still curious tho


You betrayed me.

Because I’m still amazed by WhoKilledMarkiplier *^* Still learning how to draw Mark’s face, hope you like it C: xD


Your hand seemed cold. 


baby knight

— soooo yeah…
Since I’ve finally been able to get myself a drawing
tablet I started drawing some free! horses again..
This I drew for @sougre, Sousuke (the light one) and
Haruka (dark one). 

Still teaching myself how to shade and highlight properly,
so you won’t see anything of that in this drawing.. FYI

our squad rly wanna do some dnd but we can never get together bc studying abroad so we just. fantasize abt it a lot

Im a halfling bard but since I know literally nothing about music I would probably be one that tells stories (ghost stories). a cloak would definitely help with that vibe but no thats too much work no no no

I’m feeling autumn guys, I made cinnamon French toast for breakfast, I collected pinecones and this afternoon I’m baking an apple pie (also probably bringing my orange-y theme back cause fuck everyone still waiting for a late summer it’s September and I’m going full force into autumn mode)