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“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” For elucien please!!

Here you go, nonnie!


Elain and Lucien had been traveling together for a week when they found themselves stuck at an unfamiliar inn. The rain was pouring, dark had fallen what seemed like hours ago, and neither of them were much in the mood for conversation until the were warmer, dryer, and had something to eat.

When they reached the door of the only place in town with lodging, Lucien held it open and Elain entered without a word. This was going to be a long night, but if they could find a place to stay and take care of their basic needs, they just needed to make it to morning. Then Lucien’s magic would be replenished, and they could winnow to their next destination. Which, hopefully, would have more acceptable weather, as well as nicer places to stay.

Finding out that there was only room was just par for the course, then. Elain remained expressionless when Lucien broke the news, and merely waited for him to lead the way.

After eating a stew of mystery meat, barely-flavored water, and something that passed for vegetables, they took the opportunity to change out of their wet clothing, hardly a word passing between them. Lucien gritted his teeth when Elain crawled into the sole bed in the room, keeping to her side. This was not the way he pictured the first time they shared a bed. The place was wrong, their moods were wrong, the weather was going to make it impossible to sleep. None of it was conducive to a good mood, let alone intimacy.

Under normal circumstances, he might have appreciated the way that her slight hips just barely swelled out from her waist, or the way that she gathered her hair over her shoulder in a braid to rest on her breast. But now - no, even now, he couldn’t bring himself to considering that. Well, at least not enough to do anything about it.

With a sigh, he crawled into the other side of the bed.

They each tried to adjust, not quite getting comfortable, their range of movement severely limited by how awkward they felt to be sharing the same bed. They’d had moments together recently when Lucien thought that maybe, perhaps she had begun to return his feelings. But this was definitely not a moment when that likely to be a topic of discussion.

After finally finding herself in a comfortable position not to close to Lucien but also not falling off the edge of the bed, Elain allowed herself to close her eyes. When she felt something brush up against her rear, she jumped up, nearly screaming. “What was that?!”

Lucien sat up, shocked. He looked down. “It was just my hand, Elain. I’m sorry. What did you think it was?”

“Nothing,” she stammered in reply.

The sound of the rain on the roof was nearly deafening and unfortunately, the wind was causing a loose shutter to creak and slam into the side of the building. They both laid with their eyes closed and tried to ignore nearly everything around them - the sounds, each other, the cold, the disgusting aftertaste of their dinner. They slowly grew bolder with their movements, getting the sense of the space they had available without having to touch one another.

And then Elain miscalculated.

“Quit touching me, your feet are cold,” Lucien snapped.

Elain sat up again, turning towards him. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I’m already cold, I don’t need your tiny feet making it worse.”

“Fine.” She shuffled her feet closer to her side of the bed. “I told you it was going to rain,” she muttered into her pillow.


“I said I told you it was going to rain, Lucien,” she snapped back.

“And I told you I couldn’t winnow us to the next town anyway, Elain. I’m sorry. I tried.” Lucien sounded sincere enough that she turned over to face him.

“I know. I’m sorry, too.” They laid facing one another, contemplating what to do next.

Lucien spoke first. “Elain, I have an idea. A way I can make it up to you.”

She propped her head up on her hand, looking down at him. “How will you do that?”

“We can… get closer. For body heat. This room is pretty cold and I know your hair is still a bit wet, so if you wanted. You can touch me with your cold feet.”

Nodding, Elain tucked herself into Lucien’s warmth. She might be in a poor mood, but he was glad she wasn’t stubborn enough to refuse the offer of warmth that the drafty room certainly couldn’t provide. Elain buried her face in his chest and wrapped his hair around her fingers before he knew what she was doing. She stiffened slightly, and Lucien waited for her to move away, but she didn’t.


“Yes, Elain?”

“Your feet are cold, too.”


Drabble challenge


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Request Summary: Negan is out with a few of his men and finds this girl in a forest. She’s really anxious and on edge and whenever there is a walker or one of Negan’s men tries to touch her she is all jumpy (and maybe hides behind Negan’s back and stuff)

Okay I’m gonna give a crack at this. I was originally going to do it in Negan’s POV but I couldn’t get it right. I’m happy with the way it turned out in the Readers POV. Sorry it’s short. Thank you for the request! :D

I woke from the dreams of my past. A simpler happier time where you didn’t have to worry about dead people eating your face off. Something that seemed like a dream now. Giving the reality we live in.

Or maybe I woke up to the loud footsteps and laughing. I sat up in the small barely standing tent. Pulling on my boots I quickly settled in a crouched position ready for a fight if they came this way. Going off how loud they were they most likely were close.

“Did you find any Goddamn thing yet?” Asked a loud booming voice making my heart want to jump out of my chest.

The grip on my small pocket knife tightening. I would have much preferred the gun I had a few days ago but it was empty. No good to me other than a blunt weapon.

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Quiet // Smut

Originally posted by prettyboyspence

  • Television Show: Criminal Minds
  • Character: Spencer Reid
  • Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader // Spencer Reid X You
  • Word count: 580

A/n: I wrote this a couple weeks ago, decided to post it because the ratio between James Bell and Spencer Reid was, like, 10:8. Also, THE GIF FITS IN SO WELL WITH THE STORY!! LIKE, OMYFUCKINGGERD.

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“I’m with you.”

Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Audrey x Reader

Requests: Hi! Could you maybe do one with Audrey from scream where the reader (female) is really self conscious and insecure so Audrey tries to help reassure her.

Words: 981

(Requests are open!)

Originally posted by aboutbextk

Audrey’s hand snaked around your waist, pulling you on top of her. Both of you were lost in the kissing and the frantic grabbing that you barely noticed the lack of control. Audrey was working on a sweeter spot new the crook of your neck and moans were escaping from your mouth. “Fuck, (Y/N).” She breathed. Her fingers tugged on your shirt signaling you that she wanted you to take it off, her hands slipped under your top and felt your bare hips. Instantly like she had touched you with hot fire you flung yourself off of her lap and fell with a thump to the ground. “Oh my god, (Y/N) are you okay?” She quickly got off her bed to help you off the ground. Both of you had messy hair, Audrey had no pants on and her shirt was partially off unlike you where your shorts and tee shirt stayed on your body. “No I. I have to. I have to go.” You quickly grabbed your shoes and bag trying to escape clearly embarrassed. Audrey protested, “No wait! I’m sorry. Were we going too fast? I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to push you or anything like that-” She wanted to hit herself looking at your uncomfortable face. “Audrey, I’m fine. I just have to go.” You gave her a quick peck on the lips. Audrey ran fingers through her short hair in confusion and wiped her lips, still stinging from your kisses. You pulled away at the last second every time, Audrey didn’t mind waiting but didn’t want you to shy away from her touch. She fell back on her bed with a huff.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” You heard a call from the other side of the hall, pushed a hair behind your ear you bit your lip and continued walking. “Hey!” Audrey caught your elbow making you turn around, “There she is. Hi Baby.” She leaned and kissed you on the lips, you squirmed and gave her a small smile. “Want company?” Audrey offered, you shook your head quickly and said “I actually have to get to class, I’ll talk to you later? Bye Auds.” Audrey frowned but let you walk out of her grasp.

“Whats up with you?” Noah asked Audrey, who was fidgeting around the couch. “I just. I haven’t spoken to (Y/N) at all today and I think. I. It’s (Y/N) she never wants to.. Y’know?” Noah raised his eyebrow, “We were really close to… that and then she pushed me off. Which is fine I can wait but now she isn’t talking to me and I don’t know what to do.” Noah choked on his water before coughing out, “Not what I want to think about. Ever.” She groaned and put her head on the table. Emma chuckled and rubbed Audrey’s shoulder, “Maybe you should talk to her? Beats being cock blocked.” Brooke hummed and sipped on her iced tea. “And I’m sure she knows you don’t want to pressure her. Just talk to her Audrey.” Audrey agreed silently before grabbing her car keys and heading over to your house.

You looked over the thousand of worksheets and textbooks on your bed working like a busy bee doing your homework. A muffled knock hit your door, “Come in!” You yelled before going back to your homework. “(Y/N).” You froze, with a pen in your mouth you turned your body to face her. Audrey. Her. “Uh, hi Audrey.” You removed the pen from your lips and looked back at your work, “(Y/N).” Her voice commanded you to look at her. “Auds, I’m really busy right now, can we maybe just talk later?” She huffed and pulled you out of your study bed making you yell her protest. Her eyes bore into yours, a permanent frown on her lips staring down at you. You felt uncomfortable with her gaze and diverted your gaze onto your desk. “Look at me,” Her fingers forced your chin towards her direction. “Why are you avoiding me? Why don’t you want to kiss me or-or ever get intimate with me?” She blatantly asked, “And tell the truth. I’m not leaving til we’re doing with this.” It was silent for a few minutes before you sighed and confessed with a blush on your cheeks. “I just. I don’t know why.” “Why what?” “Why you decided to be with me.” She moved her head back in surprise “What the hell are you talking about? (Y/N?)” The room had gone cold everywhere except for your warm bodies, “I mean. Why do you want to be with me? I’m ugly and-and fat and I don’t even know. I’m not good enough for you so I just- I just don’t want you to touch me. I’m gross” Audrey hated every word coming out of your mouth. You were perfect and nothing less than amazing and to think that you thought of yourself as these vile things made her sick. Your back was to her, facing your dresser with your hands propped up to steady you, “(Y/N)…” Waving her off with tears glistening your eyes “Just go Audrey.” Audrey grabbed your hand and guided you softly. “I’m with you, I’m your girlfriend because you’re funny and kind… and smart and absolutely breathtaking. I’m absolutely in love with every bit of you.” You shook your head and broke eye contact with her. “Hey. It’s true. God I love your collarbones.” She placed a small kiss on the crook of your neck, “Your cute little shoulders.” Kiss “Your dainty little wrists and your fingers.” She gingerly pressed a kiss to your palms “I love how you shampoo your hair with that scent I love.” She tilted her head, “Your cheeks..” Kiss “Your lips…” She hovered waiting for your signal. “Audrey…” “Please? Let me kiss you. And show you that you’re so unbelievably beautiful and how every part of your body makes me want to do some bat shit crazy things. Don’t shut me out.” You bit your lip and nodded, instantly Audrey kissed your lips that she loved so dearly and well.. She made you feel very loved that night.

Warm Welcome - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: You are new to Beacon Hills and attend Lydia’s party with your new friend Kira where you meet a few people, but one stands out a little bit more than the others.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Drunk Stiles, making out and slight vulgar language.

Word Count: 1,788

[GIF isn’t mine bebz, creds to whoever made this gem]

A/N: I kind of want to turn this into a mini series but I am unsure, should I post a part two??

High school was complicated and parties were stupid. You had only lived in Beacon Hills for around a month now and when it came to making friends or even being noticed, you failed. So far you have only acquired one friend, Kira, a girl who was currently not being such a good friend right now since she was planning to drag you along to a party. But not just any party, oh no.

“It’s Lydia Martin.” You said as you smoothed down the small skirt that could be an inch or two longer.

“She’s my friend, and a lot less intimidating than you think.” Kira reassured for maybe the tenth time today, you just couldn’t shake the very familiar feeling of misplacement – like you didn’t belong. “Listen, (Y/N), I was the new girl once, I was awkward, weird, and all around I felt like a walking embarrassment. But these people took me in as one of their own — I really think you are going to fit in perfectly.” Kira’s words were inspiring, always were. She knew how to say the right things at the right time. So, with a tug of your skirt for the last time, you announced that you were ready for whatever the night had in store.

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hi can you do an angst/fluff series for SF9’s Taeyang that takes place in high school or an office? thank you 😊

~ This is part 1/3 of Attention, a sf9 Taeyang series! I decided to go with the high school as it I have a better plot for this.This is my first time writing like this so please be considerate of that! Now lets begin ❤ ~

-Admin Stroni-

You walk down the same hallways as you usually do, school was becoming a drag and you couldn’t wait to graduate, just a couple more months and you were out of this place. Well only to go another school filled with even more people than before.

‘Ahhh Taeyang oppa! How are you oppa?’

The distant screams of young girls fawning made you look up. Damn Taeyang, nothing but bad news yet your heart still yearned for him. You had never forgotten the day when Taeyang had made an effort to speak to you, to flirt with you even. He offered to carry your bag and tucked your hair behind your ears. His touch was so gentle that you couldn’t help but fall into his trap. You thought you were special, but apparently so did many other girls.

You walk past them, straight face and eyes looking anywhere but his direction, you weren’t going to let yourself come across as weak. Not in front of him anyway, he’ll only see you as prey that he needs to pounce on.

The bell rang for first period, great, maths. Just what you needed.

‘Y/N what’s wrong? You haven’t touched any of your food.’

Your friends voice snapped you out of your thoughts, half the morning had already gone but it had felt like such a drag.

‘Nothing Y/F/N, I’m just tired.’

Lies. But hey your friend would believe you, she’s too gullible not to.  Your friend doesn’t know about your silly little crush on Taeyang, in fact no one does as you’re so ashamed of it. You wasn’t even too sure yourself why you liked one of the biggest fuck boys in school… actually yeah you did. He’s awfully good looking, the type of good looking where you just want to slit his throat to rid the world of his handsomeness. Then he was just so amazing at everything he does, he’s the best dancer in school and has honey coated vocals. He was perfect in every way yet he had to abuse it and use it to get all kinds of girl’s attention, therefore giving him the worst ego. 

You could feel the tears stinging your eyes as you over looked all of his good aspects, remembering the time in the past when he had taken care of you and treated you so nicely. It hurt you that he had taken you for granted, taken you for a fool. But he wasn’t wrong, you were the one that had fallen for him. You truly were a fool. 

‘I need the bathroom, don’t wait for me I need to finish homework after. See you.' 

You quickly say to your friend and don’t bother waiting for a response, tears were spilling by now and you didn’t want her to see you this way. You run off to the bathroom and being your luck, Taeyang was standing outside of them talking to another girl in the same year as you both. You stopped dead in your tracks, glaring at the both of them, tears never stopped spilling as you stood there. Taeyang was the first to look up at you, it seemed like his eyes were full of hurt and sympathy but you brushed it off. The girl followed suit and as soon as she saw your puffy red face she burst out laughing, holding onto Taeyang for support. He looked as though he was about to open his mouth to say something but it was too late, you were already gone.

He didn’t even push her away. You thought to yourself as you ran around aimlessly, not really knowing where you were going. You just wanted to be anywhere but this dreaded school, anywhere that isn’t here.

'Hey Y/N, are you okay? Why are you crying?’

You felt a pair of hands reach out and stop you. It was Donghyuk. Everyone in the whole year wasn’t an idiot, they all knew that he liked you, he made it oh so very obvious. You wrapped your arms around him in an embrace, all you needed right now was comfort, no matter who it was from. You could feel his body go rigid and you didn’t need to look at his face to know he was blushing. After about 10 seconds he came to his senses and returned the hug, rubbing your back in circular motions to help calm you down.

Why couldn’t you have liked Donghyuk, he was so sweet and didn’t go around flaunting his body for all the girls too swoon at. He was a good kid but for some reason, he just wasn’t Taeyang.

'Y/N it’s okay, you don’t need to tell me what’s wrong if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.’

His voice was so soothing you couldn’t help but feel better, you came out of his embrace and stood back awkwardly. You look up and to your surprise Taeyang is standing in the doorway behind him. He seemed to be shooting lasers into the back of Donghyuk’s head with the extremity of his glare.

You smirked and decided it was time to get your revenge, it wasn’t truly fair on Donghyuk but you wouldn’t specify it being a date. Just a meet up, to get to know each other kind of thing. But from where Taeyang is standing it may not seem that way, plus he was the one that threw you away first so he had absolutely no right to be able to get jealous. He shouldn’t even care, it’s not like he’s the one that likes you.

'Hey Donghyuk, you wanna go out later? For like a coffee or something?’

'Really? I’d love to Y/N! I’ll meet you at starbucks at 6, yeah?

'Sounds great!’

You send him off with a wave and a large smile, once he’s out of sight you feel a strong hand take a firm grip on your arm and swing you around. It was Taeyang.

'What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

He shouted, pure anger written on his face.

'Excuse me? Who are you, my dad? Didn’t think so so go back to flirting with your other twenty girlfriends and get out of my life!’

You yelled out and glared him down, he had absolutely no right to be mad at you. He’s not your boyfriend, father, brother, nothing. He doesn’t even like you so how dare he start yelling at you.

Pain was written across his face and he reluctantly let go of your arm. He looked like he wanted to say something but his mouth opened and closed like a fish.

'Right, sorry to be such a bother.’

He finally said and walked past you, not even turning around to take a second glance at you.


You muttered under your breath before turning to make your way to your final lesson of the day. Thank god.

I love it

Request: Hiiiii!!!!!! Can I request a Hobie smut? He’s my bias and I am in need of some good smut😩

I hope this is good enough!!

Enjoy ;)

Originally posted by jinkooks

Your hands touch the cold steel of the pole. Your legs wrap around it as you swing yourself in a slow circle, one leg hooked onto the pole.

The spotlight shines brightly down on you making it impossible to see the sea of men watching you with lust filled eyes. Hoping for a chance to be in your bed. You had a red lace corset piece on with black high heels. For today’s show you were playing the devil.

You would leave married men in lust-filled fantasies as they lay in bed with their wife. Your moans would echo in every virgins wet dream as they saw you dancing on the pole. The ones that were experienced would get teased until they beg on their knees to have just a taste of you.

You walk confidently into the crowd and teasingly walk past some males until you stop in front of one. You spread your legs and sit facing him with your arms around his neck. His hands rest on your upper thighs sending warmth pooling to your covered sex.

“Do you like what you see?”, you moan as you remove your hands from his neck. You push your boobs together and place your hands on his covered erection. You rub him teasingly through the material.

“Yes”, he lowly groans as his hands tighten on your legs.

“What’s your name big boy”, you ask teasingly as you rub up and down his strong leg.

“Hoseok. You can find out how big of a man I really am if you want. I won’t stop you”, he whispers gruffly into your ear.

A shudder runs through you from the sound of his voice. You definitely wouldn’t mind having him sweet talk you into bed with that sexy voice.

You however had to finish your show so you reluctantly stand up and saunter back to the stage. Winking at the drooling men as you run a hand over your body.

Back on stage you run your hand down the pole and drop to the floor. You continue your routine and finish on the floor where you teasingly move your hand down your body to your covered womanhood as the lights dim. You hear the men whoop and holler as you quickly exit the stage and walk towards your dressing room.

You hear shouting from the hallway and steps coming towards your room.“You can’t go in there! She doesn’t take clients!”

Your door opens and you see the man, Hoseok, standing there. His dark brown eyes focus on you and drawl over your body hungrily. His hair is swept to one side showing his forehead. His hair looked soft to the touch and you could imagine running your hands through it, eliciting husky moans from his plump lips.

“She hasn’t heard my offer yet”, he respond still staring at you, waiting for you to say something.

“It’s okay Aubrey. I can handle this. Can you clock me out now though?” you tell the woman standing behind the well-build body of Hoseok.

Looking between you and the man in front of her she quietly nods and walks away.

“Come on in to my chambers”, you smirk. You watch as he steps into the room and closes the door behind him. You see him take notice of the mirrors covering the walls and finally looks at you. “What is your offer?”

“Whatever you want. I have a lot of money”, he tells you.

“What if I want something that doesn’t require money? Besides what do you want in return?” you ask him crossing a smooth leg on top of the other.

“I want a private lap dance from you. If possible a weekly session. I have connections, what do you want”, he says as his gaze follows your leg.

“Are you in a relationship Hoseok?” you ask as you get up from your chair.

“No I’m not miss”, he responds in a low lust filled voice.

“Call me Y/N”,you say as you walk past him towards the door. Turning the lock you turn back towards the door and lean against it. “I think I have a better way to satisfy both of us.”

You see his eyebrow rise as an intrigued look sets itself on his handsome face. His tongue darts out to moisten his lips. You bite your lip ad stare up at him innocently.
Swaying over to him you press your body flush against him.

“Earlier you offered to show me how big of a Man you are Hoseok. Does that offer still stand?” you nip at his earlobe as you whisper it in his ear.

You get the answer you were hoping for as he captures your lips with his. You moan as he makes sweet love to your mouth, stealing your breath away as your tongues mingle together. His hands wasting no time as they squeeze your breasts together.

You tug at his clothes, demanding that they come off quickly. You felt achy with need and wanted to feel his throbbing cock buried deep inside you. You didn’t care about what would happen after. All you could think about was pleasing his and your body.

Pulling his shirt off over his head you take a second to marvel at his toned body. Your panties are dripping wet as you see his defined v line leading underneath the waistband of his pants.

Tugging those off too along with his underwear you take his throbbing cock in your hands. Pre cum already leaking out of his tip, you swipe your finger across and taste it.

He presses you against the mirror and quickly lifts your leg up as he positions his thick cock at your entrance.

“You look sexy as hell. So wet and needy for my cock to pound into you aren’t you”, Hoseok growls as he rubs your wet pussy on his thick cock.

You whimper with need, “Just fuck me already.”

With one push he stretches your walls and fills you balls deep making both of you moan with pleasure. His hips snap in rhythm and you watch in fascination how his ass looks in the mirror as he fucks you.

The muscles on his back flex as you hold yourself steady on him. You’re breathing heavily and a moaning mess as he hits your g-spot.

“ooohhh… gooodd. y-yes…. ahhh d-don’t s-stop”, you moan as he slams against it.

You wrap both of your legs around his waist and he places his strong hands on your ass, squeezing your ass and sending more tingles shooting through your body.

It felt as if you were going at the brink of an orgasm as your stomach tightens and your breathing comes in short pants.

“F-fuck you’re so fucking wet and tight”, he groans using his hands on your ass to push deeper into you.

You throw your head back as a powerful orgasm breaks over you making you scream out in ecstasy. “ahhh Hoseok.”

You’re in a daze of pleasure as Hoseok reaches his high also pushing one last time deep in you and shooting hot seed. You feel his sperm drip down out of your pussy and down your leg.

You remove your legs from his waist and he slowly pulls out of you. You feel your walls still spasm around his cock and drip wet.

Using his hand he rubs your folds and slips two fingers unexpectedly inside of you.

“I bet I could finger fuck you and have you orgasming again in 5 min”, he smirks as you moan. His fingers already coated in your juices.

He curls his fingers towards himself and rubs your sensitive clit with his palm.

Your breathing hitches as the waves from your orgasm are still affecting your body.

“ppp-please hoseok. oh ahhh”, you throw you head back as he thrusts his fingers expretly into you.

In minutes he built you up again to have you teetering on the edge. With one last push you orgasm against his fingers and he continues to thrust until the last shudders subside.

Pulling out his fingers he puts them in his mouth licking them clean. “You taste good. Remind me the next time to go down on you and get a better taste”, he drawls out.

Thank you for reading!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

~Admin Kirsten

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Klance, wings

Another lovely prompt that (forgive the pun) prompted me to do something a little different.  Again, I hope it works and again, I’m not entirely sure that it does.  Have fun with it anyway.

The whispers and tittering girls would have been enough to clue Lance in, even if Hunk hadn’t found him in the halls and blurted, “Keith got his wings,” first thing this morning.  Everyone had been waiting for Keith to get them - the last of their class to come of age and be ready for a mate, the wait made all the more desperate.  He was the most popular boy in their grade and everyone dreamily doodled the first few lines of the courting request completed with his name in the margins of their notes in class.  Now that his wings had come in, all they had to do was wait one day to see if he declared interest in anyone, and if not then it would be open season for the entire student population to make formal courting requests.

Everywhere around him, Lance’s classmates were throwing open their lockers, hoping to find the single feather inside that would signify Keith’s interest in courting to them.  Lance perversely took great delight in watching each face fall, one by one when only their own belongings rewarded their eager inspections.  It was so annoying how the whole school was in an uproar over Keith’s wings; no one had been bouncing at their lockers fervently hoping for a feather the day he’d gotten his wings.  What made Keith so special?  

Scowling, Lance threw open his own locker.  He wasn’t interested in any feather though, just books.  He grabbed a textbook at random and hoped it was for one of his first few classes, not bothering to check.  He marched toward his first period, trying to ignore the clumps of students in his way speculating over who might end up with a feather.  Stupid Keith.  He always found a way to ruin Lance’s day.


Lunch was practically unbearable.  No one had anything to talk about other than who Keith might give a feather to, or if he didn’t hand one out, who he might accept a request from.  The dull roar of conversation inside the cafeteria was giving Lance a headache.  “What does everyone even see in that guy?” he muttered sulkily.  With the pain jabbing him right behind the eye he felt justified in being moody and petulant, slumping over his tray and pushing his food around instead of eating it.

Ignoring Lance’s attempts to will him into agreement, Hunk shrugged easily. “He’s a great pilot.”

Lance snorted and stabbed his fork into his mashed potatoes with more vigor.  Keith’s latest simulation scores were a sore subject and Hunk fucking knew it, the traitor.  “Won’t make him a good mate.”  He’d probably never think about anything but flying, or proving how much better than everyone else he was. Whoever ended up stuck with him was probably going to have to get used to being left behind and lonely - unless they could keep up (or outshine him) that was.

Hunk gave Lance a withering look and held up a hand, “he’s also smart, and funny, and those wings don’t hurt.”  As he listed reasons he ticked them off on his fingers.  He’d been slowly running out of patience for Lance’s continued “irrational dislike and mistrust,” as he called it, of Keith.  But Hunk clearly couldn’t be trusted as a judge of character; he liked everybody.

Pidge rolled their eyes.  “He’s freaking hot Lance.  It’s not a newsflash.”

Appalled, Lance wrinkled his nose.  “If you’re into that sort of thing.”  What was with his team?  When had they jumped on the Keith Fanclub Bandwagon? Lance hated it when they ganged up on him like this.  He absolutely wasn’t going to think about the fact that they usually only did this when they were right about something and he was too stubborn (or stupid) to listen.

Hunk laughed, warm and easy.  “Lance my man, everyone is into that.”

Lance refused to agree entirely on principle - oh yeah, and because he didn’t agree.  That too.


Later that day, when he finally saw them, Lance had to admit Keith’s wings were worth waiting for.  They weren’t big - didn’t have the impressive wingspan of other sets, for example, Hunk’s - but they were fucking gorgeous all the same.  They were compact, built for speed and agility where larger pairs were suited to power and stability.  Most of the feathers were entirely dark, a deep, inky, shiny black.  But the feathers toward the bottom were a vivid crimson on the tips - like his wings had been dipped in blood.  They made a striking image and Lance hated to admit he was jealous - his own pale blue wings weren’t nearly as impressive.  His insides felt shaky; he felt inadequate.  It made him mean and petty in the face of it.  “Congratulations,” Lance sneered across the common room.  

Either missing or ignoring Lance’s hostility, Keith ducked his head and blushed slightly.  “Thanks.”

Seeing Keith shy and a little awkward and clearly pleased at the compliment from Lance, when surely so many others must have offered the same words, diffused all of Lance’s anger and he curled his shoulders in, hunching over. His belly still quivered.  He didn’t know what it meant and he blurted out the thought that had been plaguing him all day.  “Whole school is practically waiting for a feather.”

Keith huffed out a humorless laugh, self deprecating and sounding almost annoyed.  “Good thing nobody else got their’s today too.”

Lance smiled at him, small and a touch bitter, but genuine all the same.  “Yours would stand out.  Everything you do stands out.”

Keith ran a hand through his hair; it looked slightly unsteady.  “Just not to the right people it seems.”

There was still a tiny bit of blood beneath his fingernails.  Lance wondered if Keith had clawed his own skin open to let his wings out the way Lance had.  He wondered if it still hurt.  Abruptly, Lance didn’t want to know if Keith had someone in mind to receive a feather.  He didn’t want to ask the obvious question about who “the right people” were.  “You okay?”  He angled his chin in the direction of Keith’s back in case his meaning wasn’t clear.

Expression shutting down, Keith shrugged.  “Fine.”

It was obviously a lie, but it felt like the kind where Keith was trying to keep him from being worried not the kind where Keith was trying to impress him or act tougher than him.  And that.  Well, that was something.  Lance shot him a hesitant smile.  “Okay, good.”  


On his pillow, later that night, a single blood-dipped feather laid stark and brutal against the plain white fabric of the school-issued bedding.  Time stopped, everything around Lance feeling slow as molasses when he reached out to pick it up.  This, oh this changed everything.