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Bulletproof: Chapter 6

This chapter is pretty much just anxieties pov of the last chapter, and it’s pretty short, but the next chapter should be up really soon so you won’t be waiting too long this time! The next few chapters are probably going to be pretty anx focused, so I hope you like sarcasm. I’m honestly having a lot of fun writing this, and I’ve finally got a bit of a plan for the plot, so expect this to be a… r e a l l y long series.

All the positivity you guys have sent me is super encouraging and I can’t thank you enough. I’m actually considering getting my ao3 account working again, because I know Tumblr isn’t great for finding and reading fics :/ let me know if you think that’d be a good idea!!

Warnings: none for this chapter, but let me know if you think I should add something.

Chapter 6:

For the second time that day, Alex found himself sitting at a table in Pattons Plants, not working. He knew he should go back, but this was too weird to just go about his day. He stared down at the gold embossed card in his hands, already a little dog eared, thinking about how he got it.

He had just set up again, rare smile on his face. He hung on to his good mood like a cliff edge, refusing to let it slip away.
Logan and Patton were certainly… characters. He tried not to think about the fact that he couldn’t get close to them, that he probably wouldn’t ask about that job, no matter how promising. Instead he picked one of the more upbeat songs in his roster, and started playing. Over done, maybe, but over done pays. And he liked the song.

/Don’t take this the wrong way
You knew who I was
Every step that I ran to you.
Only blue or black days
Electing strange perfections
In any stranger I choose./

He let himself think, mind wandering, what would it be like to play there. Maybe a night set, with the lights dimmed. Dinner crowd scattered around tables, drinks in hand. He wouldn’t have to see their faces if he used the right lighting, making them faceless figures. Except… in his mind, he could clearly see Logan and Patton in the front row, just like they were inside. Comfortable. Welcoming. He shook his head, focusing on the song.

/Would things be easier
If there was a right way?
Honey there is no right way.
And so I fall in love
Just a little oh a little bit
Every day with someone new/

He sang every bit of what he wanted. He sang how much of him wanted to go back inside and talk again. He sang how much he wanted an easy friendship like that, how he wanted someone who could read him like a book, how he wanted someone who knew his coffee order like it was tattooed on the tip of their tongue.

/There’s an art to life’s distractions
Some how escape the burning weight
The art of scraping through
Some like to imagine
The dark caress of someone else
Oh I guess any thrill will do/

He loved being alone, but loneliness point blank sucked. It always felt so needy. There was no way to be causal about it, you wanted someone who knew you like you’d been friends for years, but you had to start on the ground level and build your way up. He tried the same carefree tone that the singer used, but it only made him sound more desperate. He threw himself into the song again, ignoring the hole in his chest.

/Would things be easier
If there was no right way?
Honey, there is no right way/

He continued the chorus, watching people pass by. There was a man in crisp white slacks who kept glancing at him from where he was talking to someone holding a stack of paperwork. He must have come out of a nearby building a good five minutes ago. Something about the way he held himself, or maybe it was how expensive everything about him looked set off Alex’s ‘the man’ reflex. He held eye contact with the sunglasses for the next few lines as his voice lowered, trying not to smirk as the guys face got red as his shirt and he nearly dropped his papers.

/I wake at the first cringe of morning
And my hearts already sinned
How pure how sweet the love beneath
Yeah you would pray for him/

Alex didn’t see himself as having many talents, but one that he treasured, and exploited whenever possible, was making authority figures really, really nervous. This might have been more flirty than terrifying, but the reaction was still pretty funny. Not like anything would come of it. No harm done.

He continued with the song, voice lightening, letting his head lean back against the building, eyes closed. It was pretty much just chorus from then on, so he cut it a little shorter than the original so his throat didn’t give out before the song ended and he could get some water. He didn’t do loud, belting songs for that exact reason, and this one was already lower than he usually sang. When he opened his eyes for the last few lines, the guy had moved to lean against a tree, watching him. Clearly someone used to getting what he wanted, but Alex would admit. The guy was hot. Preppy, which was not usually his type, but in a kind of slightly disheveled I-care-but-I-don’t-want-you-to-think-I-do way. He looked like a singer Alex saw on billboards sometimes. It was almost uncanny. As he finished the song, the guy started clapping.
/wow. Yup. He’s a douche. An attractive douche, but still a douche./
A few passers by clapped along halfheartedly, like they didn’t really know what they where clapping for. To be fair, they probably didn’t. The song usually faded to background noise for most people. They probably forgot he was even there. The fancy guy walked over to him, hips swaying.
/oh you think you’re great, don’t you. Cute./
Alex pretended he didn’t notice, counting the cash he had in the case.
“Anyone told you you’ve got a fantastic voice?” Alex snorted. “Only when they want something.” He took a slug of water from a crumpled bottle next to his case. “What if I wanted to work with you?” He saw a card out of the corner of his eye, and turned to read it. He had to fight not to spit his water all over the guys shoes. (They looked like they cost more than Alexs apartment.)

/Kingdom Records
Singer, Artist

He looked up at the guy, thinking back to the billboards.
/oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no./
Attractive douche was a 100% certified pop star, with an insane fan base and more money than Alex would know what to do with. And he was standing there, with his sunglasses pushed up onto his head, having the gall to look nervous.
Alex had to remind himself to close his jaw.

“You… wanna work with me?”

He sounded a little too incredulous, but thank god he didn’t sound like a star struck idiot. Princey looked more sure of himself, nodding.

“Yes. I’d love to.”

Alex had to recalibrate his entire view on reality again. He squinted at the guy.

“… ok. Why?” Princey looked taken aback.
“Uh, yea? You want an extra hand to get you some insane coffee order or-”
“what? No! I- I want to sing with you-”

The door banged open in the middle of Princeys sentence, revealing Logan.

From what Alex had gathered, Logan was a very put together guy. Like, 'you’d want him on your apocalypse team because he didn’t seem to crack under any kind of pressure’ kinda put together.
Logan did not look put together now, though.

Princeys eyes widened noticeably, flicking from Logan to Alex. “I-think about my offer- I should really go-”
Alex would not have guessed that Logan was a drill sergeant in a past life, but apparently Alex was wrong about a lot of things today.
“Yup, time to go”
Princey flinched again, starting a tactical retreat (running the hell away,) still clutching his papers. Alex watched in amazement as Logan practically chased one of the most famous men in the city back to his car.
Oh god. He had. So many questions.

Semi-useful Advice for the Oblivious Freshmen

This may be helpful for any of my followers that are going into college. If not, well. I don’t really give a fuck. Read this bitch anyway.

Also, this is part one and I will possibly make part 2 if I find the time.

1. Don’t Bring Your Whole Wardrobe

Just. Just fucking don’t. You’ll have way too much stuff to pack, and you won’t even wear a good majority of it, I promise. Before college, like a week or so before, have a garage sale of a lot of your clothes and ask yourself if you’ve worn it in the past year (or 6 months if you prefer), and if the answer is no, get rid of it. I promise you’ll get rid of most of your clothes and feel better by the time you leave for school.

2. Make Friends in Your Classes

I honestly wish I had done this more often. And even if you’re shy and antisocial, it pays off. If you miss a class, you can have them e-mail you the notes or whatever assignments you’ve had, and they can explain whatever you missed. Also it’s good for studying as well because when finals come and you’re crammed up alone in your room at 2 am wishing there was a better way to study, you’ll wish you would’ve done this. It’s a lot easier to invite a friend to the library or your dorm, have some snacks and music, and just talk and study together. Well, don’t talk way too much about other things or you won’t get much studying done, but still. It’s an easy and fun way to help information stick.

3. Go To Class!

Trust me, there are days when you just don’t wanna drag your ass out of bed and walk 5 minutes to get to class. The worst times are in the Winter if you don’t have a car and a five minute walk is like a day long trek through a blizzard. It’s not fun >.< But it honestly benefits to go to class, even if you feel like crap. You may not be able to pay perfect attention for the entire class, but if you try, (and stay off Tumblr -_-) then you can still be able to retain a lot of information that can help you during your studying.

4. 8 am In High School is Not The Same as 8 am In College

Here’s the situation: You’re scheduling your classes and see that one of your classes is at 8 am and you’re thinking, “Well, I did it in high school so I can do it in college!” Hahahah. Ha. ha. No. Just, no. I don’t know what the hell changes in that summer between high school and college, but it’s just never gonna be the same. You’ll be so tired, no matter how many energy drinks or coffee you drink. And you’ll rarely have the attention span to pay attention for an hour and a half at 8 am, nor the right amount of sleep to do so for the rest of the day. Only take these classes if they are absolutely necessary.

5. Schedule Early

This kinda goes along with the last tip. If you want to avoid 8 am classes (or classes at a horrible time), schedule your classes as early as possible. Talk to your advisor early about what classes you’ll need for the next semester, and within the first week or so that registration is available, do it. Or the good classes at noon will be taken and full and you’ll be stuck in an 8 am class hating your life. Also, with scheduling, make sure you don’t have too many classes all on the same day. And also make sure you have breaks between classes if possible, especially around noon so you can get lunch. 

6. Get Rid of Your High School Study Habits

Just lose them. Now. They are complete and utter shit compared to how you need to study in college. Research some good study tips (sorry, I currently have none. It’s my current summer project lol). Also, different subjects require different ways to study. You can make all A’s in History with just note cards alone, and then fail Biology with the same study technique. Find something good that works for you and stick with it.

7. Pulling All-Nighters

Eh…this one is debatable. Sometimes they are necessary, but they take tolls on your body. You lose sleep, therefore gaining stress. And generally, these can be avoided. An easy way is to plan out what you need to do, how much time you should spend on each task, and then try to accomplish each task before a certain time, and try to stick to a good bedtime every night. Hopefully before midnight, but it’s ok to pull the occasional all-nighter for studying. Just don’t do it more than a few times a semester or you will feel terrible.

8. Find a Good Place to Study

There’s a good place to study for everyone, and yet it’s not the same for everyone. But generally a few rules are find a place that has plenty of lighting, little distractions, and is quiet and comfortable. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for places to study.

a. The library-Good place. Great place, actually. There are books, computers, resources, and a lot of space. Also, it’s really quiet, and if you have a college like mine, there will be little private rooms you can use to have your own quiet space to study.

b. The dining hall-Bad place. All the shouting, talking, and distractions are terrible for your concentration.

c. A desk in your room- It’s good if you have a clean and organized desk, but it’s bad if it’s messy, you have a loud roommate, or loud suitemates. Or too many distractions around.

d. Your bed- Bad place. You associate your bed with relaxation and sleep, therefore that’s more likely what you’re going to feel when studying. Although your study area should be comfy, it shouldn’t want to make you fall asleep.

e. A friend’s room- Can be either. It can be a good way to study with friends, but also comes with the possibility of distractions, so be careful.

f. In class- Eh…No. Bad place. It can seem like a good idea, but in the end you lose focus in that class.

9. Make a Routine

This can definitely help you with staying organized and keeping time for yourself. Have a morning routine and a nightly one as well. I didn’t have either of these last semester really, but have learned that they can help a lot. What you should include in your morning  one is breakfast, getting clean, a little time for yourself, getting dressed, getting all your things organized, and going to class. For the evening you should go to work if you work and if not, come back to your dorm, relax for a few moments (don’t take a nap, it’ll ruin you lol no matter how much you want it.) Make a snack or some tea, and study for a few hours, taking a few small breaks. Then take time to relax, take a shower, read a book, watch your favorite show, etc. Then get clean, do whatever else you do before bed, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. And then do it again the next day. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, but a routine in your day can definitely help you a lot and helps you feel better. Also, it will prevent you from just rolling out of bed and throwing on clothes and rushing to class at the  last minute.

10. Make Nice with your Roomie and Suitemates

You don’t have to be best friends or anything. But get to know eachother, know their pet peeves, some likes and dislikes, and try to get along. You don’t want to hate the person you have to spend the next year living in a room with. And you never know, they could turn out to be your best friend. During the first few days, you’ll probably hang out with your roomates and suitemates a lot and help eachother learn the campus. And really, just be courteous. Clean up after yourself, don’t invite people without asking, don’t use their stuff without permission, and don’t do things that you know they hate, or that you’d hate someone doing to you. Also, with suitemates (and roomates) have bathroom schedules if it’s necessary. 

Anyways, so that’ 10 of my tips for freshmen going into college. I’ll possibly make more if you like this ^-^

Looking for a penpal~

 /Tumblr friend /Facebook friend /???

Name: Faula.
Age: 23.
Location: Kenora, Ontario, Canada.
Path: Witch =)
Contact: Message me here on Tumblr. I like sending letters and gifts, but we can also chat online =)

Likes: Reading, writing/blogging, being on the lake, playing with my pets, fashion and make-up, origami, Japan, anime/manga, magick, shopping, baking, piercings, putting together gifts, Tarot cards, surprises, chocolate, stockpiling books, faeries, nature, crystals, fashion blogs, lists of things to do.
Dislikes: Headaches, working over-time, peanut butter, and liars.
Hobbies: Reading Tarot cards, taking care of my guinea pigs, hiking in the woods, buying shoes, putting together packages for penpals and working on my blogs.

Favourite Movies: I like horror, anime, and anything fantasical =) Some of my favs include The Golden Compass, Practical Magic, Battle Royale, Vampire Knight, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sucker Punch and The Last Unicorn.
Favourite Music: J-Rock (Gackt, Hyde/L’arc/VAMPS, The GazettE, Dir en Grey), K-Pop (Big Bang, 2NE1, 4minute, Super Junior), annd Florence & the Machine, Alan Doyle/Great Big Sea and Loreena McKennitt.
Favourite Books: I’ll read pretty much anything, although anything supernatural/fantasical is high on my list =) A few of my fav authors are Maggie Stiefvater, Karsten Knight, Julie Kagawa, Maggie Shayne, Garth Nix and C.S Lewis.

About: I’ve been a witch since I was 12. I am still studying and learning, of course, and I love sharing my thoughts & experiences! I read anything witchy that I can get my hands on. I work mostly with Tarot cards and crystals. Right now I’m hoping to explore more divination methods. Outside of the Craft, I enjoy watching movies, shopping, playing with my pets, and blogging. I’m slowly learning Japanese and saving up for a trip to Japan =)

Please message me if you’d like to be friends!

(I edited this post from my defunct witchy penpal blog Quills and Parchment. Maybe I should start it up again…)

Warden Commander Aeron Tabris | Art by @steftastan


…I’m sorry. I’m just. I’m so very hyped about this right now? It is nearly 2am as I type this, and I am just really hyped because dude, look.

A while back (four months back, according to Tumblr, wow) I saw the gorgeous tarot card @sarcasmfish commissioned from @steftastan and I, being the sort to be as I get about art (and also having hemmed and hawed over wanting to have a tarot card of Aeron done but not being sure if I should get one) was finally like, “That’s it. I want one, I am getting one, and I want that artist to do it.”

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Wait, what happened? Why were you fired?

It’s a pretty long story and generally gets chalked up to mismanagement and a toxic working environment. I don’t blame myself, especially since someone is fired at that job every 2 weeks. (We would get e-mail notices when someone ‘left the company’.) But it still stings. The kicker is I’d spent a fair amount of money on buying work-appropriate clothing that I can’t pay back without an income. I also happen to be one of the kinds of creatures that needs to eat to survive… but that’s where you come in!

So what are you selling?

Two types of drawings. One of busts with simple colors, and the playing cards I had for special commission last February.

This is a sample bust in the coloring style I’ll use. Other busts in various coloring styles can be seen at this link.

These are sample cards. More cards to look at are here, link one, link two, and link three

So how much is each?

A single bust is 7 USD. Adding a second, like in the example, brings that to 11 USD. This can be the same character or a different one.

A single playing card is 20 USD. Buying a pair is 30 USD. (Note: There is an extra 10 USD for playing cards like the Marceline & Ice King pair which have two different versions of the character.)

Do you have a list of stuff you will or won’t do?

will draw OCs, fan-art, and more humanoid anthro things. 

This time, I will not draw full images or offer adjustments more complicated than tweaking colors or other minor things. 

Are there any rules I should know about?

Just a few details,

  • I take payment up-front and retain ownership of the art.
  • Please don’t upload to deviantART or here on tumblr. I post my art in both places already, so you can reblog or link. 

How do I place an order?

E-mail me at with the title “Emergency Commission”. In the e-mail, let me know which type of commission you want, include your references, and anything else I might need to know. I’ll tell you how much it is and send a paypal invoice to be paid.

And please! Signal boost this as far as you can, I really appreciate it!!

Rainbows in Brussels - D Day - Part 1: The Meet-Up

“Why are you packing your camera mommy?” - My heart breaks just a little as I explain that I am meeting some friends I won’t see again for a long time and I want to take some pictures to remember them by. It’s a little white lie - really, I am mostly hoping to catch some decent footage of my favs with that camera, but I don’t have the heart to tell my son I will be seeing his favorite gentlemangirl on stage tonight. Because he “wuvs hawwie”, like really *l*o*v*e*s* him, and I won’t hear the end of it.

The hotelroom where half the TMHFN team is staying is a cosy mess of clothes, hairchalk, t-shirt collars and chargers. Decked out in rainbows, all batteries loaded, we take one last pic of the rainbow hairsquad to post online before we head to the pre show meetup, fashionably late. At the metro station it becomes clear for the first time that juggling priorities - always a challenge for this team when the band is on tour - is just a little too difficult this time with our weekend long rainbow party, a show to attend, and social media to keep up with. All rainbows and chargers are there, but a few tickets are not…

As the only Belgian TMHFN team member, I really don’t want to miss out on my rainbow party so I decide to go ahead and brave the metroride to the Atomium alone. And brave it is, even if I say so myself, because despite the metrostations playing One Direction all day - thoughtful MIVB but it would have been more useful if you’d opened all your stations and ran a few extra trains past midnight - Belgium is still Belgium and not New York, meaning my wig, and I, get a lot of ugly stares. I hesitate for two seconds whether I shouldn’t play safe and stick with the rest, but then I remember unexpectedly being sucked into Pride festival in New York because “some rainbow freak” (even in New York there’s assholes who say that out loud) in my car was being all loud and rainbowy and I just followed the trail. I can do that. I will be Belgium’s own rainbow freak today.

My appreciation for small children goes up 200 per cent when three of them fill up the seats the adults refuse to take around me and one says my hair “is beautiful but is it real?” The adults around visibly relax when I break out my biggest smile and say “no, sir, I just dressed up for a party”. I am not the only one in my car attending that party and when it’s our stop the wig does exactly what it’s supposed to do: tell them who to team up with to find the Atomium. Conversation with my new friends is easy: Brussels is still buzzin’, the atmosphere is amazing and there are so many stories to exchange: where are you from, how did you get into the fandom, how was your trip, which seats do you have, which rainbow items did you bring, and - of course –who do you ship, what is your tumblr, who is your favorite? 40 per cent chance it’s Louis, judging from the bandana’s, with Harry as a close possible second.

At the Atomium, we spend several hours painting nails & faces, eating rainbow cupcakes, exchanging crafts, cutting cards, and tagging and handing out balloons to recruit more people. We are THIS close to 300 participants and team members Alice, Trine, Linda and Laura are committed to make that number before our batteries run out and we can’t celebrate our victory on social media. The minute it happens - by then we have joined the Belgian meetup for a singalong in front of the Atomium - our visual artist Trine draws a celebration post on the spot and I am once again amazed by the drive and creativity of this incredible team. 

It’s been a warm few hours, literally and figuratively. Group hugs at the news that Jonas, the big brother from yesterday, is given a free ticket by another Rainbow Directioner so he can join his sister to the show. He is immediately coloured rainbow and signed up. I’ve made friends, and while yesterday the rainbow lunch hour oddly broke in on a busy work day, today, I’ve exchanged business cards with Helene, who - so we find out after a good heart to heart about what it’s like being an adult Directioner (bottom line: we give no shits) - is in the same line of work. Life is amazing and full of surprises.

Bags need to be dropped off at different hotel rooms, and now that the Belgian street team is wearing Sina & Szilvi’s rainbow badges - shoutout to the Belgian street team because they have been incredibly supportive - Trine, Alice, Laura and Linda are bent on spreading the balloons and the rainbow love amongst the people cueing – we split and agree to meet up again for a quiet dinner with the TMHFN team a few hours later. It’s so packed with people now, that I miss my entrance an end up walking the whole grounds. This gives me more of a taste of the “general audience” – remnants of a night’s camping to get front row, promo crews handing out freebees, TV crews trying to get a shot of that typical screaming teenage girl for tonight’s obligatory news item moms, dads, brothers and sisters, all decked out with matching shirts & the dads clearly getting the “remaining” bandana’s. Also visibly present are other rainbows shooting me quizzical looks.  We yell “Rainbow Directioooon !!!“ while waving our flag-capes. The buzz has definitely grown and become more colourful overnight.

Spotting the crew’s parking lot, the sheer magnitude of the machine suddenly dawns on me. I stop at the gates – next to the girls hoping to get a glimpse of Niall on a Segway or Louis playing footie– to take it in properly. The amount of trucks is impressive. And as I walk on and we are passed by a blinded car, I throw in my New York rainbow freak death stare at whoever’s in the back, on the off chance it’s Harry Magee again – the only band-related person besides Lou I got to see “backstage” last time.

As I pass Malin & Emma’s hotel on the way to mine, I realize that losing another hour on public transport on my own while the team have so little time together isn’t worth it. I walk my rainbow rockchick wig, washed off stretch jeans, cut out t shirt and the badges I got from Szilvi into this fine hotel where only months ago I was collecting distinguished speakers for a conference at work – worlds continue to collide – and find that the hotel reception does not treat me any differently than they did when I was wearing a pantsuit, not a blink. I make a mental note to recommend this hotel to everyone and anyone who ever needs a place to stay in Brussels - although Malin&Emma are already boozing up on bubbles, so I am not sure I’ll remember.

Charged and ready to mingle again, the full team - minus Manon and Audrey who are already on the floor - is hooking up for dinner. We find everyone perched on Lisa’s giant rainbow flag. As I sit down to chat with her and her friend, while she’s covering everyone in glitter, it’s hard not to get emotional. Lisa is a Takemehomefromnarnian from the first hour, kept Ed, Molly, Anna and myself organized during our first six months, long before this campaign started. She was also one of Rainbow Direction’s first participants to bring a huge flag to a concert. Linda has already met her but she’s possible the one person who understands how much this meeting means to me. And suddenly I really miss Ed, my Narnian companion through thick and thin. We bombard him with selfies, but his snark cannot be replaced. 

During dinner, I finally get to know Ariane, who will be joining me for the concert in Marta’s place.   There’s another person that is sorely missed. I am grateful to have Ariane join me instead as she is every bit as lovely in person as she has been online and while we chat away about music, children and project communications (this mini press team has two articles to celebrate!), I can see she’s listening around for possible quotes to go in the post-concert press release.  Meanwhile, Linda is giving final instructions to the “homefront”, Myrto, Nia and Anna, who are supporting our RD co-founder Ellis liveblogging people’s experiences from the concert. The first messages from “inside” are seeping in: rainbow bondage bear is there, with a baby, and sporting rainbow locks. Damn.


The buzz explodes. It’s time to forget about social media, and about rainbow crafts, it’s time to get to our seats and follow Linda’s good advice: “stop thinking about what you are doing and go completely crazy”. It is time for the show.


PS: as the continental Europeans making up more than half of the TMHFN team were all in Brussels we decided to share our experiences live from this blog for the occasion.

ericusrexlovesartinallforms  asked:

Have you written any Sterek AU bodyguard stories? I like the gifset a lot 😊

I haven’t but here is a little rec list of bodyguard!Derek fics for you :)

All fics are complete.

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus & uraneia (21k, E)

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Or in which uraniea and lupinus combine meeting the Hales, President Papa, waking up married, fake/pretend relationship, First Boy Stiles, and bodyguard Derek into one fic.

Strike Softly (Away from the Body) by qhuinn (35k, E) 

Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

if your color’s blue by HalfFizzbin (1k, Teen)

It’s election day, and America is about to make a choice between the openly-bigoted Governor Argent and the liberal, werewolf-sympathizing Senator Stilinski.

Nowhere Man by 1lostone (76k, E)

When Stiles leaves Beacon Hills, he does it without a backwards glance. For two years he is happy on the other side of the country- until someone targets not only him, but his daughter.

Unfortunately, the asshole bodyguard his dad hired to make sure he gets back home is none other than Derek Hale. And that's really not very good for either of them.

Not the usual form of Payment by Anachanee (99k, E)

John Stilinski has been brutally killed and Stiles Stilinski finds himself thrust to the head of the American branch of the Stilinski Clan at the age of eighteen. The mobster family that operates mainly in central Europe, but had branched out to America with one very talented Claudia Stilinski, who had secured the market of central California (San Francisco, Brentwood, San Jose). She was succeeded by her husband and now her son.

When his enforcer, Isaac, brings him Derek Hale as compensation for his family’s debt, he’s not quite sure what to do. The Hales were a successful family who had worked with the Stilinskis quite successfully over the last decades. Now they are offering their son instead of money. Though Stiles is still learning the ropes of this mob business, he’s pretty sure that THAT’S not normal!

Stiles ends up using Derek as a bodyguard which is probably not what you’re meant to do with a rival family’s son, but Stiles is making this up as he goes. And despite him being a mobster, he still has some dignity left.

(Polly’s note: This one is actually inspired by one of my other AU’s)

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My 1989 Experience ft the Red Tour.

I never really took the time to write a post about my 1989 experience with a small insight into my Red Tour Concert. I guess reality and life took over after such a magical event and I never really got to put it all into words. I want to share my dream coming true because I really hope that if you’re reading this, yours come true someday too. So here goes… 

The Red Tour

After being a Swiftie since 2008, I finally got the chance to attend one of Tay’s tours and it was more than I could have ever imagined. Growing up in a small town in England, my family and I bought tickets to the RED tour in Kansas City, USA… Me and my little brother decided to make our posters bright, with his expressing our travels and mine featuring a sketch of Taylor on one side and Ed Sheeran on the other. We all dressed in red and added lights! My t-shirt pointed to my brother and said, ‘God smiles on my little brother’ and his pointed to e to say, ‘Never Grow Up’. Both lyrics/songs mean a lot to me so it was lovely to put them on t-shirts.
    After four flights, we finally made it! We were all so tired and in a rush to make it on time but it was worth it. People wanted to take pictures with us and the security loved us so much that they called the ‘manager’ to come and see what we had made… The 'manager’ turned out to be Mama Swift and I cannot tell you how lovely and beautiful she is. She is honestly the most wonderful woman. I met some amazing Swifties and the concert was so magical… I still have confetti from the end of the show <3 It was such a long journey but I would fly across the world to see her again.

The 1989 Tour

So where to start? I guess it all began the day I heard 1989 for the first time; with every song, I began sketching and doodling ideas for possible outfits. After debates, I finally decided to create a polaroid skirt….

Creating the Skirt:
When I first envisioned a polaroid skirt, I thought it would be simple… Sewing a few pictures on, how hard can it be, right? WRONG. I had over sixty polaroids that I had to work onto my skirt. I began by making small sketches of colour ideas, layering techniques and style. From this, I showed my mum and we bought a basic black circle skirt. However, when we began to pin the polaroids on the skirt, we realised that a full circle skirt was not going to work! The polaroids were difficult enough in texture and this certain skirt made them hang really weirdly. We found another skirt and experimented more, and luckily it worked. To help vision the skirt, we attached it to a mannequin  and added the images. After we were happy, my mum sewed them all on whilst I  arranged them how I liked them best… And after many hours, we finally completed it!

Making the Poster:
Once the skirt was completed, me and Sam decided to work on the poster. We had so many discussions and change of ideas for this one haha… In the end, we wanted to go for an older Tay style poster, hence the hands in a heart shape. Using poster board, card and lots of time, we finally got the shape we anted. After this we filled the shape with lyrics and doodles. To finish, we added Electroluminescent wire so it would light up at the concert! :)

The T-Shirts:
The T-shirts we wore were inspired by Bad Blood. I designed them on my computer adding both me and Sam’s names and adding 'Manchester Premiere 24.06.15’ to create personal, finer details.

The Concert:
Okay… So the whole thing was like a crazy ball of magical glitter!!! The night before, I put my outfit on Tumblr and went to sleep with 2 reblogs. The enxt morning, I woke to find that 300 people had liked/reblogged my photo and I was so surprised at the reaction I got. By the afternoon, I had over 800 notes and I can never ever thank all of the Swifties for sharing and supporting my hard work! <3 Anyhow, I curled my hair, added red lipstick and put on my skirt (which restricted me from sitting down properly :’) haha ) and finally made it to the concert with Sam. There were so many Swifties and cool outfits… People kept staring at my skirt and asking for pictures, including a man from a Newspaper Company and I was filled with this little sense of butterflies and happiness. We met two Swifties dressed in fox outfits and ended up making friends. Once the doors opened, we ran so fast to find Taylor Nation, and yes, we all had a joke saying, 'we are the foxes… and we RUN!’.
    When we arrived, the queue was so so long but we really wanted to get pictures. So we waited, and waited and waited for around an hour and a half. The girls dressed as foxes left but Sam convinced me to stay… We finally got to the front of the queue and we knew Tay was going to be on any minute. I was so worried that I was going to leave but once again, Sam said I should stay. We met some other Swifties who were so lovely- and we even ended up getting photos in the booth with them! I had written a card for both Taylor and Mama Swift, but I decided not to give them to anyone to pass on as I figured a lot of people do that. So I held onto them. After we had our photo taken, I was asked to get a picture alone on a different camera… I never really thought much of it; I guess I thought it was for the website or something but looking back now, it may have been for other reasons…
After this, I ran so fast to find out seats, I skipped buying a drink and just sprinted ragging Sam with me… :) We made it in time, got our bracelets on and I was so so happy.  When Tay came on, I was screaming so hard, I think I actually died right there and then. R.I.P me.
When Welcome to New York was playing, I saw Mama Swift walk past me and I freaked out so much! I tried to grab my card that I made for her but by the time I got it, she was gone… and as you can imagine, everyone swarmed around her to get pictures. I realised she wasn’t going to come back so I forgot about everything apart from the concert. Sam said he would mind my letter just in case… I was dancing and singing so much that I never thought about Loft 89 or meeting Tay because right in that moment, I was just so thankful to be at the concert…  
During the second song, Sam noticed a woman who was taking photos of me- I thought she was also a fan until I saw her go backstage… Once again, I didn’t really think about it too much.
      During the third song, I was dancing like crazy and somehow, I noticed Mama Swift passing me again. So, I shouted so loud, 'Mama Swift!!!!’ and she turned to look directly at me. My heart stopped and I was like, 'I wrote you a letter…’ and I tried to hand it to her… She smiled this amazing smile and said, 'OMG! WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS EVERYWHERE!’
I didn’t really process what she said so I spluttered, 'I wrote you a letter…’ Mama Swift then repeated, 'I don’t think you understand… we have literally been looking for you guys everywhere!’. At that moment I was in shock. Us? Me? What? Why? I questioned over and over. She asked us if we had ever met Tay and I began to cry so much. I told her no and she gave us Loft 89 passes. I kept on crying and thanking her. She asked if the card was for Taylor and I told her it wasn’t and that I had made it for her. She thanked me and carried on greeting other fans.
After that, I just enjoyed the concert and danced till the very end. I sang so much and I felt like I was in some kind of dream. I guess I’ve wanted to meet Taylor since 2008 and the fact it was going to happen was just magical  perfect enchanting … I can’t even describe it in words because words will never be enough to tell you how my heart was fluttering and pounding against my chest, how I wanted to cry all these fuzzy warm tears and how everything just fell right into place…

Loft 89:
After the show, we had to meet at a certain place so me and Sam ran to find it… We met two really lovely people and were discussing how it all happened! :D I called my mum to tell her and she cried… I thanked her for all her help with the skirt and told her how much I love her. When we entered Loft 89 there was pizza and cold drinks and it was perfect. Like Pizza and Tay?! What could be better ahha. I remember Ellie Golding playing in the background but the rest was a blur because of how excited I was. Me and Sam took a place in the corner and waited for Taylor to speak to us. When it was our turn, she came over and was like, 'OMG I saw your skirt on TUMBLR!!!’ and in that moment, everything fit together like a puzzle. Why people were taking photos of me, why Mama Swift said she was looking for us… Taylor personally wanted to meet me! :’( :D! She asked if it took a long time and I was like, 'yes, a VERY long time!’. She was like 'oh you sewed them all on that’s so cool!’ and asked if I wanted one of them signing…I said no thank you as I had a spare polaroid with me that I wanted her to sign. She asked my name and how to spell it and I swear my life was complete there and then. She knows my name and that’s all I ever wanted. She signed Sam’s Loft 89 pass and I gave her my card. I was so speechless that I never got to say everything I ever wanted but I wrote it all in the card. The card had a drawing of Elsa on it that I did :) She asked if we wanted a picture and I was like, 'YES!!!’. She saw our poster and was like, 'OMG this is so cute! Did you guys make this!?’ and I laughed and nodded. Taylor then giggled and was like, 'Can I just like, stick my head through it?!’ OMG I WAS LAUGHING SO MUCH! So that’s how we got such a cool unique photo- like Tay you are epic for that idea! We said our goodbyes and left Loft 89 after she met everyone else. I remember walking home that night so damn happy and it’s all because of Tay.

So Taylor, thank you for being there for me since 2008, thank you for picking me out of a crowd of 21,000 people and thank you for being my friend when no one else was. I know how lucky I was and I will never ever take that for granted.

I love you taylorswift, you are amazing in every single way.

From 2008, back to 1989 and to the endless years of forever and always…

Lizzie xxx

"Being Poor Is the Pitts"

or, Bella’s Attempt to Beg Money from her amazing beautiful Tumblr Followers.


I realize how long this is. Please read it anyway. I’m also going to make a tag “bella needs your help” on my tumblr and I’ll keep you posted. I know the idea of this having any sort of reaction is so small but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I need this to have hundreds of notes. It needs to be said.



I hate the idea of doing this with every fiber of my being. And it’s a completely self-inflicted problem. If any of my friends asked me to borrow money just on video games and booze, or pizza, or literally anything, I’d give them money with no problem. (And, to be honest, maybe that’s part of the reason why I’m in this mess to begin with.)

What mess, Bella?

A few years ago, I was in a car accident. Because of that, I had to buy a new car. Instead of using the insurance money to buy a used car completely, I was nudged and convinced by a car salesman to buy a used car and continue to pay it off. This was a mistake. Since then, I’ve had jobs that pay me little to nothing. This isn’t a problem unique to me. But what happens from that is that I pay things at the expense of other things. If I pay my phone bill, my car insurance gets impatient. If I pay my car insurance, my car payment calls once a day. If I pay off my car, my phone gets cut off.

Oh, and if I buy food, pretty much everything goes out the window.

I’m blessed enough to be living under a roof where I don’t have to pay rent, outside of running errands for my sister, otherwise I don’t know what sort of life I’d be living at this point.

Well, that’s sad. But what’s wrong now?

I thought I was balancing everything better than I actually was. Monday afternoon, I came home to a letter from my car financing saying that if I don’t pay the rest of the car loan off, they will take my car.

To give perspective, my job is a delivery driver. If I lose my car, I lose my job. They ~might~ give me an inshop position, but that’s unlikely. Also, considering almost a hundred percent of what I provide for to my rent-free living is car based (driving sister to school, going to the store, etc), as much as they say otherwise I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to live here. So I’ll lose my car, job, and home in the blink of an eye.


Shit indeed, vague disembodied bold voice. But, there’s hope. (Okay, no, there isn’t.) But this is where I’m at right now.

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So I’ve been meaning to do this for months now but lots of things kept coming up. And now I am nearing 800 followers. I legitimately can’t believe it. Scott and Stiles’ thoughts on the chalkboard are accurate representations of my own thoughts. So, without further ado, here we go!

The Alphas

Y'all are the best of the best and deserve a very special mention. The Alphas of my pack of followers.

bleep0bleep - I gotta start with you. First off, thank you for making this wonderful little banner since I lack any form of visual artistic ability.  It’s amazing. I think I talk to you the most of anyone on tumblr tbh (probably because of stuff about my fics). You’ve been an immense help to me as a writer. I don’t know if The War Of The Nemeton and A Crack In The Hourglass would be as good as they are without your betaing and pointers. They might have never come into existence in the first place as I was so daunted by the idea of doing a long fic initially! You’re a brilliant writer in your own right and are rightfully recognized for it! You also make epic edits. So, yes, thank you for everything and for being so awesome.

prettyinsoulpunk - You’ve been an amazing person to talk to. Always so open to discussing meta, theories, idea, etc. for Teen Wolf and other shows we both watch. I enjoy our conversations and am still immensely jealous that you’ve made it to TW cons and gotten to meet people. ONE DAY!!!! Also, your fic reviews have been the best things I’ve ever read about my works and they’ve helped me improve as a writer. I can’t wait for the day you have the time to read my two long fics and give me your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear them. Beyond that, you’ve been just a great person in general and supportive. Thank you.

haaaveyoumeted - You’ve really just been a generally amazing person since I first started following you. We’ve talked off and on about tons of things from fandom to real life stuff. You make amazing edits and are part of several of my fandoms. You’re also responsible for dragging me into the Divergent fandom and the TMR fandom to some degree as well (you were my first source of it). So, just know you’re great and you deserve the best. :D I hope everything is going well with you.

The Keepers of the Glade

Some of my favorites from the Maze Runner Fandom. Y'all have been truly amazing and made my experience in the TMR fandom quite something.

captaingally - I hereby dub you Keeper Of The Gladers. I realize that was never formally a thing in the book, but that’s basically what Alby was if you think about it. Anyway, you’ve been one of the best people I’ve met in the TMR fandom and you helped me out with the giveaway banner! You also make great gifs, edits, icons, etc. So, yeah. Thanks for being awesome.

wickedisgood - Your URL pretty much wins you a perpetual follow forever, but really you’re great. We’ve had some awesome discussions about the books and movie. You also sell some really cool TMR shirts and hoodies (which I will order eventually x_x). So, yes. You’re amazing.

thegladuh - We’ve talked a few times. You’re poetry is really good and you also post lots of other awesome TMR stuff. Also, I really like your URL for some reason, lol. I think I first found you when someone reblogged your post about Gally which lead to me writing Gally’s Story. Thanks for that inspiration!

The Betas

Y'all deserve a special little shoutout for being especially awesome!

otherbully1 - You rescued me from dealing with athenadark for the first time and I’ve followed you ever since. Your TW blogging and blogging in general is awesome. Your comments on the show and other things range from hilarious to super insightful and that’s awesome. Keep doing you! (Also, you’re a fellow Louisianian, so extra bonus points lol)

drakamena - We’ve discussed meta, ships, etc. about Teen Wolf and TMR. I’ve enjoyed our discussions in the past and I’m sure we’ll have some more when season 5 comes along. I look forward to it. Also, I still remember the short little fic you wrote and gifted to me on AO3. Thanks for that again. You’re fantastic!

shattered-addiction - Not sure if you’ll get to see this, dude, but you’re one of the first people I started following on tumblr. I think I found you through a post of yours about Are You Afraid Of The Dark lol. Anyway, we talk a lot (though life has kept us both busy so not so much lately) and I really enjoy it. You’re a cool dude and worthy of mention on here.

the-ravenclaw-prefect - You drug me into the OUAT fandom and I regret absolutely nothing about this lol. You’re in so many of my fandoms, too. We really should discuss all thing Harry Potter sometime btw. Ah, and I think I managed to pull you into Teen Wolf? Ah, who knows. Either way, you’re awesome and keep on practicing. You’re a great musician, too.

damnitxavi - The fact that this ended up being your URL will never not make me laugh. It all started as a joke your freshmen year and it still persists today. It’s just so perfect. Nothing else could ever be your URL. Anyway, I couldn’t NOT give you a special shoutout. You deserve it. You’re a great person and you’re far more talented and skilled at many things than you’ll ever realize. Remember that. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You’ll be alright in the end. Anyway, keep on being awesome, dude.

knottystilinski - Mike, you fuck. I almost skipped you because you changed your URL and didn’t tell me. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. Ahem… Anyway, dude, you’re always fun to talk to, fandom or otherwise. We should definitely chat more often. I always enjoyed it. Maybe some Cards Against Humanity too? :D Anyway you earned a spot here for sure.

My Pack (the real follow forever list)


ageofbuttron dylansoobriens ealdra emilytumblshere estraeven


imtotallycoolwithscott inderlander jojos-bizarre-trash(reluctantly =P)


kateargen marky-marxist(duh. bestest RP buddy EVER) mazerimmer(MORE LOUISIANIAN FRIENDS) mrsnugglebum


neorxna newtmare paandesoul projecstiles punkgally puresciles 


servantproto sora2522 sterekdimples stilesanity stonersciles superserum 


tacoposey thebloodymaze thedarkrunner ttdow tylerposet youcancallmecaptaingally zyralith

Alright! I think that about does it for the follow forever! It means a lot to me that nearly 800 people follow me. Y'all are amazing even if you aren’t on this list. So, as always, thanks for following.

a small issue that apparently needs to be addressed

as those of you who follow me because of my writing probably know by now, i made a post yesterday to let you know that i’m leaving 1dff after “tie that binds” is completed. in that post, i also said that i’d be taking down my most recent fic, “cards are dealt”, for the simple reason that i don’t want any unfinished works lying around on my profile after i’ve left.

“cards are dealt” didn’t get half as much attention as some of my other fics, the review-counts were all single digits, but i’ve never been too concerned about reviews and i enjoyed writing this particular fic so much that i hardly ever thought about it. i figured that hey, if people don’t like my story, that’s okay, i still love writing it.

however, since i took the fic down yesterday afternoon, i’ve received no less than twenty-one messages on different social medias from people telling me how sad they are and how much they loved “cards are dealt”, and over 70 people have downloaded the chapters i put up on mediafire. and that makes me wonder, why did hardly anyone say something when the story was still up? why wait until it was gone to speak up, to give me these words of encouragement?

as it is, i didn’t take cad down because of a lack of response, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me a little bit exasperated to find out after i’ve taken the story down that there actually were quite a few people who were interested in the plot, the setting and the characters i created. i appreciate the compliments, of course i do, but i might have appreciated them even more if i’d gotten them when i was still working on the story, when i was struggling to get through a scene, and therefore might have needed some encouragement.

like i said, i didn’t take my story down because i wasn’t satisfied with the feedback i got, but i know of quite a few authors who have done just that. they put their heart and soul into a story, spent hours planning their plots and fleshing out their characters, then had less than 1% of their readers share their thoughts, which made the author assume no one liked their work, so they deleted the story. and then, as soon as the story was gone, the readers came running to the author’s tumblr, twitter, e-mail, etc., to tell them how great they thought the story was and how sad they were that it was gone.

i could have gotten a hundred reviews per chapter on cad and it wouldn’t have changed my decision to take it down, but that might not be the case with all the stories and authors you like. so, if you enjoy a story and want the author to keep writing it, do not keep your mouth closed, do not choose to save twenty seconds of your life by not letting the author know that there are someone out there who enjoy their work.

one comment may seem trivial and unimportant to you as a reader, maybe you think that whether or not you say, “great work, love this!” has no importance, but to the author, it can easily be the thing that makes their day and that makes them want to continue writing the story that you enjoy reading. so don’t be a silent reader, especially not if you see that the story in question doesn’t get a lot of feedback, because you may very well end up being part of the reason the story’s taken down.

(this is in no way an attack on anyone, nor do i mean to offend those who reviewed “cards are dealt” by making it sound like their comments didn’t matter to me, because they did. i’m simply saying this because the amount of people who apparently enjoyed cad, but that i had no idea was even reading it, astounded me quite a bit, and because i’ve witnessed so many stories being taken down as a result of silent readers over the last two and a half years.)