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When did you started thinking yourself asexual? It's something I kind of struggle with every now and then...

I’ve always known that I wasn’t sexually attracted to people…. that was the easy part, I already know me.

The problem was that all of the people I had to go off of from an early age, to learn about that sort of thing, were really… they made it all seem forced? I guess. Or just tolerated?
I thought that sexual attraction was just some kind of joke that I wasn’t in on, for the longest time.

So it took me a while to figure out that what I felt was different, is all.

((And to actually answer your question, I think I was 19, when it really hit me.
I had just joined the Army, and I was sitting out from the run because I’d injured my leg.
My friends were watching the Marines training/running with their weighted vests on, and being very colorful about what they’d let those Marines do to them. It seemed like… a genuine interest on their part.
And all that was in my head was that I wished I hadn’t injured my leg so that I could run and try weighted vests too.
And I knew at that point that that was exactly how I wanted to be anyways.))

But if you ever need to talk… I might not be able to -help-, because it’s more self-validation/acceptance, but I am definitely willing to listen, lovely.


So said, so done. 10 miles. My longest run since my last race in May. Also my 5th run since May. It was slow, but got it done. The plan is to do most of my running on weekends, with the longest one on Sundays. Will gradually work up to 15 or so miles, then work on time. 

At least my legs remember, after all that cycling. And I didn’t die. That’s important.

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Two million viewers a night? Oh Hun this season has been getting the 1 million range viewers. And the two million only happened twice. And that will go back to one million considering the fact Lucaya didn't even end up together in the finale and they still forced Rucas and Joshaya. I can guarantee most Lucaya fans won't watch the show knowing how this season ends with no Lucaya scenes and the two ugly ships still canon. Thank god for people spoiling stuff.

First of all, it’s been getting in the upper 1 million range and this season it’s already had at least two 2 million plus episodes(and we will get another one of those this Friday). Not to mention it’s still the front runner of the entire channel (and it airs on a weekend) and was just nominated for an EMMY.

And really, you can GUARENTEE people won’t watch because Lucaya didn’t get paired up? Do you have polls and statistics for that? I would absolutely love to see them. Maybe, just maybe, your view is pretty narrow minded and bias due to your own let downs from this show and your speaking for literally millions of people you shouldn’t be. I have faith in these fans, faith they appreciate this show beyond just one little “ship” and will trust and respect Jacobs to tell a good story no matter what it is. People on Twitter or Tumblr don’t make up all the viewers of this show, there are plenty of casual ones, plenty of people who just like a follow up BMW series, plenty of Rucas fans, even Joshaya fans and PLENTY of people who are constantly in aw of Michael Jacobs and his team of talented creators, who don’t give a damn about the semantics and enjoy the bigger picture.

I’m really sorry your ship didn’t happen, like really I am, I was hopeful for Lucaya potential myself, but your out of your mind if you think because two characters didn’t end up together for one season that the entire viewership of a major Disney Television production is going to boycott and disappear.

And no, honestly, screw spoilers. Especially if they create people like you in the fandom.

I’m tagging all the ships in this post because I truly believe that everyone should and will support this sentiment. 


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Heyyyyyy Angel👑👋🏻. I have question for you, I see everyone saying hard work pays off but does hard work really pay off? Am I just working & training hard to just to be that team member that the coach doesn't even bothered to say "good job" while encouraging the others (top runners)?Me training through the bad & good weather is just to be the runner that never improves?I feel like nothing gonna change But I still run just coz I don't wanna give up. Btw You are great runner&motivation🏃🏽😭

hey! I feel you. I really do. there are definite moments when I’m like, I’ve put everything I have into this and I’m still not an elite runner. I wasn’t even the best on my team. But no. I believe hard work pays off 100%. I think there are people who will always have more talent. I think there are people who will always be healthier. Or naturally gifted. Or who use PED’s. but if we all thought like “wow my hard work means nothing” then nobody would ever beat those people. and then our sport wouldn’t exist and it wouldn’t be fun. Hard work, works. In conjunction with a lot of other factors and with really good training and a lot of patience.

this sport is like 98% patience and 2% excitement and results.

… unless you start counting the little steps along the way as big steps and start honoring all of the small things you accomplish. like you just had your best workout but your coach didn’t notice? oh well, you had your best workout and that deserves celebration. Big PR but didn’t hit your goal time or didn’t win the race? Oh well, you made progress and any PR is worth a celebration.

I do this thing, where I stopped really measuring
my success with time (with some help of my coach’s philosophy). So I started inventing new ways to “PR”… I now have Mental Toughness in workouts PRs, longest week of mileage PRs, most consistent workout PRs, most positive workout PR, longest time without injury PR, lots of Core/Abs related PRs, and so on… I invent new ways to track my progress everyday. I think it’s worth looking into because I think it’ll make this whole “hard work and no results” thing you’re thinking about less foreboding.

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(part 1) hi, not sure if you remember but i messaged you months ago about having an injury that's been going on for 2.5 years and going to so many physios, doctors etc with no answers. i feel like i've already tried absolutely everything and i can't keep going on like this. i was getting more and more depressed, binge eating like there's no tomorrow, spending so much money on physios and doctors, pushing everyone away so now i have no friends or boyfriend.. so today i finally decided to stop

continued: “bothering with running. it’s been destroying my mental health and I’ve never been good enough as a runner anyway even before I got this stubborn injury. But now, how do I actually move on from this? I haven’t felt happy or healthy in a really long time and I just want to be able to stop crying so much and stop binging so much. I still keep comparing myself to runners i know who keep getting better, and I feel like a total failure because of this injury and retiring at the age of 21..”

Hi love. I am so sorry about what’s happened with running. I truly do believe there are ways to solve issues like this, but maybe right now, like you said, it’s time to put running on hold and pursue other areas in your life…

I don’t think this is going to be a permanent retirement from running. I think this is the universe/God’s way of telling you that right now, running is meant to be put on hold (not forever) and you are meant to discover other amazing things in your life that you don’t know about. I really believe this.

Time to remember that you are a warrior and a fighter. Time to do things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t put your mind to it yet. It’s time to travel, time to take classes in painting, dance, theater, an instrument…

I really believe running will come back to you. But right now all it simply means is it’s time to pursue other things :) You’re meant for great things. And also to help you through this with the binge eating and such, don’t be afraid to talk to someone/ask for help. Sending all my love & prayers <3

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I'm amazed every time you post a watch pic of your dedication to running. as someone who doesn't have the typical runners body, I just wanted you to know that I look up to you immensely for showing me that anyone can be an amazing runner. you inspire me

Thank you! This is super nice :) I don’t have a typical “runners body” either but I try my best to not let it get me down. You can still be a great runner and achieve your goals regardless of your body type