still working on those drawing requests by the way

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Idk if you still doing requests those bittybones ut sans on a whoope cushion or frans the style you draw in them is cute and hi i'm new i love the way all thw characters are cute in your art style keep up the great work 😊👍🏻✨

Thank you so much!!! and sorry for the late reply but I usually keep requests from when I am art blocked, anyway here some frans <3

Work-Related Instances

A follow-up of the previous post but…

If you’re ever interested in working for illustration companies in Japan, they’ll typically come and find you (granted you have an adequate level of skill and exposure…Pixiv, DA, Tinami, whatever~) but just know, the person scouting is never an artist themselves and they’re partially style and skill blind. (Which is why I still get really SHOUNEN work from Bushiroad despite the fact that I mainly draw really cute, high-definition magical girls.) It’s not a bad experience, though.

It’s also OK if your Japanese isn’t perfect (your hiring company won’t take offense to it), but still, learn the language. It’s essential. At least, middle-school level, because you’ll have to shuffle through their polite jargon for the actual information. Some companies have English translators (—but fyi, those ones usually pay less). 

Again, the section chief who sends out the work request also isn’t usually an artist so I’ve gotten ridiculous requests like “draw a loli-ninja standing on a horse in the middle of a battlefield, getting ready to fight”…and I’m just…“there’s no way I can squish this into THAT dimension size and still look okay”. The editors are usually artists though, and they’re who you deal with most of the time, so always read your work request before you accept anything.

Pretty much every company pays 1 month after. Some require you to submit an invoice, some will do it for you. All of them will chip 10% away for tax, though.

Hmm…I don’t have bad experiences with amendments and getting the OK-stamps for work, I’m more flexible than I let on, so most things are doable for me. The editors are also usually pretty specific with what they want changed, but sometimes the initial reference are put together by someone else and they’re not at all helpful…or even relevant, so I have to press my editors for the right references. It depends on the company though. Some companies are okay, some are a little more fickle. I won’t name names.

The worst experience I have is…correspondence. First, work deadlines are always JST timezone and I’m EST, so they’re a day ahead, meaning my deadlines are always 1-day less than the written deadline. Basically I’ll waste a day waiting for a reply, but even worse, some companies don’t work weekends, so I’ll waste even more time waiting. From my experience…as soon as you get to the lineart and base stage and send those in for checks, just go ahead and finish up a lot more. Any amendments that come in after, worry about after.

There are some inconveniences, but overall I much prefer doing commercial over freelance. You’re on a deadline, but they’re also on a deadline so both parties have to work in a way that’s efficient. Meaning—they know exactly what the want, will provide me the things I need, and granted I haven’t drawn anything to get them in trouble, the contract ends cleanly and I just work on something else while waiting for pay-day.