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When Fairy Tail Ends
  • Me: *on the floor* *wrapped up in a blanket* *crying waterfalls*
  • Mom: *walks in* What's wro-
  • Me: *sobbing and speaking incoherently* F-FAI-FAIRY T-TAIL HAS ENDED! *continues to lay in a puddle of tears*
  • Mom: ... *walks out*
Nice... ish Vlad AU

AU where Vlad doesn’t use his powers to become rich and famous, instead he TELLS HIS FRIENDS and they help stabilize him/ get rid of the ecto impurities. From there he begins to use his kick-ass new powers as he, Jack, and Maddie stop all the ghosts that are coming through.

Fast-forward and Vlad is like… the eccentric uncle in the family. After some sort of incident, new-parents Jack and Maddie ask Vlad to conceal his powers and keep them a secret from their kid(s). Maybe his Plasmius powers are starting to overwhelm him, making him behave more ghost-like. He’s starting to turn blue when he uses it too much, eyes going blood-red. Eventually, Vlad agrees to use his powers less, and to keep them a secret from Jasmine (and eventually, Daniel too), for everyone’s safety.

Fast-forward again to when DP takes place. Danny get zapped and starts exhibiting ghost powers. Vlad is honestly kind of excited– finally, he can share his experiences with someone! So he reveals his abilities to Danny and starts to give him little here-and-there lessons about being part ghost. Jack and Maddie are very upset about this, because he didn’t ask for their permission to nurture Danny’s new powers.

“We don’t want him growing up thinking these powers are normal, or for everyday use! Vlad, we talked about this..”

“Is that how you see me? Come on, get it out then, we’re doing this already–”


“You think I’m a freak.

No! We–”

“Don’t deny it! You’ve known me for too long, at least say it to my face!”


“Go on. Say it. I’m a freak that needs to be locked away…”

“Vlad… we don’t– here, sit down…”

“… I think it’s time for me to go.”

And that’s the tipping point. Vlad disappears for almost a full year before rearing his head again, in full Plasmius form.


“Is that… really you?”

“Ah, my dear friends the Fentons. Would love to catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to… but I don’t think you’d approve.”

And Danny is pitted against his own Uncle, after realizing that all the ghosts that have been bothering him since he got his powers were sent by Vlad.

Later, Danny might use his powers too much and start to turn into Dark Dan– or just become overwhelmed with his ice powers– and Jack and Maddie have to seek out Vlad for his help before he hurts himself and those around him.

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I mean it might look good but I can't dry it out to see what it really looks like cause it's 2 am

I’m pretty sure we have the same timezones jdhjkhf but now that it’s morning, I hope it turned it well!!! I kind of want to dye my hair but my mom has a war story about when she dyed her hair and so she doesn’t want me or my older sister to 🚶🚶🚶

(Inspired by @drunkful ‘s post)

High School Lefou:

  • Definitely is the Group Mom and has a whole bunch of random shit in his locker and backpack that saved some lives
  • Probably was a marching band captain 
  • Was absolutely done with his section’s shit the entire time 
  • Took the “easy” math and science classes but took AP music theory and AP French
  • Was definitely the class clown who somehow got the teacher off course for five minutes
  • Was always cast in the spring musical
  • Showed up to school either looking really nice 
  • Went to prom with a group of friends instead of a date. 
  • Was kind of out? People knew he was gay but he didn’t talk about it a lot

College Lefou:

  • “MOVE I’M GAY”
  • Theatre Major who probably lived full time in the theatre building
  • Hung out mostly at the on-campus cafe 
  • Survived mostly on coffee 
  • Shows up to your 8am in sweats but then you see him that night and he looks fly as fuck
  • Still was Group Mom
  • Waited for unusual times to shower so he could sing show tunes and not be judged

This is my first fic for this, so hang with me, guys. 

After Richie’s third sneeze, Eddie takes a step away, not even noticing the harsh, annoyed jabs from other students, and tilts his head with arched brows. 

“What’s wrong with you?” He asks, eyeing Richie with studied, skeptical eyes. 

“Allergies,” Richie answers as if it’s the most obvious answer in the world. 

“You don’t have allergies.” Eddie fires back the second Richie finishes. 

“I’m allergic to you and your bullshit,” Richie starts, holding one hand up. “Observe.” He steps toward Bill and holds still for a moment before he moves into Eddie’s space, cupping both hands over his nose to fake sneeze very loudly. 

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Merry Christmas

Waiting on Blue Skies

Waiting On Blue Skies

Written by: not for granted
Summary: The war is over, and the Titans won the Battle of New York against the Olympians. Now the mortals deal with the fallout of Titan reign, some resisting, some just trying to survive, some looking for their children, and some not giving up hope that their children will come home. 
Pairing: NA
Rating: T (for language and disturbing imagery) 
Art by: NA
Edits by: wingedhuntress

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can’t believe popn 10 is dead


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