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One Piece ch. 854. Shit is starting to hit the fan.

Ok first of all I’m new so I have no idea how am I supposed to make a text post with pictures. Still, I felt like writing an analysis: 🔹Jimbe is officially on the route to becoming a SH. He has officially betrayed Big Mom and is running around with Nami & co. Brulee’s speech about nobody leaving alive can attest to that. 4 YEARS I DID MY WAITING. 🔸Shifting now to Pudding- Big Mom. We all know that killing AT LEAST Sanji won’t be a success but still I sooo wanna see BM pirates whiping the stupid smirks of the Vinsmoke bros’ faces. And I even more I wanna see Pudding making the legendary Enel/Perona face when Sanji won’t be fazed and Luffy will counterattack. Also Big Mom’s shift from cute with Brook to insanely evil/ scheming is simply glorious! Finally some strong female characters. On a side note: are we 100% sure that Brook didn’t store the poneglyph’s copy inside his skull? YOHOHOHOHOHO 🔹Mama’s subordinates and offsprings are having a meeting. Opera ruining everything for his family lol. Seriously Mama’s ways as a parent are going to be her downfall. Her children are scared shitless of her, lying to her even if that means that will undermine the crew’s goals. Anyway what stuck to me though was this: Mont D'or was talking about how they must make preparations for Pudding and that everything must be perfect for her wedding. He said ‘for our sister’ as if they are intending to go through with the marriage. Could it be that he is in the dark about Mama’s plan alongside the others? I dare to think that if the case was otherwise, he would have worded that differently. What if Pudding is modifying Mama’s memories?? I want to make a post on that. Love the fact that they labeled Nami as dangerous alongside Luffy. She has been underestimated..Time to shine girl!! 🔸Bobin’s eyes are SINISTER. Boyoyoyon! But our boy Sanji finally came to his senses. After Totland he is gonna have some mad character development. Go find Luffy! Next chapter is gonna be lit🔥🔥 P.S.: I just realised while writing this that Pudding would TOTALLY make an awesome pair with Doflamingo. They are both rotten to the core and would actually take delight in each other’s evil schemes. Oda pls make this happen😍

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