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jungkook vs. @nochuie‘s keyboard smashes

I finally got around to draw another amazing scene from one of @crispykrimi ‘s fics !

I definitely didn’t cry reading this

gentle reminder, a poem

it is okay 
try your best to stop revisiting the past
your mistakes, your regrets
however big or small,
drop them on your feet where they should be 
do not hurt yourself anymore, you’ve been through so much
you deserve life, you deserve love
you deserve chances, you deserve you 
have you met you, dear?
i bet not yet but i’m sure you’ll love them
life is not a race, leave that to the horses
you, you skip through the meadows
you feel the sun on your skin, the breeze on your cheek,
you give yourself another chance
the pain has been great lately that you stopped what you loved doing
draw again, dance again, try again, something new again,
but leave your critic behind
you are your harshest critic
but not anymore
choose to heal
always choose to heal


theo helping liam + my favorite scenes 

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PSA to musical kids

Hamilton didn’t invent diversity on Broadway. 

Your Grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you.
—  Lalah Delia
I’m dying to talk to you
But I know you aren’t thinking of me

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Title: Shhh…

Word Count: 2.7k+

Rating: NSFW

Genre: Smut or PWP

Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Double Penetration, Cream Pies, Group Sex, Dirty Talk, Sloppy Seconds (kind of), Slight Voyeur Kink, Hint of Dubious Consent

Pairings: Kim Taehyung x Reader x Jeon Jungkook

Summary:  “Shhh sweetheart, you gotta be quiet. You don’t wanna wake up anyone, do you?”

Written by: Admin B

Sequel: Can be found here: Please

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but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017


I love Shale, I just can’t draw them worth a damn. But I wanted to comic some bonding anyway because Finn and Shale are bffs and after Zevran’s panic over their deepening relationship, no one else was really awake. 

So you suddenly feel anxious

 maybe you’re having a panic attack, maybe you’re dissociating or maybe you’re just stressing.

here is something i found really helps in those moments:

  • Move from the place you are in right now, take a step back and find a more comfortable position
  • be patient, and be mindful that it will not go away with the snap of a finger. this is a wave, and you have to ride it
  • close your eyes, focus first on your breath, and the beatings of your heart. count to 10 very slowly
  • now open your eyes, don’t let the fear stop you, take ten seconds to notice the world around you, name the first things that you see, or just try to memorize where it is and how it looks
  • now close your eyes again, Count to 10 and slowly breathe, let your thoughts flow and don’t cling on to them, they will still be on your mind, but they have to flow freely
  • open your eyes again, look at the same object that your saw before, notice it is still on the same place, nobody moved it, it is the same color.
  • notice more things around you, notice how everything is ok, and you are not going through an extreme situation,  count another slow 10 
  • Close your eyes again and keep repeating this, keep noticing and naming more things, notice the sounds, the smells and the textures around you. Ground yourself in the reality of the moment.

After a while of doing this you will probably eventually have ridden the wave into a more calm state. Don’t be fooled, the waves can and will come again. but it’s all about learning how to grab a surfboard and ride them. It’s about taking comfort in the spaces of time they are not there, and get busy, get active, so you can regain, in time, the opportunity to a good life that was given to you.

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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf

Ground Rules Part 8 | Tom Holland x Reader

Teaser PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6 PART 7 PART 8 PART 9 COMPLETE! (check my mobile master list for working links)

Summary: The One is the one who stays, and above all else, The One is the one who wins the game.

Warnings: choking on fluff, and the word fuck

Word Count: 7K of I hope I made it back up to you

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking asshole!


Oh my fucking god.

I’m going to fucking throw up.

You see Tom’s back, shaking in anger, then Haz and Jacob come out of nowhere, holding his arms and pulling him back, “Yo, dude, chill, chill!”

There’s an awed hush, and the nameless guy gets up, rubbing his cheek, and promptly exits the party in shocked shame, his heavy steps the only other sound besides the music. Everyone has their jaw dropped, but cheer when the door slams back shut, it’s not a good party unless there’s a fight and somebody is crying, am I right?

“God, Tom, what the fuck happened?” you heard Harrison’s voice, a muffled buzz against your blossoming headache, “You alright, man?”

Em was next to you, holding your arm, and you felt another presence beside you, “Babe?” You couldn’t focus on her words. You didn’t feel great, you really didn’t, the colors, shapes and sounds were overpowering your senses right now.

“Hey, hey! Are you okay?” that was a different voice, one that you didn’t know, you didn’t recognize right away, “Guys? She looks pale…”

And then you did it.

You felt like you were going to throw up, and then you fucking did.


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