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  ALSO okay so call me a sap or w/e but every now and then while working on these comic pages I get these rushes of pure joy right through my soul and I just feel so alive honestly???

  Like it might just be at uni level but rn I’m working on the kind of project that I’ve always wanted to at what I can equate to at least a close approximation of proffessional standard and I am LIVING

Lesbians are lesbians regardless of who they date or marry, but a statement about how lesbians are still lesbians while dating trans women is not comparable to stating lesbians are still lesbians while dating men (trans or cis).

Trans women are women. Trans women can be lesbians, trans women can date each other, lesbians dating trans women is only something that needs to be “argued” because cis people refuse to recognize trans women as women. It is about cis misconceptions and transmisogyny.

Trans men are men. Lesbians can date or marry men. It happens. It’s especially common in places where they are expected to marry or risk violence or rejection from their family. Especially poor lesbians who still need the financial support of their family. 

Sometimes lesbians date men because they’re scared to date women, sometimes lesbians date men because they’re still working through some things, sometimes lesbians continue to date a man they dated before they knew they were lesbians because of mental health/because the pattern is comforting, sometimes lesbians continue to date a man after he comes out as trans because it’s an established relationship. 

So long as they are not projecting transphobic and cis-centric ideas onto their partner or relationship, and both parties are secure in their relationship, there is nothing wrong with that. 

But this is a completely different scenario that is in no way comparable to a post about lesbians dating trans women.

At all.

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if we get romantic clexa again in this season, what episode do you think it will be in? roughly? mid season or towards the end?

I think that the massive heart eyes will come from both of them starting around episode 4 up until Clarke leaves for Arkadia – which I think will be around episode 8. They might kiss or hug as they leave each other, I don’t think they will sleep together before Clarke leaves. I think that there is still some things that they want to work through before they take that ‘next step’. I think that Lexa will come back near the end of the season and that might be (if they decided to have a Clexa sex scene this season) that it would happen. However,  I DO think that they might push a Clexa sex scene to season 4. 

I’ll admit, I am a fan of slow burn and would love for them to have Clarke and Lexa building trust and realizing their feelings, but realizing that everything going on around them they can’t be distracted. This was one of the reasons Clarke said “not yet”….they needed to focus on winning the war and not be distracted by each other. 

However, Clarke and Lexa will fall into their weakness for a brief moment and might have a few passionate kisses, but then snap out of it. I think that they will want to make sure that the other person knows they love them, but their duties come first. They BOTH will understand this and won’t hold it over the other. That is what makes their relationship and caring for each other so beautiful and tragic at the same time.  


I’m still working through some emotional things, so this weekend was a little rough. I don’t want to take Nick down with me, and I feel that way sometimes. Getting outside always helps calm my agitated mind. These are from one of @drethecajun’s favorite places. I’m lucky to have an arboretum so close.