still wondering about that ship name

BTS reaction to getting shipped with the idol they’re secretly dating


He would find it hilarious but deep down he would ask himself if anyone noticed something since people randomly started shipping the ship.

The fact that they got a cute shipping name would make him a bit shy.

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He would smile and joke about the fact, not really caring about actually getting caught because if anyone didn’t know, the boys never had a dating restriction! 

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“I know, we would totally be the cute couple, right?”

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He would get shy, about the fact that people would like the idea of you dating but also because of the cute shipping name. Seeing all the support you were getting, he would reconsider being a secret

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Giggling and probably blushing too, never really answering if people asked if you were really dating

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He would really enjoy the fandom talking about it and wondering if there was the possibility to actually dating each other.

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Personally I think he would be the member to be the most embarrassed about questions and people wondering about it, still he would never talk about it, since it was no ones business anyways

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I know the gif doesn’t suit the text at all but it was soo cute….

Ships that pass in the night...

Apologies for the silence, but we had to go through every single donation (over 200!), every single confirmation (also over 200!), every single name (over 130!), to make sure that nothing, no one, was missed.


I am afraid we still can’t share the whole thing, because we are (read: the wonderful @betweenthalines is) currently working on the digital version without names that will be tweeted soon.

About the final amount, one last donation was made in honour of EVERY single member of the fandom, as a thank you for being you and being here, so it shall be revealed with the card.

BUT. What about a little teaser…?

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT? *please insert here a universe of heart eyes*
days into weeks, weeks into years - ObscureReference - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Prompto relieves his death. He wakes up to find it’s still been ten years from where he last left off. Communication is hard.

They get there. Eventually.

Some spoiler notes about this fic that should be read after you read this part

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has johnny storm ever been married?

The answer is both Yes and also It’s Complicated.

When Ben stayed in space after the first Secret Wars event, Johnny grew close to and eventually married Ben’s longtime on-again off-again girlfriend, Alicia Masters.

Except it wasn’t actually Alicia Masters but a Skrull named Lyja, sent to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. Because when we retcon, we retcon hard, and with shapeshifting aliens.

She dies, she comes back, she’s pregnant, she’s not pregnant, she’s pregnant and gives birth to an egg but actually it’s a monster designed to kill everyone, she stalks Johnny in a different identity, etc. IT’S A LOT. SOAP OPERAS DREAM OF THIS LEVEL OF WEIRD PLOT TWISTS. I have a longer write-up here. I spent like 150 issues screaming over this storyline, send help.

Belle and Rumple don't love each other anymore? Really?

That’s not what I saw. This is what I saw:

Rumple *Stands super close to Belle with eyes blazing with passion and makes nonsensical threat for why she needs to come back*

Belle *Breasts heaving and nostrils flaring takes a step even closer and replies with words that make even less sense*

Rumple *Thinks about kissing Belle so hard she forgets her name*

Belle *Wonders why she’s still wearing her minidress and how hot would sex on the deck of a ship be*

People, this is a fight. These two are saying stupid things that neither one means. We knew it was coming and it was painful, but it’s not over.

The sexual tension is off-the-charts hot. Two people who can’t be bothered don’t look at each other and talk to each other with that level of passion.


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this might seem strange but i was wondering if you still talk to taebyte? she's one of my favourites (along with you too of course) and it was really cool to see you being all cute with each other! #tinybyte?


YES! We do still talk lol. We just use the message system in tumblr. We finished our honeymoon stage but we’re still madly in love with each other.

Thank you for worrying about us haha ❤️

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Heyoo, sorry to bother you with this, and please feel free to ignore, but I'm not acquainted with anyone else in the fandom to possibly ask...having seen this a few times, I'm just curious- why do people censor shipping names and sometimes character names? For instance, they'll say "St*cky" or "BuckyN*t" and I just wonder what purpose that serves, since it's still just as obvious what they're talking about? Again, please ignore if you'd prefer, I've just wondered. :)

No, it’s a totally legit question. :)

Short answer is that it keeps the particular post from being listed in the main tags for that ship, which is a courtesy when the post is “anti” a particular topic (a courtesy a lot of people don’t extend, sadly, when they tag their anti- post with the ship name so it clogs up the tags for people who just want to enjoy their character or ship). That’s the reason for using a misspelling in the tags, at least. I’m not 100% sure why people put it in the body of the post? I only know enough about how tumblr’s algorithms and search functions work to be dangerous, but maybe it has something to do with keeping tumblr from picking up on it and using it as a suggested post and thereby making you look rude? I really have no idea.

Anyone with a better answer???

The Servamp fandom in a nutshell:
  • Quality art
  • Ship memes ship memes SHIP MEMES
  • YES. New fan. Come here, join us, we’re happy about every new face!
  • What the hell are ship names?
  • No cover for Mahiru (again). Will Mahiru ever get a cover?
  • Chapter discussions
  • Spoilers everywhere. Not even on purpose but still everywhere
  • Everyone is secretly Kuro on the inside. Who is the real Kuro I wonder? Is he secretly running all those blogs?
  • Not enough art. Not enough fic. Not enough ANYTHING
  • Everyone ships Licht and Hyde, no one knows their ship name
  • Still no cover for Mahiru
  • Headcanons
  • Release… date… please…
  • “What is their ship name?” “Which one? They have five…”
Reasons why I LOVED the Sword of Summer

Spoilers below for the Sword of Summer!

  • Magnus is such an awesome little bro, despite having gone through hell
  • Rick didn’t make Magnus have like super strength or anything, or be able to learn how to be a warrior in a week (which is just unrealistic). He realistically made Magnus a kickbutt hero that didn’t have to have all of the cool fighting skill to win a fight

  • He has a kickbutt hijab wearing female named Samirah al-Abbas who is so perfect

  • He made Magnus and Sam a brotp, but it easily could go to romance, which is wonderful, and I’m perfectly okay with however he decides to handle their relationship


  • Also, I really ship Hearthstone and Blitzen 

  • Also, Mallory and Halfborn are great, and TJ is awesome, and I can’t wait to learn more about them

  • Rick perfectly incorporates a deaf lead character, aka Hearthstone


  • I laughed a lot and still managed to cry and some parts, like when Magnus met his dad or was offered eternity with his mom. 


  • Annabeth and Magnus together is like all I wanted in this book and I actually got it. That last chapter with them is just like the icing on the cake

  • Okay, but what even was the epilogue. Like of all the things that could’ve happened, I definitely did not see that coming, and boy am I ready for the next book!
@ the sense8 fandom

so now that a lot of people have had time to catch up with the show and fall in love with all the characters and their connections, I was wondering whether it would be worth trying to come up with some ‘official’ tags for things? i’m not really sure how to go about that though, but here’s some things i was thinking about?

there’s the obvious tagging characters with their full names (though capheus doesn’t have a ‘real’ one so his is still up for debate) but there’s also ship names that no one really agrees on. i know everyone has their preferences, but as far as tagging goes it’s always easier when there’s one that is universally used!

ship tags i use are: 

  • blueski - will x riley
  • kalagang - wolfgang x kala
  • linando - lito x hernando
  • nomanita - nomi x amanita

i don’t really have any for my brotps though which i still want to come up with some for. 

so does anyone use any different ones to these or have any suggestions for other ships so i can get an idea of what the best ones to use would be? 

So, my mother has a friend called Caroline, they were good friends at college and they still talk sometimes. My mum knows about Destiel, and was laughing at it the other day. Confused I asked her why she was laughing. Turns out Caroline’s nickname is Cas. Yeah. And guess what her husband’s name is. I wonder. So yeah. Cas is married to Dean. It made my day at least.