxygen once again filling his lungs. He coughed a bit, holding you closely to him. You struggled in his grasp, not sure what to think even if this man saved you. His motives could still be sinister.

“No no…it’s alright, please.” He held onto your slick arms, trying to keep you steady. “You’re injured. You mustn’t swim, you’ll likely perish out there.”

His words were lost on you, and above the surface it was impossible for you to talk. But, his green gaze seemed soft, and you slowly settled down, your slightly scaled hands clutching his wet shirt. He sighed deeply, smiling at you as he swam to his boat. He grabbed the edge of it, looking back at you.

“Let me help you…I’ll heal your injury, you’ll be good as new.”

With curios eyes you just stared at him, mimicking his movement and grabbing the boat. He chuckled softly, and he lifted himself back in, still holding one of your hands. Newt reached for his case, popping open one closure and readying his wand to create another extension charm.

Hope you liked it! I thought this idea was adorable.

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The Case for Jonsa: 7x04

For a lot of people, this episode was a heartbreaker. I saw the tears that were shed for our sinking ship and I knew I had to do another one of these posts because it’s the kind of post the realm needs. There’s still a good case to be made for Jonsa and I pledge to make it, every week, until we achieve that sweet sweet climax that is Endgame.

Here we go!

Once again, Jon is getting weirdly violent at the mention of Sansa’s name.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Obviously the reason he got aggressive with Theon was because of what he did to Rob. I agree that’s partially true but if you watch his reaction carefully you can see that when he first sees Theon it’s just pure shock. He can’t process the emotions. There’s so much anger he doesn’t even know what to be angry about. Then Theon says Sansa’s name and King Quivering Lips gets the exact same look in his eye that he had in the crypts. He lashes out physically, just as before. And while most people don’t think this is sex related, think again. Don’t forget about Theon’s role in her wedding night. There’s every indication to suggest that Sansa told Jon everything that happened to her, which mean the last two men Jon threatened to kill were a man who said he loved his sister and a man who participated in her rape. It just seems like the writers are trying to establish a link between Sansa’s sexual vulnerability and uncontrollable emotion that Jon can only express in a passionately physical way. The shouting matches in public, violent outbursts, and let’s not forget the hug-nuzzling from last season, all seem like they’re part of an effort to develop their relationship despite a lack of screen time.

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I Won’t Stop Screaming: What Being a Jonas Brothers Fan Taught Me About How the Media Demeans the Interests of Young Women and How That Made Me the Proud Fangirl I Am Today

“With their most ambitious album yet, the JoBros are going for rock credibility. But what happens when the little girls stop screaming?”

That was the subheading of the Jonas Brothers second cover story for Rolling Stone “Boys to Men” that came out in July 2009, weeks after the release of what would become their final album “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.” My mom bought that issue of Rolling Stone for me— I remember running upstairs to my room, so excited to read it, and my face falling when I opened it up to read that very first line. (Probably the most frustrating thing about that sentence, is that it was written by a female journalist. Internalized misogyny is the fucking worst).

I think about that sentence almost every single day. I’m currently in graduate school, working on my masters in media studies, and focusing on feminist cultural studies. I spend a lot of my time in and out of class actively “un-learning” the misogynistic and patriarchal bullshit that the media subjected me to as a young girl. Reading that Rolling Stone article, at age 15, was when I first started “un-learning.”. I was 15 (almost 16) years old, and I was not a little girl. I was a young woman. I’d, gotten my  period for the first time in history class in 7th grade, I’d just kissed a boy for the first time, and was starting to learn how to drive a car. I had thoughts, opinions, feelings, and passions that were all valid and worthy of respect—but I was never afforded that. The media was telling me my interests were juvenile, trivial and unsophisticated, often implying that I wasn’t even listening to the music, no, I was in love with the boys  because they were cute–their music was just noise. (The narrative “girls are passionate fans of boy bands not because they like the music, but  just because they’re hot and they want to be with them” is problematic, not only because it’s untrue, but also because it erases the existence of any LGBTQ+ female fans).

Even the Jonas Brothers themselves contributed to this “crazy screaming fangirl” narrative with the opening of their 3D concert film. Sure, that opening chase scene is a reference to A Hard Day’s Night, but that’ is not the interpretation you reach first. . No one thinks, “Oh what a clever reference to The Beatles first film,” they think, “look at those crazy girls. In almost every single interview the brothers would be asked about their “craziest fan interaction”, and when they would play a morning show the hosts would often mock the girls who had lined up, sometimes days before, to get in line to see them.

The construction of the fangirl started with Elvis, and then came The Beatles, and so on and so forth. Many of the most popular music acts of all time owe all of their success to screaming girls. Young women are passionate, and dedicated. If a young woman loves a band or an artist she will support it any and every way she can, buying tickets to multiple concerts, buying multiple copies of the CD, buying the album on vinyl, downloading the album from iTunes and streaming the songs on Spotify even though they have all of the things mentioned before. The music industry is still afloat, thanks to fangirls. And still most media continue to frame young women who are fans of a popular male artist or group as hysterical (a word that derives from the Greek word for uterus, and was a common diagnosis male doctors would impose upon women, and now is a gendered silencing technique.) So, why did I have to stop screaming for the Jonas Brothers to become legitimized ? It was girls like me who had gotten them to this point, and now to be cool, they had to shed us? I’m 23 now and, I’ve been asking these same questions of every male band, or artist for the past eight years.

The answer is to not stop screaming, the answer is to get louder. When the Jonas Brothers went on hiatus in 2011, I didn’t have to wait long until another boy band came crashing into my life. This time it was 5 lads from the UK who had just placed third on ‘The X Factor’ and then it was a group of four boys dressed in black from head to toe from Manchester. Instead of shying away from fangirling, I fangirled even harder. ‘Cause you know what? Life gets a lot better when you stop feeling like you need to apologize for the things you love, and you stop thinking that you should be embarrassed, or worried you don’t come across as cool. I screamed even louder, literally and metaphorically, and you know what happened? I found my people. All of my best friends I met and bonded with because we were passionate about the same thing. And in the years since that sentence in Rolling Stone made my heart sink, things have gotten better for us fangirls. Because we decided to get louder. 

When thinking about how powerful and great female fans are I am often reminded of a quote by Matty Healy (frontman of The 1975) that I think sums it up perfectly: “Go and play a show to 2,000 35-year-olds who are kind of into your band, then go and play a show to 5,000 18- to 20-year-olds who … would die for you and then you tell me what you’d rather do every night. There’s no conflict for me.” Seriously, have you been to a concert where theres just a bunch of dudes standing around holding beers and trying seem cool? It’s so miserable, its not fun! But an arena filled with thousands of young women having the time of their lives, singing at the top of their lungs and dancing? It’s magic. Seeing the Jonas Brothers live was the first time I got to be a part of that magic, and I’ll never forget it. So Rolling Stone and other media outlets can continue their fangirl hating nonsense, it’s not gonna stop me, it’s not going to stop us


Unintentional Flirts: Stanlon and The Losers

-Mike was pretty good at flirting

-He was pretty slick at times

-But he only ever flirted with one person

-And that one person was Stan Uris

-(The love of Mike Hanlon’s heart to be honest)


-The Losers always hung out with Bill at his house every Saturday morning

-Normal hangout

-But recently Stan and Mike have been spending a lot of time on Bill’s trampoline 

-While the other losers either hung out on the grass or in Eddie’s case, the small concrete walkway because Bill’s grass gave him a rash for some reason

-Ben and Beverly talked about the different colors of the sky while Bill and Eddie threw a small ball back and forth

-Richie pretended to bathe in the sunlight, not for too long, since he didn’t want to burn his pasty white flesh (According to Jeremy Ray Taylor’s Instagram post of the boys standing atop the cliff)

-Richie’s ears seem to pick up almost anything

-Truly a blessing and a curse

-But for this moment, definitely a curse

-Stan and Mike were just chilling on the trampoline like they always do and Richie caught Mike speaking for the first time of the day

-”You look really good under the sunlight Stan. I wonder what else you’d look good under.”

-Richie started choking on air

-Everyone turned to him and just sighed at his usual over reaction 

-Mike and Stan sat up from the trampoline, slowly moving away from each other, trying to make it less obvious that they were sitting too close (practically laying on each other)

-Richie: “Did no one hear that?!” 

-Ben: “Hear what?”

-Richie: “Mike just verbally sexted Stan!”

-They all look at Mike with surprise and he just vigorously shakes his head

-Richie: “Mike, I heard you with my own ears!” 

-For the next 30 minutes Richie and Mike argue over what was said 

-The next person to notice something un-platonic between Stan and Mike was poor unsuspecting Eddie

-Mike and Eddie were partners on a science project so they decided to head to Stan’s house since he had all the school supplies in the world (Stan literally has a craft closet)

-So when Eddie rings Stan’s doorbell he nearly gets a heart attack when Stan opens it abruplty

-Eddie: “Don’t…Do…That.” (He takes a puff from his inhaler as Mike pats his back gently)

-Stan: “Hey Mike.”

-Mike: “Heyyyy Stan.” Eddie notices the slight drop in Mike’s voice when he says Stan’s name and he’s slightly shook because he’s never heard that type of voice before and it gets him slightly…flustered

-As Mike and Eddie are lead to Stan’s craft closet by Stan the Man himself, Eddie notices a small purple patch on the side of Stan’s neck

-Eddie: “Stan, what happened to your neck?” 

-Both Stan and Mike stop in their tracks causing Eddie to run into Stan’s slightly bony back

-Stan fixes his collar and turns around to smile at Eddie

-Eddie, confused reaches to move his collar and see the small bruise but his hand gets slapped away

-Eddie: “Ow, Stan, what the hell?”

-Stan: “I fell.”

-And with that Stan continues walking to his Craft Closet leaving a confused Eddie and a smirking Mike

-It takes forever for Eddie to find the right supplies for their project

-By the time he’s finished it’s almost sundown, but Stan and Mike weren’t complaining 

-He realized that Mike and Stan had waited out in the hall having hushed conversations that even Richie couldn’t hear

-When he came out of the closet (I just snorted out loud because Eddie is canonically Gay in my book) Stan and Mike stood next to each other, hands clasped over each others

-They let go as Eddie steps into the hallway with mounds of supplies he thought would be useful

-As Stan escorts them out, Eddie takes notice of Stan’s neck again

-He realizes what is and looks at Mike and back to Stan

-Back to Mike

-Back to Stan

-And he concludes it’s a hickey

-He almost drops all the supplies in his hands from excitement and keeps his cool when Stan gives Mike a lingering smile

-The next time someone notices something is actually the rest of the losers at the quarry

-There’s a secret cave behind the quarry that Mike and Stan like to go so they call it the “Mike-Stan Cave” (Super original I know)

-But it’s only permitted to Stan and Mike so the losers aren’t ever allowed to go there unless invited, and they respect that 

-Doesn’t mean they can’t speculate what they’re doing

-Richie totally thinks they’re doing the dirty

-Ben, Bill, and Bev think they’re just talking about Birds and animals (Sweet innocent children)

-Eddie stays quiet but he does know what they’re doing. but doesn’t want to rat them out 

-Richie: “Hey maybe we should go find out what they’re doing.”

-Bill: “L-let’s not Ri-Richie.”

-Richie nods his head as if he’s agreeing but starts swimming away to the cave as everyone follows after, screaming at him to stop

-As Richie makes it to the cave he starts choking on water as he sees a sight he only saw in his dreams (This is a hormonal teenage boy, of course he’d see his friends in his dreams. Also it’s Richie)

-Mike and Stan kiss each other against the cave wall and only split when they hear Richie gurgling on the water

-”HOLY SHIT!” Richie finally stops choking and says as Eddie and Bev cheer while Bill and Ben chuckle

-”I knew it.” Both Eddie and Beverly say as Stan turns a nice shade of red

-Mike just starts laughing with Bill and Ben 

-Richie still has trouble staying afloat but manages to pull a ‘Richie’ line 

-”Can I join?”

-”Richie go away.”

Because I’m an idiot, I deleted the original ‘Unintentional Flirts’ I uploaded another one. It’s not the same as the original but i half-assed the original so I think this one is better and improved. For  @gabrielwantscandy and any others who enjoy it

More dumb Bendy And The Ink Machine headcanons even though no one asked for them: This time actually about everyone’s favorite dancing demon and Henry/Joey’s falling out that caused Henry to leave

-Henry’s appearence would resemble Walt Disney and Joey as Chuck Jones, though quite a bit younger 

-Bendy generally got mistaken a lot for a cat, which was often a running gag in the cartoon shorts, which mainly started cause from my views of the old concept designing on the abandoned studio’s walls Bendy appeared far more like Felix The Cat rather than Mickey Mouse ( but that’s probably more so about avoiding copyright infringement. ) 

-Bendy’s general plot of his cartoons was to fit in his with his new life on the surface world after getting kicked out of heck by The Big Guy TM (cause ya can’t talk about Satan or hell in kid programming after all) for not living up to roles in torturing sinners for all eternity, often by being too merciful and instead cheering up the souls by giving helpful advice to move on from their shady pasts and how to be a better person.  He had one last chance to prove himself that he’s a real demon, and that was to take a single sinning soul down to heck after bounding them to a contract.  

-His contract was already chosen for a mortal who went by Boris The Wolf.  A local band who plays for the the bar, but Boris would often have a drink first and than make a fool of himself for screwing up his friend’s performances.  Bendy instead “bends” the rules (haha puns) and ends up saving his new friend’s life after Boris stormed out after threatening to quit the band after his band member fellow woodland animals yelled at him for messing up another performance, but Boris was too intoxicated to realize he walked in the road of an incoming car!  Bendy quickly shoved the unknowing wolf out of the way as the tried to quickly shift into a puddle of inky goo before the driver could have seen him and swerved themselves into an accident.  Once Boris realized this, knowing Bendy just saved his life, he pulled the shocked demon into a tight bear hug (not caring that his fur and clothes now smelled like fresh ink) and he would have done anything to repay him.  Bendy’s only request was that he stop drinking and together shake hands on it.  Or rather paw to covered gloves?  

-Boris and Bendy are voiced by Joey and Henry themselves.  Henry attempts his best slightly drunken southern drawl and Joey does his best attempt making Bendy sound playfully impish, a sort of Bugs Bunny type of voice.  At the time, Bendy and Boris was based off their friendship

-Unfortunately, the fame although short lived went to Joey’s head and often took credit for Henry’s character designing and work.  Which is super not cool.  Henry began to grow irradiated for this sole reason and began losing passion behind what was once his dream.  

-Joey in his spare time, often read books about alchemy while working.  His favorite?  The Illusion Of Life 

-Henry ultimately decided to let Joey run the studio by himself after their big argument, quitting alongside with his wife, an assistant story boarder and moved to start a new life and a family, yet the feeling of regret always seem to linger in the back of his mind.  Joey had already been so stressed about building the ink machine AND trying to keep the studio in business still afloat with even less co-animators.  Last thing Henry knew was Joey yelled something about “everyone will know my name of “Joey Drew Studios” with or without a partner.  I’ll do something no one’s ever done!  You’ll see, you’ll ALL see!” Joey looked like he hadn’t slept in days by the clear bags under his eye, and not just from overworking.  

-Though still angry at Joey after all those years, Henry couldn’t say he doesn’t look towards his own cartoons with slight nostalgia of happier times, even if he now realizes how annoying Bendy’s voice is to him now


Warren x Reader

How you met

•when Warren met you he was dumbstruck

•he was enthralled with you the first time he saw you use your powers

•it sounds cliche but in actuality he really didn’t give a poop about who you were before you used your powers for him to see

•you have the ability to grow plants and basically give life to things(kinda like Mother Nature)

•you were outside and saw that Charles’s favorite tree was gone so you like grew it back and he was shocked

•he knew something like that must have taken a lot of energy and strength and knew you weren’t like any other girl he’s met

•after that day he realized how smart and pretty you were since he decided to keep tabs on you after they day

•he never realized how beautiful you were and was instantly hooked on your body and personality

•he wanted to get to know you better and already had a massive crush on you

•your love for metal didn’t help his heart any either

•you were outside just enjoying the sunlight when it suddenly got a bit darker

•you saw Warren descending form the clouds almost like an angel (lol) and saw that he was coming your way

•he stopped in front of you still keeping slightly afloat and asked you this : Ride the lightning or ride me? (XD idek)

•you surprised him by actually thinking about it and the rest was history

a brief commentary on Denna

So, after having finished the Kingkiller Chronicle (or at least the first two books, The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear) by Patrick Rothfuss, I found myself poking around reddit (oh God, when will I learn?) and across the startling revelation that a LOT of people really, really don’t like Denna.

To me, that’s confusing. What has Denna done to inspire so much hate? Being in the ASoIaF fandom, I’m more than familiar with fans despising female characters for the most mundane reasons. For most people, it seemed to boil to down to a few things:

  1. She leads Kvothe on/doesn’t want to commit to him (even though he’s a “nice guy”)
  2. She “friendzones” Kvothe
  3. She flaunts her patrons around Kvothe, and that’s… mean? (I guess?)

All three of these reasons are so confusing to me, because they all seem to revolve around one thing, that is Denna isn’t giving Kvothe the romantic attention some readers think he deserves. They believe that since Kvothe is kind to her and gentlemanly, that she owes Kvothe her romantic attention.

Which is such bullshit.

Deoch explained that Denna is trying to survive by way of her patrons. She doesn’t want to resign herself to being someone’s wife or picking up a useful trade; she doesn’t want to be tied down or stay in one place. So, she roams from place to place, offering her companionship in exchange for luxuries that only rich men can afford. She certainly doesn’t love any of these men, but she needs them to help stay afloat while still retaining a good measure of personal freedom. She can leave these men whenever she wants, before they start demanding things of her that she doesn’t want to do, and in the end she escapes (largely) unscathed and with enough amenities that she can survive off of. Even Kvothe understands this way of life.

And that’s because Kvothe does the exact same thing. Kvothe can walk away from anyone, any place, without a second thought. Kvothe is more than willing to exchange his talents for some money and a place to eat and sleep. Kvothe in his own way effectively “friendzones” Denna by insisting to himself that he won’t actively pursue her like other men too, because he believes he’s above the mistakes that men make with Denna when trying to capture her attention. And when Kvothe finds his sexual awakening after his time with Felurian, he develops a reputation for being non-committal in his romances and sleeping around, a reputation that Denna had caught onto by the end of the second book.

So why do people hate Denna? Something tells me that a bunch of men in fedoras reading the books saw something in Denna that they’ve seen in women that have rejected them in their personal lives. They translated her fleeting but non-committal affections with Kvothe as her “friendzoning” him, while completely ignoring the fact that Denna, in several ways, particularly in the romance and lifestyle department, is just a female Kvothe.

Which is not to say that people aren’t allowed to dislike Denna. But if your reasons include any of the above, then quite frankly, your reasons are shitty.

So I guess this just rounds back to one fundamental thought: If you hate female characters for the same reasons you love male characters, then you’re a misogynistic piece of shit.

spacesheiths  asked:

Sheith fic prompt! As it starts getting colder I've been ridiculously craving some summertime fic. How about modern AU skinny dipping fic? Lake, ocean, pool your choice. I'd just love to see some awkward flirting, wet boys, and sweetness. It could even be in the canon verse if that suits your muse better. Love your writing!

Notes: you’re so kind! and okay so this might not have been what you were expecting but um here have an omake from / prequel of sorts to my upcoming baywatch au. (also sidenote, shiro doesn’t have his prosthetic or scar or white hair yet in this au’s timeline.)

Also On: Ao3

What scares Keith Kogane about skinny dipping at sunrise in Voltron Bay is not the cold, the sharks, or the undertow. It’s the probability of boners. Specifically, boners induced by his best friend and fellow lifeguard.

There are, after all, reasons that people make sand sculptures of Shiro and it’s only maybe thirty percent because of that time he saved their life and twenty percent because of that time he wrestled two sharks simultaneously. The other fifty percent? Entirely based on Shiro’s perfectly symmetrical face and heavily muscled body.

A lesser man would tap out. Chalk it up to any number of very solid, reasonable excuses about the cold, the sharks, or the undertow. But it’s a well documented fact that Keith Kogane’s response to any kind of challenge is “fucking witness me” and this is no different.

“You sure about this?” Per usual, Shiro sounds genuinely concerned. Like he would entirely understand if Keith tapped out but also understands that Keith’s not going to tap out even though he should tap out.

Keith grabs the back of his old red the emergency services of voltron bay thank you for your stupidity tee and yanks it over his head. It comes off soft and easy. Raising his gaze to Shiro, he says, “I’m sure. You wanted to do this. So we’re doing this.” To punctuate how very sure he is, he balls the tee in his fist and tosses it down to the sand.

“If you’re sure,” Shiro says. At least he sounds teasing instead of concerned, now, but Keith’s mouth is still opening to snark back something. He doesn’t get a chance before Shiro pulls his own shirt over his head in one elegant move that makes Keith feel like he just swallowed a mouthful of sand. Years of working the surf of the Bay have sculpted Shiro into a god among men and Keith’s mind supplies all the detail obscured by the dim predawn light. It gets worse when Shiro hooks his thumbs into his swim shorts and shoves them down. Keith’s eyes drink in how the line of hair at Shiro’s navel that’s taunted him for years leads down to a thick patch of dark hair right above his—

For his own sanity, Keith jerks his eyes away. No boners, he chants to himself rather miserably, no boners.

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@diva-de-gallifrey submitted: Hey(its a me, rockfriend, coming out of my hiding once and for all i guess)so i sort wrote a small thing for the au when Jeremy asks Ryan for a place to stay?? Here It is

It’s raining heavily against the big Starbucks window, of course It is, as if the sight of Jeremy bruised and bleeding didn’t make Ryans stomach turn he had to be wet and shivering, hair and clothes damp and sticking to his body and making him look so very young and, even worse, scared. He looks skinny, at least more so than when they first met and Ryan wonders, not for the first time in the last few months, when was the last time the younger man had eaten but by now he knew better than to ask, knowing that he would receive no answer other than a shrug. He knew Jeremy was stubborn but sometimes all Ryan really wanted to wrap him into a blanket and never let Go.

“I need your help” Jeremy said, there was a slight tremor in his voice and if It was either from the cold or fear Ryan didn’t know. A part of him didnt want to find out. “I.. I did something bad.”

Ryan raises an eyebrow, “something bad” is a very good way of defining both of their lives as a whole, he almost saws that out loud but he remembers that Jeremy doesnt know who he really is and ultimately decides to keep his mouth shut and not ruin what is left of his normal life. He settles on asking the younger man what had happened.

“It’s complicated” he responds, wrapping his arms around himself and looking around as if he expected someone to attack him any moment now. Ryan went to hold Jeremy but he quickly moved away, curling into himself more and more. “There are some people after me right now.” His Voice shakes slightly and Ryan pretends not to notice. “T-they know where i live and they have eyes on every street corner. If they find me….”

He trails off and It takes all Ryans might to stay where he is and not go full Vagabond and chase the motherfuckers who dared to hurt Jeremy.” What do you need?”

“To be rich, to leave this shithole,” he chuckles under his breath and looks up at Ryan, eyes filled with desperation and fear that betrayed his jokingly tone. “But mostly i n-need some place to stay.”

Ryan feels his face fall, if things were normal It would be easy to give Jeremy that, put him in an apartment on the crews territory, offer him their protection and hell maybe even offer him a job but things werent normal, the Fakes were hardly a threat to anyone but themselves now and they couldnt risk getting recognized, not now when they were so close to putting themselves back on the map and bringing this godforsaken city to its knees once again. Ryan cared for Jeremy deeply, maybe even loved him (he wouldnt admit It of course, but he really did) but his family came first, no exceptions.

“I wont make a noise!” Jeremy assured, probably catching up to the sudden hesitation coming from Ryan because his voice was close to pleading now. “You and your flatmates wont even know i’m there, and it’s only for a few days an-”

“Jeremy” Ryan interrupts him, remorse flooding his voice. Who knew the Vagabond, ex mercenary and current vicious killer had gone so soft to the point where he could hardly even turn down this man he barely knew. Except he did know Jeremy, he knew he was struggling to keep himself afloat but still tried his best to buy his coffee every morning and tip Ryan with whatever money he had left (“It’s my way of pretending to have some control over my life” its what he said once, words that followed Ryan for weeks even tho Jeremy had said them nonchalant), he was kind and he dyed his hair crazy colors every month as a way to make himself and others happy and Ryan was falling for him way too fast but still he couldnt help the other, not with his heist coming so soon. “I’m sorry, there is nothing i can do.”

The scared look that Jeremy gives him hurts like a punch in the gut and Ryan has to rip his gaze away from the way his shoulders slump because he can feel How much he wants to apologise to Jeremy and Go back on what he said but he can’t, not now so he Just stares into the distance. “You should go now, the store doesnt allow employers to talk to people who arent buying.”

The sound of the front door closing is somehow worse than of a gunshot.

rock friend how dare you my heart. it hurts so much my poor babies. This is so lovely written! thank you so much for sharing!

karamatsujpeg  asked:

Omg it would be really exciting to see your art in the S2 mosaic! I hope that if you participate your entry stays! :D

aa thank you;; it would be cool if it did stay!

this show is a big inspiration! it also has been (and still is) keeping me afloat during tough point in my life so i very much wish to contribute to this show in some way, some form, somehow display my gratitude and appreciation!

but first i have to think of what it is i should draw!!


The Last clothes bother me somewhat. Especially Hinata’s contrast between casual and ninja clothes, like: too covered and not really all that covered.

But meh, she looks cute. And Sasuke looks like he needs a shower, srsly. And he is a very jealous boyfriend who don’t want others to see his girl half naked xDD


On this day, August 19 in 1812, the U.S. Navy frigate Constitution defeated the British ship Guerriere in a furious engagement off the coast of Nova Scotia and earned its nickname of “Old Ironsides.” Witnesses said British shots seemed to bounce off the Constitution as if she were made of iron.

Old Ironsides was constructed of pine and  Southern Live Oak, and named “Constitution”  by George Washington. Paul Revere forged the copper bolts and breasthooks. She is the oldest commissioned ship in the world still afloat.

tybarious  asked:

Thoughts on Peru's BAP Almirante Grau?

Ah, the last gun cruiser still in service in the world!

Heavily modernized in the 80′s and 90′s, adding anti-ship and anti-air missiles, new radas and AA autocannons, she was quite the fearful warship in latin american waters, the most powerful afloat even when Belgrano was still afloat, as the cheap argentininas never upgraded her in the same way the peruvians did.

But alas, her days are numbered, as while still listed as active, she hasn’t set sail in years, and the only reason she hasn’t been officially decommissioned is out of sheer naval pride. 

One gorgeous ship all things considered, I’m sure that when her time comes, the peruvians will keep her legacy alive by turning her into a museum ship, rather than going all Britain and scrapping her outright. 

Some things doesn't need saying (JakexMC)

The sun was rising. You were sitting with your feet in the pool. A nightmare had woken you up and after a little while of trying to go back to sleep, you realised you would not be able to sleep the next few hours. Also, you were not sure if this “nightmare” was just that. After everything you’ve experienced here on La Huerta, the things you’ve “seen” that has then come to life, you didn’t know what to think. The fresh air and the cool water was helping you relax and get your mind off of things. The light from the rising sun was soft, but warm, making the sky look like the most beautiful painting you’ve ever seen.

“Another nightmare?”

You didn’t even have to look, you would be able to recognise Jake’s voice even from a distance. Your eyes closed, just enjoying the soft light of the rising sun, you nodded. The water started to move a little as Jake sat down next to you.
“Anything you want to talk about?”

You slowly opened you eyes, looking down onto the water, your and Jake’s feet dangling next to each other, almost touching.

“You don’t have to, I get it. Some things are better left unsaid.”

As you turned your head to look at him, you saw that his gaze was where yours was just a moment before. His hands were placed lazily in his lap, one on each leg. His fingers tapping a bit, like he was playing some melody in his head.
“Yeah.. And some things don’t need saying.” As you placed your left hand on his right, you turned your gaze back to the sky. A smile crept onto your face as you were thinking back to the underwater kiss the two of you shared as you both thought you were going to die. Jake moved his hand from underneath yours. For a split second you thought you had misread things, but shortly after, he placed it on top of yours, squeezing it.

Turning your head to look at him, his lips were suddenly on yours, surprising you a bit. The kiss was a bit rushed, but as soon as you reciprocated it, it exploded with passion. Suddenly it was over, too quickly for your liking. Your foreheads touching, his hand on your cheek and your eyes locked together.

“I know. Me too..”
“I wasn’t gonna say ‘I love you’ if that’s what you thought!” You said as you sat up straight, a grin on your face. Other people would see it as ruining the moment, but with you and Jake… It wasn’t like that this was how you did things.

“No I thought- actually I KNOW you were gonna say ‘I hate you’. And like I said, me too.”

He was teasing you, that stupid charming smirk on his face. But he hadn’t won yet.

“Oh you also hate you? It’s understandable. If I were you, I would hate myself too.” Keeping a straight face, you turned your face to look at the water. Seeing his reaction right now would make you crack. “That’s it, come here!”
You didn’t see it coming. Water splashed around you, Jake’s arms around you. As you both came back to the surface, Jake’s arms still around you, you snaked your arms and legs around him, forcing him to keep you both afloat.

“I still win”

This time you don’t know who initiated it, but your lips were pushed against each other, like you were never going to let go.
So this is my first fanfic in a while! But I like it ☺️ I honestly think it captures MC and Jake’s relationship very well! But that’s my own opinion.. I would love to know what other people think!

Anyways, hope you guys liked it!
*sound of crickets*
Right, I’m talking to nobody..

“Seriously guys?”

You both pulled away, looking toward the hotel and seeing the rest of the gang standing around with baseball bats in their hands.

Probably seeing the confused looks on you and Jake, Zahra spoke up, “Quinn heard splashing, got scared and gathered everybody”

“Well, almost everybody,” Diego added with a wink.

A Touch of Normalcy [Tyki Mikk/Reader]

Title: A Touch of Normalcy 
Pairing: Tyki Mikk/Reader [gender neutral]
Summary: Tyki makes it a regular occurrence to seek you out during his evening strolls. Much weights on your shoulders, he would do anything to to alleviate that for you.

A/n: man, haven’t written for DGM in a hot minute. well, if you like, make sure to support your gal here!

this was meant to fill a friend’s request, but i don’t think she wanted something like this. lmao oops.

Ornate plates were whisked away from the table, table scraps were fed to the hounds, all of this signaled the close of the evening feast with the family. Tyki dabbed the corners of his mouth with an embroidered handkerchief before tucking it into his pocket, casting brief glances to those in his company. He found it humorous how the merrymaking never ended when dinner did, their rowdiness carried on until stars speckled the sky and Trisha was at her wits end.

He swept his eyes across everyone once more, smiling wearily as he slipped away from his seat wordlessly, sauntering across the room with a practiced grace and quiet. With the door in sight, his hand secured on the handle, he pushed through to his way to what he thought was freedom. An agitated voice called him to a halt from across the room.

“Tyki! Where are you going in such a hurry?” Sheril raised the question with an accusing, grating tone. “We finally get a chance for a beautiful dinner and time together, yet here you are, skipping out as usual.”

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