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You know what’s really heartbreaking about this scene? That Killian has to watch his worst enemy so recklessly risking what’s the most precious thing in the world to him. And not only that, he has to watch Rumple throwing away what he would risk his life for in a heartbeat, knowing that he’ll be forced to break the promise he made to his true love. It broke me to see how angry and bitter Killian was here because he can’t fathom how the person who has found true love is willing to risk it for power while he gets to take it away from him, because he would give anything for love.


don’t look at me anymore


Idiots, The Lot of Them: JYJ Talks the Deep Stuff

you know what would be cool? an agents of shield flashback episode set on the day the battle of new york happened. just showing what each of the characters besides coulson was doing and how they reacted. i don’t know why they’d ever do that but it would be so cool to see each of their responses to the fact that actual aliens just invaded new york city.