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wade stuck around for manicure night with nat. it shouldnt surprise anyone that the merc with a mouth is excellent for commentary on b-level horror movies, which nat loves. im not always big on talking so its kinda nice to have someone else fill the silence. and red is also his color. he might actually get a return invite. 

though not if he keeps being this handsy. 

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how do i convince my brother that communism isnt a bad thing? he's going with the argument that "it never works and it never will work bc human nature" and... i personally am not Super Educated on communist ideology but i know it isnt bad ? like.. what do i do ur my #1 go-to commie

alright i have a lot to say so ill just give u a bunch of the arguments i use/have seen when im talking about leftism

1. capitalism has only existed for a few hundred years. in the grand scheme of human history thats pretty much nothing and theres nothing to suggest that capitalism is the natural state of things since it hasnt been for a large portion of the time people have been around. like for a while we had monarchy (and before that we had other types of societies), which changed to capitalism so it makes sense that there could be something after capitalism like socialism and then communism

2. human nature isnt a fixed thing and is affected by the society people are living in- like during feudalism do you think people said “this is human nature feudalism is natural and capitalism will never work”

3. one of the reasons it “never works” is because capitalist countries, primarily the US have done everything they can to sabotage revolutions and socialist countries when they first start- a really good example of this is what the CIA has been doing for years to start and fund coups in countries where socialist presidents or socialist movements were happening. capitalist countries have also gone to war against, stop trading with, etc, countries that just had socialist revolutions which of course weakened the countries and makes it more difficult for communism to “work”

specific examples: 

  • the CIAs funding/support of pinochet in chile who through a military coup overthrew the democratically elected socialist leaning president allende. pinochet became a dictator and went on to murder thousands of people in chile because the CIA didnt want communism and did everything they could to stop it- destroying what could potentially have been a successful transformation to socialism
  • illegal US funding of the contras, a right wing group in nicaragua who were fighting the sandinistas, a far left group- again because reagan didnt want communism

4. capitalism doesnt really “work” we constantly have crises in some way or another, thousands of people are homeless and starving, even more people have jobs and are still starving, wealth inequality is rising and 8 people in the whole world own together the same amount as wealth as the bottom 50% of the entire worlds population together. capitalism is hardly succeeding and maybe if it was people wouldnt be dying of preventable disease bc of lack of money and resources, people wouldnt be starving, people wouldnt be working multiple jobs and still not having enough money, people would be able to afford college and healthcare- all while we have the resources to provide for people edit: so like, these are just a few arguments in regards to someone saying communism doesnt work. if u want ur brother to get that communism isnt bad id say first convince him that capitalism isnt good and theres like overwhelming evidence for this, and also the thing a lot of people just seriously dont have an accurate definition of what communism and socialism actually are and think it has something to do with the govt doing stuff so like also give him a decent definition and make a distinction between communism and stalinism and shit you kno



!! important !!

!!( i might not be able to update this blog and my webcomic in time, my laptop refuses to run clip studio properly, it laggs so horrible im barely able to draw, even with just 3 layers (i need way more to make acceptable looking drawings)

i know which laptop i want to get, since this one is a lil old and really unfit for the things i do with it, but its quite expensive and i’ll need the money i get from my job to be able to afford it (we’re not doing that great financially, so my parents cant help me there), i get paid at the end of this month, but all the money i saved would be gone, and it still wouldnt be enough …

i might start to offer sketch commissions (5-20 €), but i have never done that before, so im kinda anxious about it …. 

it would be really really great if you could tell me whether you would be interested in commissioning a sketch from me, or not !!

i apologize once again >_<

ily <3 ))!!!

believe it or not but - back in late ‘08/early '09, destiel was considered a rare ship (and look at what it is now)

this is roughly what we think of the beauty that is the crowlean ship

this is the dark ages, fellow crowlean fans, but in a few years time, we will walk into the light and take over tumblr. completely.

tumblr will be our kingdom and we’ll be the kings B)

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Ummm @slugthrussy how dare you apologise for your list, that wasn't too many, I'm seriously deprived of wlw rep over here pls keep going if you know about any more????

t b h if every piece of media was solely wlw content it still wouldnt be enough imso (in my sapphic opinion)

9 years old irwin watching ‘a walk to remember’ with her daddy and being really quiet until the middle of the movie when ashton would get really worried about it bc that little girl would never keep her mouth shut watching movies, no matter which one, shed always comment about something with him and hed never really pay attention to the movie cause hed be too busy paying attention to his daughter conversation about something on the movie.

 ‘why are you quiet, love?’ hed ask her after pausing. shed turn her bright hazel eyes to her daddy looking really scared of something. ashton’s heart would break a little inside his chest, cause god knows he hates to see that girl suffer ‘tell me, baby, so daddy can help you’ he’d push her to hold her tight, her pouty lips starting to tremble ‘ i don’t want to love a boy, daddy, because you’ll be mad at me’ she would grab his face with her hand and lock their matching color eyes while trying to make a brave expression even though her eyes were shining with tears ‘im never leaving you daddy, dont worry’ and ashton would start to tear up bc he wasnt really worried until now that his baby girl would eventually grow up and find someone, but she was still promising him she wouldnt leave him, and that was enough for him to just love her even more (if that was possible) ‘im never leaving you either, princess, even if you wanted me too.’

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“Stop smiling, go to sleep.” “I can’t!” (edited from)

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33*media*tumblr*com/tumblr_mdoqb1uGHB1rpl4ygo2_500*gif Ever since they started their relationship, making out has become one of Oliver's favorite ways to pass time. "I thought we came here to watch the sun set," Felicity mumbles against his lips. He chuckles before kissing her again, his tongure gently invading her mouth. She moans at the sensation and wraps her around the back of his neck. "I did," he says once their lips part, "but I just can't get enough of your lips. You taste so good."

He doesn’t give her a chance to reply as he leans in again, nipping her bottom lip before kissing her long and slow. Oliver’s never been that much of a fan of making out for long periods of time, to the boy he was before the island, kissing was just a precursor to sex so he never spent too much time on it. But he loves kissing Felicity. Loves the feel of her full lips moving against his, loves her small gasps and breathy moans, loves the taste of her. He has one hand buried in her blonde curls, holding her close as he deepens the kiss, his tongue stroking inside her mouth and tangling with hers. He licks at the roof of her mouth and she moans loudly against his lips, her right hand grasping at the front of his shirt as she kisses him hungrily. Oliver has his left arm braced atop his knee and he lifts his hand to cup Felicity’s jaw in the gap between his thumb and index finger. He strokes her tongue with his again then sucks on her top lip, drawing soft little whimpers from Felicity’s throat. There’s suddenly too much space between them so he moves his hands to her waist and lifts her until she’s sitting across his lap. He never once breaks the kiss, just continues to massage her lips with his own as the sun sets in the distance, bathing them in darkness. 

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Imagine the RFA members + V reacting to a fatally injured MC? imsorry

im going to cry how could yoU -707

  • zen would rush to their side, clutching mc’s hand in the hospital. he would stay by their side until he heard the flatline, and then he wouldnt know what to do with himself. he’d smoke a lot more. drink too. he’d ride his bike carelessly. he’d stop acting and stop eating. he’d cover all the mirrors in the house because he hated his own reflection since he was here and they werent.
  • yoosung would probably be the most affected out of anyone, but he’d try and play it cool. like “hey, second time’s less painful.” but god, he would stop going to school all together. he wouldnt sleep for days, and would spend most of his time in bed. he’d start thinking there was a common denominator with both rika and mc’s death. was everyone he was ever going to love, die? it seemed so. maybe he should just never love anyone ever again. it would stop a lot of pain.
  • jaehee would take a leave of absence. she wouldnt tell anyone, not even jumin, where she was going. she’d just leave a note saying she was leaving and would be gone. she wouldnt have anywhere in particular she wanted to go, but would instead take a bus to a random place and find a local bar. and drink. she’d drink and drink until she couldnt stand. god, how could this happen? why did she let them go by themself? it was her fault. she was the one who deserved to die. not mc.
  • jumin would spend as much money as he could putting mc in the world’s best hospitals and getting the world’s best treatment, but it still wouldnt be enough. when they passed, his whole world would crash down around him. money really couldnt solve everything, could it? within the next week, elizabeth the 3rd would be dropped off at yoosung’s house with a note saying “please, take care of my baby.” a large check would be written in jaehee’s name with a note telling her to find a better job and that she will do great things. a similar check would be written to zen, the note telling him that he always admired him, even if he spent so long denying it. he’d also apologize for being such a prick to him. seven would receive a framed photo of elizabeth and a note telling him to stay away from her. and finally, v would simply get a note saying that jumin was sorry and that he was to choose what happened to the business. then jumin would vanish.
  • seven wouldnt be able to handle it. he wouldnt. he’d do his best to crack jokes and be his normal self, but he couldnt. why was it mc? they didnt deserve it. they were the most important person in his life and they didnt deserve it. it should have been him instead. if there was a god, he would have never done this. seven threw his necklace away without a second thought.
  • the normally cool, collected v would break down. he’d scream. he’d cry. he’d curse the world and heavens. this shouldnt have happened. mc didnt deserve this. he’d clutch a polaroid of mc every night. it would be soaked with tears and crumbled from holding on too tight. 

C- I dont understand white people. Not that i ever did, but let me explain. I was surfing youtube yesterday and i found a popular YouTuber ive always heard about but never actually seen their videos. Their videos are pretty funny, he sort of does reaction videos to random weird people who post on YouTube but hes mean about it in a funny way. Then i went to the comment section. Since he himself is white, of course the majority of the comment section will be too. So he was reviewing a white femenazi who was saying all sorts of illogical, crazy things in the name of feminism and the people in the comment section were saying thay she should drink bleach and kill herself or that all feminists should die and other ignorant things. But what floored me was the sheer amount of people repeating the same things, i mean there were people defending her but they were overwhelmingly outweighed by people saying malicious things about her. And i am just shocked by the amout of white people accepting and perpetuating casually violent speech towards the woman.

This then leads me to believe that not only do white people hate POCs but they even hate other white people because they are too different too. Thats not new to me but the fact that they completely disregard that they are speaking about a member of their own race in that way IS new. i mean think of it like this, if everyone white people wanted gone were, who would they have left? You already know POCs are the first to go, so who is left? White people. And that still wouldnt be enough for them. Femenist haters would say all femenists should die too. And what if they were gone then? Still not enough. All liberals should be gone too. Then jews, catholics, eastern europeans, green eyes, grey eyes, brown eyes, red heads, brunnets, people under 5'4, left handed people, enfj’s, intp’s, people who like atypical music, peopel who make “weird” art, the poor, people who live on X Continent, the disabled, the mentally ill, people of X sexual orientation/preference, and so on and so on. Its just occured to me that white people are unapologetically violent and seem to have no afterthought or remorse about the harm they do to others and just will not stop until everyone absolutely different from them are gone, white or POC. But then its still not enough! Because not even white people can stand white people! Not that i never knew this before, but this just REALLY hit me by witnessing the comment section yesterday. White people’s hate is a trap they designed for everyone else but will eventually fall into themselves.

What is the point to white people seeming obsession with division, hatred, and violence? I just dont understand white people and im ok if i never do understand their reasoning for why theyre the way they are