still we destroy


Even if he was maybe half joking with the crying at the end of his 2016 memes video, we still pretty much destroyed his social coping mechanism (peace signs). I’m not saying we should stop the memes cause I think he’s fine with them, just, we need to calm down and remember to show Dan that we appreciate all the hard work he does to give us amazing content. @danisnotonfire YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED!!!!

Like the litteral moral of Yuri!!! on Ice is : sacrificing your self for others is unhealthy and toxic as fuck, don’t do it ! 

And that’s so beautiful because everytime Yuuri tried to self-sabotage under the disguise of “nobly sacrificing himself because he’s not worth it anyway”, Victor came out with a big sign saying “NO”

This whoel relationship was like a big punch in the face of all the “I am only my romantic relationship” it was amazing. 

So people, enjoy your romantic relationships, enjoy the joys and fight through the sads. But never ever ever let it become the only thing you are. Nor expect it to be the only thing your partner should be.

Yuuri litterally tried to Icarus his way back into his ivory tower before finally realising that he had a real human being in front of him and that he deserved to be considered as one and not as a fear or a fantasy.

When you’re in a relationship there’s two people. Don’t forget yourself in it and don’t forget your partner in it.

Notice how hard the antis are trying to “friendzone” sheith in our own tags and etc over one lil line from Keith that we all know doesn’t mean they are legit brothers? But just family and even more?

Yeah, I’m laughing at their pettiness too guys. They are desperate over the whole fact we had moments in nearly every episode, that Shiro accepts Keith as half-Galra, and it’s canon that Keith’s greatest hope is Shiro while his biggest fear is losing him.

Not Voltron. Not the other paladins. Not even finding out the secrets to his past. And not even Earth or the damn universe.

It’s Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane is Keith Kogane’s one and only weakness AND HIS ULTIMATE STRENGTH!

Man, they are LOADING US with tons of tropes in one omfg. I expect some implied sun and moon; light and dark; so on and etc references from them now.

Thank you Lion Goddess and Voltron and like idk Zarkon? For making Sheith legit real and for giving us tons of romantic tropes into one great package known as sheith.

Dark Fate Mukami Prologue Translation

If you choose Ruki     If you choose Kou     If you choose Yuma      If you choose Azusa


――Life is meaningless without a light called ‘love’.



Socrates: … …Mm… …

Karlheinz: Too fast to live, my friend.

Socrates: My my. How many defeats does this make it?

Karlheinz: This would be the 183rd time.

Socrates: … …It can’t be, right?

Karlheinz: It is, no doubt. Right here… …I mark the board for track. Look. There’s 183.

Socrates: Sigh… …Damn!

Karlheinz: No need to get irritated, friend. The more we play, the better of chance there is for the day to come where you’ll win.

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am I the only one assuming that there’s no bookman junior because, perhaps, ‘Lavi’ is no longer junior but bookman and former bookman is…..?


New Fit For An Autopsy!

Fit For An Autopsy - Still We Destroy


I want to smash something.


Fit For An Autopsy - “Still We Destroy”

So fucking good. Nate Johnson will always be one of my favorite vocalists. 

A New Year’s Tale

So, for the holiday and death of 2015, the gang decided we were going to the Pocono Mountains, getting a hotel room or two, and just celebrating with each other. Before we left, as we were packing up Old Ironside II, Evan made a marked reminder that we had two industrial-sized party poppers, ready to explode upon Midnight. They were comically large and resembled large Tootsie Rolls with the exterior pieces acting as pull-fuses. We joked about pre-maturely surprising each other and detonating them inches from the other’s ear and giving them instant tinnitus, but we withheld for the holiday. 

Midnight comes, we all yell and celebrate, and motion to continue our game of Cards Against Humanity, when a childlike glee shines in Evan and my eyes. We still had to destroy the party poppers. So, excitedly we raise them and scream in excitement, and then I halt and say STOP. We are in Vnnie’s room and I would not wish to be the reason he doesn’t get his deposit back / have to clean up glitter and merry bullshit. 

We open the door and scan the third floor of our hotel. It’s a beautiful place, where do we choose to desecrate with Hallmark hot garbage? Evan suggests we go to the elevators and go from there. We summon the elevator and it arrives. Evan goes in excitedly and motions for me to join.

“Wait, no.”

“Why? Come on!”

“Evan, no. We detonate these things in there, we show up on another floor, and someone else gets in, and we’re a bunch of assholes covered in glitter.”


“This way.”

We go into the utility hallway and get hyped. We’re literally jumping in place.





And— nothing.

We both look down at our hands. No glitter. No loud bang. Nothing.

I look at the popper.


There’s a fucking snowman on the item.

“These are fucking Chrstmas decorations.”

We commence to break down into tears of hysterical laughter at our / Evan’s ineptitude. Never before have I been so let down on such a petty notion. But, I suppose, a new year, a new tier of disappointment.