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Summary of TAZ discourse today

(Let me be clear I am likely to come across as defensive of taz in this)

Here’s the primary source of the controversy. Originally, preview images of the comic adaptation of the adventure zone showed it was going to portray all three main characters as white. New preview pages of the comic with revised designs were released today. (For the record, I am not 100% sure how much the Mcelroys are actually involved in the comic making process?)

So now we have; one pale skinned character, one dark skinned character and one character with non-human skin color. The brothers have made it clear that these design are not canon and there are no “canon” appearances for the characters (If you feel like that is also a bit of a cop out, thats fair tbh). A lot of people were unhappy for several reasons. 

- There still could be more poc representation.

- “We wanted dark skinned Taako and you give us blue??? wtf is this??” (Again, I can see why people read this as a lame cop out)

- Some people feel really strongly that Taako needs to be canonically Latinx because of the running gag of his name sounding like taco which has grown into him having some connection to inventing tacos. (Griffin has discussed his anxiety about this, and I think he is in a lose-lose situation. Having Latinx characters named taco and chalupa would probably create even more backlash)

- A lot of people have decided that giving Taako blue/green skin makes the design anti-semitic. (It takes some deep ass digging to figure out why green skin is antisemitic? But apparently the green skin+long nose+pointy hat look came from anti semitic stereotypes back in ye olde europe)

And then there are a couple things from the newest episode.

-There is a long-ish romantic scene were Barry Bluejeans and Lup become an official romantic pair. Some people aren’t happy about a straight relationship getting a lot of time, or think that the lgbtq relationships in the show didnt get a comparable amount of time. (For the record, Lup is a trans woman so Blupjeans is straight, but arguably still lgbtq representation)

-At one point Justin does a bit where Taako is reciting inspirational quotes from famous people and attributing them to himself. During this, Coco Chanel gets quoted and some people are pissed on account of Coco Chanel being a MEGA-Problematic person in a number of ways. (I am anticipating that Justin will figured out he goofed and publicly apologize bout that)

IDK what I am even going on about tho… I think for me the bottom line is its totally okay to be disappointed about some of this stuff. BUT there has been a lot of black and white “if the Mcelboys arent saints then they must be VILLIANS” stuff going around and??? Yeah they have made mistakes out of ignorance but have always shown a desire and willingness to take criticism and improve themselves. I mean, maybe they only act like they care about representation for the sake of pleasing there primary audience. But if someone seems to be trying as hard as Griffin is to do right by minority groups, I really think we should try to maintain our civility when they mess up and give them a chance to improve themselves.

But hey, then again, I could just be cutting them too much slack cause I enjoy TAZ. That not implausible. 

So to recap cause I was asleep for most of the shenanigans.

-Louis meets stalkers outside Sony offices in London
-Louis is papped meeting stalkers outside Sony offices in London
-no red carpet appearance from any of the boys at the Brits
-new pic of Louis with Syco act Digital Farm Animals who reference recording with him his week
-a number of people associated with the boys tweet the Britsonedirection hashtag after Louis says please (predominantly those associated with Harry, his mum twice 💔, Gemma, Jeff, Tommy, Harry Lambert, Matt Selly, James Cordon, Ben Winston)
-it appears Simon is going to accept the award for the boys until Liam enters stage left, steals his thunder and delivers an incredible speech reassuring the fans hat OT4 are united and 1D is still a thing (thanks you Liam)
-Louis posts a lovely IG video thanking us and placing himself in Doncaster with his family. So I guess he drove straight back after the paps
-Niall tweets is thanks and sends his love to Payno
-Liam posts a pic on IG of his accepting the award and reinforcing OT4 or die.
-anne tweets congratulations with double emojis 💔

ETA - Harry tweets his thanks 4/4🎉😘

It’s been a busy week for us today no doubt

“Fuck the police.” - Yang Seungbae, probably.

Seungbae is such a shitty cop. Just the fact that Kim’s ex-wife implied Kim was gay could have basically made the Kim kidnapped Jieun theory a little less plausible and his own theory more likely. 

If he actually recorded his evidence and shared it. I understand he has pressure at work and people don’t really like him so they don’t believe him and this makes him start doing police work on his own but sheesh.

The woman told him this, and he made no record of it. It’s literally just in his mind. He talked to a bunch of people, nothing recorded. No voice recording, not jotting it down on a piece of paper with the date on it even. Fucking make a shitty note on your phone, like just put this stuff down dude. Take a picture. Make proof for yourself. 

Seungbae hates procedures because he thinks they are the reason why his father died but come on, man. He is being Sherlock fucking Holmes or some goddamn amateur teenage superhero wannabe trying to find out stuff for his own fulfilment and his twisted sense of justice. Yes, it’s great, he is actually progressing to the truth unlike others but this definitely will cause him problems and this is going to cost him. 

This really further shows us that Seungbae doesn’t respect police work at all, still to this day. He joined the police force to have power to investigate because he believed they were doing things wrong and still he has such a disregard for procedure even though that is a big part of how people get caught because it is the part of the law system. Police provide evidence, the court rules guilty. 

Yes, Seungbae is a policeman. His word will have more power but Seungbae, you were already demoted once for being wrong and you still won’t record your process and evidence to prove to others that you are going on the correct path and your train of thought is logical? He seems to doubt himself but it doesn’t even feel that real because he still relies so much on his mind and doesn’t even try to prove to himself that he is correct, it’s like he already knows. There is a reason why policemen make a whole board for investigations and connect things with strings because shit is complicated and things are hard to figure out and evidence that you thought didn’t matter could come in handy later. You can’t just remember everything. This makes me feel his doubt doesn’t go too deep, he really trusts his intuition and logic. 

Does he think everyone else around him is stupid and they won’t get his logic? He tries to tell others but he gives up so easily. Or…does he not want people to know because he thinks they will interfere?

In any case, Yang Seungbae has 0 respect for the line of work he is in. He is only doing the parts of it that he is interested in. It’s like he is a chef but he doesn’t want to wash the dishes after cooking.  

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i have been a fan of Ed for almost 5 years, seeing him grow is really a tremendous thing for me. i'm so proud for his success, but i just feel like he dosen't follow his heart like he used to do anymore, he compromises on music market now and even start to make commercial music(like shape) which he once said would never do. i'm so terryfied to think about that he might not be who we think he is, that the image of him in our eyes is actually shaped by record company. do u have such concern?

Oh hey I’ve been a fan of Ed for 5 years too! Since may 2012 so almost exactly but that’s not the point here.

In those five years I’ve seen Ed grow so so much. I remember watching interviews back then and thinking “this kid is just as awkward as i am” in fact that’s one of the things that drew me into this crazy 5 year journey of keeping up with his career. There are interviews from like 2010-2012 ish, where an interviewer would just list a fact and he would just nod his head and be like “yup, that is a thing i did.” But now when interviewers list his accomplishments he elaborates on them, he tells them how things came to be or shares a little story without being prompted to. And that small detail has honestly been the reason I’ve stuck around for 5 years. He has gained so much confidence, has learned so much, and is so sure of himself that I know for a fact he would never compromise on his music. 

He never intended to write a song like Sing or SOY for himself, he has said so many times, that especially while writing Sing he was out of his comfort zone. He had the amazing opportunity to write and produce that song with Pharrell Williams and maybe 2010 Ed would have passed up that opportunity because he wasn’t 100% sure of himself, heck 2013 Ed almost passed that up but he didn’t. He experimented with his sound and expanded what he thought he could do. Ed is the kind of guy who passed on much more lucrative record deals because he wanted to have full control over his music. 

Yes, he has learned to take advice from people that have been in his position before him but, mainly he has learned to listen to his gut because its the thing that’s got him to where he is. He’s the kind of guy that has absolutely no media training and managed all his own social medias (when he still used them). He has learned form his mistakes about having no filter and is a little more aware of what he says. But his music is where he’s most honest with himself. And because of all that I can say that the image of Ed that we know and love – and yes its an image no one can be 100% real all the time when they are a celebrity– is cultivated by Ed himself. He worked his ass off to get to where he is and be who he is and because he is human that changes and evolves. But he is the master mind behind how he’s viewed, especially by his fans. 

So, no I don’t think that any record company or marketing team is behind the nerd ball of a guy that is Ed Sheeran, that’s all his doing. 

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Hmmmmmmmmmm cheating fics for the MM charac?? Supply me w/ some angst momma. (Love your fics btw!!!!) (it's ok if u don't wanna!!)



(T___T);;; NOPE.  I CAN’T.  None of them would cheat on you!  Anything I wrote would feel uncomfortably out of character.  Here, @promiscuous-jalapeno did a really good set:  Enjoy.


*slams hands on table*

LET ME TWIST THIS and tell you what they might do if they caught you cheating on them. (Because, somehow, that is more likely.  The moon is more likely to fall out of the sky than and RFA member cheating on you.)

…I have angsty thoughts, now, ty. tysm.

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Fiddleford & Ford for 79 please?


79. “That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”

Fiddleford had prided himself at being stronger than he looked in college. It always caught people off guard when the skinny southerner lifted up something wider than than his twig like form. He could lift a lot of things but since leaving the farm and getting more into the ‘sit-down’ kind of life he had lost some of that strength. 

This was one of the moments where he wished he had still had it. 

Fidds found himself tramping through the woods supporting most of his partner’s weight.

“That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!” Fiddleford exclaimed, “This week probably with yer track record!” 

Stanford laughed lowly and limped along with the other man’s quick pace. Every time he tried to put down his right foot a shock of pain went up his leg. This was the last time he tried to tussle with the gnomes. 

“We are only in this mess because they tried to take you,” Stanford reminded him. 

“Because yer so obsessed with what is under their hats,” Fidds shot back, “Can’t you just leave them be, Stanford? It would keep be livin’ for a good long while and you can live out yer thirties before you die from wandering into a bear’s cave.” 

“I would not wander into a bear cave,” Stanford scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Unless it was that legendary multi-bear but I am not too certain that exists.” 

Fidds sighed and helped Stanford over an fallen log. “You are unbelievable.”

“No. I am a man on the trail of the greatest scientific find this side of the- AH!” 

Stanford tripped over the last log and landed on his face in the back yard of the house. Fiddleford looked down at him. 

“Oops,” he said casually, “Sorry, Stanford, must have lost my hold on ya when you were going into your dramatic speech again. It is just that amazin’; makes you drop whateva yer holdin’.”

“I hate you sometimes, you know that?” 

Say You Won’t Let Go

Characters: Bucky x Reader 

Genres: ANGST 

Summary: Why Bucky broke up with you. Can be read as a stand-alone, but I thought of it as in the same universe as We Don’t Talk Anymore and Send My Love. Inspired by this (angsty) post where instead of the reader comforting Bucky after a nightmare, the reader has a nightmare about the Winter Soldier killing them. 

Word Count: ~1,000 

A/N: For extra feelz, listen to the song Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. I listened to it to set the mood for this fic.

Masterlist here

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When I think of “Edgeworth helping Phoenix studying to get his badge back”, of course it’s really sweet, but I think it can also turn very angsty.

Just hear me out.

For Phoenix, Edgeworth was always a genius. He was so smart as a child, he won awards for all kinds of things, like speech contests, essays, playing flute, golf tournaments. Then he became a prosecutor at an early age and kept winning all his cases. He was fluent at five languages in his mid-twenties, studying international law, and solving international cases with Interpol.

Phoenix always admired Edgeworth for being so talented. This was not a bad thing when they were both lawyers. But after spending seven years as a hobo, losing his pride and wallowing in self-pity, now he felt downright inferior to his perfect friend. Edgeworth was a successful international lawyer and the new Chief Prosecutor, while Phoenix was still playing poker with criminals. He felt like a useless trash compared to this man who used to be his “rival.”

But Phoenix didn’t know that Edgeworth thought of him as a genius too. Edgeworth saw him taking totally hopeless cases with very little time to prepare for it. But somehow he pulled a miracle and discovered the truth every time in the end. Phoenix defeated Edgeworth and both generations of Von Karma, broke the perfect records of all three of them, when he was still only a rookie lawyer. Christ, now THAT should be called the real genius.

Just like Franziska who confessed “I am no genius” in JFA, Edgeworth never actually thought of himself as a genius. Even though he achieved many things in his early age, that’s because he always tried ten times harder than other people under the strict education of Manfred. No, the true genius was Phoenix, not him. Edgeworth thought it was the greatest tragedy that Phoenix didn’t have a chance to practice his God-given talent in court for seven years.

So when Phoenix finally decided to take the Bar again to get his badge back, Edgeworth was thrilled and offered to help his study.

It didn’t go well.

Thanks to Manfred, Edgeworth was quite used to study like crazy every day since childhood. What Miles Edgeworth considered “normal” amount of study was certainly NOT normal in ordinary people’s view. It really didn’t help that Phoenix spent last seven years as a piano-playing-hobo-daddy so didn’t have any habit for sitting at a desk and studying. So when Edgeworth gave Phoenix his first assignments and told him to finish them in a week, he thought it was a bad joke. When it turned out to be real he was shocked and confused. What does Edgeworth expect from me? He must know that I really can’t do this! Is he trying to make fun of me? Torture me? Show off that he can write all of these papers so easily while I can’t?

Phoenix actually tried, but he couldn’t possibly follow the amount of study Edgeworth “normally” expected from him. Edgeworth couldn’t understand. In his point of view, he was going actually SLOW, being extremely generous compared to what Manfred expected from Franziska when she was like nine years old. He was perplexed how could Phoenix be always slacking off when Bar Exam was only few months left. How can Wright be so relaxing and carefree? Is he even worried about his exam like I do for him? Does he think that he can pass without studying? Well, he actually DID won his case without remembering anything thanks to amnesia. Talk about genius…

Then one day, Phoenix didn’t finish his work again, and when Edgeworth visited the Agency to check, he saw Phoenix playing magic tricks with Trucy instead of studying. Edgeworth calmly told Trucy to go outside and help Apollo with his case. As soon as Trucy slowly shut the door from outside, BOTH Phoenix and Edgeworth finally exploded and started yelling at each other. You are too lazy, you are a stuck-up jerk, you are the one who’s taking the exam but you’re not caring about it, who said I don’t care about it? They yelled about many things, including all those mistakes they made and the moments they hurt each other, for last seven years and before. They screamed in unison “Sorry, I’m not a genius like you!” and then “WAIT WHAT?”

So it turned out that they need a lot of talk. When Trucy finally came back, she saw her daddy and Uncle Edgeworth were busy sobbing into each other’s shoulders while blabbering some apologies about the things she couldn’t understand. She thought it would be best not to interrupt them.

After that day, Edgeworth let Phoenix study on his own. He decided that he could trust Phoenix to take his study seriously in his own unique way. Phoenix sent the result of his study to Edgeworth every week, to show that he is actually trying, that he haven’t forgotten his “special request” to put an end to the Dark Age Of Law together as lawyers.

They still thought of each other as geniuses.

And they believed that two genius lawyers could change the history together.

Hoo wee you know what I wanna talk about? The bigger impact that akuma’s have on individuals and society. I mean cmon, we’re between seasons, this was bound to happen. 

I wanna know about the general mistrust of people who’ve been akumatized? I mean you don’t turn into a supervillain and terrorize Paris without getting backlash after, even if you weren’t aware of your actions. And you know there are going to be those high and might asholeans who won’t care whether or not people were in control of themselves they just wanna point their fingers. 

Or maybe before the whole Puppeteer incident, people who’d already been akumatized, at least could assume that now they wouldn’t have to now. But then Puppeteer does happen and on top of everything else they now have the fear that they could turn back anytime. And imagine all the theories on akumatization out there. I mean does the general population besides ML and CN know exactly what causes people to be akumatized? They must have some idea but do these people have the facts? Does this whole thing mean people are being nice to each other, or that there’s an even deeper mistrust around citizens? My money’s on both. 

In that vein, imagine how mentally ill people could be further stigmatized by this. Specifically people with illnesses and disorders that affect their mood and make them feel negative emotions very strongly. Imagine how people would see them as “at a higher risk” for being akumatized. The way we saw Ivan treated after Stoneheart was only the beginning. 

Do you think the threat of akuma attacks would affect the Paris economy at all? 

Would people who were seriously harmed in akuma attacks harbor a deeper distrust of people who have been akumatized even if it was all fixed in the end by ML? I’m gonna say yeah. Even if it was just one specific person. Imagine being caught up in a super villain attack and being seriously hurt and even though it was fix shortly after, immagine later meeting the person who was that villain who did that to you. Imagine being manipulated by a supervillain to hurt people and later come face to face with one of those people and they still look at you like a monster. Even if there was no physical aftermath because of ML imagine life after being akumatized. 

Imagine Max looking at YouTube footage someone took of The Gamers rampage, and watching himself vaporize people.

Imagine Kim meeting someone whose relationship was in shambles because of things they said to each other under the power of Heartbreaker/Dark Cupid.

Alya looking at all the recordings of Lady Wifi and seeing herself trying to hurt her number one idol. 

Max and Alex coping with the fact that they essentially killed people, even if they don’t remember it and they’re the only two who know how horrifying that knowledge is even if they know it wasn’t their fault.

Alya, Roger, and Nathanael and their paranoia of being turned back at any time after the Puppeteer. Roger wonders whether he can even be trusted with his duties as a police officer. This paranoia spreads to other akuma victims.

The importance of the phrase “Akuma victims” because they’re victims just like everyone else and they get the backlash. They have to watch the news after and hear themselves referred to as villains and perpetrators when that wasn’t them.

People who harbor a deep mistrust of akuma victims until one of their loved ones is akumatized.

People who harbor a deep mistrust of akuma victims even after one of their loved ones is akumatized. 

People who lose loved ones over being akumatized. 

People who just can’t and won’t understand until it’s happened to them. 

Any person who’s been akumatized going to work, or the store, or riding the train and being asked “Hey weren’t you so and so?” “Hey wasn’t that you terrorizing Paris?”

Max and any other kid with strict parents having another kid from their class added to the list of people they’re not allowed to hang around every time one gets akumatized because “it’s too dangerous.” And when Kim is added to that list after Dark Cupid it’s crushing and that just adds to the stress that leads to The Gamer. 

Parents getting a wake up call when their child is akumatized. 

Parents who get harder on their kids after they get akumatized.

There’s so much more. PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS.

((also, while the dash is dead: I won’t be changing my icon because I’m fantastically sick of all things Pride, but for the record, I’ve decided to portray Kiku’s sexuality more ambiguously from now on. Over time I’ve sort of gravitated towards writing him as strictly homosexual, but a) that clashes with a lot of my other headcanons, b) makes me miss out on a lot of potential hilarity with fem muses, and c) Kiku himself has never self-identified as gay.

Ramblings on the Finals Pt 2

Well, since I’m bored out of my mind and I’ve only got YOI on the brain, I’ve decided to at long last address my thoughts on the finale since it’s sunk in (and now that I’m finally able to stop crying about it lol) by bouncing off of and deconstructing the theory post I made shortly after episode 9.

I guess it’ll be easiest to divide it up by character rather than events, considering quite a few overlap…so let’s get started, shall we?

It’s pretty long, so get comfy.

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Past!Allen's Relationships Theory

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of people creating theories about this, and I just wanted to put in my own. Let’s get started.

Past!Allen could either have been on the Order’s Side, started out on the Third Side, or on the Noah’s side.

Order’s Side: I don’t believe that he was ever on the Order’s side. I mean, someone would have to remember him. There had to be records. All they had to do was compare Past!Allen’s and Current!Allen’s drawings and see the similarities. And Cross obviously doesn’t even remember any guy named Allen. And if they both joined the Third Side, they should have at least met each other and discussed things, right? If Past!Allen really was part of the Order, he and Cross should have interacted. He probably wouldn’t have been a Finder, since those people die a lot. He wasn’t an Exorcist, since Nea was obviously shocked to see Current!Allen with Innocence. So he must have at least been a Scientist, since he kind of looked the part. And Cross was a Scientist before he was an Exorcist, so they would have had to have known each at least somewhat. It’s very, very strange that Cross didn’t even know him, if they had been fellow scientists.

Third Side: First off, we never really received any concrete information of Third Side members. Was Past!Allen even part of the Third Side? We don’t know, but we’re making do with what we have. Anyways. If Past!Allen only started on the Third Side, wouldn’t he have known Cross? Wouldn’t it be weird (and dangerous) for Third Side members to not know each other? If they really never were introduced each other, then Nea was obviously a shitty leader. It is highly improbable for Cross and Past!Allen to never have met each other, given that I believe that the Third Side was a rather small, ragtag force.

Noah’s Side: This has got to be the side Past!Allen had met Nea and Mana from. It’s the process of elimination. He was on the Noah’s Side. But how, exactly? He definitely wasn’t a Noah, and the idea of him being an Akuma is basically improbable. Noahs as a whole don’t seem friendly to anyone except for members of the Clan, especially humans. But aren’t we forgetting someone? Hasn’t it been said that a couple of humans were actually on the Noah’s Side 35 years ago? Yep, you got it.

The Bookman.

Past!Allen could have been the “lost” Bookman Apprentice. It fits. He and Bookman joined the Noah’s side to record the history, and the Noah just let them, because the Bookmen clan were definitely not a threat. They were simply bystanders, the Noah telling them never to interfere. So they didn’t. They just stood there, recording. And that’s when Nea and Mana met Past!Allen.

“Allen” would have been his name at the time. He would have been at least around sixteen or older, because Nea had mentioned that Current!Allen had been younger than Past!Allen had been. Nea and Mana would have joined during at most 16, since it was implied that Nea had been 17 when he died.

Nea and Mana were Past!Allen’s first friends, the first people to make his mask become real. And Mana was still getting crazier and more violent day by day as Adam kept on trying to take him over. Nea and Past!Allen became closer, with Nea confiding in him about how he felt about Mana and how he couldn’t do anything to help. Then, Nea gets this brilliant idea: to destroy the Noah, more specifically the Noah Memories, to save Mana and the other Noah hosts that are having their entire identity being eaten away at by the Memory. He asks Past!Allen to help, but he refuses, since he’s still quite loyal to Bookman and needs to stay neutral. Nea gets mad and starts gathering people just in case he needs some help, which was probably only Cross. Nea betrays the Noah family, massacring all of them, until he’s stopped by Adam and Road. He gets stabbed with his own broadsword and is on the brink of death, Mana holding him and Adam standing over both of them.

Both Bookman and Past!Allen had watched the whole thing, recording it perfectly, until Past!Allen can’t take it anymore. He helps Nea, because he can’t just stand by again and watch him die. So he offers himself up as a vessel, so that Nea can try again, so that he’ll get another chance at saving Mana. And Nea takes that chance.

(Yes, yes, I know, Past!Allen could have been on the Order’s side and knew Cross but wiped his memory bc he had some sort of memory ability, ssshhhh)

@tophatlass I’m suddenly interested in the feral 76 AU, for reasons relating to the fact that I’m researching psychological conditioning, have wrote a few dissertations, and am interested what could invoke that state to begin with because neuroscience is COOL and I’m really really passionate about this kind of thing!!! So! Talking about brainwashing, with real science! Because theoretically, yes, it is possible. But it’s long to do, and even longer to reverse, in fact a victim of that kind of shit would definitely never recover in the full sense. There’s just too much damage that would be done in the process of turning them into a feral killing machine that still had the psychological complexity to problem solve and be effective, but here’s some theory.

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narry 39 ;) :*

2.5k, canon compliant light angst warning for things you forgot to say

Niall gets the phone call while he’s stood in line waiting to get through customs in Heathrow. He’s got four solid black guitar cases, a couple of mics, and his in-ear kit with him, and the line is taking absolutely ages. Usually accepting unknown phone numbers is a big no-no, but this is his work phone, and if he doesn’t talk to someone soon, he’s going to go mental and land himself on the no-fly list for sure. 

“Hi,” he hears, a slow, drawling voice. Niall actually stops dead with his messenger bag slung suffocatingly across his chest and his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. “Hello?” 

“Hey,” Niall answers finally. He shakes his head. “Hello, how are you?” 

Harry laughs. It sounds different than it used to, Niall notices. At least he remembers the way it used to be. “We’re not doing an interview, mate, relax.” He deepens his voice and follows up with, “Though I suppose we could. How are you doing, Niall Horan? Where are you at, you globetrotting superstar?” 

Niall says, “Fuck off,” mainly on instinct, and is relieved when Harry just laughs again. 

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Dead Air

At first they start small. Start as the exact little things he would have expected. Tiny little messages echoing out over the radio waves, plaintive and lost, pleading and confused. They seem to bounce around the walls of the canyon, building up strength and pain before making it to him.

Church? Church?! Where did you go, Church?

Church? Are you hiding with the Reds? You shouldn’t do that. Sarge is mean if you accidentally blow up their stuff.

Church, are you lost? It’s okay, I get lost all the time. You should just sit down and wait and Washington will come find you.

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River really, truly scared him when she told him, with with no restraint, just how dark the path he was headed down was - so much that he attempts to entirely change the course of his life by letting the universe think he’s dead and eventually erasing his name from their records when that turned out not to be enough.

But he can’t just stop being the Doctor with everything that name means just by letting the universe think he’s dead. When he thinks he’s won and gotten it all figured out, he is so happy. He’s going to go have adventures, fill River’s nights, and put being the Doctor as a frightening legend behind him (he wasn’t even initially planning to tell Amy and Rory that he wasn’t dead), but when he’s in the Dalek Asylum and Oswin says to him that the Daleks grow stronger in fear of him, it crushes him as she says, word for word, what River said the day he knew for sure he had to do something about himself (the day he failed the people who mattered most to him). It’s harder than he thought to stop.

He is still on that dark path he wishes he wasn’t on. He is always the Doctor - the legend, the hero, the villain - but he continues trying not to be someone the universe fears. He starts erasing the records of the things he’s done, creating a world where River gets pardoned and is free because the man she killed doesn’t exist - a world where River’s name won’t scare the Daleks anymore simply for having murdered their seemingly indestructible enemy. He wants to live in a world where his name alone isn’t so big that people act in fear of him.

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People will be quick to say Sasuke put a chidori through Sakura in a genjutsu and It shows how he doesn't love her... But Itachi traumatized Sasuke and put him through a lot worse and put him in a genjutsu coma having him relive that night over and over and then at the end when he's revealed to have loved Sasuke they're basically like "aww Itachi, he loved his brother so much" but when Sasuke does the same gestures to Sakura showing his affections towards her its "omg he hates her so much!" ???

Sounds like hypocrisy doesn’t it? That’s just part of what we have to deal with unfortunately.

When it was revealed that Itachi was caught between a rock and a hard place, but really did love Sasuke, people have no issue believing it. Yet, when it was revealed that Sasuke was deeper in the Curse of Hatred than any Uchiha in history and was by no means himself during all his drama with Sakura and Team 7, people ignore it. 

After the reveal about Itachi, no one says “but he mentally tortured and traumatised Sasuke, he obviously hates him!”; no. Instead, they all believe what they’re shown and told.

But with SasuSaku? Nope! Even after a multitude of characters repeatedly reiterated that the current Sasuke wasn’t himself, and had rather been moulded by the hatred that had plagued his clan for years, they’ll still spout “but he tried to kill her!” like a broken record. When they hear the fact that during 698, Sasuke had been freed from his hatred and was now able to see things with clarity, it’s just like: 

It just doesn’t register with them at all. It’s as if the concept is too complicated for them to comprehend or something.