still want someone to cuddle with

• love stories are not always what they seem (even spotting isak first was such a cool thing but also like woah???)
• people mental illness are still capable of being unconditionally loved, admired and cared for
• the weeknd is a 10/10 love song composer
• kissing in the rain isn’t always cheesy
• unintentional homophobia is a thing but it shouldn’t be
• the possibility of parallel universes
• beanie + hoodie combo
• cuddling is always the right answer
• it’s never wrong to love someone who doesn’t love you back (magnus being so head over heels for vilde is adorable)
• surround yourself with people who are supportive, hilarious and kind
• share clothes with people you love because you love them
• you don’t have to say “i love you” to say “i love you”
• breaking and entering is still illegal (even if you just want to chill in a swimming pool and kiss the boy of your dreams)
• it always gets better

it’s not even about sex anymore. I just crave the kind of intimacy you can only share with one person. laying on the couch with legs and fingers intertwined, basking in her body heat to keep me warm and holding her so close not a single ray of light could pass between us. I want lazy Sunday afternoons where we stay in bed half naked till 2pm and don’t answer our phones all day. I want hardcore make out sessions that turn into hardcore cuddle sessions. I miss feeling someone’s body pressed up against mine when I’m falling asleep and knowing they will still be there in the morning. I miss the consistency.

BTS Reaction to their baby crying every time they put him/her down

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Jin: *tries to feed his son because of belief that food solves everything*

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Yoongi: *would pretend he’s annoyed with his son, but when someone tried to take him to help, wouldn’t let them touch him*

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Hoseok: *would use it as an excuse for constant cuddles and would also start crying when he was forced to put his son down*

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Namjoon: *would try to break his son’s separation anxiety early on, but would give in because it would break his heart to see his son cry*

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Jimin: *would never put his daughter down, she would be a teenager and still be carried around*

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Taehyung: *would want to cuddle his daughter, but would also want to be a father that raised his children right, so he would be very confused*

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Jungkook: *would immediately try to pass his daughter onto you not realizing that’s the reason she was crying*

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How You Cuddle

A/N: I had finished the Bucky imagine but wanted to write a preference as well so I’m doing all the avengers now and the Bucky one will be posted tommorow. My preferences seem to get more notes so I’m guessing that you like them more.


Tony’s cuddles were mainly his face buried into your neck and sometimes placing a kiss there if he wanted to. Drunk cuddles happened often with Tony so you usually didn’t spoon because you wanted to keep an eye on him while he slept.


You and Steve would cuddle all the time. While you were watching movies, when you were sleeping, any time you could you would probably cuddle. It was comfortable for you both because he liked to know that he still had someone who cared about him after 70 years spent in the ice. He liked to wrap his arms around you and hug you tight into his chest.


When you and Thor cuddled you rested your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around his waist. He has one of his arms draped around your shoulder and the over resting on the small of your back. You liked to cuddle with Thor and tease him about how he loved it as well even though he is  big and powerful.


Bruce didn’t like to cuddle much. He tended to keep his distance because he was scared he might turn into ‘the other guy’. If you did cuddle you usually just held hands and occasionally he would let you snuggle into him while you fell asleep. He would always whisper 'I love you’ to you so you would always know that even if he turned into the Hulk that he would always love you the most.


Clint liked to hold you close when you cuddled. He always found a way to squeeze you tighter and make you giggle while he did it. He loved it when you laughed. You usually liked to rest your head in the crook of his neck because it felt like it fit your head perfectly so it was the most comfortable place to lay (lay? lie? I’m not sure.)


Natasha wasn’t always one for cuddling as it wasn’t always easy to gain her trust but you gave the best cuddles and they made her feel safe a secure. You liked to be able to see one another so Nat could keep an eye on you. Being an assassin came with the people who wanted to hurt you so she wanted to make sure you were okay. Your arms usually held the other gently.


Having worked with HYDRA you were surprised that Wanda liked to cuddle. She liked to push her way into your chest and hold you close to her so she could hear your heartbeat. You liked to spoon with her but would often switch up who was the big and little spoon.


Pietro would always use his speed to cuddle you by surprise. He would often go for the cute, romantic types of cuddles where he would pick you up from behind and spin you around in the air. When you both were alone you would cuddle while swaying to slow music, it calmed him down after a day of using his powers.


Loki wanted everyone to know you were his so you were usually cuddled up to his side on a daily basis. When you went to sleep he was always the big spoon and his arms held you to his chest so tight that you could feel his breath on your neck.

Peter Quill

You and Peter would just be a mess. Arms wrapped around each other with your legs tangled up so it was almost impossible to break contact. Cuddles with Peter usually also involved kisses and hands tangled in each others hair.

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Question: I call myself ace. However, I crave stuff like cuddling, etc. that isn't sexual. Dating terrifies me, and I want nothing to do with it. TBH I just want to cuddle with someone. Would you classify this as "ace" still? Thanks!

Totally!  Wanting to cuddle is completely separate from sexual attraction, many aces still want to cuddle.

Below is a helpful(but not complete) list of possible attractions.  One might feel or not feel any of combination of these.  Everyone experiences things differently, but these are meant to help you begin to understand your feelings.  What you described sounds like sensual attraction.

  • Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s).
  • Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons.
  • Aesthetic attraction: occurs when someone appreciates the appearance or beauty of another person(s), disconnected from sexual or romantic attraction.
  • Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling.
  • Emotional attraction: the desire to get to know someone, often as a result of their personality instead of their physicality. This type of attraction is present in most relationships from platonic friendships to romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Intellectual attraction: the desire to engage with another in an intellectual manner, such as engaging in conversation with them, “picking their brain,” and it has more to do with what or how a person thinks instead of the person themselves

a little moment at night (Remus x Reader)

Authors Note: Wow lol it’s been a while. Basically, I started this blog when I had time and then I all the sudden didn’t have timebecause of school, and also, not even because of school, but because I’m a nerd and I literally invest all my time in orchestra, so (I have an orchestra blog, on here too, so if anyone wants to follow that, or talk about Hogwarts/Orchestra/Chamber Music head cannons (BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY) let me know). Anyway, I couldn’t sleep, and I wanted someone to cuddle with, so I wrote this, cool, hope you enjoy. 

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The clocked ticked away the hours, one by one. Each was more painful than the next. Y/N had read a book, gotten ready for bed, and tidied the room, and she was still waiting for the Order meeting to conclude. Technically, she was part of the Order, but whenever the group gathered in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, and discussed increasing dangers, she could not bring herself to sit in.

The first two meetings she attended. Matters of Voldemort, his followers, and safety were discussed. But as the conversations started to get more dark, more real, they became harder for Y/N to bear.  The worries, that had already been stealing her sleep worsened. Y/N could never sit still, and her hands would always fidget from under the table, until Remus would grab them with his own, and run his thumb across her palm, coaxing her nerves to settle. A few members that Y/N didn’t know very well had gone out on a mission, and never came back. That was when she stopped going.

Y/N looked at the clock. It was past midnight, it had been at least three hours since the dinner table was cleared and she walked up stairs. It might be best to go to bed. No doubt, tomorrow would be busy, something always came up that Y/N was never properly rested for.

She slipped off her clothes, pulling a white shirt over her head with grey underthings, and placed little yellow socks on her feet, necessary for the cold weather, and sat on the floor in front of her full length mirror. Y/N pulled her hair all to one side and started to comb her fingers through it, before letting a brush work out the tangles. Focusing on something so simple was therapeutic, preparing her to fall asleep.

When she was done, she tucked her hair into the collar of her shirt and climbed into bed, feeling her freshly shaved legs on the crisp clean sheets. It wasn’t long before her mind started to wander, and the blanket of sleep started to cover her head. She exhaled a soft breath as the door creaked open.

It was Remus, of course, and Y/N knew this, which explained why she didn’t bolt up in fear. The turning of the door handle and creak of the floorboards was too gentle to be any threat. Now, woken up, Y/N listened to the sound of Remus undressing, the metal of his belt hitting the floor, followed by the damp fall of his sweater. The sound of him splashing his face in their bathroom, and finally, climbing into bed.

As the covers were lifted off of the mattress, a waft of cold air tickled Y/N’s legs, forcing her to curl up, in struggle for warmth. This need was fulfilled however, as Remus laid beside her, tracing her body with his, and wrapping his arm around her waist. He nestled his chin on her shoulder, burying his face into her hair, letting out a sigh he had been holding all night.

“How is everything?” Y/N asked, only her lips and breath contributing to the words she spoke.

“Bloody insane,” He replied, pulling her a little closer, and placing a peck on her shoulder. Y/N didn’t respond, not wanting to know any more about the unfolding events that threatened their lives.

“We’ll be okay though,” Remus found her hand and laced his fingers through it. After that, no words were spoken. Remus fell asleep, shortly followed by Y/N as the quarter moon peaked through the window, and the worries that held them down, were left behind.  

Meanwhile, Voldemort chuckled because he was about to fuck shit up.

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Ohhhh is there any adorable cuddles and fluff where Hunk, Pidge, and Lance help their dadies when they get nightmares?

[The Voltron Family] Little Pidge woke Hunk up because she wanted someone to accompany her going to the loo to pee. When they passed by Lance’s room, Lance came out to pee too.

Lance: *giggles sleepily* Pee time.
Hunk: Pee time. *nods and smiles* *holds Lance hand*
Pidge: *squeezes Hunk’s hand* C’mon. I can’t hold it in.

The hallway had blue fluorescent lines that light up so the kids can still see their way towards the bathroom and back. Shiro was the one who installed the lights around the house when they got the kids. That way they didn’t have to turn on the lights since the light switch was beyond any of the kids’ reach.

They took turns peeing with Hunk keeping “watch” outside the loo. As soon as they were all done, they walked back towards their rooms until they heard someone screaming when they passed by the master bedroom.

Pidge: *grips Hunk’s hand tighter* What’s that?!
Lance: *eyes widens* Daddy Shiro! *lets go of Hunk’s hand and runs* 

They ran towards their Daddies’ room—which was always open—and they saw the bedside light was turned on. Their Daddy Shiro squirming in pain and their Daddy Keith was trying to wake him up.

Keith: *pats Shiro* Takashi! Wake up, wake up!
Lance: *runs towards the bed* What’s wrong?! *worried*
Pidge: Is Daddy Shiro alright? *climbs the bed*
Hunk: *speechless* *looks scared to death* *touches Shiro’s arm gently*
Keith: Your Daddy’s having a nightmare. *turns back to Shiro and cradles him* Hey, baby. Wake up. Please, wake up for me.
Pidge: *helps Keith* *pats Shiro’s leg* Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! 
Lance: *helps too* Daddy Keith killed the boogeyman already! The ghosts clear! 
Pidge: It’s the coast is clear. *mumbles*
Hunk: M-maybe if you kiss him Daddy Keith he will wake up? Isn’t that how stories usually go? *still holding onto Shiro’s hand*
Keith: *shakes head* This isn’t one of those, baby. *turns back to Shiro*
Shiro: *jolts awake* I did what I could! 
Keith: *relieved* Oh thank god. *hugs Shiro* Shiro, you’re okay. You’re fine. I’m here. It was just a nightmare. *rocks Shiro in his arms*
Shiro: Keith? *disoriented*
Keith: I’m here. I’m here.
Shiro: *looks around* Hunk? Lance? *looks at his feet* What are you doing there, Pidge?
Hunk: *throws himself at Shiro* *hugs him so tight* Daddy Shiro I was scared you wouldn’t wake up! 
Lance and Pidge: Me too! *crawls towards Shiro and hugs him*
Hunk: Don’t scare us like that! *sobs*
Shiro: *smiles sadly* I’m sorry for worrying you all. It’s just…
Keith: *wipes Shiro’s face* Miles?
Shiro: *nods* 
Pidge: Who’s Miles?

So Shiro told the kids all about his patient Miles who died. The kids were saddened by the story and just cuddled the heck out of their Daddy Shiro. They pampered him with kisses all around the face to make him smile. So they all slept in the master bedroom that night with Shiro in the middle.

Just when Shiro thought everyone was asleep, little Hunk poked him.

Hunk: *whispers* It wasn’t your fault, Daddy Shiro. But I bet Miles and I would’ve been Yellow buddies. *smiles*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* *kisses Hunk’s forehead* Thanks, sweetheart.
Lance: *whispers* I would’ve played pirates with him too!
Shiro: *turns around shocked to see Lance was awake* *chuckles softly* I’m sure he would’ve been a great co-captain.
Pidge: *joins* And we could share our love for dinosaurs and aliens!
Shiro: *smiles proudly* *ruffles Pidge’s hair* *looks at Keith’s back expectantly*
Keith: *still not turning around to face them* I’m asleep.
Shiro and the kids: *laughs* *attacks Keith*

JB Imagine - Fight

It was late at night and you were staying up for JB who was out at practice with the other members. He had told not to wait up because he’d get back so late but you knew he’d need someone to talk to and cuddle with after a stressful practice session. It was currently 1am and you were starting to get a little worried. Just as you got up to grab your phone and call him, you heard him twisting the keys in the lock and open the door. You walked into the hallway to see him and you were met with a very tired looking Jaebum.
“Aish, (Y/N), why are you still awake?” He asked, hugging you tightly.
“Because I wanted to see you when you got in,” you snuggled your face into his chest, “Jaebum-ah, you need to start coming home earlier.”
“What? No I don’t. It’s fine, (Y/N).” He pulled away to look at you, giving a look that told you to drop the subject. However, you carried on.
“Yes you do, Jaebum. You can’t keep practising until the early hours of the morning, you’re going to end up injuring yourself.”
“I’m fine, (Y/N). And you’re not my mother, I can take of myself!” His voice raised and he stormed into the living room.
“Clearly you can’t because look at the bags under your eyes. Your skin is pasty and you look absolutely exhausted. Please just listen to me for once! You need to rest more else you’re going to end up getting sick or hurting yourself!”
“Yah, just drop it! I can’t rest I have to know these dances for our concerts! Why do you even care so much?” He shouted, putting his hand to his forehead in frustration.
You scoffed at his comment before saying, “Why do I care? I care because I love you Im Jaebum! You’re my boyfriend so it’s my job to make sure you’re okay. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didnt care about you?”
His face softened immediately. “You love me?”
“Of course I do you idiot,” you replied, walking towards him and putting your hands in his.
“I love you too, baby. So so so much.” JB moved his hands to cup your cheeks and he placed a soft kiss on your nose, making you giggle. His lips travelled down to meet yours and you returned the passionate kiss.
“Jaebum?” You said, opening your eyes to look into his.
“Yes, jagiya?”
“How about we go upstairs and I’ll show you how much I love you?”
“I’d want nothing more,” he responded as he deepened the kiss, your tongues dancing together.

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What kind of person would best suit the 2ps the most/they would want the most?

2p France: Someone who’s chill and doesn’t get angry easily but is also low maintenance and doesn’t expect him to do any big gestures for them, but they can still pick up that he loves them and can sorta cheer him up a little bit.

2p England: Someone who can keep him from getting too hyper, like if he’s talking fast and things he wants to do they just gotta yank him onto the couch and cuddle with him and probably nap. Also someone who’s a bit more serious but still kind.

2p America: Someone who will love him and accept him of all his flaws. A tough gal who can play with the big dogs but is smart enough to pick their battles, as well as keeping him from doing things that are too stupid. But still love him all the same and have patience.

2p Canada: Someone who won’t back down from him when he’s angry, also someone who can deal with his moods. They also gotta be not too loud but not too quiet. They gotta be a cutie but also supportive and loyal to him.

2p China: Very smart yet accepting. Someone who will stick by him through thick and thin. Also happy and who makes him feel like king.

2p Russia: Mature, loving, honorable, preferred military back ground. Someone who can challenge him Intellectually But still someone who’s able to laugh and make him feel lovely yet who can sit down with him and just listen to classical music and just stare at the sky.

2p Italy:A strong, charming, person. Who has an undying loyalty and love to him and is willing to cut down anyone who dares threaten. Of course he would do the same for them but they’re must have a total trust and not hide anything from each other.

2p Germany: A total cutie who likes to live a bit! They can drink but since he’s a heavy drink he’d prefer them to be a lot more responsible then him. Kinda like a mom but still his lover.

2p Japan: A respectable person over all, they know that there are certain times to be affectionate and certain times to not be affectionate. Also someone who can relate to him on many things.

2p Prussia: A louder person, but not so loud that they’re obnoxious. Someone who understands him and can be a bit more brave and confident them him.

2p Romano: Good fashion sense of course. Someone who’s care free and will love him for him. They’ll support him when depression hits him and accept his love when they’ve got bad times.

2p Spain: Someone who’s stubborn and won’t leave even if he tells them too out of pure anger, they also gotta read him like an open book, they gotta have patience with his moodiness and they gotta like fat kitties because he’s got one and its name is Muta.

This Malamute I just started looking after, even after being neglected and abused still wants to give everyone love, like he goes up to strangers in the street so he can have cuddles, you only have to look at him and he wags his tail

I want to cry every time I look at him because he’s so pure and there’s someone out there who was treating him like garbage 😔

i just want someone to cuddle and make out with in oversized hoodies and cute underwear (bras are optional) while we’re watching shows and movies maybe talking about things from lunch to puppies to bernie sanders and just feel safe and beautiful and like i’m not ever going to be judged

On The Bright Side

Requests: “Could you do a fluff or smut with Kai where the reader becomes a vampire and Kai comforts her about it”

The storm outside raged on while you sat on the windowsill watching the trees bend and snap with the wind and tears streaming down your face. You sobbed silently to yourself for a while, cuddled in your thick sweater and pajama bottoms. The aching in your gums was killing you and the insatiable hunger that you couldn’t get to go away nagged at your insides. You wanted nothing more than to have someone die at your hands which only made you cry more because the monster you had become made you enjoy the feeling.

You weren’t quite sure what you should do now. You couldn’t see your family, they’d wonder how you were still alive. There was nothing else on your mind but to run to your parents and explain, to hug them and enjoy a family dinner with them. But you couldn’t. You died after being pushed down the stairs by your boyfriend. Or…ex boyfriend. Some guy he was. He killed you, and here you were with an immortal life. And you couldn’t remember how you were turned at all, you had some missing pieces in your memory.

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Birthday Sex with Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Prompt:  I have an idea! you could do a smut where you decide to take him out for dinner and then when you get home he’s gonna tease you but then you’re like “um no it’s your birthday” and you end up teasing him the entire time and it could include road head or that phone game where he has to call someone else on the cast while you blow him and he has to try to keep quiet about it?

A/N: This was getting long, so I left it. I may do a part 2 if people want it.

Thomas’s birthday was always a fun day. We would spend the morning in bed, cuddling and laughing and just enjoying each other. Afterwards, we’d go over and eat lunch with his family, which always resulted in cute stories of when he was younger (and occasionally him getting embarrassed, which was always a bonus). Still, as the hours ticked by, I could tell Thomas was mostly excited for one thing: what would happen when we got home.

Thomas knew the general way things went after we left his parents’ home. We’d go back to our own home, where we’d relax and play video games (under my request) and talk and laugh about the most idiotic of things. Then we’d both get ready for a dinner in a nice restaurant and the fun would really begin.

Not the fun we had been having earlier that day – not the fun of “let’s play a game” or “let’s talk about past stories.” No, this type of fun was much more adult and was one of my favorite games to play with him.

And now, it was time for the games to begin.


Smiling wickedly into the mirror, I glanced over my form again. A nice black dress clung to my body, showing off my figure. Thomas was sure to love it.

“Y/N, are you ready?” Thomas asked, opening up the bedroom door. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes scanning my body.

“I’m ready,” I responded, grabbing my purse off of the bed. I walked straight up to him, leaning close to whisper into his ear, “Question is, love, are you?”

I pulled away with a smirk, giving him a wink, and made my way out of the room. I didn’t have to turn to know that Thomas was right behind me.


The dinner had been perfection. We ate together, in a tiny booth in the back of the restaurant. Thomas had been wished a happy birthday by two of his fans and Thomas had taken pictures with them, smiling. My love for him never seemed to fade as I saw how loving he was to his fans. I had been asked more than once if I was jealous of how some of the fans got his attention. The answer was always no.

Because the second they were gone, his eyes were on me and his smile was just for my eyes. It didn’t matter if anyone was around or not – Thomas was mine and I was his.

Tonight, having done myself up as good as I could, proved to be no exception.

“You look beautiful,” Thomas told me. It was the fifth time he had said it since we got to the restaurant alone. And, just like the other four times, I smiled.

“Thanks,” I responded. “So, are you having a good birthday?”

Thomas’s eyes seemed to darken. “You know I have. But I can’t wait until we get home and just… relax.”

“Relax?” I leaned forward slightly, giving him the chance to look down the top of my dress. He did, not missing a single second to peak at what he knew would be his gift tonight. “Is relaxing what you really want, Thomas?”

Thomas shifted in his seat. “You know the answer.”

“Do you want to go home?”

Thomas nodded. “Go ahead and go to the car, love. I’ll pay and meet you outside in a minute.”

I smiled and nodded.


It wasn’t much longer that we were driving down the road back to our home. After a few moments of silence, I reached over and placed my hand on his thigh. The car sped up and I bit my lip to keep from smirking.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Thomas asked.

“Nothing,” I responded as innocently as I could as my hand moved up his thigh towards his manhood.

“I’m driving,” Thomas said, his voice sounding tight. His hands were balled into fists around the steering wheel.

“Then keep driving.” My hand rested on the growing tent in his jeans and I could feel that he was already at least semi-erect.

“This isn’t fair.”

“Want me to stop?” I asked, rubbing my hand over the tent in his pants. A tiny groan escapes from his mouth. “Well?”


“How well is your concentration?” I asked, unzipping his jeans.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Let’s hope.”

It took less than a minute to pull his erection into view. I gave him a few slow pumps before realizing that his eyes kept glancing at me every so often.

“Eyes on the road, love.” I smirked before leaning down and taking his erection into my mouth.

I felt the car accelerate as Thomas let out a breathy moan.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Thomas groaned out.

I bobbed my head up and down, occasionally taking him out of my mouth to lick up and down the shift and twirl around the head. Thomas was being far from silent, giving breathy moans whenever I did something that was particularly enjoyable for him.

I felt the car come to a stop and shift into park. Thomas leaned back, his head resting on the headrest as he closed his eyes and moaned as I bobbed my head down a few more times. I pulled away from him, pleased with myself for having this effect on him.

“Good?” I asked.

Thomas opened his eyes, looking at me with dark eyes. They were filled with lust.

“I want you,” he replied. “Now.”

I looked out the window. We were home. I smirked. “Then let’s get inside.”


I was just shutting the front door behind me when Thomas pinned me to it, pressing his mouth to mine in a passionate kiss. His hands went to hips before spreading across my body, touching me and setting my skin aflame with need.

His hands slid to the back of my dress, unzipping it and letting it fall in a pool around my feet. He pulled back, staring at my body. No matter how many times he saw it, he would stare with that same look: amazement and love and now lust. When asked, he would always say the same thing:

“You’re beautiful,” he murmured, pressing his lips to my collarbone. He kissed the flesh there, sending shivers down my spine. He licked up my collarbone, up my neck, and stopped at my earlobe, where he gently pulled on it with his teeth.

“Thomas,” I moaned out. “Stop teasing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, love,” Thomas murmured. I didn’t have to see his face to know he was smirking. That prat. One of his hands slid down my body, resting at the very edge of my underwear. He made no move to remove them or to even touch me.

“Thomas,” I groaned in annoyance. He laughed lightly into my neck, kissing it once – twice – thrice. I gently pushed him away, leaving him with a confused expression.

“It’s your birthday. I’m supposed to be teasing you.” I pouted, crossing my arms. “And you are way too overdressed.”

“Help me with that, yeah?” Thomas smiled devilishly and I couldn’t help but smile.

I walked up to him, reaching out and slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He stared down at me, lust filled eyes gazing at me darkly as I let his shirt fall to the floor. He wore no undershirt, which was both good for me and my eyes. My hands moved up his arms, over his shoulders, and down his torso. He closed his eyes, enjoying my touch.

I stepped forward, kissing his warm flesh. It took less than half a second for my hands to locate the button and zipper on his pants and undo them both. Just as I was ridding him of his pants, however, his phone – still in his pocket – began to go off.

Thomas groaned in annoyance, opening his eyes and pulling it out of his pocket. He glanced at the caller ID.

“It’s Dylan.”

“O’Brien?” I asked, my breathing slightly irregular.

Thomas nodded.

“Go ahead and answer it,” I told him. “We’ve got all night.”

Thomas hesitated before nodding, pressing the answer button and holding it up to his ear. He cleared his throat. “Hey, Dylan.”

I gestured for Thomas to go ahead and take his pants off, mouthing ‘for later.’

Thomas nodded, doing as I instructed. Once they were off – and he was still on the phone with Dylan – I decided to play a game.

“Hey, Thomas?” I whispered, making sure Dylan would have no chance of hearing. Thomas looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “Let’s hope you can stay quiet.”

He gave me a confused look before I got down on my knees, smirking up at him and pulling down his underwear. Thomas’s eyes widened and he gave me a warning look, as if to say, ‘Y/N, I’m on the phone.’

I slid his member back into my mouth and watched in amusement as he made a face of pleasure, his eyes sliding closed and a tiny breath being exhaled between his lips.

His eyes snapped open and he said into the phone, “Oh, nothing. I just went outside.”

I bobbed my head up and down, taking him in as deep as I could and making sure to give him as much pleasure as I could. I could see the amount of restraint and self-control he was having to use in order to stay quiet.

“Yeah,” Thomas said into the phone. His hand had somehow found its way in my hair. “Y/N’s here. Do you want to talk to her?”

I froze, looking up at him wide-eyed.

“Okay. Good-night, Dylan. Thanks for the birthday wishes.”

Thomas hung up without another word, throwing his phone on the couch behind us. He pulled me up to his level, kissing me roughly. He picked me up and led me to the bedroom, where he quickly rid me of my underwear and my bra.

“No more bloody teasing,” Thomas said.

I smiled up at him, our lust-filled eyes meeting.

“Of course. Happy birthday, love.”

“I love you,” he responded.

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Headcanons for Viktor when he's in love for someone pls <3

-He will be very, very straightforward with it.

-He’ll be glad if his crush makes the first move, but if they don’t, he’ll take control.

-He likes taking his s/o on extravagant dates.

-But he appreciates the simple ones as well.

-He will want to cuddle with you 25/8.

-There is no escape from the cuddle monster.

-Makkachin and Yuri are pretty much your kids.

-Even though he has those two to take care of, he still wants tons of kids.

-When his s/o comes to watch his competitions, he always skates better.

-L O V E S forehead and nose kisses.

-Probably knows how to braid really well from the time he had that fabulous mane.

-Buys his s/o flowers all the time.

-’But Viktor, I don’t need that many-’ ‘THERE’S NO SUCH THINGS AS TOO MANY FLOWERS’

-If his s/o is an ice skater, he will make a routine for the two of them.

-He has a high tolerance for alcohol, so it’s really unlikely you’ll have videos of him sprouting random stuff while drunk (he’ll probably have videos of you doing that, though).

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