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The shit that’s happening to Bex on twitter needs to stop. Now.

For anyone who’s unaware, she’s been getting a shit ton of hate recently. Why? I have no idea. She hasn’t done anything to deserve the kind of shit people are saying to her. She made a mistake earlier this month by using the hashtag “blue lives matter” alongside “black lives matter”, but guess what? She apologised literally 2 hours later. She knew she made a mistake, she owned up to it, and she apologised. She didn’t delete the tweet and pretend it didn’t happen. She took responsibility. She’s 21 years old and she’s still learning. What more do you want from her? 

 Hate goes hand in hand with speaking up about the issues that other people would shy away from, for fear of being too political or for fear of getting backlash for it. Bex doesn’t care about that, she uses her public voice to make a difference and give a voice to the people who aren’t always heard. That’s who she is. She can’t stand by and watch this shit happening and stay silent about it, and thats a HUGELY respectable quality. She advocates for mental health awareness, for LGBTQ+ rights, for ending racism, for women’s rights / feminism / female empowerment, for suicide prevention, and for love and acceptance. She’s done 1000 positive things, but what do people choose to focus on? The one negative.

 You can say that she should be able to just deal with it and that she knew what she was getting into when she decided to become an actress, but you need to remember a couple of things: 1. This girl was 17 when she started professionally acting. She’s only been in the public eye for 4 years. I can’t speak from experience but 4 years doesn’t seem like long enough to be able to “get used to” people attacking you and criticising your every move. In all honesty, I can’t see how anyone can ever get used to that, let alone someone thats still so new to it. And 2. No matter how strong someone is, they’re not invincible. They’re not bulletproof. After a while things will start to take their toll. I don’t doubt that she’s one strong motherfucker, but shit like that eventually starts to break you down.

All she wants is to do what she loves and inspire people along the way. No one should have to deal with this shit, but someone who honestly just wants to spread love and positivity… I can’t understand why someone would go out of their way to try and make someone like her feel like shit. Seeing shit like “rt to push @/IBexWeBex to suicide” makes my blood boil and my stomach churn. Seeing someone that I truly look up to, someone that has kept me from making some really stupid decisions, someone who has been the only person able to cheer me up when things get really bad, to see her getting so much hate is beyond heartbreaking for me. But as much as it hurts me, I can’t stop it from happening. When it comes to hate on social media, it’s one of those situations where fighting fire with fire isn’t gonna help. But what I can do, what we all can do, is show her that she has so fucking much more love and support than any of the bullshit that people are throwing at her. We can make sure she knows that who she is is enough and that we all love, respect and admire her beyond belief. 

 If you have a spare two minutes it’d be greatly appreciated if you could drop by her tumblr, twitter, or instagram, and leave her some love and positivity. She’s a ray of light thats bursting with kindness, but even she has her dark days. Let’s try to make them a little brighter.


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underrated best m8s: jack maynard and mikey pearce

listen i’ve wanted to talk about this for a while and i feel like the friendship between these two is never stressed but they’re beST FRIENDS OKAYYYY and the best friend tag that jack posted today along with mikey’s video just made me want to rant even more about these two they’re just soft puppies that love each other a lot :((((((((((((((

so basically i’m a huge stalker and went through both of their instagrams last night and just take a look at some of these gems:

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Ever since you talked about Roobarb (a show I loved growing up and still do), I’ve wanted to maybe see more classic British cartoons from waaay before I was even born and still loved! Though if you bash them, meh, whatever you don’t have to like ‘em. These would be:

Bananaman, The Trap Door*, Bagpuss, Danger Mouse (1981 & 2015 versions) and Count Duckula. (*along with all the weird monsters on the show)

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
Here’s reference if you try to find ‘em for yourself.


The only one of these I havent seen/heard of is Bagpuss, but it looks cute as hell judging from the picture.

I forgot about Count Duckula, my brain kinda subconsciously linked it to the weirdly elaborate Disney Duck Universe (Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, the Duck Comics that are hugely successful in Europe but surprisingly absent in North America). 

The Trap Door is my favourite of what you listed cause im very biased towards claymation and monsters, claymation monsters is a 2 in one deal for me.

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just a prompt that I am indeed a sucker for (take it as you please): neil somehow turns into a kid. the foxes and ofc andrew have to deal with kid!neil until the effect wears off.

( yES. )

The creepiest part was: Wymack’s house looked untouched.

Easily tipped papers towered in the study, dirty plates littered the kitchen counter, a discarded sweatshirt or sock could be found here and there, but all of it originated with the tall, tattooed home-owner. Usually that wouldn’t concern anyone but Abby, whose weekly ritual involved whipping Wymack into doing his chores. On this particular summer day a week after pre-season practice began, however, it concerned every visiting Fox.

And all of them, short to tall, old to very, startlingly young, visited.

“He’s not all that different. A little less mouthy, a little more short, still constantly wanting to play Exy… Aside from the occasional question about you-know-who, he’s basically the same.”

“We are not keeping him like this.”

“I’m just saying, it’s not a completely awful development. Look how cute he is! And he’s so well behaved - if I have a kid, I want one as nice as him.”

“Nicky, seriously. Do we have any new ideas about how to turn him back? Or what caused this in the first place?”


Dan buried her face in her hands. Nicky gave her a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

In the living room,  an eight year old’s eyes were glued to the T.V. At his side sat Kevin, whose gaze was also glued to the T.V.

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Arlo likes pastels. And butterflies.

This is Arlo, my 10’ 2" tall tv head. He is very shy and anxious, but relaxes once he gets to know you! Feel free to send questions about him!

Note- these are not his finalized colors, just me playing with pastels.

The day had been a frayed knot. There were too many loose ends for Alec’s liking and try as he may, each time he tried to fix one other grew looser. With Magnus resting, Alec slipped away. Sitting by his bed while he slept wouldn’t get anything done and the white noise in his mind was suffocating him. Walking back to the dormitories within the Institute, he made his way to Jace’s. It was a walk he could make with his eyes closed.

His knuckles rasped against the heavy door. Alec waited a moment, “Jace.” His hair was still damp from his shower and he wanted nothing more than a sleeping tea from Hodge and his bed but Hodge had left them for dead, he had an Institute to run, and a lie to help to spread. “Jace it’s me.”


One of my favourite German presenters just said “Fuck it!” to his career and money. He decided that he wants to do something useful. So he starts training as a paramedic. Kudos to him.

What you’re seeing here is the closest thing I’ve built to a pillow fort in years. From now on, this will be my new recording space. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening constructing it, taping and gluing boxes and sound baffle foam into something that will probably confuse the maintenance guy the next time something in my apartment breaks. It does work, and while the acoustics are fine I will still sound a bit different.

This also means I haven’t recorded FINAGLC yet, as a lack of sleep has made my sinuses rebel, and I sound like somebody from a cold medicine commercial before they get all hopped up on Sudafed. I will record as soon as I can, but unfortunately chapter 18 may come out tomorrow instead. In the meantime I wanted to show you all my fortress of solitude lol.


“You would think that people would get me after all these years,” the girl slightly pouted, fingers fumbling with the ends of her red hair. “..but this kid ran up to me and called me ‘Fanta Head’!”

I really hate that when I get angry, no matter what, I cry. Really bad angry tears. I wish I could just be angry without the tears.

Local gay remains pale despite spending time in sunlight

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oh no... bewhy smh.... do you know what exactly he said?

Idk if it can actually be called homophobic but that’s what they’re saying so… it’s from his F5(Ice cream freestyle)

“Lesbianism is definitely declining due to me. Because even lesbians are aroused by my flow.“ 

I get why they’re upset though. It’s still problematic. 

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