still with the recording things and people and himself

I did loved one thing of episode 11: 

Yuri Plisetsky. 

Seriously guys, Yuri Plisetsky was amazing in this episode, and I loved everything. For small things like having Yuko as people who inspire him love (she was there you guys, she was there, and that’s so cool I was squealing), from his small interaction with Otabek, all the faces he did when Otabek was competing, SMOL YURI DANCING BALLET, to the best part of course, that fucking score. 

He’s so young and talented and he has such an amazing career in front of him and he already broke his (and everyone’s) idol’s record. That’s such a huge thing! He did so good, he skated so good, he was so good in this episode!

I know some people is still upset by his behavior with Viktor in last episode. But Yuri is still a teen, and young man, and he’s still learning and growing and understanding what are relationship and how he should express himself. 

But he was so good in this episode, the way he did agape, ughhhhuhuhuhu, I loved it. 

The Little Things

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   Wade found himself on one of those contracts that take every ounce of energy. They had no record other than being close to his own age. They wer dead and then not dead before finding out that good ol’ Captain America was pretty much off the grid lines. 
    Wade just wanted sleep.
   Why did these people want to kill them dead anyway? Yeah, they played the hero role and that does piss a lot of people off, but Wade didn’t see any grounds for the contract. Though it still made him curious how many wanted to take it up so badly. Might as well find out for himself.
    SHIELD was never hard for Wade to sneak into. Between Mutant fun house and SHEILD, he would always take SHIELD. Even if both of them did try and recruit him as much as the junk mail in his mail box. He slithered those board shoulders through the ventilation ducks being bringing up a small holo-map of the building he was in. “Now which way was it from here….” He grumbled.