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My first purchase today and I’m in love 😍 @zacroix @obscene-tevene Jumin and Zen are making me melt *slowly becomes puddle of goo*

Edit: these were done by the amazing @gebdraws please support this amazing artist *tries to lose husband to buy more amazing artwork*

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kuroo trying to steal tsukishima so he can have a read blocker kouhai would... go badly... kuroo he's got like 3 inches on u where would u take him... and if daichi finds out... rip

unfortunately for kuroo, daichi is taking no chances

LGBT(PN) people had to riot at stonewall, stage LITERAL DIE-ins during the AIDS crisis, fight legal battle after legal battle to earn the right to decriminalize consensual sex in their own goddamn homes, get fired from their jobs, get told they cannot use public restrooms, be subject to “trans panic” laws that legalize murdering trans people, have hundreds of programs dedicated to torturing the gay and trans out of us (that were federally funded and mandated!), and you people are acting like being called a plant and getting told you’ll “grow out of it” is comparable?? All of that was the US alone, not to mention the countless other places where you can still get put to death for being gay!

You all want to steal our resources when the resources today for LGBT(PN) people came at the cost of our community’s lives. Our elders died for these resources. Our predecessors fought tooth and nail so their blood could give us homeless shelters, crisis hotlines, legal protection, and better healthcare. Cishet aces did none of that, suffered none of that, and were part of the group that subjected us to all of that in the first place.

If cishet aces want safe spaces and resources, they can do it themselves. Yall don’t have a fraction as many obstacles and roadblocks as LGBT(PN) people did and still do to get to where we are today but yall are still too lazy to organize yourselves and actually create change.

You want resources? Make your own. Stop expecting marginalized people to cater to you. Put in the work. You want to have a community like ours? Then go fucking make one you selfish assholes.

20 minutes into Game Theory and Chill and he gives you the look.

TheRE he Is

Karma for the Demons and Angels AU (lmao that was a month ago )


Akabane Karma

Age : 15

Type : Demon ( honestly that was predictable )

Height: 195 cm 

Ability: Literally anything that can burn your house down lmao

Special : His stupid grin and witty remarks


Gakuhou: Let’s create a squad that mainly focuses on embarrassing Gakushuu shall we?


Nagisa: No Karma no.

Isogai: ….Are you having mackerel juice?

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My girlfriend started reading Sex Criminals by buying Big Hard. Any suggestions on how to steal it from her without her noticing?

uh… if you want her to still be your girlfriend maybe don’t steal it you cheap bastard?


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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “Could you write an Alex x Reader where the reader is chubby and super insecure about it?”

Word count: 1.459

Posted: 30th of April 2017

A/N: Hello there, guys! I’ve written exactly six imagines today and I am posting one everyday, so you can read something also during the weekdays.
Anyways, I loved writing this imagine and I hope that you like it too. Sorry for some typo errors, if there are some. It’s almost 04.30 am here and I am kind of sleepy too. Sorry and enjoy!

P.S.: If you struggle with your insecurities, please don’t hesitate to send me some messages. My ask box is always open for you, no matter what problem you have. I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

- G. x

“Babe, are you okay?” It was your school’s Winter Formal and your boyfriend Alex noticed that you were in a deep thought as you silently fidgeted with your fingers. “Babe?”

“Uh,” You suddenly shook your head as the loud music and Alex’s voice sank in your mind. The room was dark and it was lighted by some strobe lights as the music was fast and noisy. You wandered your eyes around and you saw the people dancing messily and wildly. “I am fine.”

“You don’t seem fine.” He sat beside you as he handed you a plastic cup filled with a red coloured punch.

“I am.” You shortly answered as you felt another knot in your stomach. You’ve been observing the beautiful, skinny and perfect girls from your school and you quickly felt guilty and insecure. You took a sip from your cup as you hid your perplexity from Alex.

“Can we talk?” You looked at Alex and he seemed serious. He wouldn’t leave the question open until he assured himself that you were fine.

“About what?” You shrugged your shoulders as if you didn’t know why he wanted to talk to you. He might have hinted what you were into, because this wasn’t the first time that it would happen, so he insisted on the topic.

“About everything.” He was bothered for your actions and, even though you haven’t agreed yet, he already stood up from the bleachers and he waited for your hand as he put his out.

“Lex, it’s not necessary.” You assured him, but still put your plastic cup beside you and you grabbed his hand before standing up.

“I think that it is.” He emotionlessly answered and you bit your lip as he intertwined his hands with yours, dragging you out of the school gym, where the dance was being held. “So? What’s the matter, love?”

“Nothing matters.” You let his hand go as you sighed loudly and heavily. “Nothing matters, neither do I.”

“You absolutely matter, (Y/N).” Alex’s shoulder fell down as he knew what was happening to you that night. “Tell me what’s in your mind?”

“I think you know what’s in this stupid mind.” You avoided Alex’s gaze, because you felt uncomfortable, flustered. He already talked to you about this topic and he would never be tired of repeating it.

“Maybe yes, maybe not.” Alex answered and he perfectly knew how nervous and pressured you were at that moment. You have a certain intimacy with Alex, but you were always shy to talk about these things with him.

“Fine, Alex! I am telling you what’s running on my mind, right now.” You raised your voice as you gathered your courage to let everything out. “I am jealous of these pretty girls around me. I mean, have you ever seen them? They’re perfect and I am a potato. They have perfect skin, flat stomachs and their dresses fit very well in them. I am just so full of flaws and I hate it, I hate myself because of it.” You huffed as you finished ranting about it. Alex listened to you, even though he already knew what you would’ve said.

“Is that what perfect is for you?” He raised an eyebrow as he asked you with a smirk. “Because I am seeing the perfection in front of me.”

“Perfection!” You shot him a death glare as you sarcastically repeated what he has said. Alex was disappointed of himself, because he couldn’t make you feel better and he couldn’t give you more confidence for yourself. He couldn’t convince you that you should love your so-called- flaws and that stressed him, because all he wanted was for you to love yourself. “I sometimes wonder why you even chose me.”

“I think you are, (Y/N).” He seriously said as he grabbed your right hand and caressed the back of it with his thumb. “You know that I will always love you and I will always take you as you are, right? I will always choose you, no matter what.”

“I know, Alex.” You fiddled with your lovely long dress, playing with the smooth fabric of it.

“Look at me, love.” Alex sweetly cupped your cheeks and you looked at him, showing him your disheartened gaze. “You know that all these things, that you call flaws, are the reason why I loved you and why I am loving you, right?”

“You’ve already told me that, but I don’t believe you.” You contradicted him as he just smiled and shook his head.

“These imperfections that you call are the ones that make you perfect, love.” He caressed your cheek. You still had your own opinion and he couldn’t wreck the wall between the two of you.

“I don’t think so.” You crossed your arms, being a hard headed.

“Shush you.” He walked closer to you and kissed your nose. “You don’t have to be insecure because I love you so much and I think that you are flawless. You should love yourself and you shouldn’t shame yourself because of them. You are flawless and please remember that, okay?”

“Do you really think that?” Your shoulders relaxed after those sweet words that slipped out Alex’s mouth. You finally let your walls down as you let him assure you. You absorbed his words and you felt loved in some ways.

“Of course, Babe.” He slowly nodded with a smile and he knew that you gained some confidence for yourself again. “So, please, don’t ever compare yourself to others because you are perfect and always will be. Okay?”

“I’m sorry.” You sighed for the hundredth time and Alex just smiled even wider, letting go of your face, that he was still cupping.

“You don’t have to because it’s clearly not your fault.” He sincerely answered. “I just want for you to think that you are unblemished and to teach you how to love yourself, because I do.”

“Thank you, babe. You always know how to cheer me up.” You blushed as you thanked him, so for him not to notice it, you suddenly wrapped your arms around his neck and you hugged him.

“I am just stating the truth, baby.” He wrapped his arms around your waist as he exchanged the hug you’ve been giving to him. “I shouldn’t be thanked, when all I did was being honest.”

“Aw, Babe.” You bit your lower lip while smiling and you let Alex go.

“I love you.” He looked at you straight into your eyes and you perfectly knew how sincere he was during that exact moment.

“I love you too.” You honestly replied and his lips formed a big smile before closing the gap between the two of you.

You shared a passionate kiss, full of love as Alex demonstrated that he really cared for you, but it was broken by your best friend, Jessica.

“Cuties, you’re missing a great party in there.” She winked at you as she grabbed your hand and Alex followed the two of you, still wanting to kiss your soft lips.

“Jess, stop stealing my girlfriend because she’s mine.” Alex playfully said, but he was partly serious about it.

“Damn, Standall!” Jessica complained as you entered the gym once again. Tony was playing a slow love song and Jessica surrendered as she wanted for you to have a moment together. “Here’s your beautiful girlfriend, but I will steal her if you don’t take care of her.”

“Shut up, Jess. You should give up now, because I will never let her go and I will always take care of her.” You blushed as you felt your boyfriend hugging you from behind.

“Whatever, Alex.” Jessica rolled her eyes and she let go of your hand, heading to Justin. “Enjoy guys.”

“We will.” You and Alex said in unison as you headed in the middle of the gym to dance.

“May I have this dance, beautiful?” Alex asked you as he put his hand out again.

“Of course,” you grabbed his hand and he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “handsome.”

You both laughed as you slowly danced together, swaying together with the rhythm of the music.

You thanked Alex, because you really felt better with his kind and honest words. You knew that he wouldn’t lie to you, because you knew Alex very well.

He helped you to start loving your so-called-flaws, because he was right! Your flaws are those little things that made you perfect, unique and beautiful. You should start appreciating them, because you wouldn’t be you without them.

He was the best that you’ve ever had and you couldn’t thank him enough for being the perfect and loving boyfriend that he was.

Preference: How they react to you wearing their clothes

The “How they first meet you” preference is my first one and I kind of half-assed it because I was lazy, but this one and future ones will include more people. I’ll let you know who was requested.

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Negan told you he would be right back, he had to take care of something, leaving his room with his leather jacket lying out over his bed, just begging to be worn. You couldn’t help yourself and shrugged it on over your tank top, not bothering to zip it up. You admired his jacket in the mirror.

“Silly me, I almost forgot my jacket. It sure is chil-oh?” He came back into his room and you jumped, scrambling to get it off, “you know, never mind. It won’t take long. You look good by the way.” he smirked.

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You took his watch and wondered how long it would take for him to notice. So far you had been wearing it for almost two days, but Michonne couldn’t take it anymore and asked him for the time.

He checked his wrist and cursed when he saw that his watch wasn’t there. You laughed and grabbed his hand, offering to help him find it. When he saw that you had it he laughed and took it off of your wrist.

“I’ll find you your own sometime. I promise.”

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When you woke up, Daryl was in the shower, so you took advantage of him not being there to try on his vest. Once you had it on, you turned around to admire the angel wings on the back in the mirror, and of course that was when Daryl comes out of the shower.

“Y/n, have you seen my vest? Oh! Never mind.” He laughed. You tried ot take it off. “Nah, it’s fine you can wear it, but I’ll need it back later today.”

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You were going to follow Enid over the wall, and Carl was well aware that you were jealous and afraid she would steal him from you, yet he still wanted to follow her, just to make you mad. So you took his hat right off of his head and didn’t give it back. Just so Enid would know that he’s yours and you could do what you wanted.

“Come on y/n, you can come with me. Can I just have my hat Back? No? Fine. Let’s go then,” he pouted.

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Abraham (requested):

He was out taking watch when you were looking for a jacket you could wear because you were cold. When you opened his drawer and found the uniform he got when he was with Sasha and Daryl, your curiosity got the best of you and you had to see what it looked like on you. When Abraham came in he started laughing his but off.

“Holy dick, that thing is huge on you. Don’t make that face at me, It is. But you look adorable.”

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Shane (requested):

Your shirt was all muddy and it felt gross, so you went back into your tent in search of a new one. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find a clean one at all, but you found Shane’s button-up shirt, so you ended up putting it on. You left the tent and ran into Shane on the way over to the RV. At first he didn’t notice you in it, but took a double take when he realized there was something different about you. When he saw his shirt on you, he chuckled and shook his head before continuing what he was doing.

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It was a hot, sunny day back at the prison and Rick told you to go on fence duty, so you ran into Glenn’s cell to grab his baseball hat to protect you from the shade.

“Is’t that your hat?” Rick asked Glenn behind you.

“Dang, it is,” Glenn laughed, “but she can keep it. I haven’t worn it in a while.”

Don’t forget to make requests! I’m on here a lot, so I’ll make try to get it up ASAP!

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Coldflash, prison au

I mean. You should all go read @oneiriad’s prison fic (it’s building to be coldflashwave, I think), because obviously I won’t be able to match that, but I’ll give it a shot.

1 - Barry is unpleasantly surprised to wake up from his coma to visit his foster-dad only to be informed there’s a warrant for his arrest. Apparently “impersonating a police officer” and “faking paperwork” and stuff is INCREDIBLY ILLEGAL and someone in Starling made a phone call. (And yes, you can impersonate a police officer while being a police officer, it’s called ‘pretending to be on official business when you’re not’ - and that’s exactly what happened).

2 - He’s probably going to get acquitted, since he actually befriended the same people in Starling who complained (name: Queen, Oliver “Jealous Asshole”) and they are dropping the complaint like a bunch of hot rocks because they totally forgot they made it. But the judge is pretty anti-corruption and is super pissed at the young CSI taking the law into his own hands, so she decides not to allow Barry bail, which means he spends the few months leading up to trial in jail.

3 - Len is currently in Iron Heights because he’s off his game after the whole thing blowing up with Mick. Guess who his new roommate is?

4 - Barry is happy to see his dad. His dad is not happy to see him. People in the prison who have wanted to hurt Henry but haven’t because he’s friendly with all the guards thanks to being a model prisoner for years see an opportunity.

5 - Len sees a kid being attacked, is nostalgic for Mick, and saves him for free. Entirely because of nostalgia. Of course, it didn’t occur to him that saving the kid once meant he had to KEEP saving him, and now they have to be together all the time.

6 - They get close over the next month or so, because Barry talks compulsively fast and even tells Len about his super-speed which he STILL doesn’t know what to do with (because he never got a chance to go back to STAR Labs after the initial wake-up), which Len thinks is fascinating.

7 - Len lets Barry “reveal” his escape plan so that even the judge is convinced Barry must’ve just made a mistake with the paperwork because Barry is so obviously a good guy, so Barry gets off before even his trial. Len then goes to his own trial in which mysteriously there’s not enough evidence to convince the jury to convict (Len is very popular in the lower-class parts of Central and his lawyer was very smart with the jury selection). Then he goes to find Barry to help him with his powers.

8 - Len puts out word that he wants anti-speedster weapons and gets the cold gun and heat gun. He uses that to train Barry instead of fight him. Barry still wants to save Central City. Len mostly wants to steal stuff, but damnit, Central is his city and he’s willing to help Barry protect it from everyone but him.

9 - Barry convinces Len to go make up with Mick. Mick becomes teacher #2 and takes about 10 minutes to go “so are you sleeping together?” and when they say no, asks, “why not?” until they get their heads out of their asses and realize they’re both crushing on each other.

10 - Wells!Eobard is displeased with literally all of this.

The Joke Was On Me- Part One (Joker x reader)

Word Count: 3248

Summary: The Joker’s made another one of his threats, and he intends to act on it. You’re caught in the crossfire, and the Joker takes a personal interest in you. He shows you just how quickly your “loving friends and family” would abandon you if they thought you were a freak like him.

Author’s note: Ok, to be honest, this story is going to get very dark. This is meant to be a oneshot for Heath Ledger’s Joker. Once the new batman movie comes out, I’ll have a better grasp of Jared Leto’s Joker so then I might write his character :) The -’s show pauses in between words. Please, give me feedback for the first part to my Joker x reader series (I decided it was going to be way too long to be in one whole part)!

Warnings: Dark Themes, Graphic Gore, Violence, Mass Murder

“Sorry to interrupt your morning entertainment, ladies and gentle-men. The Joker’s here to announce Gotham’s latest news. There has been an incident at Gotham Avenue School. At about two forty pm tomorrow, a school bus was bombed! The assailment hasn’t been found, but this has caused the Gotham Police Department to wonder if the so called vigilante.”

He licked his lips before continuing, ”Bat-man is really working for the good of Gotham city. The day before the attack, the terrorist had threatened to blow the bus up if Batman didn’t reveal his identity at noon. The whole situation could have been avoided if he had just complied with the bomber’s wishes.”

The Joker’s message was broadcasting across all of Gotham’s television screens. It didn’t matter what station it was on previously. The recording was shot solely on his red lipstick lathered lips. The crazed clown bent down so that his eyes were covering the camera’s view, and he laughed like a maniac.

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Jack Pearson sets the bar higher.

In yesterday’s live chat with Milo and Mandy before west coast premiere of the finale, a fan commented saying she (we all lol) has set the bars higher for men after watching Jack and MIlo said that Jack’s not perfect. You know what? Of course he’s not perfect. Rebecca isn’t either. No one is. The reason why we’ve set our bars higher after watching Jack is BECAUSE we see the imperfections in him and we see the multiple ways he has tried to overcome it. He drinks a lot for a year when the kids were little, he stopped immediately after Rebecca told him off, immediately determined he’s going to be the 200% parent Rebecca expects him to be. He knew they were drifting and he made an effort to rent their old house and put lights and shit for Rebecca just to make sure she knows he loves her more than anything in the world still. He wanted to steal from a bar last night and he stopped because he noticed Rebecca and I bet you a hundred bucks the reason he stopped isn’t because it’s true love at first sight, it’s because that true love at first sight made him think that woman deserves a better man. In the last scene, he got drunk and he knows it, he doesn’t know how to make it right again (he mumbled on going to support group) but he knows that if his wife wants him out, he will be because he respects her. He gave the most beautiful speech and still walked out, why? Because that’s what a respectful man does, he knows he did wrong and she needs space. He’s not perfect but he tries to be better ALL THE FREAKING TIME and THAT is why we’ve set our bars higher on our choices in men after watching the show. 

Trouble Maker (Min Yoongi x Reader ) PT. 3

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Preview  | PT. 1  | PT. 2


You looked around, trying to find the exit, but there again, you saw the figure from the corner of your eye. This time, you weren’t going to be too slow to catch it. Maybe it was a stalker? You were nervous. As you whipped your head around and your eyes met the figures, it was a man. Wait a minute, this wasn’t just a stranger..

“What the hell…?” You mumbled. Your eyes widened. “V?” You questioned. As soon as he saw you piece together the clues and his frame, he quickly made a run for it, already failing to not make himself obvious.

What was going on? You hadn’t seen V since that night of the accident. So many questions ran through your mind, yet only few were answered.

It had been a week since you’ve seen V at the market. You hadn’t really left your house, afraid of going out into the open space, hearing what you specifically did not want to hear. That Min Yoongi was back on the streets. You gulped at the thought, chuckling nervously. “It… it can’t be true.” You whispered to yourself, a hand on your head. You were trying anything to get your mind off the hellish thought, mainly trying to watch TV. Yet your mind wandered elsewhere. 

Your life was stable now. You had a job, you were famous, people depended and looked up to you now. Yet your past, still clinging onto your worrisome head, is still refusing to abandon that night. The fact that he left you. You shook your head, trying to snap yourself out of the trance you put yourself in. You lay on the couch, turning to finally face the raven black ceiling. A sigh escaped your pale, chapped lips. What was the worst that could happen.. not much, perhaps. You were a tech genius, and still are. A small, devilish smile spread across your face. Yoongi couldn’t do much without you then, how could he possibly get to you now?

Yoongi’s POV 

“Ugh, have you seen her anywhere, besides the market this past week?” Yoongi’s eyes traveled to V’s, desperate for an answer. They were all currently at an old abandoned factory, the only place they could hide out at. Yoongi was still wanted in some parts of Seoul, before he started stealing in America. "No. Ever since she saw me, I haven’t seen her anywhere in Seoul.“ V spoke in a shaky voice. He knew he fucked up the mission by letting you see him. Yet, he barely recognized you. Your features had changed so much then last time he saw you. He was surprised he could even identify you. "You fucked up.. I should’ve recruited Jimin for this mission.” Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to hold back his anger. “Funny. Because you knew I was never truly good hiding. You are the one who brought us here, if you-” V was cut off by Namjoon’s hand firmly landing on V’s shoulder, squeezing his shoulder.

“First official week back together, and you guys are already arguing? If we want (Y/N) back, then we’re going to have to first work out our issues. We can’t work as a team if you guys don’t believe this is one.” Namjoon growled. “I wasn’t the one who left my team behind in the first place.” V’s words spit venom at his leader. “Enough!” Yoongi roared. Yoongi’s breathing increased, a hand running through his hair, trying to calm down. “If you don’t want to be on this fucking team, then leave. But don’t you dare fucking remind me what I did. I knew what I did was wrong, that’s why I’m trying to fix it right now. So shut the hell up.” Yoongi snapped. The team was all watching V and Yoongi going at it. “Alright, alright.” Jin stood between them.

“Enough arguing. Change of subject, how are we going to get (Y/N) back? You do know her reputation now.. right?” Jin questioned Yoongi. Yoongi grew confused. “Her reputation..?” He looked at Jin. Jin nodded. “She’s a makeup artist and photographer. She’s famous.” Jin responded. “How did she manage to even leave her past behind..” Yoongi scratched his head. However, he knew eventually it would catch up to you, as you knew too. “Well, anyways, it’s going to be hard to get her back. You need to come up with a damn good reason to get her back. She may not come back.” Jungkook spoke out boldly. “I know that.” Yoongi said harshly. “So it’s official. We’re going to get (Y/N) back, correct?” Jimin blew a bubble with his gum, staring at Yoongi for an answer. “Of course. Whatever it takes. Even if by force.” He tapped his fingers on the metal table he was sitting at. 

“Getting her back is the easy part. Finding her, considering she’s a tech genius and she can hack into computers and keep her location a secret, is going to be a bitch.” Hoseok spoke up, making a good point. “She was always good at that..” Yoongi closed his eyes, gritting his teeth. It was risky considering your reputation, and even more risky going onto the streets of Seoul himself. 

“We’ll find a way.. we always have.” Yoongi glanced at Hoseok, his expression changing from a hard one, to a mischievous one.

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they try to be next to each other and they talk and touch every single goddamn awards show i love how lowkey they are otherwise but this is proof enuf for me bye

i love how when they aren’t together you can tell that they still want to be because of the way they steal glances at each other,, the majority of the time they’re a lot less obvious but it’s so nice that they want to spend such important moments next to each other

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can u do some genji relationship headcanons please... just him being generally gentle and loving and sweet... i need it c r i e s

(( i love me boi))


- he is the type of boyfriend that will win u something from the crane machine, like a big stuffed alien
- he loves alien print stuff so he gets you a bunch of it, like patches
- he, you and zenyatta have group meditations if you want to
- if you don’t want to, he understands but he still meditates so zenyatta steals him every once in a while
- He is so lovey dovey, and early in the relationship will give you “kisses” where he puts his visor on you to mimic a kiss
- when he takes his visor off for the first time it’s very emotional and he’s scared you’ll reject him
- when you don’t, he wears his visor off around you a lot more, giving you actual kisses
- Stuffed animals, please give this boy stuffed animals and flowers
- He loves attention, so please shower him in it
- He will literally melt if you give him a massage, so please give him one (warning: he may beg you from there on out for another one)

Okay I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘I stole this fish and that’s okay’ on here and I’m pissed. It’s NOT okay. They still record the fish as bought (atleast Walmart does) we get a credit and it gets marked as something we need to watch but people still want. We are going to get more in if you steal it, we just add more cameras, that’s literally it.
And you want to know who gets in trouble? WE DO! The associates, we get our asses chewed, our jobs out the door because you stole a fucking fish.
It’s going to keep going and going and fish are going to be sold in unhealthy conditions whether or not you steal them.
Don’t fucking steal, most DM’s will lower the price for an injured fish, if you can’t afford to actually buy the fish you can’t afford the care it needs.
And this whole adopt a fish, in some places like where I live, that’s not an option, you buy the fish or you get no fish, so stop throwing around the ‘I rescued my fish from *random place here* and you should too or else you’re a bad person.

Also, if they actually catch you stealing, you could be out for life, that fish is now evidence against you and will suffer even more.
You don’t need a fish to survive, you have no excuse