still wild still threatened

okay the spix’s macaw thing is very, very important. these are birds that can’t be reintroduced into the wild that easily, because they visit and nest at the same sites year after year. they are extremely dependent on very small pieces of forest and only until recently, they were considered a hopeless cause because poachers and trappers destroyed said land. 

the fact that there are spix’s macaws still in the wild isn’t a guarantee to safety, as they’re still threatened, but it means that there are still some areas that they can live in, and that allows breed and release programmes to work rather than just having them toss a bird out to its ultimate death in the rainforest.

if we really want to reintroduce these birds and have them thrive, it’s up to us to spread awareness of the species and its needs, and to support efforts to keep their land protected so the cycle doesn’t begin all over again. 

it’s going to be tough, but i think we can do it. i hope we can.