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Anatomy what? Proper proportions who? All I know is that I may be bringing back the Pjo Zombie Apocalypse Au and I may or may not have given them some redesigns. Is this a thing people want?

Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

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Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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I don’t care what people say. 

THAT was my favorite episode for Malec.

It has salty malec, battle malec, professional malec (with Izzy–bless. I need more of this trio), worried malec, honest malec, communicating malec, vulnerable malec, hopeful malec, angry malec, and–perhaps my most favorite of all–the subtle acknowledgment that there’s still some issues they need to work through. 

And it showed so much about them–how far Alec has grown as a person, yet still has much to learn, and Magnus still clearly having some things to work through (the balance between work and love; his drinking indicates something to me; his trust issues; etc.). I just love Magnus’ complexity. 

And that conversation. If you look closely, the acting has an undertone to it that clearly emphasizes that “hey, we have some stuff to work on, still”–Magnus’ insecurities about trust, for example. But, I am willing to keep trying. To keep going. With you. Because it’s worth it. 

I am going to be crying for the next 500 hours. Excuse me. 

I Know Him

A late @mlsecretsanta gift for @marichengs​! I hope you enjoy this fic! It was a lot of fun to write. :) Sorry for the delay in getting this to you!

Thank you @ladyserendipitous for idea bouncing this with me and for the title!

“I’m sorry, Chat Noir, but I like someone else.” Ladybug looked down. “I’m really flattered, but-”

“You don’t have to apologize.” It hurt to hear. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t. It almost killed him to face the reality that he and Ladybug might not end up married someday. Still, he’d deal with those emotions later, because it wasn’t her fault he’d fallen for her, and he refused to take it out on her now. “I just really hope the other person is amazing.”

She brightened. “Oh, he is. I-I mean,” she sighed. “Not that you aren’t. You are, kitty. You’re wonderful and brave and the best partner I could have asked for.”

The flattery helped a little, but it didn’t erase the fact that he wasn’t quite good enough to be the person she fell for. The truth was hard, particularly because some small part of him had always expected to be disappointed, expected to be turned down… “Thanks, m- Ladybug.” He had to stop calling her milady. It wasn’t fair. She wasn’t his at all.

She smiled and gently hugged him. “Listen. I know that you have a wonderful person out there for you, and I hope they make you happier than I ever could.”

He relaxed and returned the embrace with a sigh. “Thank you. I hope he makes you happy, too.” Despite the dull ache in his chest, he truly meant it. He loved her and wanted her to be happy even if it wasn’t with him.

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abyssal-god replied to your post “[[MOR] // Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?  More Turned Good…”

I’m gonna die of this, you can feel Penny’s existential crisis. did he originally intend to attack Georgie here?

Yup!! The text in the background is the lyrics to Oranges and Lemons, which is used in the movie soundtrack when Pennywise is about to or is attacking. I’ve also always found that nursery rhyme super unnerving. 
Penny is still working through some Things. 

Painting Brighton // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 933

Request- could you do one with joe where the reader is drawing on the beach in brighton and joe notices and compliments her and they start talking and she tells him she’s also from london but she came here because she wanted to draw the ocean and they take a walk on the beach and they don’t notice that it’s already evening but he doesn’t want to stop talking to her so he asks her out?

A/N- I’m writing again. Not every day, but more often. At least i’ll try. im still working through some things so bear with me. also i suck at titles sorry


Your focus remained on the canvas as the sounds of Brighton flowed around you. You heard the calls of seagulls, the rushing of waves, the passing of cars, the chatter of people; but your eyes stayed on the brush that dragged along the linen. You grabbed a different brush and dabbed it into the yellow paint. You swirled the brush in a sloppy circle as your eyes darted from the actual sun to the replicate one on the canvas. Luckily, it was a somewhat of a cloudy day, so looking at the sun wasn’t too harsh.

As you grabbed the brush that would recreate the clouds, you heard a voice.

“That’s amazing,” you turned and looked at the lean boy behind you.

“Thank you,” you smiled.

“Is it a hobby or a profession?” he asked as he stepped closer.

“Just for fun,” you turned back and began on the clouds.

“Well, you could definitely make some money off these,” he said, you could hear the smile in his voice.

“You think?” you smirked.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I can already see your name on all the billboards in London!”

“You don’t know my name,” you stated.

“Why don’t you tell me then,” he eyed you as you sat down your pallet.

“I’m Y/n,” you smiled, sticking out your hand.

“Joe. Joe Sugg,” he shook your hand. You took note at how your hands fit together.

“So, Joe.” You chuckled as you noticed your little rhyme. “What do you do for a living?”

He sat down on the pebbles and looked up at you, “I’m a YouTuber.”

“Ahh, I see,” you smirked, picking up your pallet. “You’re one of those kind of people.”

“Oi!” he defended. “Don’t knock it ’til ya try it.”

You pointed your brush at him, “Don’t tell me want to do Mr. I have weapons.”

He scoffed, “Please, paint isn’t a weapon.”

“Oh really? Let’s see how good it looks on your white shirt then,” you lunged at him.

“Hey!” he jumped away. “Woah!”

You stopped but he continued to run.

After he was about 10 feet away, he turned back towards you.

“Well are you coming?” he flashed you a big smile.

“Coming where?” you asked.

“With me, of course!”


“C’mon Y/n! You’re wasting the night away.” He sighed.

“Its noon,” you laughed.

“Just come on!” he held out his hand.

You looked back at your art tools, “What the hell.”

You walked over to him and took his hand.


You two spent the next 20 minutes walking down the beach and talking.

“I grew up in a small village, but I wanted the experience of living in a big city. SO I moved to London,” he explained as you two walked past a small family.

“No way!” you gasped.

“What?” he looked over at you.

“I live in London too!” you smiled.

“Small world,” he chuckled.

“So what brings you to Brighton?” you asked, swinging your hand.

“Sister,” he said. “I come down every now and then to see her and her boyfriend.”

“And to film videos?” you added.

“That too,” he chuckled. “How about you? What brought you, the mysterious artist, to Brighton?”

“You think I’m mysterious?” you looked over at him.

“A little,” he smiled. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

“Well, if I answer it I won’t be mysterious anymore!” you giggled.

“Fine,” he sighed dramatically.

“But seriously, I came for this.” You motioned around you two. “The ocean. I actually didn’t go to a beach until I was about 15.”

“What? That’s crazy,” he said.

“I know!” you agreed.

“Have you drawn it before?” he asked.

“No, I just got into a drawing about a year or two ago actually,” you nodded, recalling the memories.

“Really? What got you into art?”

“I actually hated art growing up, but then in college I was sitting on the grass and was too bored to study. So I started sketching my dream wedding dress,” you chuckled. “Ever since, it’s been my safe haven.”

“You’re really good at it,” he looked over at you again, taking in every inch of your face.

“Thanks,” you met his eyes, then the sky behind him. “Holy crap. What time is it?”

He grabbed his phone with his free hand it clicked it on.

“Uh, about half past 9,” he looked up at you and chuckled.

“Crap,” you looked around. “Where are we?”

“I’m sure if we keep walking we’ll find your art stuff.”

“I just hope it wasn’t stolen,” you whispered.

He rubbed the back of your hand, “hey, don’t stress. If anything was stolen, I’ll buy it.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you sighed.

“I mean, I am the reason you left it.”

“But I don’t regret it,” you looked at him through your lashes.

He looked ahead and smiled, “There it is.”

“Oh thank god!” you untangled your hand from his and ran over to your set up. You began packing it up, making sure nothing was stolen.

A few moments later he appeared behind your canvas.

“Listen,” he started. “I really like you and I hope you like me too.”

“I do,” you interrupted.

“So would you like to go on a date when we get back to London?”

You grabbed a piece of paper from your bag, “I’ll be back next Monday.”

He took the paper that had your number scribbled on it and smiled.

“Can’t wait,” he smiled as he walked towards the town.

You looked at your half painted canvas.

Who knew the sea wasn’t the only good thing about visiting Brighton.

Okay I never post things like this but...well here we go

My New Years resolution was to loose weight. And I know that’s cliche and whatever but at the end of 2016 I was incredibly unhappy with myself (not only the way I looked but my emotional self as well) and I decided that I needed to do something to feel good about myself. I truly believe that every body is beautiful and there is no “wrong” body type as long as you are healthy. Weight is just a number and it does not define you or your beauty. But though I hold those beliefs for others…I had a very, very hard time believing it about myself. It got to the point where I couldn’t look in mirrors without breaking down, so I started avoiding them. I literally could not name one thing I liked about myself, and my physical appearance was just not what I wanted it to be.

So I decided that I needed to make a change, both physically and mentally. Mentally I started going to therapy more often and cutting toxic people out of my life, and doing some soul searching. And physically I decided to jump start my weight loss and I found Isagenix. (I’m not going to go into a whole spiel about Isagenix right now. If you want a full run-down of what it is and how it works you’re free to message me privately)

I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m finally….happy. Or at least happier than I have been in a long time. I’m still working through some things but no one is a finished product so I fully expect to continue working on myself throughout my whole life. But as of right now, I am proud of where I am and how far I’ve come. 

Sorry for the rant. Always keep fighting. Love yourself first. You are not alone.

(these photos are 30 days apart just fyi)

Taking Chances

Anonymous asked: Can I request a one shot with Steve Rogers and a black female reader. Where they’re both in love with each other but too scared to confess because they don’t want to ruin their friendship? Can you make it fluffy please❤

Word Count: 1743

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Beta: @madithecatfish

Your name: submit What is this?

You had joined the Avengers two years ago as an agent after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. With a helpful recommendation from Nick Fury, the job was as good as yours. That recommendation got you a high position right off the bat, which was great because you didn’t have to work your way up again. It was hard enough the first time being black and a women, but you did it and now you were one of the best agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. history.

Of course you had heard all about the Avengers, who hadn’t? Working closely with them allowed for you to become good friends with them rather quickly, but you were close to one Avenger in particular: Steve Rogers. You two hadn’t had a formal meeting. You were in the training room taking out your frustrations out on the punching bag. You were so focused on the bag that you didn’t hear anyone come in.

“Woah, what did the bag ever do to you?”

You turned around with a hand to your chest, heart beating rapidly from being surprised.

“Jesus Christ! Can you warn a girl next time?” you said with a hint of irritation in your voice.

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 I  love sethkate and they are my main couple on this show but I also liked how the show planted the seeds to a Richie x Kisa reunion. This show don’t put dialog in it for nothing and I think this dialog speaks for itself. 

A man don’t keep taps on just any girl lol  Even though Kisa left Richie still cares and wants to know  that she is ok

Poor Richie trying to act like the tough guy. Trying to act like he don’t miss and want Kisa back.  We see right though you Richie and so dose Seth.

Look how jealous Richie got over Manola !!!   

The way Richie got jealous over Seth allowing  Kisa to bite to help her heal.  You’re not fooling anyone here Richie lol 

I think its sweet the way Richie wears his heart on his sleeves when it comes to Kisa

 Kisa still has to work through some things but that her first thought was of Richie speaks volumes. It shows Kisa still has feelings for Richie  

The look of hurt on Kisa’s face when she couldn’t sense Richie and she was fearing the worst  

My only request is that y'all don’t bombard me about what’s going on with the blog right now or how my backlog queue looks as far as commissions go cause I’m still working through some things and I can’t afford to throw myself into a panic; I’ve been doing so good, I want to keep up this pace and productivity. Please be patient with me for just a little longer. I missed y'all.

21 - Fingertips

Symmetra has very delicate fingers. Like her body, they can dance. It’s dreamy, beautiful, skilled. Symmetra is very skilled. A world maker, down to her fingertips. Just like Sombra was. Sombra worked in far less ‘visibly spectacular’ ways, but they were both ground shakers. Symmetra could build a great many things from the floor up and beyond that. Sombra could tear things down bit by bit from the top. Symmetra makes things. Sombra breaks things.
They both take very good care of their hands.
Symmetra keeps her nails short. Pretty blue nail polish. Strong and soft. Surprisingly flexible, Sombra sometimes thinks she’s double jointed. She wears the glove that enables her hard light building often, but not constantly. It’s the main reason she kept her nails short as they were reportedly, beyond personal preference.
Sombra’s nails are slightly longer. Bright purple nail polish to match her hair. Quick and a bit roughter. Of course, on the job, she really had to have both her gloves on. As much as Olivia had augmented herself, some things still just didn’t work very well through skin. Not to mention that hands, fingers especially, were a bit of a narrow canvas to work upon.
Sombra excuses her fascination and the desire to make comparisons to her frequent entwining of their fingers.

For A Moment

Originally posted by mylovelyidols

For A Moment
Genre: Angst

It was almost three in the morning when you heard the frantic knock at the door. You tied your robe over your body as you hurried to it. Checking the peephole you sighed seeing your best friend Hanbin standing there with a back pack. “What the hell are you doing?” you groaned before unlocking it and swinging it open. “Do you have any idea what time it-”

“We broke up…” he whispered. His eyes were red, rimmed with tears.

“What? What happened?” You stood stunned, eyes widened. Before you could react he crashed his lips against yours, causing you to stumble into the apartment. Your hands grabbing at the material of his t shirt as you stepped back. He closed the door behind him as he deepened it. Wasting no time leading you to the bedroom.

As you fell back you looked up at him. He slipped off his shirt before attacking your neck with kisses. “Hanbin…please…” you panted “Wait…” you pressed your hand against his chest. “What happened?” It wasn’t easy being in love with your best friend. Especially when that friend had the rockiest relationship with his girlfriend.

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anonymous asked:

If he doesn't look Lewis in the eyes, he sometimes forgets that his best friend is dead.

He’ll wake up in the middle of the night to Lewis’ familiar warmth at his back or the comforting breadth of his silhouette in front of him; Lewis will clap him on the back, or muss up his hair, or casually drape his arms over Arthur’s shoulders and rest his chin on Arthur’s head; he will scoop Vivi up into his arms or lead her in a few impromptu dance steps in fits of grandiose affection, and for a moment it’s so easy to believe that nothing’s changed. That poison-green mist and sharp, remorseless spires of rock were nothing more than a terrible nightmare.

Arthur hates these moments more than anything, because they end and it comes crashing back down on him that he can’t let himself forget that everything has changed— can’t let himself pretend otherwise— and it’s all because of him. Because when Lewis curls protectively around him and Vivi and Mystery at night he doesn’t sleep, he can’t anymore; because Arthur or Vivi will still sometimes make an extra cup of coffee in the morning that goes cold and has to be poured down the sink; because Lewis can’t face his family and Arthur has seen the look on his face when he watched from a distance as his abuela knelt in the dirt front of a polished stone in her church clothes and talked to it for almost twenty minutes; because Lewis still sometimes flinches away when Arthur reaches for him and Vivi still has migraines and memory problems.

But Lewis still makes the effort to smile at him, still calls him hermano or rey flaquito, still draws Arthur along with Vivi into his lap when they watch movies together; and Lewis’ forgiveness is sometimes so much worse than any amount of his rage could be.

Random idea. 

I really want there to be some more insight into how Malia feels about the break up. Like, not that I want pain for her, but this would be a good scene. After Stiles and Lydia are officially dating (because we know this is happening) and of course after Malia has given her blessing (friend code guys, you ask first, and Malia would be super chill and nice and just want them to be happy), I want her to still have some things to work through regarding it.

Like give me Malia who misses having someone be that close, misses the closeness that she and Stiles had, because its still a little awkward even though they decided to be chill and be friends. Give me one day when she gets to school and just kind of…sits in her car…doesn’t want to get out, because break ups are hard and they take a while to get over. 

Give me Scott noticing that she’s sitting in her car and won’t get out. Give me Scott who walks over and insists she talk to him about it. 

Give me Scott understanding what its like to see your ex be with one of your friends, because he went through the same thing. Give me Scott who assures her that she did a good thing letting them (Stiles and Lydia) be happy together. Give me Scott who assures her that she will be that happy again. Give me Scott and Malia bonding over this.



I like thinking about the pairing of Wanda and Sam because Wanda is probably the weirdest of the New Avengers (I mean, there’s the human-robot-son-of-Ultron Vision over there as well, but Vision is probably in a much better and more sociable place than Wanda after AoU), and Sam is probably the most normal. Even Rhodey who’s sorta close to being like Sam (i.e. a guy in a super suit versus the time traveling super human, the witch, the robot, and the super spy) still hangs out with Tony Stark on his free time, which as we all know basically ruins you for decent company. So yeah, there’s Sam and there’s Wanda, two people who have nothing in common except that they are supposed to periodically help save the world. 

And I always like to imagine Wanda sitting outside the Avengers building in that nice grass area at some point, eating lunch alone because that’s what you do when you’re the weird new kid and you’re still working through a lot of things, and Sam comes out at some point and sits on the other side of the bench because he’s trying to get to know his new team, and all he knows about her really is what Steve’s told him about her. Which is basically that she’s magical and weird. And he’s like, “Hey.”

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Isaac Lahey needs some space when he’s in a relationship. It’s not a bad thing, not at all, but he’s still getting used to having friends never mind being in a relationship. It takes time for him to adapt. He loves being in a relationship, he loves it, but he still has some issues and things he needs to work through and he just needs space from time to time to do so.

anonymous asked:

Can you write more Kara and siobhan drabbles/ a fic?

                                         lazarus was never this warm

Kara feels heavy.

Like when she’d first gone to the public pool and Jeremiah tried to teach her how to swim. She’d pinched her nose shut and sunk to the very bottom of the pool and sat there for two minutes, enjoying the pale blue and sharp chlorine.  

Everything was quiet.



“Miss Grant says you may leave,” Siobhan breezily says as she walks past Kara’s desk with her hands loosely clasped in front of her.

“L-leave?” Kara rises from her desk and peers over the glass windows to see what Cat’s doing.

“For the day. She’s not firing you,” Siobhan rolls her eyes and shuffles her mouse alive. “Yet.”

Kara scoffs and starts dumping random items into her purse, still looking over to Cat’s office to gauge if she’s angrier than usual.

“I guess there’s just not a lot to do,” Kara mumbles, trying not to feel so disappointed at being sent home before six in the afternoon. On a Friday, no less.

“For you, maybe.” Siobhan settles into her desk with far, far too much familiarity and licks her lips as she starts typing.

Kara ignores the smirking brunette and makes her way to the elevator, resisting the urge to look back into Cat’s office one last time.

She really isn’t needed.


“And Carter’s school play is this coming Friday so I’ve cleared your afternoon and the following morning as well,” Siobhan finishes with a flourish and smiles tight lipped at Cat, who quirks the corner of her lips and nods appreciatively.

“Excellent, Siobhan. Assistant number two, anything to report?” Cat asks and leans back in her chair, a smug air around her entire posture.

“The filing is going well, Miss Grant,” Kara says, and fights the urge to roll her eyes. The filing has been going well for the past month and she’s getting tired of repeating the same sentence.

Cat looks pleased and she dismisses them both with a wave of her hand.

“This job is so rewarding, isn’t it?” Siobhan sighs and spreads her hands on her desk in a move that’s eerily Cat like.

Kara picks up another stack of files and purses her lips to refrain from saying anything.

Winn shoots her a sympathetic smile, which she ignores in favor of imaging Siobhan dangling from the balcony ledge.

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