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So @oolongearlgrey‘s doing this cool thing where you can submit a garbage MS Paint drawing of a succubus and he’ll redraw it being all nice and shiny. I got out MS Paint and drew this sneering succubus with my touchpad and submitted it but I liked her design so much that I got excited and did my own redraw before he even got to mine heheh. I tried to keep her looking like she’d fit in Oolong’s world. 

I rarely post photos of my at-con commissions anymore cuz i’m lazy af about making them all look nice and cropped o)-< But here’s an example of my ink + color commission

Someone asked me to draw Japanese mafia Akaashi and i really liked how it turned out (✽´ཫ`✽)

Fell World

Actually I’ve been working on this for quite some time….and m’lady, remember how we talked about how swap fell AU is still a fell world and SF bros who grew up there only trust each other? So this is surely inspired by you and Angelia’s work. But is also my take on pup’s POV? (I still head cannon Sans as the elder brother and feels like he have to look out for both of them)

This writing and drawing is dedicated to @xladymalice, who seems to be having a tough time at the moment. 

I just managed to finish this. Welp, won’t say it’s great and i’m sure there are mistakes here and there. but i will be really happy if this can make you feel a tiny bit better when things in rl are not that pretty for you. 

This is a fell world

Where you can trust no one

But I still trust you with all my heart

As you trust me with yours

I will do WHATEVER you want me to do, no matter what it cost

Take my life if you want it

Crush my soul if you desire it

The pain you inflicted on me

Is the pleasure I felt in my soul


I felt unlucky to be born in such a cruel world. Especially when the existences of other universes came to my knowledge – it’s like being dealt a bad hand in life.

Yet I will still choose to be born in this hell. Because you exist in this world, and when I am with you I am in heaven.

Something inside me told me to never give up, and keep believing that there were still good in people. But watching your constant battle with this brutal world made me learned my lesson. The way all the others were looking at you, it drove me mad, it drove me INSANE, how dare they! Thinking they could take advantage of my brother and step on us if they had the chance. In this world, no one else is to be trusted.

YOU are the only good to me in this world. I know that you had always tried your best to take care of both of us, taking up the burden of two on your tiny shoulders. I could not help but wondered, how long would you be able to last under this pressure? You seemed so frangible under the weight of our reality …… and you had no idea…how alluring it was.

Anger washed over me when people failed to appreciate the greatness in you. Yet I will make sure that no one will dare to approach you. No one should see the beauty of your fury and I shall be the only one who have the luxury to experience it. I will ensure any moth attracted by your fire of anger will be burning in hell so no one will dare to even think that they can take you away from me.

The only way to survive in our world is to become stronger. I’ve learned that to protect my lord, I must become strong, and be the most terrifying monster in the underground.

So we fought together, watching each other’s back through the countless battles. Now, people will shiver at the sight of us, no one will dare laying a finger on you or even look at you. You are my lord, you are MINE.

Joy filled me when I fulfilled you command and you looked at me with pride. Your smile hinted at something you used to be, innocent and endearing, yet those traits were quickly washed away as we learned to adapt to this world.

And somehow, we managed to survive, though tainted by the craziness of where we are in. The outsiders don’t understand what we have between us. They only see us as the crazy owner and mad dog.

No body would know how you squirmed underneath my body, as I pined you down. Feeling your reaction as my every touch built up desire inside you.

I love to observe how you were overwhelmed with the tingling feeling when I reached inside your ribcage, phalanges running through between the gaps of the ribs, barely touching you, sending shocks of electric pulse across your bones.

It was such a magnificent scene to see you shivered under the sensation just by feather-light touches, driving you mad with ways of teasing that only I know how.

I noticed how your body relaxed when my phalanges traced the shape of your scapula, subtly continued the stroke from your shoulder to clavicle, sensing the last trace of strength seemed to be drained from your body as I nudged your sternum, soaked in the aura of magic around your soul.

I knew you secretly enjoyed it when my teeth scraped against your femur, leaving marks that I wished would stay forever. Feeling your magic coalesced under the caress of my tongue and hearing your whole frame rattled as I slowly licked every inch of your pubis.

Your sweet moans were muffled by your prestigious pride but I was rewarded to hear them when I drove you over the edge. Your soul pulsing in the same rhythm as mine, synchronised. We were in a realm of our own, where there were only two of us.

By moulding your every response to touch I left my own mark within you, just like the scar on your skull, declaring you permanently as mine. I would plant the idea that no one, NO ONE is worth touching you into your mind, your soul.

No I will not share, no one shall enjoy the glorious care and treatment of being at your mercy.

You know I am a possessive dog beast.

And you allow it.


This is a fell world

Where you can trust no one

But we still have each other

Every insult you barked to me

Is praise that I would enjoy

I’m yours and you are mine

Down to the last drop of our marrow

I will be by your side


oH bOY i hAVen’T dONe pixeL arT in suCh a lONg tIMe mMMM 
welp tbh i don’t like how these came out prob b/c i literally had no idea how to animate most of the special effects so most of em turned out kinda weird…

hahh this was supposed to b some undertale au crossover art for the comic all 4 of us have been working on (still need to design stuff b4 we start drawing the comic ;p) but ahhh i kinda failed orz ahaha like it’s not even in a group pose

Anyway, owner credits:
Epic Chara: @yugogeer12
Burst Chara: @amachi-blaze @keru-the-green
Glass around chara is referencing this part of Burstale’s Comic:
Goner Frisk is a lil shet i created


While Jaehee was growing out her hair, Mc convinced her to wear a butler outfit for her cafe ♥(^P^人)

Mini AU where Zen also worked in this coffee shop whenever he has time (ofc in a cat maid outfit LOLOL) along with the rest of the RFA. Not too sure how it’s gonna play out but i had lots of ideas in mind ^^ I’m hoping i can draw them out. Mini angst plays into part when this coffee shop is forced to closed down bc of a rival shop nearby, baehee once again over exerts herself and janfjndsnhjfd okey its gonna break my heart to draw this;;;;;

Well ok I am gonna show you my process of drawing Sans and Pap, with some suggestions on drawing out their features. Here it comes:

> From the beginning, make a draft for indicate their position and movements.
> The orange/blue shading show up some more features on their body structures, like Papyrus has his ribs and hips, and Sans has just, orbs, and orbs.
> To me, Papyrus’ positions always tends to be still and straight, meanwhile Sans is slightly bent front as humpbacked.

> If necessary like you are not sure how to do their outfit, add some more drafts for them. (I just skipped this part)

> After the draft, work on the outlines.

> Since I am using Medibang Paint Pro here, there are many useful tools like help you draw straight lines, concentrated lines, and CIRCLES.

I am so god damn lazy.

And then there you go, body lines.

> It doesn’t matter when you draw the faces.
> Faces on the skelebros also have a variety of versions, Here is how I draw them in my style right now:

Which is extremely simplify their facial features I am slowly killing myself yet I can’t help it for loving it

And there is all the lines.

> Then just move to the colors immediately.


Also some personal outlook headcanons when drawing the two skeletons:

  • Sans is exactly half height of Papyrus.
  • Papy’s huge eyes are  I M P O R T A N T.
  • The whole battle body Papyrus wears are made of normal cloth.
  • Papyrus wears scarf instead of cape, places the two ends on his back looks COOL when they floating behind him.
  • Also he wears hot pants.
  • Sans wear white T-shirt under his jacket, his pants are just below his knee caps.
  • He probably has many different colour of socks (mainly light color scheme), but he only has one pink slippers.

There is all I can share right now.

[pose losely based off this post] [again lol]

texsis because i dont express my love for them enough!!! im also dedicating this post to @amvial cause it was her BIRTHDAY like YESTERDAY or something. happy femslash birthday 

im tired of sad friends

They didn’t deserve to be treated the way they were. Owning an ask blog is a lot of work; you create character, draw them with your own 2 hands and put them out here. Every character deserves respect because what would the creator think if the character is not good enough. I don’t know how to elaborate on this but basically I’m saying is, our characters are precious to us, being an OC, an actual character, or an au of some sort, they are still our babies and we love them. No creator should have to stress that, it should be obvious of how much they put into the story or how they draw their baby. Every curvature of our characters makes them unique and if the character is an asshole, that doesn’t mean that the creator is. Please care for of our babies, we only trying to entertain you without stressing that our characters are hurting. Please ask of the FAQ or ask if something is alright to do. Me, I don’t like FAQ because I feel like people would be too intimidated to ask anything. Seeing things that hurts muse might/will upset mun. If something bad happens to muse and the mun still draws for it, read the tags. If they seem uncomfortable jUST STOP. Please I love to see characters happy and some angst is allowed, but not random violence. I love you guys. Please take this into consideration.


Last week we talked about field-testing a character design by drawing a page or so of comics around it to see how the design holds up.

I felt pretty good about the design I’d done in my first test, but still had some questions about how it’d work from certain angles and distances. I decided to do another test to try them out. I also wanted to test out the character underneath the design, and to develop the world of the new story i was toying around with.

In the previous short the character hadn’t made any choices or done anything, it was all mood, and I wanted to give her an opportunity to find a voice here. And I wanted a world that was more convincing and well thought-out than the little graveyard I threw together for the last short.

So I made this:

The environment here is inspired by the roman roads, thousands of years old and leading nowhere, that i saw all over Italy when I studied there. I liked the idea of a girl traveling through graveyards towards her goal, but I wanted something like a whole city, a whole country given over to death between her and her destination. Like if after the sack of Rome, everyone just abandoned the Italian Peninsula, giving it over to nameless horrors, mad gods, and the restless dead. So I gathered all the pictures of roman ruins i could find, and some arthropod reference to help with the look of my nameless horrors, and got to drawing.

The exchange between the Third Sword and the creepies in the well was motivated by some personal stuff I was dealing with at the time, and I didn’t feel like I’d found her voice at the end of it. It felt more like me working shit out than this character speaking her thoughts. And I wanted to find out if she could actually sword fight in that coat. I liked the way it looked in a breeze, but was it combat-ready, you know?

So I decided to make another short to help me find my character’s voice and to battle-test her design.


Devlog Update 132 + Alpha 10

Alpha 10 is now available for download! The full change log is at the end of this post.


When we started with this project I knew almost nothing about programming shaders, and while there’s still much left to learn I’ve gained a bit of experience. So I’ve improved the water shorelines and added refractions:

The underwater glass tunnels were faked a bit previously - we simply didn’t draw any water on top of them because I didn’t know how to make it look like they’re not flooded with water on the inside. It looked “good enough” in most cases but always bothered me and especially now with the refractions it looked weird, but I’ve figured out how to make it work properly now:

Garret started working on sciene fiction props:

And Luuk added a maintenance budget setting to rides:

Lowering the budget reduces the monthly maintenance costs but has a negative impact on safety if done for too long.


- added Jumper
- added mechanical props
- added science fiction props
- added setting one-way signs per staff type
- added missing pieces for the brick and spooky walls sets
- added adjustable ride maintenance budget
- added receiving land as reward for scenario goals
- added configurable land costs for scenarios
- added adjustable climate for scenarios
- added returning guests
- added theme filters to deco window
- added categories to blueprints window
- added banking across the 180° mark
- added limited banking to 90° per segment size
- added restoring weather and camera position when loading savegame
- added default Steam Controller configuration/scaled up UI in Big Picture mode
- added water edges at terrain end
- improved spawn positions of guest/ride info windows so they don’t all appear in the same spot
- improved deco window performance
- improved rain performance
- improved sorting of deco objects (grouped by theme)
- improved the look of water and underwater tunnels
- improves guest animation performance
- improved stopping position in station for Vertical Drop Coaster and Wing Coaster
- should fix “location occupied” error when building coaster tracks although location isn’t occupied (let us know if it still happens)
- fixed a case where Janitors were unable to transport trash out of the park
- fixed tunnel entrances sometimes showing through terrain
- fixed visual glitches on log flume water
- fixed coaster stat graph getting messed up when switching to coaster stat tab repeatedly
- fixed deco builder entries sometimes not showing enough color buttons
- fixed lag when rotating camera while editing a coaster
- fixed lag when switching to coaster stat tab
- fixed a rare case where it was impossible to click anything after loading a savegame
- fixed Star Shape and Turbine rides sometimes being in wrong position while letting guests in after loading savegame
- fixed camera not being able to focus onto objects while game is paused
- fixed not being able to edit scenarios


I’m sorry all I’ve been drawing lately is my oc’s but I forgot how much I love them ;u; anyway here’s some more sketches on figuring out their outfits and designs! Ashmedai (Ash) has lil velociraptor feet, which is common for Incubi in this world. I’ll probably clean his sketches up…. Worked on other outfit designs for Coal, too. Pit Fighter, Entertainer, and Winter to be specific! They need a bit of work still…and then we’ve got some Coal and Spirit sticking their tongues out which I also want to clean up :p

anonymous asked:

I missed the smol bean and I missed Lady Ren even more. She's so gorgeous and fearsome damn.

I missed them too anon. I seriously have too many aus running around in my head. They’re exhausting. They fight for drawing dominance and then instead of rewarding the winner I just fall asleep D: I have a serious need to draw Mad Hips Lady Ren right now though. I need hux learning her some serious lessons. I need to figure out how these mysterious hips work. I need more hours in the day so I can still sleep 20 hours and draw and go to work. first world Ydnsm problems.

Love Live! week 2015
 ↳ Day 5: Summer + BiBi

Tsukamae chau!” - Cutie Panther

Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around