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Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on catching up when you’ve fallen behind!

A masterful skill that not even the best studyblrs may have tackled. A lot of advice in the studyblr community regarding this seems a little airy-fairy (I almost question if they remember what they themselves went through), so hopefully my post will shine a different light on it (or so I hope anyway!)

1. Work out what’s essential and what isn’t. You’ve basically wasted time right to get to this point right? With limited time left, use an Eisenhower matrix of Important vs. Urgent to determine what you need to do left. 

  • Important and Urgent - any and all due assessment tasks
  • Important but Not Urgent - studying lectures for exams, compulsory readings
  • Not Important but Urgent - additional homework tasks that need to be handed in but aren’t worth much, like logbooks
  • Not Important and Not Urgent - additional readings (although it’d be great if you did this, sorry, you’re out of time)

Then cross out everything that you can afford to not do. Ironically, I find that when I use the Eisenhower matrix when I am not strapped for time, studying (in the Important but Not Urgent category) usually gets the short end of the stick. But when I’m already falling behind, all the additional readings and homework tasks get thrown out the window and I just work on studying instead. 

2. Do everything that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Get all those pesky emails out of the way, all the small team meeting notes, everything else you need to do for someone else. That will cross out a whole chunk of things from your list. You’ll be left with the meaty stuff like studying, completing assignments, etc. 

3. It’s a little damn late for you to regularly revise, so just binge everything. Honestly, this is the best way to get everything done. Don’t switch tasks or subjects. You don’t want to spend about 20 minutes just getting into the flow before switching subjects once the hour’s up. Plus, since you’re already panicking, turn that fear and panic into motivation for you to really focus for long chunks of time - just think about what you do the day before a final exam - because the threat of the exam is imminent, you basically study the whole day right? Trust me, if you’ve really screwed up your study schedule, you won’t have to worry about common procrastination (assuming you don’t want to fail). 

University is just one assignment done, moving onto the next before you even have time to breathe. It’s usually quite different to high school in that everything is quite closely packed together since it’s a 13 week semester. In high school I thought that 3 assessments in a week was the end of the world (lol pls kid). 

So just do whatever needs to be done first, and then if you finish before the day the assignment/exam is done, then great, you can study for the next assessment task. 

Still, I do recommend chucking your phone out the window just in case, since people usually all study last minute, meaning they’ll be asking you “hey do you know wtf Prof was talking about in lec 5?″

4. Break up your courses into hour-long chunks. Although we’re bingeing, it’s important that you make a list, even if it just says “Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3″ so that you have a direction to go. Don’t allocate too much time for any one lecture, but at the same time, be realistic about how much you can cover in an hour. For example, if you’ve got 6 hours until an exam, you’re either going to study Lectures 1-3 really well, Lectures 1-6 so-so, and Lectures 1-10 superficially. 

So choose wisely based on what you know or don’t know. If there’s a topic you know quite poorly, consider if it’s worth the time to study and learn the concept, or just bank on the subject not showing up in your exam. I’m actually pretty poor at gambling what will be in the exam, so I always choose to just study everything at a basic level. 

A common pitfall I find in this area is skipping the basic stuff. You think you know it, but when you close your book and try writing it out on a blank piece of paper, you suddenly falter. This has happened to me repeatedly in an exam. I know all the really complex stuff like the back of my hand before I get into the examination room, and then I suddenly get a really simple question and I’m like wait, what was the answer again? I advise making lecture outlines that you just rote learn - this comes in useful for long response questions because you’ll often remember the small details, but will forget the next section, meaning you miss out on a massive chunk of information if you forget. 

5. Rinse and repeat. Usually after about 2 weeks(?) of catching up like this I finally see the light of day and I can return to my normal schedule. If need be, I usually cut back on sleep to about 6 hours vs. 7.5 hours, but never pull an all nighter. You cannot do this unless you have breathing room the next day (which you won’t because you screwed up in the first place). Unless it is the very last assessment task, there’s a massive risk of ruining your next exam. 

6. Try and never do that last minute ditch again. 

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana. 

Never again right? Remember that starting early and finishing early is the key to good grades. We’re all just young uni students at the end of the day though, so do remember to forgive yourself if you end up repeating the procrastination. I’ll be cheering you all on! 




The Boss’s Cold Heart (M) | Chapter 1

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Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: angst, smut
Word count: 5.5k
Description: You worked for Park Jimin and his cold heart but it turned hot once you proofed him that you actually were a good employee.

Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four 

Notes: This will be a series with a few chapters. Next chapter will follow soon. Hope you enjoy reading! And if there are any mistakes or if it’s not good, then please tell me. I’ll be glad! 

„What? A meeting with Park Jimin?“ you stuttered and you could barely breathe.

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Captain’s Orders (Avengers x reader)

Request: @iamwarrenspeace How about the Female reader is married and the team doesn’t know (They didn’t read her file) and they keep trying to set her up with Steve or Bucky and one day she blurts out that she’ll never cheat on her husband because she loves him. Of course the team is shocked, but they are happy for her and they start asking her questions about her husband. 

I strayed just a little, but I hope you still like it!

“I’m not gonna launch those ships.  Captain’s orders.”

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Oh dear. To those panicked and/or upset about the current storyline in my inbox:

I mean, if people are offended then they need to step away. It’s a SOAP. If it was a story written for raising awareness of serious issues or portraying something of poignance then I’d understand upset. This isn’t Aaron’s prison storyline or David’s cancer or Rhona’s abuse… it’s quite possibly the soapiest thing ED have done for a long time.

It is nonsensical madness with Rob at the centre playing puppet master as per @dasoni ’s genius art! It’s him unravelling and it is in no way about The Whites. This isn’t their story, it’s his. There’s no focus on how this is affecting them emotionally. The only scenes where they’re without Rob are only there to set up further scenes aka Chrissie chatting with Rebecca about her concerns about Kath… that’s not there to show Chrissie is a great sister or a shrewd business woman or that Rebecca needs to assert herself as capable…

It’s there to give the audience that feeling of “oh no, Chrissie is going to rumble Robert”. It serves to make Rebecca sadly into more of a clueless idiot. I mean dear lord. It reinstates Chrissie as being the one who always sees through Rob’s shit in some way or another etc

It’s not their story. The audience aren’t rooting for them - or most aren’t anyway! It’s Rob’s spiral to rock bottom using the people he’s hated consistently in one way or another for a large chunk of his life, who have made his a nightmare and who he has, in turn, terrorised! They’re poison, they always have been. They’re fickle and shallow and any emotional depth in any of them left a long long time ago (except for Chrissie, she has had some lovely development and that’s why I want her stick about as she’s real to me). Their motivations are irrelevant and GOOD because when you’re expected to understand them, you can’t and it’s the most infuriating thing in the world (see the Andy revenge and Rob’s retaliation plot). God that was such a mess.

Taking offence at this is pretty much pointless at this juncture. Is Rob doing bad stuff? HAHAHA YES OF COURSE HE IS. Is he getting worse? Yeah, probably. Has he always been like this? Pretty much. He’s not doing anything here that he hasn’t done before, only now he’s doing it in a concentrated way - one thing after another to the same victims…!

Soap is a difficult medium to police. You have characters who do bad things. That’s a given. Almost every single character on the show has done something terrible in their time. Look at Debbie and Chas nearly killing each other. Andy has been well dodgy in the past. Aaron has put more than one person in hospital. Moira has committed adultery more than once. Zak stoved his own son’s head in. Charity has schemed and cheated and stolen and planned to bump off. Cain… well I could be here all day… these are beloved characters!

Even the nicest characters have in some way done bad things and that’s Soap. There’s no point having a village of saints.

It’s all about how a story is framed and personally I think this one is being framed kind of well…! I mean, it’s clear that Rob is the centre of it. He’s the catalyst to all of this, the one whose emotions we have focus on and who we are supposed to be following. We are seeing HIS reactions. His responses are the ones the audience are privy to. We’re not seeing any aftermath of Larry or Rebecca or Chrissie when Rob leaves. The camera follows him and we see his “I hate myself and I hate them all and I have ruined my own life so I don’t care what happens now” face!

It is being framed as his journey to ruin and knowing the end point is also helpful to us because we KNOW how this is going to end - with Robert’s realisation, with rock bottom and his perspective changed and perhaps remorse or some decision to change. I was never fully on board with the previous Rob redemption as it wasn’t so much about him but more about Aaron. This seems more focused on his character just like Aaron’s recent development has been and I really love that. This isn’t ending with The Whites being better understood etc. Whatever happens, they’re gone and they are the tools in Rob’s story. It’s why I feel it’s be such a shame if Chrissie leaves as they’ve taken time to focus on her and to give her depth and connections and to keep her disconnected from this story for as long as possible.

If people don’t like it then it’s definitely understandable. It’s INSANE. I mean, if I didn’t get joy out of watching The Whites suffer (haha) and if I didn’t know the intention of this story etc then I’d potentially be enjoying this less but it’s all signposted and the writers are taking Rob so far away from Human Rob as they can to give him that rock bottom. I mean, COME ON we’ve wanted it for so long. Sweetheart is just spiralling right now and we all know what happens when Rob isn’t thinking straight and when he hasn’t got Aaron = bad shit. Haha.

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

This is like Rob’s brain at the moment. He is undergoing “THE EPIC LOSS OF AARON DINGLE”. It’s a process. He doesn’t deal well with self hatred. He doesn’t deal well with loneliness or heartbreak or anger. He is off the charts and ridiculous and it’s couched about 70% in humour. I mean, the “oh I need a doctor, seen any handsome ones around?” comment by Larry with Rob ready to crazy murder him. I laughed - loud.

Aaron is being kept so far from all of this because Aaron is home, he’s sense and logic and honesty. He’s Human Rob’s person. He’s the way through to Robert, the person that matters, that can make a difference. Rob isn’t allowed that till he’s schemed himself into the ground with no lower to go… it’s the only way for him tbh and it’s been a long time coming.

Aaron will return into his orbit properly when Human Rob returns and that’s when the story is likely to be more serious. Robert has never been a happy person. He’s always been lonely and full of rage and spite and manipulation. He rested into his relationship with Aaron and found peace and comfort and that’s who he is in his heart - aka “I just want to be myself now with you”. This Rob is pantomime Rob and he’s bloody lost all sense of reality. He always needed this because being with Aaron still didn’t help him realise this in himself, he hadn’t learned his lesson. Now he is.

If he destroys The Whites in full Soap fashion then it’s a plus and i can’t think of anything else to say to help people if they’re struggling. They’ve done all they can to sign post that this is Rob’s story, it’s all about his heartbreak and hatred of himself for the way he’s screwed up his own life and it’s about a long long standing bitterness against this entire family. I’m finding it hilarious and pretty damn enjoyable and I cannot CANNOT wait to see their faces when it all comes out. I seriously haven’t got a clue what is going to happen and that’s really new for me with ED. I’d say just try to enjoy it if you already aren’t! See it for what it is and what it will be.

To finish with another classic Tuckerism:

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I need to talk about Kid a bit

Yes movie 19 inspired me but like, I’m constantly trying to rationalize why he’s just so damn popular. I mean, what makes me so excited to see him appear, to defy reality and interact with the cast?

I’ve mused on it for a while and came up with a few personal, meta reasons why he’s a recipe for success.

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anonymous asked:

What would be a valid thing to submit as evidence for adhd? I feel like my teachers never noticed anything, all it ever says on my report is 'quiet', and im in the uk and you need school reports for diagnosis, and i feel like i wont be taken seriously cos they dont say 'bouncing off the walls' or something

I feel you, nonny. I wasn’t diagnosed until college because I was just “quiet.”

Odds are, if a lot of the symptoms add up enough to make you SUSPECT you have ADHD, you probably have it. But more research is always good!

So like many things, ADHD is a spectrum. The two ends of it are Inattentive to Hyperactive- and then you have people like me, in the middle, with the Combined version. Some people have more Inattentive than Hyperactive, some have more Hyperactive than Inattentive. Everyone who has ADHD experiences the symptoms a little differently.

You can find about six thousand symptoms lists online, but here I’ll tell you things that usually don’t end up on those lists that my therapist told me a lot of her patients ended up experiencing aside from listed symptoms.

(Note: Initially I tried to keep these short. Yeah, that didn’t work. I bolded the important parts.)

1. Insomnia, or at least a super screwy sleep schedule. No joke, this can be super detrimental and will only serve to exacerbate your symptoms. “Just set a sleep schedule!! You’ll feel better!” they all say- Thanks Barbara if I had any control over when my brain chooses to sleep at all I wouldn’t have this issue, ok?

-a solution to this is to, in all actuality, condition yourself. Start ONLY using your bed for sleep. Get a little chair or something in your room if you’re also a hermit like I was growing up (mushroom chairs are gr9) and once you get out of bed, don’t let yourself get back on it for more than a few minutes unless you’re going to sleep.

Some nights it’s not enough, but in general for me personally this has been an actual lifesaver- I can go from being not tired to exhausted at the drop of a hat in normal life anyway (another symptom they don’t usually tell you about) so it’s nice to be able to make it work for me for once- I get into bed, maybe spend 30 minutes restless and then I’m out.

2. On the subject of sleep. You kids ever heard of the sleep of the dead? Because guess what, I have ignored literal fire alarms in dorms because of it. About 1-2 hours into my sleep I enter a state akin to a bear hibernating. I have slept through wake-up alarms, slept through emergency alerts, slept through FIRE alarms, slept though friends and family attempting to wake me… you get the picture.

3. On the note of the hibernating bear. You constantly wake up angry (or at least disgruntled) at the universe and take a really, really long time to power on. No, I’m not talking “a case of the mornings.” I’m talking it takes me until noon some days to actually feel somewhat alert. I’m talking feeling nothing but seething rage at anyone who tries to engage you in higher brain function before you’re fully awake.
-the seething rage is more personal to me, but, every single last one of my friends who’s ADHD has issues getting up in the morning. There’s hating mornings, and then there’s hating mornings.

4. About mornings. You’re constantly late to anything in the morning because you just couldn’t “get going.” i.e., you knew and 100% wanted to get up and get moving but your brain said “nah, let’s just sit here on tumblr mobile for a while k?”
-it’s very difficult to describe this part of executive dysfunction with words, because it comes off as laziness to a lot of neurotypicals. It’s not laziness. It’s having the motivation and and will and the drive to do something and not forgetting about it and it still doesn’t get done.

“Why didn’t you do x?” they’ll ask. And you just sit there thinking shit, you meant to, really, honest to god meant to, it was on your brain to do and yet all you could actually do that day was sit around and watch terrible TV. And then you feel terrible because YOU think you’re lazy.
It’s not laziness. It’s executive dysfunction.

5. Another not so well known EXDYF fact: Mental math or memorization for you will always be the literal bane of your existence. Teachers always told me I was a “smart kid” in school (I am, but not the point) and then they’d wonder why I couldn’t memorize a five line poem.

Or I’d start off with a 60 on a math test, until my teacher would comb through my work by hand (only useful math teacher I ever had in high school tbh) and I’d end up with a 92 because nearly all of my mistakes involved basic arithmetic errors. Even though I was able to use a calculator on the test.

(One time I decided 21-19=14. To this day 8 years later I still do not know from what abyss my brain pulled that info from.)

“You’re smart! Just focus!” I can’t choose what my brain decides to focus on that easily, Sharon, not without a lot of crying and panicking.

6. But wait! You say. I have really obscure information from a fandom that I can infodump on someone at a moment’s notice! Surely that means I’m just Lazy and Unmotivated, right? I guess I just can’t be bothered to memorize the important stuff.

*Loud buzzer noise* Stop right there. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I will take you by the shoulders and look deep into your eyes and make you realize that guess what? If you have an ADHD brain, you have NO control over telling your brain what is important and what is not. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your brain decides, and you usually get no say in the matter.

This sounds bad, I know. And in terms of school, birthdays, appointments, it’s terrible. But you’re not helpless. It sounds trite, but, get a good goddamn calendar app on your phone and use the hell out of it for appointments and birthdays. And for school? Find those fandoms and use mnemonics. No, seriously.

7. Also on school: You procrastinate the hell out of everything. And I’m not talking normal “haha I’ll do it later!” procrastination. I’m talking serious, problematic, REPEATED “why the fuck can’t I just do it on time like a normal person” procrastination where you start blaming yourself for not doing it sooner like a neurotypical.

Listen, buddy ol’ pal (or however that goes), you’re not neurotypical. But listen- there’s actually a medical reason why you do this.

So everyone’s brains have reward systems, right? Your brain gives you the feel good when you do something you think you should. And later, a brain remembers that it got the feel good for doing the thingy thing.

In a brain with ADHD, that reward system malfunctions. Sometimes critically. Your brain chucks so much stuff it deems “unnecessary” out the window it chucked out that feel good you got when you turned in that homework on time, or cleaned out your car, or did some pilates for 30 minutes.

8. You want to know what doesn’t help with number 7 there? Another thing that won’t show up on symptom lists but that virtually everyone I know with ADHD (quite a few, actually. Turns out we hang out in packs because we’re usually the only people who can understand each other) about ADHD is how daunting large tasks or projects seem to an ADHDer.

So listen, more medical talk here. Remember that EXDYF thing? Yeah, this is part of that.

EXDYF makes it very, very hard (almost impossible, sometimes) to break down large tasks into smaller, more feasible tasks. You get nervous the longer you put off that paper (“this isn’t something you can spit out overnight!”) You’ve been sitting in front of your computer for hours, and the only word you have written down is “The”.

Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s actually super hard to break down large undertakings into smaller tasks for the ADHD brain. But! Solution.

-if you’re having a problem breaking down ANY sort of task, I promise there’s someone else who’s done it online.

Need to write a paper? Use a template. Need to clean out your car? Find a checklist, or have a friend make you one (cause Lord knows I can’t make one on my own). Need to make a presentation? Find a sample one online. Hell, this even works for taxes. (Gasp!)

Do NOT be afraid to ask for help with even personal large undertakings. If your friends are actually your friends, then they’ll relish the chance. Especially when you can turn around and blaze through a quarter of the important project you two (or however many) have due next week in four hours because of hyperfocus.

9. So, your focus. Totally trash, right? That is, until you hyperfocus.

Hyperfocus, to a neurotypical, probably sounds great. Tune out all distractions and get shit done, right?

Sure, Linda, if you can call being able to ignore things like the need to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom “tuning out distractions.” Time becomes a literal illusion. And damn do you pay for it later by your brain not wanting to do anything at all.

On the flip side, this is why ADHD people make fantastic emergency workers like EMTs and firepeople. If you learn what to do with adrenaline when you start feeling it, you feel like you could punch Satan himself when you’re riding an adrenaline+hyperfocus high. Combine that with the fast-paced, unexpected nature of such jobs and and you have a happy ADHD brain because it’s never bored.

10. Because boredom feels like death. No, Cheryl, I’m not being overdramatic. Yes, Becky, I recognize everyone has to deal with boredom.

A neurotypical’s boredom and an ADHDer’s boredom are two very different levels of boredom. Ever heard the phrase “bored to tears”? Now imagine every time you get even a little bored, it’s like this.

And of course, the ADHD hell brain remembers the bad feels of being bored but can’t recall how nice it was to remember all of the answers on a quiz that one time you paid attention in class.

This is why I have the worst problems doing homework and housework, or in general anything with serious repetition (exercise, cooking, driving, tidying up etc.). I can do it for maybe 10-15 minutes, and then my brain’s like “k I’m good. Next source of input please?” like, brain, I’m only like 3 feet into washing the kitchen floor. P l s.

11. Speaking of tears. Has rejection by someone you value ever felt like you wanted to quit existing on the spot, or at the very least wanted to move to an ice cave in Greenland and cry for the rest of your life? Even if the rejection was just perceived rejection and your friend was just expressing grumpiness at something else?

Even if your logic says “they didn’t reject you calm down you’re overreacting?”

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It’s a newer term, but honestly, once I found out about my own ADHD and this bitch of a symptom a loooooooot of my weird habits started making a lot of sense in my head.

It doesn’t have to be actual “rejection”. It can get set off from stuff like awkwardness (hence my personal resistance to making Adult Phone Calls) to disbelief (a huge, huge reason so many people go undiagnosed), to personal judgment and/or criticisms (oh, ok… I guess I’ll never mention my love for X ever again) to even just indifference (no one noticed I mopped all the floors in the house… guess I’ll just go die!).

Basically, if you perceive that someone you care about has dismissed you in some fashion, you literally just want to quit existing. On the spot. Because the feeling of it makes you feel sick, your chest gets tight, you can feel it in your hands, and it makes the rest of your day miserable.
This variant is more likely with people you care about, but can definitely 100% happen with strangers too.

Another variant is this: if you perceive that someone (whether you care about them or not) has dismissed you in some fashion, your first instinct is to attempt to disregard and discard them completely. It usually doesn’t work like you want it to.

I’m pretty sure this is another reason why ADHD people hang out in packs. We always have a line in our head we’re terrified to cross with our friends. It makes us seem like we’re emotionally unavailable- but in reality we’re just terrified of being dismissed by our friends for showing our true geeky, infodumping, hyperfixating selves.

(Listen. If a friend mocks you for your true self they weren’t your friend in the first place.)

12. But in terms of crossing that line… Social cues? What are social cues?

Normal people can infer a lot from body language. With a lot of ADHD people, we tend not to notice. Or we notice too much and overanalyze. There’s no in between.

On a side note, your best bet for flirting successfully with an ADHDer is to just come out and say it. (Talk like an elcor. “Flirtatiously: I want to hear more.” or whatever innocent phrase it is you’re using to flirt. If they’re into Mass Effect, this will make them laugh, which means bonus points for you in their eyes.)
But seriously, unless you’re making obviously romantic overtures we’re usually pretty sure you’re just being nice.

Back on topic: lack of social ability is a massive, massive reason people with ADHD are usually bullied growing up. If there aren’t any other ADHD people around, it usually feels like no one “gets” you. I was bullied horribly enough during junior high and high school to the point where I still have to repress the urge to automatically assume someone being nice to me means they’re plotting something behind my back. (Didn’t help that my hs was basically the Korriban Sith academy without most of the death. Culty, religious, nepotism ran rampant.)

13. Woe betide thee who angers the ADHD. It’s not a problem with everyone, but… We’re like volcanoes. Awe-inspiring to watch in action, but God help you if we explode in your direction. And if it’s righteous anger there is almost literally no stopping us.

Anger has its uses. Our problem is that, like a volcano, we always have a lot simmering under the surface. We tend to hold onto it for ridiculous amounts of time until one day, boom. Yeah, I know, Kathy, that happens with everyone. Delayed gratification and all. The difference with ADHDers is that we usually don’t wait.

ADHDers’ anger will come out initially, because we can’t suppress it. We’re impulsive as fuck. We don’t think before we leap (our brains probably wouldn’t let us anyway). And it will seem like we are flying off the handle for no reason whatsoever. But we also have a tendency to unhealthily hold onto it afterwards even once the initial burst has happened. It’s like a (bad!) positive feedback loop.

14. Gotta bounce the leg. Gotta rock. Gotta fidget. Shit, I’m sorry, were you talking?

So one time I made it through 40 minutes of a math class actively suppressing the urge to bounce my leg… and then my leg twitched of its own accord. Freaky as shit, 0/10 recommend.

Sitting still is physically impossible for me, and for a lot of ADHDers.
Lack of impulse control + lack of social cue knowledge + lack of ability to decide what’s important to our brains = Fidget fidget. Fidget fidget. Twitch. Fiddle with paper. Hey, my backpack has a fun texture by the zipper. Oh my God, that lady on the TV is wearing the best shade of blue ever! I wonder where she got it. Shit, I need to go shopping. Wait, why did I need to go shopping again?

“Hey I asked you what you got for number 7.”


15. Depressive episodes. For me, these usually happen after a major hyperfocus where I taxed my brain for all it was worth, especially for long periods of time.

If it lasts for a long time or starts seriously affecting your life, get it checked out. If your doctor gives a damn they’ll be happy you came in to get it checked, even if it was the wrong diagnosis, because if it had been then at least they were there to help you. And they’ll always be happy to sit down and figure out what’s wrong. I know they have to watch out for hypochondriacs and whatnot. But if a doctor really cares about helping people they’ll listen when you say something’s wrong, because they know that you’re the one in your skin, not them. Which means if you really think something might be wrong, something probably is.

More evidence: justexecutivedysfunctionthings here on tumblr. Contains people’s experiences with EXDYF, which is a huge red flag for ADHD.

The Wikipedia article on the subject. There’s a nicely organized chart. (Or at least there was when I looked at it.) Remember, you don’t have to identify with all of the symptoms to be ADHD. Even if you only identify with a few, if they’re significant enough that they are seriously impacting your life and existence, it’s worth getting checked out.

I may add more to this later/change some stuff as my memory allows.

Negan Imagine ~ New Neighbor (pt. 2)

A while after the reader has finally left her mistreating husband and she’s grown closer to Negan, an unwanted guest pays her a visit at her new home

part 1

I’m so sorry for the long wait, I just never got to do it till now.
I hope you enjoy this and other parts will follow a lot faster!
(the gif isn’t mine / it was originally posted by grungedaddykinks)

Two months were it now.
Two months since you had finally left your husband, who thought screaming, using, cheating and degrading on the worst kind of ways were syonyms for marriage.
One and a half year you had lived through that nightmare that was now finally over and things had gotten better since then, way better to be honest.
Negan had helped you as much as he could with everything, made sure that you knew that you could count on him and made you both grew way closer than you had expected.
Your tries to find a job had finally been successful and even though it wasn’t your preferred career and just a small job, it brought money.
You were just moving into a small bungalow near the woods you had found with Negan’s help.
He wasn’t too happy about its solitude, simply because he thought that your ex could get some sick ideas like he had threatened but anyway, Negan supported you with your wish to finally have something on your own and you were more than glad about his help.

You were unpacking the last cartons in your living room as you heard how heavy footsteps made heir way over to you.
“You really gotta have a little house warming”, Negan said leaning against the doorframe as you packed the last bits of stuff out of the carton.
“Well, who should I invite?”, you laughed as you looked up to him.
“Me”, he said grinning as he winked at you.
“Two person party, sounds fucking great to me”, he added with an even bigger grin on his face.
“Yeah, sure”, you said shaking your head chuckling.
“I’m serious”, he insisted as you saw how he walked closer to you.
“I make us some tasty as fuck Spaghetti, you take a well deserved hot shower, just sit down on the couch or whatever and then we’re having our own little party”, he said chuckling as he stood just a few inches away from you.
“Alright”, you finally said as Negan’s grin grew bigger.
“Now that’s what I wanted to hear”, he chuckled, biting his lip before made his way over to the kitchen.

Moments later you hopped under the hot shower, let out a pleased sigh as you felt the hot water pelting down on you and your thoughts drifted to Negan.
You were pretty aware of the tension that lingered between the both of you and you could feel it growing with every moment you spend with him.
You knew that he was, apart from the obvious flirting, going slow for your sake and after everything you had experienced, you were thankful for that.
And while you weren’t even quiet sure where this with him would lead to, you were just more than glad about the moment.

Slowly, you got out of the shower, dried your body and put some fresh clothes on before you walked out of the bathroom and already saw the table ready laid before Negan walked out with a pot of pasta in his hands.
“Sit down, Darling. Food’s fucking ready”, he called cheerfully out before you sat down and watched him place the food in the middle of the table.
“Thank you and not just for this, also for the whole thing with the move”, you said as he sat down on the other end of the table and looked smirking over to you.
“Anytime”, he replied as he got spaghetti on both of your plates and began to eat.

“I need to ask you something”, you muttered before Negan rose his eyebrows and looked at you.
“And that would be?”, he asked with an interested glance in his eyes.
“You know I don’t like talking about him but if this asshole is threatening you or anything else, I wanna know”, you said as you looked concerned over to him.
“I’m fine Sweetheart. Don’t worry, I can handle my shit”, he said with a wink while your body was still tensed up.
“I know that you can, I just don’t want that you have problems because of me”, you said before Negan let out a sigh and looked back to you.
“As I said, don’t fucking worry. Everything’s peachy”, he said, now with a soothing undertone before you nodded slightly even though you still had your doubts.
“Okay”, you muttered before you took a sip of your drink and continued to eat your spaghetti.

“Got baseball practice tomorrow”, Negan scoffed as he ate the last bit off his plate.
“I thought you like baseball”, you wondered while you looked over to him.
“I fucking love baseball, but they’re just playing like the biggest fucking idiots right now and these fuckers have a game in two days”, Negan said with a huff as he took a sip of his beer.
“Maybe you should make them spaghetti. I bet that’s gonna motivate them”, you said with a grin while Negan began to chuckle and shook his head slightly.
“I’ll think about it once they’ve won again or at least fucking show me that they fucking want to. Till then they don’t deserve this fine ass food”, Negan chuckled as he looked smirking over to you.
“Well then I really hope for them that they’ll get better”, you said before you continued to eat your pasta.
“Yeah, me too. They fucking respect me and it’s good that way, but you know what? I’m also the fucking coolest teacher of the whole goddamn school”, he said with a smirk while you chuckled.
“Yeah, you’ve already told me that a few times”, you laughed while you leaned back into your chair.
“’Cause it’s the fucking truth”, he chuckled as he took another sip of his beer before he stood up and took both of your empty plates.
“We’re gonna take this to the couch? I mean, we can take this straight to the bedroom too, would be fucking fine with me”, he chuckled teasingly before you shoved his hip playfully and stood up from your chair.
“Yeah I’m sure you are”, you laughed as you took his beer and your glass from the table.

You laid down on your couch as Negan came back from the kitchen and let himself fall next to you.
The moment you sunk into the soft fabric of the couch you felt the exhaustion from the day spread through your body.
You let out a yawn as you leaned against Negan and felt how he laid an arm around you.
“Looks like someone’s fucking sleepy”, Negan chuckled while his chest slightly rumbled.
“Mhmm”, you just muttered as Negan let out another chuckle.
“By the way, my shoulder makes a fucking good pillow”, Negan muttered as he smirked slightly and you looked up to him.
“What? I’m serious”, he chuckled as another yawn tried to get out of your mouth.
“Yeah you’re damn sleepy”, he chuckled as you let out a little grunt and eventually gave in.
You laid your head carefully on his shoulder, let him pull you a little closer and felt how his warmth and his touch got impact on your body.
You enjoyed his closeness, the feeling of safety, comfort and simply the feeling of someone caring about you which you hadn’t felt for a long time before.

“What the fuck was that?”, you heard Negan suddenly growl as he sat himself a bit up.
“Probably just an animal or the wind”, you muttered as you let your head stay in the crook of his neck.
“Nah that wasn’t a damn animal or the fucking wind”, he muttered while you could feel his body tensing up beneath you.
You slowly lifted your head, saw how Negan’s jaw tensed before he slowly got up and walked over to the window.
You let out a sigh, got up yourself and walked over to him as he glared outside.
“Ne-”, you started before a knock on the door let you flinch up.
Your eyes widened as you looked over to the door, walked towards it while you could hear Negan following you.

Slowly you opened the door until you saw someone you hoped you wouldn’t see again too soon.
Your ex.
And he smelled like alcohol, a lot alcohol.

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mellowmoonballoon  asked:

nurse/dex for the ship meme, if you ship it....

oh boy do I ship it, I ship it so hard, my guy. Okay, here we go!

  • who hogs the duvet

Both. It’s a major problem when they actually start sleeping in the same bed. They both have a habit of rolling over and pulling the blankets with them. In the beginning there’s a lot of half-hearted bickering about who needs it more. It ends in the realization that all their problems can be solved with cuddles.

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is goiing

Dex usually sends Nursey check-ins throughout the day. Nursey would probably do the same if he wasn’t so damn scatterbrained. 

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

They’re not a super gift-y couple. Like, they’re much more interested in acts of kindness and affection. Although, Nursey sometimes gives in and buys Dex something small like a hat or a bracelet, usually just on the fly with the excuse of “it reminded me of you, idk” and Dex sort of loves it.

  • who gets up first in the morning

Dex, for sure. I mean, they’re both pretty good at getting up for mornings at Faber, but Dex likes to keep his sleep schedule consistent and Nursey would much rather make up for lost sleep all in one night. Sometimes it takes some serious motivation to get him up (kisses).

  • who suggests new things in bed

So Nursey has hooked up with dudes before, the idea doesn’t really faze him. But Dex never had a boyfriend serious enough to take to bed, so at first they take things slow. But eventually it’s Dex who asks if they can try this or that. He’s curious, and if anyone is gonna go with his flow, it’s Nursey. He feels safe with him.

  • who cries at movies

I mean…… Derek. Nurse. Like, it’s art, ya know? and art gets him right here. Dex feels things, he reacts! it’s just not his thing to cry over movies. 

  • who gives unprompted massages

To Derek’s surprise, Dex is really good at shoulder massages?? Like, who knew?? His mom was really good at it, so he just eventually picked it up from her, and it is so nice when Dex just plops himself on the arm of the couch to get at Nursey’s shoulders. He’s basically an expert at calming Nursey’s nervous energy.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

I think both of them do this to an extent. Like, Nursey will worry over Dex but at least Dex will take care of himself. Nursey will just refuse to admit he’s sick and Dex will tell him like “here, drink this water” “here’s some advil” “you need to eat” but he won’t force anything on him and usually Nursey ends up crashing and Dex is like “yeah, I would feel bad, but I told you this would happen so..”

  • who gets jealous easiest

Nursey!! Even tho drunk Nursey is a flirt and lots of people try to get in his pants, Dex knows Nursey would never do anything to hurt him. Nursey gets jealous when someone can talk to Dex about something he can’t, like mechanics or coding or fishing. Nursey knows he doesn’t quite measure up in the situation and he can get a little pouty. Dex likes to fix this with lots of making out.

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

They both have really different tastes in music; Dex loves the 90s, he loves grunge, he likes bands like Blink, (he also really likes 90s hip hop, which is a really excellent place for bonding between him and Nurse.) Nursey likes some stuff that’s excellent and some stuff that’s just like… what the fuck are you doing, dude? So… I guess Nursey in this case lol.

  • who collects something unusual

This isn’t exactly unusual, but Nursey collects notebooks. Total notebook hoe. Like, he has 20 that are perfectly untouched, and yet… this one has a holographic cover! this one is silver! this one has a watermelon on it! Dex was absolutely astounded when he first saw the stack (mountain) of notebooks in the corner of Nursey’s room.

  • who takes the longest to get ready

I hate to be obvious here but this is totally Nursey. Dex can be ready and out the door in like 20 mins, but Nursey takes like an hour. It’s not horrible or anything, he’s actually pretty damn fast for the amount of prep he does. But some days Nursey decides to wear make up or paint his nails and Dex nearly dies waiting for him.

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Dex 100%. Nursey has legit lost his wallet 5 times in the past two months. It’s no contest.

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Dex! The holidays have always been a happy spot for him because he’s really close with his family. He’s really excited when he gets to take Nursey home for Christmas for the first time, he can’t wait to show him off to everyone.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Dex is the big spoon!! I don’t know what the popular consensus is but I feel this in my heart! He loves the feeling of Nursey drowsing in his arms and Nursey loves the safe feeling of Dex holding him close.

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Booottthhh. Like,,,,, have you seen them play hockey?? One of the first things that tips people off about them being a couple is that they become MASTERS at Taboo. Like, they’re practically reading each other’s minds. It’s impossible to beat them and at the end of the game they take a victory lap around the Haus.

  • who starts the most arguments

William Pointdexter…. loves arguing. Like, he doesn’t realize it, but he really loves arguing. He’s easy to rile up because he like’s being riled up. There are warning signs (not unlike a volcano) and if Nursey spots them he’ll just be like “Nope. Shutting this shit down right now.” and either leave or refuse to argue with Dex until he realizes that the argument is stupid. 

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Nursey loves every animal he meets on sight. He’ll sit on the ground and they’ll come sit in his lap or rub up against him. Dex has never really had that gift, even though he’s had pets in the past. Neither of them suggest getting a pet as much as a kitten finds Dex one day and follows him everywhere and he can’t just leave him outside! Derek, it’s cold tonight and he’s only like 3 inches long! (Whatever, man, it’s chill) hell yeah, it’s chill! 

They name him something lame like Puck. 

  • what couple traditions they have

They have a boyfriend celly! If they’re close enough on the ice or they pull of something swasome together they’ll do it and let me tell you, it’s fucking adorable. 

  • what tv shows they watch together

So I have this headcanon that they usually watch sitcoms together but Nursey falls in love with sense8 and has Dex watch it. It takes some doing but Dex eventually becomes hella invested. He loves Nomi.

On the other hand, Dex is still bitter about Firefly. Even tho he didn’t watch it as it aired. He makes Nurse watch it one day and Nurse is surprised by how much he likes it. 

  • what other couple they hang out with

Chowder and Farmer all day long, bro. They study together a lot and she and Dex become really good friends!

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Dex tries to teach Nursey to bake… it goes okay. Not stellar, but not bad either. It’s super worth it to see Nurse get covered in flour and to get to steal kisses to his cheeks and neck.

  • who made the first move

This was Nursey, but it wasn’t a drunk thing or on an impulse. He stressed for like 3 weeks trying to think of the perfect words, knowing that Dex didn’t need anything complicated, he just needed the truth. 

Dex was pretty damn impulsive when he grabbed Nursey’s face and kissed him in the middle of the park.

  • who brings flowers home

One time, Nursey ordered a bunch of lollipops in the shape of lobsters off of some random site and arranged them into a bouquet for Dex. Dex didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day.

  • who is the best cook

Not Nursey, that’s for damn sure.

Thank you for sending this in! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it super long but I’m starting to run out of steam. This was a lot of fun though! <333

Colons and Cullens and Really Bad Puns

So the other day @sarcasmfish tagged me in this post, which I believe is probably the best grammar pun I’ve ever seen. I mentioned it was something that I needed to write into Class Act, and here we are. Have a very proud Mara and a not at all amused Cullen. Dedicated to @poweredbycoffeeandwine, @saibrarutherford, and @kagetsukai, you know for encouraging this complete silliness. 

It was a Thursday in the seemingly never ending month of Guardian. Spring break was still far enough away that a count down was more depressing than it was motivating. There was something about this stretch of the school year that was just difficult. It didn’t matter how much Mara loved her job and her students, this part of the year was always a struggle.

But on this particular afternoon she was in a phenomenal mood. She’d realized something incredibly silly during a grammar lesson she’d given for the fourth time that day. She preferred not to teach grammar in long stretches, rather to do it in minilessons. It was easier for the kids, and teaching grammar never was that interesting. They’d been talking about the difference between colons and semicolons, and she’d had a realization that she’d been dying to share with someone all day.

Mara took her badge off, setting the colorful lanyard in the metal basket at the front of her desk. The school day had ended about an hour ago, but she’d had grades to finish updating. She walked the short distance across the hall, waving to Jim as he rode his cleaning zamboni down the hall. She closed Cullen’s classroom door against the noise as she entered, and he glanced up at her with a soft eyed smile. Someday she might get used to the way he looked at her when they hadn’t see each other all day, the quiet joy that moved across his features, but she hoped she never did.

“Hey.” Cullen set down his pen. He had clearly been pouring over his lesson planning notebook.

“So I realized something while I was teaching today,” she said, unable to hide the grin that came to her lips.

Cullen leaned back in his chair and adjusted his glasses. “Oh?”

He was wearing a blue cowl neck sweater that looked too damn good on him to be fair. “So we were talking grammar in fourth hour today,” she said. Mara picked up a whiteboard marker from the small magnetic box Cullen kept them in.

Cullen was chuckling. “You came in here to talk about grammar?”

Mara glanced to him. “Just wait.”

Cullen sighed and rested his face on his chin, giving her his attention. “Go on.”

She drew a colon and a semicolon right next to each other. “So I realized that this is a ‘Cullen’ and this is a semi-’Cullen’!”

She turned to look at him, unable to stop grinning. Only to notice that Cullen looked less than amused. “You’re quite proud of this aren’t you?”

“Your name is a grammar pun! Come on! It’s hilarious!” Mara set the marker down on the metal shelf a little harder than she meant to.

Cullen let out a long suffering sigh. “Not really.”

She crossed her arms. “You’ve totally heard this before.”

“Every year growing up since grade school.” He stood from his desk.

“Damnit, here I thought I was being so original.”

He laughed. “You were so excited to show me too; I should have been better natured about it.”

Cullen had closed the distance between them and grasped her arms. “Next time let me have my fun,” she complained.

He leaned in and kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re adorable, you know that?”

She sighed, and he laughed as he kissed her. She could feel the smile on his lips as they moved against hers. She buried her fingers into the soft wool of his sweater, pulling him closer. He wrapped his arm around her waist, and she melted into his arms.

Cullen pulled away a few moments later, golden eyes burning into hers. “I think it’s time to get out of here, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I don’t hear the zamboni anymore. Jim might be ready to do the trash next,” she said.

Cullen rested his forehead against hers. “Yeah, don’t really want a repeat of him walking in.”

“We weren’t even doing anything and I still couldn’t look at him for a week,” Mara admitted.

He chuckled. “Get your stuff and let’s go.”

Mara pressed a quick peck to his lips and left the comfort of his arms. “I’ll be quick, ‘colon’.”

“You keep making grammar puns and I won’t see you tonight,” he said, though the threat was empty and she knew it.

She smiled and said over her shoulder. “Just remember you love me, Rutherford.”

“Really bad puns and all.”

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YAAALLL (detective work + lil contest)

So i managed to reach over 250 of yall that follow me!! …….why though quq

Anyways, to celebrate this occasion (and the fact that I still don’t understand why any of yall actually like my stupid doodles) I’m gonna do a little something to get you guys more involved than just submitting things to me and waiting like 3 days for me to get to it (my ask box is a war zone im drowning in suggestions yall). 

Basically what I’m doing is holding a little doodle contest and a small detective work thing! But I’m not just gonna have yall do this without a lil something in return, yknow?


and I don’t mean like my regular doodles, I mean as if I was gonna do a commission or a request, like so:

So how do you get art rewards??? Well…

Firstly! I’m usually the one making up doodles to your suggestions yknow? But I’m gonna turn the tables on YALL for a hot second. “But what if I can’t draw?” some may ask, and I don’t care if the best you can do is stick figures, i wanna see how creative yall are!!!! “uummm didnt you make this to draw our suggestions?” …yes good point but I wanna see what yall can do, yknow!!!

For this one, I’m having three prompts for yall to draw (or write if you wanna!) out! I’ll pick two people from this! The first winner will be based on creativity and how well they responded to the prompt!!! Second one will be based on artistic ability/if when i see their style i scream that I want them to murder me with their glorious godly pencil/tablet pen!!! “just give us the prompts already damn” ok fine u killjoy

First prompt! Super sugoi desu kawaii school girl Green Day

Second Prompt! Tré being… well… Tré

Third Prompt! Green Day vs Muse/My Chemical Romance/ or [insert band of your choosing] ((this can be rly funny or rly violent whatever floats ur boat))

✩ to show me ur art, you can either submit it here, or post it and tag it with #drawgreenday250, whatever floats your boat!

Secondly!Detective work” you may ask? “What the fuck kinda sherlock holmes lookin ass scavenger hunt does this raccoon want us to go on??” you may wonder? WELL, this raccoon wants to see how good yall are at picking up context clues and finding out my “””secret identity”””…. I am an enigma wrapped in another enigma shrouded in 3 sideblogs and trash merch…. (also this second one seems like a Bad Idea but at the same time I’ve been watching Internet Historian a lot lately and I’m in a ‘sleuthing mood’ yknow???)

this doesn’t sound fun”/”is this a shitty self promo thing”/”oh shit you watch internet historian too!!!” then don’t do it/no i’m just like legit in the mood for some sherlock type shit i mean have you watched internet historian and how those dudes he talks about took down Shia like so fast??? that is a mood i wanna achieve/HELL YEAH

What do yall do for this?

✩ just find my main blog that’s it it shouldn’t be that hard to find and this should be an easy win if you don’t wanna draw because I understand that motivation and art block are real things even when given prompts/ideas to do but you can’t force yourself to draw because when you do it turns out Not Good and it discourages you from drawing for a while. wait no that’s just me? damn.

✩ but yeah first person to send me an ask on here (not on anon) with my url OR messages me via my main blog gets a drawing and a personalized “u tried star” with benadryl cumbersnatch’s face on it!!!

Those are the two options!! Shitty but this is my first time doing something like this!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa!!! I keep screaming!!!!!!!!!

Anyways… I keep saying art rewards but what exactly is it again?

Well, the three chosen ones will receive:

✩ actually nice drawings (like the ones pictured above) of any person/character they want! (with a nice simple background). ((If you win srry m8 but no heavy nsfw stuff, i can’t draw furries, and limited to one person in the drawing so I can give u ur art on time))

✩ personalized u tried stars based on the category! (but nice u tried stars. FancyTM ones.)

!!!prompt submissions are due august 5th!!! anything after that won’t be counted!!

but yeah.

that’s it

…I don’t know how to do this properly sorry once more but let me just finish this off by saying that I just really love yall and I wouldn’t’ve gotten to this point without yall and your support of my shitty doodles. Doing these doodles has also really helped me to do more with my art and improve and feel better and it’s really nice to know that there are people that actually like my art and terrible doodles and are just so kind and welcoming and amazing to me. I’ve been on this hellsite for so long but I’ve always felt like an outsider of every single community/fandom I’ve been a part of. I’ve been a fan of green day since I came fresh outta the womb (kidding actually since I was 4) and it just makes me so happy to know that there’s such a kind community for the band that’s helped shape me into who I am today and who I aspire to be in the future. This community feels so inviting and warm and all the people I’ve met, although not many, have just been so sweet and wonderful. sure there will be ups and downs, as it happens in every community, but throughout all the time i’ve been on the internet, the green day community has always remained relatively sweet and kind and I feel like yall are a family to me at this point… I don’t know many of yall or talk to yall but I just want yall to know that I’m proud to be part of this with each and every single one of you. and I’m forever grateful for all that kindness that yall have shown me in the past 3-4 years since I started to get involved in the online community. Thank You all, and i’m gonna cry in my cubicle now quq;;

New Traditions

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: Set sometime in the future. Arizona loves to decorate her home for Easter. The house then looking even more Easter-basket-y than it normally does. But what happens when she comes up with something new for this holiday? How will this be perceived by her visitor?
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

Arizona found herself confronted with the task of wrestling a heavy piece of luggage from her car’s trunk by herself.

But not for too long since, “Hang on,” a brunette rushed over immediately and helped her with it. “There,” she announced, when they finally managed to get it out of the car and onto the ground.

“Thanks,” Arizona grinned, patting her helper’s arm affectionately. “Say, how much stuff did you actually pack?” she wondered, considering that monster of a suitcase they had just unloaded.

“Only enough to last a week,” the other woman replied, feeling only mildly accused by the blonde’s probable implication of having packed way too much for that time span. “And considering it’s April, you never know how the weather turns out. Best to be prepared for anything,” she justified with a shrug and went to produce the other, smaller suitcase from the depths of Arizona’s car. “Plus… Sofia insisted on bringing along little Easter presents for each and every single one of her friends”.

As on cue, the little girl in question came running towards them from Arizona’s Seattle home where she had already deposited her backpack in her room. “Mommy, Momma, can I go see Kara?” she asked expectantly, giving Arizona and Callie her most sugary, ‘Please, please, please’ look.

The mothers briefly checked with each other, one quick eye contact still enough for them to know what the other was thinking. “Yes, okay,” Arizona consented, “but listen to Kara’s mom, okay?” she stressed.

“And home by six,” Callie added, “We’re having a pizza party tonight”.

“Yes!” the girl rejoiced and lunged forward, hugging each of her mothers before running off to Arizona’s next door neighbors’ house.

The two moms waited until they saw the door of the house open and Kara’s mom Jenny stick her head out. She waved over to them in greeting and let Sofia enter right away.

“Soo… pizza dinner, huh?” Arizona queried, casually grabbed the handle of the lighter suitcase – even though it had not been the one nearest to her - and started to pull it along the walkway to the house.

Callie smirked at the antics, but readily took care of the heavier one. Part of her regretting having packed so much. The way the weather looked now - all bright and sunny - she probably wouldn’t even need a third of the clothes. And she already dreaded dragging all that back to New York. But she was almost certain Arizona would let her store some of her and Sofia’s stuff here. For the next time…

“Uh, yeah, pizza,” the brunette finally replied. “I figured, since it’s the first day of spring recess and all… a good start into a few days off”.

“Right,” Arizona agreed. “I just thought we could have something with a few more eggs in it?” she argued and Callie frowned a little in puzzlement.

Catching the look, the blonde elaborated, “I’m just looking for a reason to blow out some more eggs. To paint them and decorate things with them…?”

“Oh, I see,” Callie grinned. She knew Arizona was heavy into Easter-y things. Always had been. There was a reason she used to refer to the blonde’s style of home decoration as something along the lines of Easter basket-y. And during the holiday itself it used to be even more Easter-y. With little bunnies and eggs everywhere. She was almost certain this hadn’t really changed over the years. “Well, we can easily make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast,” Callie interjected, “that’d give you plenty of eggs. Or maybe omelets”.

“That’s also a valid option,” Arizona readily agreed, as they finally reached the house. “Okay, after you,” she motioned for Callie to step inside.

The brunette mentally prepared herself to set foot into Easter basket paradise. Ready for all the frillyness this holiday brought for Arizona. She didn’t really count on being surprised by anything she would see, but soon found herself mistaken.

Because barely into the foyer Callie stopped with a smirk slowly creeping into her features. “Um… what’s that supposed to be?” she coyly asked, pointing towards the construct hanging in the doorway to the living room area.

Arizona raised her eyebrows at the question, since from the looks of of it alone it was pretty clear. A couple of small willow branches, adorned with self-decorated eggs… “Well, obviously an Easter branch…,” she returned, giving Callie an amused look.

“I figured that,” the brunette nodded, the grin on Arizona’s face already confirming her suspicion that there was more to it. “But… why exactly is it dangling from the ceiling?”

“Oh, that…,”  Arizona pretended to only now realize what Callie was actually referring to. Okay, normally you’d put them in a vase ideally filled with water to help the buds grow into beautiful blossoms. But if there were ulterior motives in play, one might consider doing it a little differently. “I just thought it could be an incentive to get my extra special loved one an impulse to kiss me. You know, like a mistletoe…,” she glanced at her counterpart with hopeful eyes.

Callie laughed out loud and reached forward to grab Arizona by the belt loops of her jeans, bringing her to actually stand underneath the easterly mistletoe egg branch thing. “You do know I’m always willing to kiss you, right?” she cooed and immediately followed through with her annoucement, planting the sweetest of kisses on her blonde lover.

“Really?” Arizona replied in mock astonishment, “Oh, damn, now I already put those up eeeeverywhere in the house,” she said and went for a second treat.

“Well, then leave them,” Callie hummed into the peck. “And you know what?” she continued, looking into the eyes of the woman she never really fell out of love with and was so falling for all over.

“What?” the blonde smiled.

“Once we move back in together… we could, um…,” she played with the strings of Arizona sweater, “hang those up all year”.

“I thought you didn’t need an incentive to kiss me,” the other woman jokingly argued.

“Well, nope, but I still like the idea of it. And since I wanna kiss you all day anyway, those things would just be one more excuse to do so. It could be our very own new tradition”.

“I’d love that,” Arizona smiled. She could not wait to have her two girls live in Seattle again. For them to permanently live together as a family and as a couple again. They were just waiting out the end of the school year, and then Callie and Sofia would be back. Forever.


Symbra Week fic for Day 2:  Fantasy AU (Skyrim AU to be exact)  | ao3

Sombra, the one and only Dragonborn, is terrible at completing quests for the wonderful people of Skyrim.  Can her new traveling companion, Satya Vaswani, get her back on track towards saving the land from dragons and stuff?  Probably not…

Satya Vaswani was pleased with her former life; a rising star among the Scholars at the College of Winterhold and a master Conjurer without peer.  Why did she give up that life to spend most of her days following the Dragonborn into damp, dark caves all throughout Skyrim?  She wasn’t entirely sure of that herself.

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Let Me Be (Your Everlasting Light)

sterek bingo 2017: hogwarts au

this was stupidly fun to write, and it’s my first hogwarts au, so i feel like i passed some sort of line?

also on ao3


Stiles had never had the typical childhood. He was always a bit weird, only had one friend, and not the most normal of interests.

And then his mom died, and he was known as the weird kid whose dad was never home, only had one friend, and no mom.

And that was blessedly normal in comparison. He’d known of other kids that were weird, other kids that didn’t have many friends, whose parents overworked, who didn’t have parents. He wasn’t that different.

But then the letter came. He watched as his father read it over dozens of times with a pained twist in his eyes, then sitting him down at the kitchen table, pouring himself a glass of whiskey, and telling him about his mother. His mother, who was apparently a witch.

He didn’t know anyone else whose mother was a witch.

Then came the packing, and the hugs and the tears, and the train, and meeting Scott- who was no Heather, but maybe could be, someday. And everyone around him was just like him, in one way or another. He wasn’t the weird kid anymore; they all were, which made them all normal.

So of course something had to happen to give him back that title, and it happened his first damn day.

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How I Met Your Brother (1) First Time

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Created for @spnpolybingo

Title: How I Met Your Brother
Square: Meet Weird
Rating: Explicit

Series Summary: Meg was never a fan of Philosophy, but when professor Novak became their teacher, she changed her mind. They started playing a game consisting of stolen touches and casual hook ups, but they didn’t stop on that. What’s going to happen when Meg meets Cas’ twin, Jimmy?

Word Count: 3312

Characters: Meg Masters, Castiel Novak, Ruby, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Megstiel, endgame Megjimstiel (MegCasJimmy), very briefly SamRuby

Warnings/tags: college AU, teacher/student relationship, smoking, smut, vaginal fingering, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex, safe sex, language

Inspired by Baby Blue Love by Lana del Rey and Cherry by Lana del Rey.

Unbeta’d, so all the mistakes are mine!

A/N: This is officially the last square of SPN Poly Bingo, guys, BUT this one turned into my very first poly series! (I couldn’t let this idea go, ha ha.) Get ready for at least 5 chapters ;) 

I want to thank Christy for hosting @spnpolybingo, ‘cause I’ve had the most fun in ages while filling all the squares, you’re the best <3 And I hope you guys enjoyed this ride, ‘cause, I know that I’ll surely sign up if it happens next year :) 

Oh, it’ll probably be posted weekly or twice a week, ‘cause I’ve got most of it written! Let me know what you think about this one, I’m so excited to show you what I’ve come up with!

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Feedback and constructive criticism very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist and/or Commissions if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

Meg was never the type of person to enjoy going to all lectures and acing all classes. She adapted a much more ideal way of getting through college, and that usually meant half-assing everything that didn’t matter and only paying attention to those classes that would actually be useful for her.

And, while philosophy was rather in the first category, she stuck around anyway, and the only reason for that was professor Novak.

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Anon: HC OF RIARKLE TRYING TO GO ALL OUT FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY (and everything just ends up going disastrous because they’re 15 y/o dorks) It’s like an OT3/ Riarkle HC. PLEASE I NEED THIS
(Okay so I know in the show Riley is a year younger than Maya, but if we bump them to the same age then Maya’s birthday would be happening around the time of Riley and Farkle’s *secret* one month anniversary and that has potential so that’s what we’re doing lmao)

• Okay, so as we know, everyone forgot Riley’s 16th birthday
• And of course they all freaked out when they realized but the damage was already done and even though she convinced everyone that it’s fine, she’s still pretty pissed off/upset about it
• Like lowkey 30% of her motivation for keeping her new relationship with Farkle a secret is sheer pettiness lmao
• Farkle is pretty vocally still judging everyone on her behalf tho lol
• So anyway it’s New Years Eve right, party is a lot smaller than usual it’s just the friends and fam
• And Maya’s the only person running late so Topanga is just like “Guys omg Maya’s 16th birthday is in 2 weeks we need to plan a surprise party!”
• And Riley’s just like lol okay sweeties first of all,
“Clearly you people have demonstrated that you can’t be trusted with this kind of stuff at all-“
• Farkle’s standing behind her with his arms crossed nodding enthusiastically along to her every word what a loser
“Secondly, I know Maya better than literally everyone in this room. I’m planning the party!”
• And everyone is just kinda like ‘shit she right’ and agrees and then Maya’s walking in so the subject is dropped for the night
• The party was great and after it ended everyone went home except Farkle bc both his parents were out of town for different reasons and Cory and Topanga were h o r  r i f i e d omfg they were not letting this kid spend the holiday season alone and it’s not like he hasn’t been having sleepovers with Riley on the regular since 5th grade anyway
• Of course they don’t know he’s now dating Riley and therefore probably is getting something from sharing a bed and cuddling with her like always lmao
• So anyway Farkle’s like yeah this is gonna be sweet I can sleep in late tomorrow and then spend all day excessively cuddling with my girlfriend and drinking hot chocolate this is the lyfe
• But then at literally 4:30 in the morning, no sun in the sky
• Farkle is forcibly awakened by this extremely heavy weight being thrown on top of his chest. He literally can’t move and it’s heavy enough to mess with his breathing he’s freaking out
• He opens his eyes and it’s this giant book that’s literally the length of his arm and as thick as 3 bricks stacked together
• Standing over him is Riley looking completely unimpressed and she’s like “Wake up we have to get to work”
• And since he’s known Riley for 10 years now he’s not even fucking surprised he’s just like…can this not wait till later,
• And she launches into this speech about how they absolutely have to start now because it’s the upmost important thing in the world and Farkle is barely catching the gist of this because shit this book is really heavy why is he always brought to the brink of death around the Matthews family
• And at some point she realizes he’s really struggling and pulls the book off him like it weighs absolutely nothing which is not something his ego appreciates but now he’s sitting up and living again
• And now he’s getting a little concerned because he sees that Riley is already showered and dressed and there’s a pot of coffee and two cans of monster energy drink on her nightstand what is he about to get into
• And now she’s snapping her fingers in his face because apparently she was still delivering her monologue and he had tuned her out so not a good start to the day
• Okay so she shoves him in the bathroom and forces him to get dressed because they both got very little sleep and she has this theory that it’s harder to fall asleep when you’re wearing day clothing
• And like Farkle knows damn well that that literally isn’t a thing but he’s mildly scared of her right now so he listens lol
• And he comes out and moving around a bit had woken him up a little but she’s giving another speech on their agenda for the day and he still can’t bring himself to focus on her words because it’s still 4:30 in the morning and he’s also getting distracted by how pretty she looks what the hell
• Seriously he’s pretty sure despite getting dressed (see: throwing on jeans and a beanie. Does not bother to change out of the ancient Phillies sweatshirt Cory gave him to sleep in. Does not bother to shower. Does not bother with his contacts. Does not bother to care.) he looks like he just crawled through Death Valley or something
• Meanwhile Riley’s got her hair tied up in a little knot on the top of her head and she’s wearing her glasses today which he always loves and she looks as pretty as she does when she gets a full night’s sleep rather than only 3 hours and she’s wearing a dark blue and white Christmas sweater over a white button up both of which she stole from him but it looks a million times more flattering on her and she’s pacing around her room and is flipping through a couple loose papers as she talks and is obsessively clicking her pen which should annoy him but it’s so cute holy shit how is this his girlfriend
• Except now she’s frowning at him because she realized he wasn’t listening again and she’s like “Farkle seriously I know it’s early but you need to focus” and he’s like “I’m sorry I just really wanna make out with you right now!” which made her blush but she was not shifting gears she’s a woman on a mission
• The mission, he finally determines, is planning Maya’s Sweet Sixteen
• He still doesn’t understand why he had to wake up before sunrise for this
• So anyway now that he’s onboard he’s trying to figure out what the Giant Book of Death is supposed to be
• And Riley’s just like “Oh okay so back in like 6th grade I decided I was planning all 3 of our 16th birthday parties so I made a huge planning scrapbook and I’ve been filling it with more ideas as they come all these years.”
• And Farkle doesn’t even know what to do with this information like that is such a Riley thing to do but it’s also a little overwhelming that she cares so much about him and Maya she spent four years planning big birthday parties for them omfg
• So he just tells her that that’s adorable which makes her giggle and she opens the book to Maya’s section
• Holy shit she literally sectioned this book off for all three of them. That’s why it’s the size of three bricks. A brick each. Holy shit.
• And she literally color coded everything Farkle is so impressed but also confused on how she hid this all these years and he’s also so sad that THE PARTY SHE HAD WANTED FOR HERSELF NEVER EVEN GOT TO HAPPEN UGH
• He’s still extremely angry at everyone for that omfg Riley had begged him to calm down but he was waiting for a moment alone with anyone so he could yell at them
• Anyway so Riley makes them dive right in
• She hadn’t planned everything to the T she had hundreds of ideas and they needed to sort through them all and veto and agree and assign jobs to all the party goers and figure out where they were gonna host this party
• They were talking and writing and debating for hours without realizing it suddenly it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and Cory’s coming in to tell them it’s lunch and he’s surprised they’re even awake
• Farkle’s like “I too am also surprised to be awake” which made Riley smack his arm lmao
• Okay so they’re eating lunch with the fam and now Cory and Topanga want all the details they have so far and they’re loving what they’re hearing
• Except Riley’s like ‘Yeah Maya’s birthday is on a Thursday tho so we’re gonna have to throw the party on the 15th’ and Cory’s like “Oh no, Shawn’s got a job in London that weekend and he’s taking Maya with him as a surprise. The party is gonna have to be on the 8th”
• And Riley is FREAKING OUT because that is 7 days away she thought she had more time here
• Like she can totally make this work but her stress levels just shot the fuck up
• He’s not saying that out loud obviously but he’s just like “UM OR Saturday the 9th is also a viable party planning option woohoo!!!!” but Cory is like “Oh Farkle didn’t Riley tell you?? We’ll be in Philly on Saturday and Sunday because it’s my dad’s birthday.” And Farkle just quietly died inside but sells it with a smile lmao
• Cory’s just like “Sweetie rethink that sentence”
• But she’s already pulling her coat on and throwing Farkle his
• Topanga agrees to let them use her credit card but whatever they spend is going to eventually come out of Riley’s paycheck at the bakery which she’s chill with
• And we’re off!
• They still hadn’t finished going through everything in the Maya Section of the party planning book but what they had agreed on/narrowed down they had written down and put in a much smaller and easier to travel with folder that Riley held onto for dear life
• Their plan is almost immediately foiled when they walk out of the apartment building and run straight into Maya lmao
• Riley’s trying to hide the folder (that, naturally, reads “PLANS FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE SWEET SIXTEEN” in huge, bright red font) behind her back and she’s like “Peaches! Oh my God how funny it is to run into you here!!!”
• And Maya’s like ‘Riley I’m at your house everyday literally what are you talking about” and she starts to try to look behind her back cause it definitely looks like she’s holding something so Farkle’s just like “WOW I’M SO FUCKING COLD” and wraps his arms around Riley’s waist and presses into her back so her can rest his chin on top of her head and she drops her arms and they are literally now trying to hide this folder sandwiched between their bodies omfg
• So Maya’s like “Where were you guys going anyway?” and they’re like
• “Um…school” and the same time Farkle says “Mars.” Omfg
• Maya’s just staring at them and Farkle goes “I mean school” as Riley starts to say “Mars?” omfg
• Maya’s just like “Okay ignoring the fact we’re on winter break for another week and a half, what the hell are you talking about?”
• And Farkle starts babbling a little more to the point where Riley is literally just like “Stop talking you’re a disgrace” and he listens lmao
• So she turns back to Maya and she’s like “Well, Peaches, we know it’s winter break but you know how Farkle and I have that astrology class??? When we get back to school after break, it’s the teacher’s birthday! And poor Mr. Whatshisnameinson used to work for NASA and traveled to Mars in his youth and it’s all he ever talks about and so since he’s hitting the big 80 the whole class decided to get together and decorate the classroom to look like Mars. That is exactly where we are going. And it’s going to take literally all week to finish so we probably can’t hang out with you until Friday night I’m sorry dear.”
• Riley’s hoping against all hope that Maya dedicated enough time over these past 10 years to tuning her and Farkle’s space-talk out that she wouldn’t know nobody had ever been on the mars and their school doesn’t offer astrology to 10th graders
• Maya still looks suspicious as hell but she’s like “Alright then…see you?”
• But she like doesn’t walk away she’s still staring at them
• And she’s like “are you gonna go?”
• So Farkle’s just like “I’m still so fucking cold I hate the winter” and pulls Riley tighter and they both try to walk away while awkwardly connected like this so they won’t drop the folder and they keep stumbling and tripping and they just hear Maya mumble “They’re so much to put up with” before she heads into the bakery lmao
• They don’t feel fully safe from view yet though so they manage to stumble four blocks like that they got a few looks
• Okay so anyway first on the agenda: Find a damn location for this party
• Riley’s really worried that they’re going to have a hard time getting a place to rent out to them with only a week’s notice
• She’s right to be worried they piled up 2 days’ worth of rejections omfg
• All the banquet halls are turning them away. No restaurant will listen to their plea. Even the tiniest little places that are barely scrapping by and need money and people don’t want to try to rent their place on such late notice.
• And Riley really has her heart set on this being like a rager party she’s inviting basically everyone in school she can
• It’s literally now dinner time on the second day and they’re sitting in a tiny little dinner sadly eating soup and they’ve accomplished nothing omfg her spirits are slowly but surely dying
• Finally Farkle’s just like “Can I just rich asshole our way out of this one” because the girls are usually very aggressively against ever letting him spend money on either one of them but Riley’s really desperate so she’s like “I’ll hate myself for saying yes in exactly 2 weeks but go for it”
• He pulls out his phone and steps outside and comes back ten minutes later like “Kay I got Planet Hollywood to rent to us the whole night” and Riley’s just like ‘FARKLE WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT WE WERE AIMING FOR AFFORDABLE BANQUET HALLS” and he’s just like “What I like Maya too and it’s one of her favorite restaurants”
• Riley is torn between excitement and horror because she spent 2 hours writing out a budget for this thing and she knows Farkle just ignored it all to get this place
• But at least now that they have a location (and food, thank God) they can get everything else together
• So now they’re flipping through their notes and Riley’s like “Okay so I guess that means we’re going with the red carpet theme instead of Under the Sea…”
• Farkle’s just like “See babe, I just knocked out 3 birds with one stone! Relax” but she’s still frowning at him and he just mumbles “Diamonds are stones let me have this Riley”
• That at least got her to laugh and lighten up a little bit lol
• So now they’re trying to split what else they need to do between them. Even though the place is decked out, Riley still thinks they should provide some extra decorations themselves. They also need to provide their own music so she’s looking for a DJ. Farkle was very insistent that Riley let him handle the cake and the flower arrangements for some reason, but she wasn’t questioning it.
• She probably should have questioned it because Farkle’s got a p l a n
• Riley also is trying to figure out how they can invite so many people with the short time they have and Farkle’s like “Oooh you know what my uncle just started up one of those weird design-your-own-e-vite companies so I’ll handle that too
• Basically she keeps listing off jobs for her to do and Farkle’s like “I’ll handle that” this goes on for a while but finally she’s like “Farkle wtf I’m not letting you plan Maya’s party by yourself this is my thing”
• And he was just like “I just wanna make this as easy and not stressful at all for you” and she smiles really sweetly and takes his hand over the table and says in a loving tone, “Well back the fuck off loser this is my party planning book and she’s my Peaches”
• And he laughs and says okay but in the back of his mind he’s running some logistics problem because his p l a n just got a little more complicated
• They head back to her place for the night (his parents don’t get back until the 11th yikes) and Cory and Topanga are pretty impressed by what they’ve worked out so far
• Riley wants to stay up to keep working out details and Farkle’s like “We’ve been running on 3 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours BED NOW” and basically shoves her in lol
• And she would have fought back but she’s been running off coffee and Monster for two whole days while trying to find a location and a MAJOR caffeine crash hit this poor girl omfg she was not alright she passed out mid-sentence
• Farkle takes advantage of that and sneaks out to go get Cory and Topanga in on his p l a n
• Riley wakes up from her coma the next day at 12:45 noon and she immediately starts screaming and is rushing across the hall to jump in the shower and rushes through that, gets back in her room by 12:50, and is hopping around trying to towel dry her hair and put clothes on at the same time and she’s got her phone pressed between her ear and shoulder but it’s anyone’s guess who she’s trying to call
• Farkle walks in on this scene, still in his pajamas and eating a sandwich, and just watches her hop around for a minute before saying between bites “You do know we don’t have school or anything today, right?”
• She’s glaring at him and she’s like “We only have FIVE DAYS to plan this party how are you calm STOP GETTING CRUMBS ON MY FLOOR”
• Farkle’s rolling his eyes at her and he’s like “I already sent out the invitations while you were asleep. Your parents and Auggie are out ordering the cake right now.”
• That calmed her down a little bit but she still had so much else to accomplish omfg
• But then, “Also…4 days, Riley. You slept all day yesterday from that crash.” And she’s LOOSING IT AGAIN
• So she’s now fully dressed and grabs him by his hoodie and starts dragging him out of the house and he’s like “babe stop I’m in my pajamas” and Riley’s all “You had all morning to do something about that” so now the boy is roaming the streets of New York in a Phillies sweatshirt, Star Wars pajama pants, and bunny slippers that he swears are Riley’s (they aren’t Riley’s).
• So she’s dragging him in the general direction of a flower shop when she suddenly gasps and turns to Farkle in horror and she’s like “My parents are getting the cake???? They don’t know any of the details! We had barely worked out details on that yet!”
• And he’s like “Well I told them you wanted it tiered right?”
• “How many layers though???”
• “Um…a lot?”
• And now she’s freaking out over what flavor they got and what color icing and “Have you met my father, he’s probably gonna order a carrot cake!” and whether or not there will be enough to feed everyone invited
• And she’s really in the zone during this rant omg her eyes are really wide but Farkle’s pretty sure she has no idea what’s going on around her so he just grabs her hand and gently starts pulling her towards the flower store while she’s still panicking over this cake situation
• Once she smells all the flowers she snaps out of it lmao
• But omfg this ends up stressing her even more
• Maya’s favorite flowers are Blue Orchids so she tries to order a lot of those and the dude working in the shop is like “Sorry we don’t have any blue orchids
• And Riley’s like “…Sir you’re literally standing in front of a couple blue Orchids. I can see them right behind you.” And he’s like “No sorry no orchids whatsoever.”
• “Do you mean you just don’t have enough blue orchids to fit my order? Like I can afford to get more than one type of flower sir.” And he’s just like “Little girl we have no Blue Orchids. Blue Orchids don’t even exist, I think? You must be confused. No Orchids. Aren’t orchids spiders? Why are you trying to order blue spiders in a flower store?”
• And Riley’s just standing there with her mouth hanging open like r u fcking kiddin me
• “Sir trust me I’m obsessed with flowers and I know flowers and those are Blue Orchids right there!”
“You claim to know flowers, yet you ask for spiders, and I’m the one working in the flower shop.”
• Riley just. Doesn’t even know what to do here she’s so confused.
• Farkle is trying SO HARD not to laugh omfg he’s just like “Uh, Riles, why don’t you just try to order another kind of flower?”
• So she’s just like ugh fine okay can I order some violets then?
• “Sorry we have no violins, this is a flower store.”
• “Little girl we do not sell spiders or violins I’m sorry.”
• “THERE IS A FRIDGE WITH VIOLETS IN IT RIGHT THERE” and she’s angrily pointing at this walk in fridge right next to her and this guy is just like “Sorry no we don’t have any.” And Farkle’s about to lose his no-laughing battle
• Riley plucks a single red rose out of a display on the counter and is like “Can I buy this?” and this guy is just like “Little girl there is nothing in your hand I think you may need some help.” And Riley’s about to scream in frustration but Farkle’s already dragging her out of the store lmao
• And they’re now just walking down the street and she’s sputtering out random noises phrased like questions she’s so confused about what just happened and she’s not appreciating Farkle’s quiet laughter
• She just gives him a look and it’s meant to be threatening but he just fucking doubles over and loses it laughing omfg
• She’s so worked up like what can she even do now
• Farkle’s just like “Riley okay listen I’ll handle the flowers on another day I promise but you don’t look like you can deal with people right now.”
• As if on cue, her parents and Auggie walk out of a nearby store and she’s immediately back in ‘panic-about-the-cake’ mode and is asking them a million questions
• And Cory’s just like “Sweetie, Sweetie don’t worry. We went with our guts and got half butter recipe and half carrot with bright green frosting!!!!”
• And Topanga and Auggie are like lol Riley he’s not joking that was the best and most obvious option
• And she’s just. Screaming.
• She literally just goes ‘Farkle fix this’ and starts banging her head on the side of the nearest building
• And she can hear Farkle going ‘Guys Maya is allergic to butter recipe cake remember??” and they’re just like “Well that’s why we got half carrot too!!! Options!” and Farkle just goes “Wow you’re right Mr. Matthews that is some sound logic I’ll see you at dinner.” And literally just waves them off lmao
• Riley just looks at Farkle and she looks SO SAD OMG and goes “Maya hates green,” and Farkle says “Yeah I remember” and now she’s groaning into his chest in defeat and Farkle’s hugging her trying to calm her down and says “Riley okay I get it we’re having problems but aren’t you possibly being a little too emotional about this right now?”
• And he hears her mutter into his chest “I just wanna give my best friend an amazing birthday party.”
• “Well yeah, so do I.”
• “No, she’s my best friend, go find someone else.”
• “…Can you be my best friend?”
• “I’m your girlfriend, dumbass.”
• “Well nobody else knows that!”
• “That’s not my problem!”
• “I…It was- it was literally your idea-“
• “Shut up, please?”
• But he’s succeeded in calming her down and cheering her up a little so she’s got a tiny smile back at least
• So now they’re off to try to get some extra decorations. Like, Planet Hollywood is already decked out with a bunch of movie memorabilia and famous costumes and stuff, but Riley thinks it could help to get some balloons and streamers and stuff that match their color scheme that she BARELY HAS
• She was hoping for blue and gold because the Orchids and then she felt the gold complemented them nicely and the aesthetic felt very Maya
• But of course apparently blue orchids were out of the question for some crazy reason so now she’s guessing they’re gonna have to go red and gold for the overall Hollywood theme
• Which lowkey feels like a copout to her especially since there’s already a red carpet there why should we bother with more red
• But apparently the universe wants this party to go a certain way whether she likes it or not. Ugh.
• Farkle knows she’s upset but he’s not saying anything because tbh her pouty huffy face is too cute he doesn’t know how to handle it
• Okay so they hit up just a regular Party City right
• And they waste hours in there
• Because they keep bickering over specifics of what they need and Farkle keeps trying on ridiculous wigs while Riley’s yelling “This is no time to be cute!” and they keep getting distracted by a bunch of random knickknacks and the other people in the store keep laughing at them lmao
• They come across an isle filled with silly string and Farkle whispers “the Promised Land” and Riley’s whisper shouting at him in an effort strained voice “NO, Farkle, we need to exercise self-control!” and Farkle’s like “We could buy it for the party!” and Riley’s like “We both know it wouldn’t last that long!” omfg this goes on for 10 minutes they’re so dramatic
• Farkle keeps trying to get balloons that aren’t red and gold and he doesn’t understand why it’s annoying Riley and she’s shoving the folder in his face slowly annunciating “Color Scheme.”
• “Why are the sticky eyeballs even out, Halloween was months ago?”
• “Who cares we both know Maya would fucking love them.”
• Omfg the stumbled into the little Sweet Sixteen specific area and Farkle’s like “We are absolutely getting Maya Hart a sparkly Sweet Sixteen Princess Tiara and sash to embarrass her” and Riley’s like “Oh yeah totally no doubt.”
• So they’ve been here for too long it’s like almost 7:00 o’clock omfg but Riley has officially triple checked the list and is feeling safe enough to go pay
• And they get to the front of the line and the cashier is ringing all this shit up and he looks at Farkle and is like “Weren’t you here yesterday?”
• And Farkle’s like “no wtf I’ve never even been inside this store before.”
• And the cashier was like “No you were totally here with a blonde girl yesterday!”
• And Farkle’s like “I don’t know any blonde girls. I’ve literally never even seen a blonde person before in my life!”
• And this cashier looks so confused omfg he’s like “Aren’t…Aren’t you blond?”
• And Farkle is wide eyed and looks like he’s about to reveal a deep dark secret and just whispers “I’ve never seen my own reflection before…”
• And Riley’s just looking at him like wtf but the cashier apparently bought this???? And just goes ‘dude’ and hands over a mini mirror for Farkle to look in omfg
• Farkle gasps loudly when he looks in the mirror and whispers “You’ve changed my life,” and he looks like he’s on the brink of tears and the cashier (who Riley has determined is high as a kite) was so moved by this whole experience he only charged them for half omg
• So they get out of the store and Farkle is acting like none of that even happened and Riley’s just looking at him like????? Wtf was that???? And he’s like listen who knows
• And she’s just like “Why were you there with Maya yesterday?” because no matter how unreliable that guy was Farkle wouldn’t have acted so ridiculously if he wasn’t afraid of getting caught
• And he’s like “I wasn’t there with Maya who said Maya???”
• “How many other blondes do we know?”
• “It could have been Lucas!”
• “Lucas…is not a girl, babe.”
• “Can you prove that indefinitely?”
• “I mean…yes, yes I can?”
• And finally Farkle’s just like “fine while you were asleep yesterday I hung out with Maya but I didn’t want you to know that she doesn’t believe our “turning a classroom into Mars all week” story because I was worried it would stress you out”
• And she’s like “Okay that’s fine but why were you guys in Party City???” and Farkle says Maya’s doing some new art project and she needed wigs for some reason or another
• Which is reasonable enough for Riley so she drops it but she still thinks he’s acting weird
• So they head home for dinner because it’s getting late and Riley’s still pissed they couldn’t get anything done about flowers today and the cakes a disaster and now they’re only gonna have 3 days left she’s really stressing
• So she wakes up early the next morning ready to go and Topanga is just like “literally no you need to take a break for a few minutes lets go to the nail salon” and Riley’s like “A MANI-PEDI WOULD BE MARVELOUS RIGHT NOW BUT I HAVE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT” but Topanga is literally dragging her out the door lmao
• And she’s like “okay this is an hour at most I can relax and then handle the rest of the day” but noooooooo Topanga then wanted them to go get haircuts and Starbucks and other really random things and Riley’s just like “Mom you’re only stressing me out more can you please try to bond with me when I’m not trying to plan a very important thing in 3 days u g h”
• So eventually Topanga compromises and her and Riley go shopping for birthday presents for Maya together so that calmed her down a bit
• So they shop around for a bit- Topanga finds some cute clothes she thinks Maya would like, Riley gets her some new paints, a purse and finds this super cute golden necklace that had the sun and the moon on it lol
• By the time they finish up for the day it’s like 3:30 omfg
• Topanga heads back up to the apartment with their bags but Riley decides she wants to grab a smoothie first so she heads into the bakery
• And is immediately surprised to see Maya and Farkle heads pressed together, whispering about something. They jump in surprise when they see her and Maya not-so-secretly stuffs something into her backpack
• Riley just looks at them for a moment and goes “Are you cheating on me?”
• Lol Maya’s just like “Which…Which one of us was that directed at?”
• “I honestly have no idea.”
• So now they’re laughing and Riley gets her smoothie and sits down with them and the three of them just chill for a bit, talking about school and their other friends and whatnot
• Riley’s actually feeling relaxed for the first time all week because she’s just hanging out with her two favorite people
• Suddenly Maya gets a text and she’s like “Oh shoot, gotta go, dinner” and they’re like wait what
• It’s now 7 holy shit
• They wasted 3 and half hours having fun but now the second Maya’s out the door Riley’s in PANIC MODE
• Farkle can hear the Kill Bill sirens going off this girl is about to blow
• And they’re heading back up to the apartment and Riley’s gone from listing everything they still need to do to now listing all the ways she’s an utter failure and Farkle’s just like omfg please take a deep breath
• “We haven’t even figured out how to get her to the party yet! ‘Hey Maya, don’t ask questions, just put on a nice dress and come to Planet Hollywood!’ she’s not gonna go for that, she’ll figure it out!”
• And Farkle’s like “I’ll just tell her I got extra tickets to a show and she should dress nice Riley please calm down”
• Like he also adores Maya to the moon and back but he’s really not getting why Riley is stressing herself to death over this party. If anything, he’s got more to lose than her considering he’s orchestrating an evil p l a n behind her back and doing what he can to get this party set up right. He’s not stressed, should he be? He’s stressing out more about Riley’s stress than anything else. Why does everything about existing in high school have to be stressful omfg
• So now he’s realizing there’s gotta be something more to this that has Riley stressing but she’s clearly not offering up specifics ugh
• So now they’re up in her room and she’s going through the huge book she made while he looks over her shoulder right
• And he can’t help but grin because it is also a scrapbook so she’s got some really cute pictures of the three of them in there from when they were younger, along with ideas hastily added and scribbled out, stickers for bullet points, everything organized with colored tabs. She really did go all out for this
• So he’s flipping through some pages now but she’s yelling at him for getting too close to the Farkle Section because “your birthday isn’t until March, that remains top secret!”
• And so Farkle finally asks her “back in 6th grade, what made you decide to plan our birthdays this obsessively?”
• And she’s like “Don’t you remember anything? Maya’s mom could never really afford to throw her any big parties until her 12th birthday, and it ended up being a total disaster because everyone got food poisoning and her grandmothers cat somehow managed to die inside the piñata and we all discovered that much too late?” and Farkle’s like shit because yeah how could anyone forget that day
• So Riley’s like “And Maya slept over my house and cried for like 3 days after that and she’s never tried to have a real party since then and since Sweet Sixteen’s always get built up to be this huge moment in your life- like, I just knew if I spent so much time planning it, it could be the one thing I could control perfectly and Maya wouldn’t be let down and she’d have an amazing birthday memory.”
• Okay so now this makes some sense to him omfg
• And then Riley says “And, um, I added you to it because, well, Maya and I were always the only people to turn up to your parties when we were younger and you always insisted it was fine but I could tell it really upset you. So, I thought that even though special sixteenth birthday parties tend to be looked at as more of a girls thing, that if any guy deserved a day to feel awesome and special and have a huge amazing rager party, it was you.”
• And he’s like f u c k I love you omfg
• “And then I kinda just added in my section as an afterthought, I guess. I don’t know. I just got really into the whole thing, it doesn’t matter now. But anyway, that’s why I’m so worried about none of this coming together!”
• And Farkle doesn’t really know how to reassure her of anything without exposing what he’s doing behind her back, so he just promises it’ll all be fine and they fall asleep
• The next couple days are just Riley running around trying to fix the problems, but nothings coming together
• Farkle assured her that he took care of flowers but she doesn’t see when he could have done that
• She begged and pleaded with the bakery hired to make the cake but the head baker insisted on no refunds and no changing the order omfg
• Farkle is just like “babe it’s okay they serve dessert at the restaurant” but she’s like “yeah and none of it is birthday cake????”
• Farkle thinks he’s spent more time reassuringly rubbing her arms this past week than he’s spent actually getting stuff done for this party
• Riley wakes up the morning of the 8th to Farkle giving her a box of chocolates whispering “Happy one month!” so her parents won’t hear and she’s hugging him but also groaning and going “It didn’t even occur to me to get you anything oh my God-“ and he’s trying to convince her that it’s fine because she’s obviously been a little preoccupied omfg
• But no now she’s officially mad at herself so he’s like ‘share the chocolate and we’ll call it even, okay?”
• And okay so the whole day is spent rushing around the house, trying to wrap presents and gather up all the decorations and Farkle and Cory and Topanga are all making calls to make sure everything is still in place
• Lucas and Zay actually come over at one point to take the decorations so they can go help the staff set up themselves, and that way Riley doesn’t have to get there early and then leave to get Maya and come back again
• And she feels a little nervous putting the fate of the decorations in their hands specifically but they made a good point about her have to go back and forth so she gives in
• It’s about 6:30 when everyone starts getting dressed
• It’s a semi-formal dress code for the party since the theme is Hollywood and whatnot
• Riley ends up looking like a goddess in this deep purple knee length dress, with dark red lipstick and her hair curled omg
• Farkle’s just like “You are making it so hard to act like I’m not dating you holy shit”
• She thinks he looks amazing in his suit and his tie was covered in blue in purple swirls
• So it’s time to get a move on! Her family (and everyone else obviously) are gonna meet them there, Farkle calls his family driver to come pick them up so they can go get Maya
• In the car Farkle is like “Remember I told her I got tickets for Fun Home so that’s what you should talk about in the car. She only thinks we’re going to the restaurant for a normal dinner before the show!” and Riley’s like “Aye-Aye!” but her stomach is all in knots she’s so fucking worried this is going to go wrong somehow and the party will be awful
• Maya’s in a shiny blue dress and they have their usual cutesy greeting and are gushing over how great the other looks as Farkle is texting nonstop
• And Maya’s like “Yeah can’t wait to see Chicago woohoo!” and Riley’s like “I thought it was Fun Home?” and inside she’s like ‘Farkle ya done fucked up now she’s gonna be suspicious’
• Farkle’s looking at Maya like he’s going to murder her for some reason omfg he mumbles something like ‘why would I take you to see Chicago?’ but before anyone can do anything to save this awkward moment they arrive at the restaurant
• So they’re climbing up the steps right everything is chill and normal except everyone who is hiding a surprise party is fucking nervous now
• So they get up to the floor and are suddenly hearing ‘Surprise!’ and cameras are flashing and there’s cheering and both girls are just screaming
• Because there’s a big blowup poster hanging on a far wall and it’s a black and white picture of the girls hugging when they were like six and there’s a huge banner that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY AND MAYA” omg
• There’s BLUE ORCHIDS AND VIOLETS EVERYWHERE and purple and silver balloon had been added to the blue and gold mix (the red Riley had bought had been veto-d out by Zay) and way too many cans of silly string and this huge tiered cake that could definitely feed everyone there that had blue and purple icing and read on top “Honey&Peaches Sweet Sixteen!”
• Everyone’s still talking at once and Riley’s like ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ and Maya’s looking at Farkle going ‘You played me!’ and Riley’s like ‘Maya what do you mean???’
• And Maya’s like “he called me like 5 days ago and said he was still pissed everyone missed your birthday so we were planning a surprise party for you! I didn’t think he’d throw my birthday in!”
• And they’re both just screaming back and forth at each other as everyone laughs and Farkle is feeling so fucking accomplished finally one of his plans didn’t fail miserably!
• Now Maya’s yanking Farkle over by his tie demanding to know how tf he pulled this off
• After Riley had passed into a caffeine coma, Farkle had dragged her huge party planning book out to show Cory and Topanga. They agreed tricking the girls into a joint surprise party wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, and called Maya to tell her they were only planning one for Riley. Maya and Farkle got most of the decoration and flower shopping done the day Riley was asleep. Farkle knew Riley would wanna do flowers the moment she woke up, so he waited until Maya was out of ear shot and payed the guy off to refuse to sell any flowers when he eventually comes in here again with a brown haired girl (it didn’t occur to him he’d need to do that at Party City), but then to actually put her order in once she left. He and the Matthews then came up with the best cake idea they could (marbled with the blue and purple frosting), but Cory had apparently decided to convince her it was awful just to mess with her and Farkle couldn’t exactly expose him and the Secret Genius Plan in the middle of the street like that. Then, Topanga kept Riley for most of the day so Maya and Farkle could go hunting for DJ’s. They ended up not being able to find any on such short notice, but Maya decided to call Josh and ask (see: demand) that him and his “lame-ass band” come play the party “unless, of course, you hate your niece or something.” (Farkle later filled him in that it was also a surprise for Maya too so they built up a list of songs to cover that both girls would die for). He had sent out the e-vites to the school specifying that it was a party for both the girls and lucked out that neither of them had thought to ask to see them. He had nabbed the cute picture of the girls out of Riley’s scrapbook the night she told him why she was so invested/stressed out about the party, and while Riley was arguing with the bakery, he snuck out, gave the picture to Isadora, and she had it blown up to the big banner it now was. He had Lucas and Zay pick up decorations from both Maya and Riley’s house so neither girl would feel obligated to be at the restaurant early to decorate, because that obviously would’ve ruined the surprise. He found out what color dresses both girls were wearing (which miraculously worked out perfectly with the improvised color scheme, he has no idea how that happened) and got a tie so he could match both of them. Then obviously, he told each girl to act like they were going to see a show, got his driver to take them there, and voila!
• Riley and Maya are just staring at him with their mouths gaping open like h o l y s h i t and he’s trying not to laugh at their expressions. By the time he finishes his big monologue, even though he hasn’t done it in literally three years, his joy and pride and actually pulling this off makes him end the speech with a huge “THANK YOU, I AM FARKLE!” which sends everyone into hysterics omfg
• The girls start squealing and freaking the fuck out and hugging him and everyone there with a camera caught some fucking adorable shots of the three of them
• They make the girls do the fake red carpet walk and get some cute shots of the two of them in front of the green screen
• Maya’s so ecstatic at all of this and Riley’s more than a little overwhelmed omfg
• The night goes on and they have the Best Party Ever and the girls are more or less joined at the hip all night and are super distracted by everything going on but they aren’t letting Farkle get too far from them with the huge crowd
• Josh knew the story of drunk Farkle singing ‘She Will Be Loved’ at the girls so his band decided to play it at one point and they had to figure out how to three-way slow dance it was great
• Riley and Farkle managed to sneak away for a few minutes under the guise of ‘getting air’ and ‘using the bathroom’ separately but they met up outside and Farkle tried to say something but then Riley kissed him hard enough he literally got dizzy and forgot whatever it was he snuck out to tell her
• So she just says “Happy anniversary!” before she heads back inside and he yells “Happy birthday!” at her retreating figure and he could hear her giggle in response
• The party goes all night and everyone agrees it was amazing
• Maya opened the presents Riley got for her and she loved the paints and the bag but when she saw the necklace she shrieked and Riley was like “what???” and Maya’s like “OPEN YOUR PRESENT” and obviously it was the same necklace omfg
• So that had them squealing even more
• A world record for amounts of squealing in one night was probably shattered tbh
• Lucas and Zay were going too hard on the dance floor and Lucas got a concussion do you think anyone will ever let him live that down
• But anyway yeah Riley loves her friends way too much and they love her way too much in return and Farkle is always going to go completely out of his way to make sure the ‘Ladies’ are happy

Fashionista AU

1775 words
i am wildcat, vanoss, h2o delirious, cartoonz
otp4 = h2ovancatoonz


The very first time Delirious finds the writing hidden in his clothes he thinks he’s going mad.

It’s after five in the afternoon, and he didn’t sleep at all last night, tossing and turning so much that he had to get up and walk around in the hallway outside their apartment so he wouldn’t wake the others because he just couldn’t sleep. He’s so tired he’s nearly swaying on his feet, what if he falls, what if he trips, what he does something wrong and it messes everything up and Wildcat’s designs are ruined and he’s laughed off the stage, what if?

All around him are tall, beautiful skinny models, he’s the shortest of the bunch and he pokes a soft lump of belly fat miserably, he’ll never be like them.

This day has been going on forever, nothing seems to end his head is pounding pounding a rhythm so hard there must be drums inside him and he steps up behind the curtain, nervous to all hell and tugging at his shirt sleeves when he sees it–

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Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader
Summary: The reader calls the brothers for help when she finds out she has magical powers she didn’t know about. Having some serious trouble with her newfound abilities, funny moments occur - leading to a fluffy end.
Words: 2701
Warning: None

I’ll be on vacation for a week, starting tomorrow, so I probably won’t post that much as I don’t think I’ll have any wifi… There is a Sam drabble in my queue and I hope I will be able to post the third chapter to Bittersweet at the end of the week (If I find a good internet connection somewhere…) Now, I hope you all enjoy this! 

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onliafaze  asked:

KiriDai, Imayoshi, and Haizaki (i'm so happy i've found a knb ask blog that can write these bad boys) have been teasing and dropping hints of their feelings to their crush, who's oblivious to it all. They finally straight up admit their feelings. Her responce: "it's about fucking time". Turns out she was aware of their feelings, but wanted them to cut the bullshit and be honest with her.

Uwahhhhh I love it when I get these guys. I wish more people would branch out of GOM but it’so kay if you don’t (。•́︿•̀。)  it’s just nice to switch it up a bit Thanks so much for the request! 
And oh my gosh, so I’ve installed xKit and now I can save it on tumblr other than having to use google drive weeeee~ ₊·*◟(˶╹̆ꇴ╹̆˵)◜‧*・ More after Hanamiya!


Hanamiya: “Oi,” he flicked your forehead, taking you out of your trance that the crepe gave you, “If you keep eating, you’re gonna get fat.”

You rubbed the very spot he hit you, “Eh? How could I say ‘no’ to a crepe,” you chuckled. You pointed the strawberry filled crepe at your tadpole-eyebrowed date, “You know you want some.” 

Hanamiya grabbed you by the wrist and guided the sweet dessert closer to him, allowing him to take a bite from the very spot you took yours. His eyebrows knitted together as he chewed the confection thoroughly before swallowing it, “Too sweet,” he scoffed as he wiped the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb. 

The two of you chatted away as you walked around the summer streets of Tokyo. You were well aware that this Hanamiya liked you. Why? Because it’s Hanamiya, he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. The black-haired male was dropping hints like crazy, hoping you would be the one to realize and speak up about it. The night grew longer and his patience was thinning as he stopped and pulled you over to the side. 

“Jeez, that hurt Hanamiya-kun! What is it? Is something wrong” you asked in concern, gazing into his eyes as if searching for an answer. 

“Damn, I’m getting sick of waiting,” he growled. He moved his grey-brown orbs so that they were locked with yours. He tightened his grip around your wrist, “I like you, ___.”

A toothy grin stretched across your face, “Well it’s about time. Damn, I was really worried that I had to wait for another date for you to say something.” 

“Wait,” he scrunched his face, “You knew? Why didn’t you say something?” 

“Because I enjoy watching you struggle,” you stuck your tongue out in a teasing manner. 

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anonymous asked:

Eric and Jack headcannons!

  • Okay so after the events of Semi-Formal, Eric and Jack officially reconnect and all and start hanging out again
  • You know, chilling, going out to movies and bars on free time, and Eric starts helping Jack try to reform his company and all
  • And Eric is just on cloud nine tbh his best friend is back!!! This is great!!! He’s really missed Jack and all their whacky misadventures together all these years.
  • And Jack is happy too, obviously, but after a couple months during which he has seen Eric literally every day, he’s just like…wait…shit…something doesn’t feel all Platonic about this. Which freaks him out, obviously.
  • Because like??? He’s Jack and it’s Eric and they were always all about the girls when they were younger and he’s literally felt remotely like this before except for Rachel, wha t the fu ck.
  • So Jack starts lowkey freaking out and he wants to just cut ties again and transfer firms or something but like…Did you hear all that gay shit he said in Semi-Formal about Eric’s voice never leaving his head and how sticking with Eric has been his only good decision???? He knows he can’t just leave again. Plus, the more he reconnects with Eric, the more apparent it is that other than his siblings and Rachel, Eric hasn’t really had any relationships or strong friendships in a while. Jack peaceing out again would probably crush him.
  • So Jack decides to just boil in a stew of confusing emotions and sell it with a smile
  • (Eric can tell it’s a fake smile but Jack clamps up whenever he asks what’s wrong)
  • Okay so meanwhile,
  • Shawn was doing a job in Oregon a few months prior to all this when he gets a text from Cory reading:
  • “I T  H A S  B E G U N”
  • So Shawn is like wtf and he responds like “Cory this is the most ominous message you have ever sent me what is happening omfg” 
  • And Cory responds with a stalker picture of Eric and Jack laughing by the punch bowl
  • And Shawn just responds with a lot of screaming-face emojis (Shawn Hunter fucking loves emojis don’t fight me on this)
  • “FUCK.”
  • So they just continue to freak out like that for a while.
  • Shawn and Cory really fucking ship their brothers okay. They just know they’re perfect for each other. They’ve been shipping and scheming to get them together since Shawn was living with Eric and Jack, but after the unfortunate 15 year radio silence, they started to loose hope omfg.
  • But now, after what Cory is witnessing at this dance??? They are back with a vengeance omfg. The second Shawn gets back in New York they’re just like WE NEED TO STRATEGIZE.
  • They decide until any new developments happen, they should just mostly stick to their old tactics- Shawn will be super vague and implying around them and see if they pick up and try to talk to him about it. Cory just makes outright statements framed as jokes so he can judge their reactions (A-la that ‘So nothing’s changed!’ quip he made when Jack jokingly said Eric was his date)
  • So for the next couple months, as Eric and Jack reconnect and Jack starts to get more and more confused about his feelings, Cory and Shawn are keeping that up, and also lowkey follow them some nights when they’re ‘hanging out’, and also try to get all four of them to hang out so Cory and Shawn can ‘observe and collect date’ (they just like using all the terms it makes them feel cool)
  • “Brothers Brunch Dates are totally a thing!!! It’s the new fad!” “Oh, really? Cool, I’ll call Joshie and-” “NO WE DON’T LIKE HIM ANYMORE LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS.”
  • Cory just knows that Joshua will somehow manage to fuck all this up for him. He’s been putting hard work into this relationship for damn near two decades hE WONT BE DEFEATED NOW
  • Okay so they keep up their antics, but they don’t notice how uncomfortable Jack is getting, they’ve been expecting Eric to crack first.
  • So one night, Shawn’s at the apartment flipping through a fucking binder he’s compiled of ‘evidence, theories, and plots’ to get Jack and Eric together when he groans and throws it down on the table, and he’s just like “It’s been five months why the fuck aren’t the married yet.”
  • “Shawn, they need time. We just have to wait-”
  • Shawn.”
  • So Topanga hears that nonsense and comes to investigate lol. She had a general idea that they wanted their brothers together, but she didn’t know that they had reached, like, plotting and scheming levels. So she sees Shawn’s binder and f l i p s
  • So they tell her everything, everything they’ve been trying to accomplish on the lowkey since they were teenagers. Topanga’s just like “You’re failures and I’m gonna make this happen in 2 seconds.” and whips her phone out
  • So the guys are like wait no??? Because they thought she was calling Eric or Jack, but when they realize who she calls they just. Groan. How had this never occurred to them before now?
  • Okay so back to Eric and Jack.
  • It’s been five months since they’ve reconnected and they are deadass seeing each other every night
  • Even if Jack has a business meeting out of town or Eric has to jet off for senator work, they still fucking facetime with each other every night ugh these losers
  • And Jack’s been really dedicated to making his life better- he starts to turn his company around and tries to make them more environmentally friendly, he starts helping out a lot of charities, through Eric he’s been able to reconnect with Rachel and now they’re all friends again.
  • But he still is so confused over what he’s feeling towards Eric. He keeps telling himself he’s crazy, it’s just because they haven’t seen each other in so long, stuff like that. But the stress of bottling everything up is getting to him so he starts gambling again
  • Because he’s a fucking idiot but anywho
  • So now Eric’s really fucking worried because he knows Jack is hiding something and his gambling problems acting up are literally never a good sign
  • But Jack’s telling him literally anything except whatever this problem is so he’s like!!!! How am I supposed to help you!!!
  • He’s like really distressed about this, he’s worried Jack’s just gonna up and stop talking to him again. He brings this up whenever he talks to Rachel, because she’s a therapist she should be able to figure this out right
  • She can’t lol. She thinks Eric’s making a big deal about nothing, but she does wonder why both of them are acting so strange.
  • Then, she gets a call from Topanga that basically boils down to “I need you to get Eric and Jack together” and she’s just like. Oh my GOD. How did I possibly miss this???
  • So Rachel flies her ass to New York almost immediately lmao. Didn’t tell anyone she was coming, just shows up in the middle of one of Eric’s meetings and demands he buy her lunch.
  • So he agrees lol and they go out to some cute little restaurant and the second they sit down Rachel just grabs his hands and is like, “Okay, so. Sweetie-” and they spend this entire fucking lunch (that ends up being like 4 hours long omg) just delving into the innermost parts of Eric’s mind and person omfg
  • It got really fucking intense okay omg
  • And a lot of it she was like dissecting his relationships with people and she put a lot of focus on his relationship with Jack. Like, he’s oblivious to what she’s doing at first, but after a while he catches on and admits that he’s thought for quite a while that maybe it’s not exactly platonic but he always convinces himself he’s just being stupid and ignores it
  • So they talk that out and ambush therapy sesh ends with him coming to terms with the fact that he ‘like-likes’ Jack
  • “What show are you seeing?”
  • “His cousin gave him the tickets, I think he said it’s called Hedwig or something.”
  • “That’s…that’s a really gay show in the first place.”
  • So they talk about that for a little longer, she helps him calm down about the whole thing, and then Eric really has to get back to work so he heads off.
  • So now she’s on a quest to track down Jack Hunter
  • She went to his work and was told he had the day off, so she’s like “I’m gonna have to track his ass down to a shady casino aren’t I”
  • She did
  • He was loosing
  • So she confronts him and he’s freaking out bc even though they’ve reconnected and have been talking again, he hasn’t physically seen her in literally like 12 years omfg
  • So she drags him out and to the park or something and they have fun catching up for a bit
  • So finally, she decides that instead of working into it like she did with Eric, Jack won’t stand for that bullshit. So literally out of the blue she’s like “You dumped me and left me alone in the Peace Corps. Explain the motivation.” and Jack is like w e  l  l   u m
  • He tries to escape but she grabs him and goes to town trying to analyze why he left and he’s like “Maybe I just wanted my inheritance back?” and she’s like “Okay well then explain your lack of serious relationships or even meaningless flings in the past decade START TALKING I DARE YOU”
  • So he just starts listing off all these excuses and she just keeps antagonizing him until he finally snaps and yells “IT’S BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR ERIC OKAY” and then everything goes silent because he’s never said that out loud before so he’s clearly freaking out but Rachel is all but jumping for joy now.
  • Jack looks like he’s lowkey about to have a panic attack and Rachel’s about to say something when they hear an impressed whisper-shout of “SHE!!! DID!!! THAT!!!” and look up to discover Cory and Shawn fucking hiding in the tree above them o m f g
  • Jack yells up “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” and Cory yells back “WHEN WILL YOU FINALLY MAKE AN HONEST WOMAN OUT OF MY BROTHER?” which just gets Rachel cracking tf up
  • Jack is just like???? LEAVE! and Shawn yells back “THIS EFFECTS US TOO”
  • Jack throws a rock at them and they fall out of the tree and run out of the park lmao
  • So now he’s f r e a k i n g out obviously and Rachel’s trying to calm him down and tell him it’s fine and everything
  • But he’s still loosing it because he finally said it out loud and it felt right but the whole situation is so weird to him and now he’s gotta see Eric in a few hours and sit next to him in a dark room for a while f u c k
  • But he doesn’t want to cancel because Eric would be suspicious and he still wants to be near him and u g h
  • Rachel’s not telling Jack that she already talked to Eric and she’s not planning on telling Eric about what Jack said. She wants them to get there on their own,
  • So Jack is like “You know what??? I’m rich, I could totally get a third ticket if I wanted to. Rachel please come with us??” but she’s like “Lol Jack sweetie I flew in specifically to do this my flight leaves in an hour and a half bye have fun make out with Eric for me” and just LEAVES and he’s screaming
  • So he’s panicking and it’s at this point that he runs into Josh Matthews right
  • And Josh was just offering a passing “Oh hey man” but Jack was DESPERATE so he told Josh he had a third ticket to a musical he was seeing with Eric that night
  • And Josh, funnily enough, had just opened up a chain text from Cory, sent to himself, Topanga, Morgan and Feeny, that just reads “SHAWN AND I WERE THERE AND JACK CONFESSED HIS LOVE FOR ERIC THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THE PROPHECY IS UPON US.”
  • (As Rachel hadn’t told anyone she was coming in, Cory and Shawn happened to find her by accident. They have no idea she talked to Eric too)
  • So Josh reads this text and that looks up at the clearly freaked out Jack Hunter standing before him, and just grins a bit deviously and is like “Yes. Yes, I’d love to come.”
  • Okay omg so the rest of the day, Eric had been hyping himself up and planned to just get this whole thing over with.
  • Like, he definitely doesn’t think Jack has any feelings for him. But he was planning on sitting through the show and reading Jack’s reactions to some of the content, and then bringing it up with him at dinner afterword, and if it was positive he’d bring up what he’s feeling so they could just acknowledge them and get the whole thing out of the way. He didn’t think anything would like, happen, so he just wanted to clear the air so he could make himself move on.
  • So then he gets to the theater and sees Jack and starts internally freaking out…But then he notices Josh and he’s just like “WHAT are you doing here??”
  • And Josh is giving him an “I’m gonna ruin your life’ smile and is like “oh, Jack had an extra ticket and invited me! I LOVE this show, saw it with Riley and Maya last year.’ and then he smiles at both of them and is like ‘I think we’ll have fun’ and HEADS INSIDE WHAT A SHIT
  • So Eric and Jack are outside talking awkwardly for a few minutes but they won’t make eye contact and they’re trying to figure out what’s up with each other omg eventually they just quit and head inside
  • Okay so remembered I mentioned Cory has always had a feeling Josh would ruin his shipping dreams here??? Josh is aware Cory thinks that.
  • So that’s why Josh Matthews sits his ass down right in between Eric and Jack, pulls out his phone yelling “Pre-show selfie!!!!”, and sends the picture to Cory captioned “I’M COCKBLOCKING ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS.”
  • So anyway, the show starts.
  • If you’re unfamiliar, the show has no fourth wall and is very interactive- it’s played out as ‘Hedwig’, a singer who’s career has been plummeting, is playing a concert, and the audience is at that concert rather than a musical, you feel?
  • So of course…Jack’s cousin had to give them seats that were predetermined for the actor to mess with.
  • Jack and Josh both got pulled up on stage, Jack got chased off by a jealous Yitzhak after being all but dry humped, and Eric got kissed during “Sugar Daddy” it was fucking great Josh was having the time of his life. Jack and Eric were lowkey freaking out. They out here tryna struggle with their sexualities and some hot actor in drag is all over them. What the fuck
  • Oh great now he’s stripping down to his underwear
  • Josh can feel the tension radiating off both of them he’s having so much fun what a little asshole
  • So the show ends and boy, these guys thought they were confused about everything before. They have no idea wtf is happening now
  • They both feel a little less, weird about having feelings for each other at least. But they also both still believe the other sees this as the strictly platonic best friendship they’ve always had. So they’re still freaking out but it’s not getting talked about!!!
  • Because Jack was too scared to do it in the first place and Josh’s presence has psyched Eric out omfg
  • So now they’re at dinner and just sitting there quietly, not making looking at each other, as Josh just yammers on about the show lol
  • So finally Eric says something dumb or whatever that gets Jack to laugh and look up, and then he rolls his eye because he realizes Eric still has lipstick smeared all over his lips from when Hedwig kissed him lol
  • So he grabs a napkin and reaches over to get it for him, and he was totally not expecting it to turn into one of those cliché emotionally charged moments you see in the movies, but it DID omfg
  • He’s being gentle trying to get it off and Eric’s not moving an inch and they’re holding eye contact and their breath is hitched omfg
  • After Jack pulls back there’s a long moment of silence before Josh just goes “…Wow.”
  • They both turn and glare at him and he just silently takes a sip of his drink and tries not to laugh lol
  • So dinner happens relatively quietly after that, any conversation is just them asking Josh about school lol.
  • So they all start walking home right. And Josh’s campus was the first stop while Eric and Jack’s apartments weren’t that far away
  • So Josh is saying goodnight and thanking Jack for the tickets and everything, and then he’s about to walk away but he turns back and goes, “Oh, one more thing: YOU’RE BOTH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. DISCUSS.”
  • So now Eric and Jack are just like uh Uh UHHHH
  • They panic around each other for a few minutes and look and act like idiots but finally Jack pulls his shit together and he’s like “let’s just head back to your place and talk this all out” omg
  • And they do
  • Talking happens
  • Other things happen
  • And they end up being really surprised by how…natural everything seems, you know? Like they were expecting some big freak out that could ruin their friendship because these feelings are weird and obviously not reciprocated. Not ‘Oh, we kiss now? Awesome!’ like it ended up not *feeling* like the big deal they were expecting, it just felt very natural, just Eric and Jack in their whacky situations. This week they make out on Eric’s couch! Whatever will they do next!
  • So they decide like, okay, this is just a natural next step in our relationship, this is what we do now, not a big deal. But they don’t want to tell anyone yet.
  • Mostly because they don’t 100% know how their friends and family will react (they know some of them, sure, but not all), but also??? Eric’s a senator and Jack’s a very successful businessman. The media would be all over it omfg like they’re still figuring this out themselves, they don’t need gossip mags and twitter and CNN’s opinions on it.
  • So they keep it under wraps. After about 2 weeks they decide they’re officially dating, but still keep it hush hush for a few months (except Josh knows bc he showed up the day after Hedwig demanding answers lmao).
  • Okay, so one day, it’s their 6 month anniversary, and Jack is EXCITED omg he’s out at the store buying a cake and candles and a bouquet of flowers and he’s trying to pick up a present. He’s gonna surprise Eric and finally be the romantic one for once. He’s so pumped, he’s so proud of himself-
  • He gets a text from Eric reading “Heads up, Riley’s sleeping over my place all weekend. We’re just friends.”
  • And Jack is like???? “It’s our anniversary are you KIDDING me what is so wrong with her apartment?”
  • “She’s not saying anything, but I think she got in a fight with Topanga. She’s REALLY upset, I already told Cory I’d watch her.”
  • So Jack is just like u  g h
  • But he heads to Eric’s (his apartment building was getting fumigated) and tbh Riley does look pretty upset but Jack is salty so he’s decided she doesn’t look upset enough to temporarily run away. He doesn’t say anything though and manages to convince her the ‘Happy Anniversary’ cake was on display/sale and he picked it up because chocolate helps girls right???
  • Eric rolled his eyes and Riley didn’t look like she entirely bought it but no one said anything lol
  • So the night wears on, Riley still won’t talk about why she’s upset and Jack can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable around her since he doesn’t know her that well
  • Eric’s perfectly fine though and keeps her talking about trivial things and keeps her occupied
  • And this is a PROBLEM okay
  • Jack had just…forgotten about Eric with kids, okay. Just completely forgot.
  • And now here he is, braiding Riley’s hair and making her tears turn into laughter and playing dumb little games with her and it was magic and Jack is just like
  • All Jack wants to do is make out with this magical idiot of his and he CAN’T because of Riley omfggggggg
  • So at some point Riley nods off on the couch right. And Jack immediately pulls Eric into the bedroom lol
  • So Eric’s like ‘maybe not with the depressed 15 year old in the other room’ but Jack’s like “I mean honestly she doesn’t seem all that upset, this could be an overreaction. We should send her home to make sure!” and Eric’s just like omfg Jack I raised her for the first six years of her life I think I can read her emotions better than you
  • And Jack actually hadn’t heard about that before so he was like ‘wait seriously?’ and Eric gives a rushed explanation of how he helped out Cory and Topanga while they were still in school.
  • And after that Jack is just like??? What the fuck??? You’re an angel???? What the fu c k
  • So Eric kisses him and the door IMMEDIATELY OPENS
  • So now they’re like…Time to Panic. omfg
  • They’re pacing around the room and mapping out a damn game plan on how to discuss this with Riley, explain their relationship, make sure she doesn’t have a problem with it and beg her not to tell anyone, amongst other things. Mapping out the game plan takes them like half an hour omg
  • So by the time they come out, Riley’s back on the couch and has apparently ordered pizza lol. So they turn off the tv and sit across from her all seriously and she’s like??? Something wrong????
  • And Eric’s trying to ease into it or something and he’s like okay princess so about what you saw-
  • And she’s like??? Listen I’m sorry about that I thought it was the bathroom door??? Are you honestly that mad????
  • And Eric and Jack are like omg no we aren’t mad. Aren’t you freaked out???
  • And Riley’s just like…why would I be? You were just kissing. I’ve literally walked in on my parents having sex with a cardboard cutout of Chase Utley watching. Nothing can break me anymore.
  • So they’re like o h m y G o d didn’t need that image but now Eric’s trying to be like okay so like??? You’re okay that Jack is also a guy???
  • And Riley’s like Uncle Eric p l e a s e I have literally no problems with that. I just want you to be happy, and from the way I’ve heard you talk about Jack, I have every reason to believe you are!
  • So they’re all crying and hug it out nbd. Riley doesn’t think anyone in the family would have a problem with them being together but agrees to keep quiet.
  • But then Riley spies the half eaten cake and is like f u c k I’m ruining an anniversary I’m a monster I’m leaving peace out use protection and she’s literally trying to shove all her stuff back in her backpack and escape as Eric and Jack are like “omfg it’s fine we’re not letting you roam the streets at 11:00 at night” but she’s insisting she’ll just head over to Farkle’s because she really doesn’t wanna kill their anniversary
  • But finally Jack convinces her that they want her there and the anniversary isn’t ruined ya-da-ya-da
  • So the three of them have a cute little weekend- Riley and Jack bond, Eric tries to teach them both his pizza eating trick, Riley successfully avoids all her problems for 3 days, and she also makes a point to give them some alone time which is nice
  • So anyway, Cory and Shawn are frustrated and miserable
  • They’ve been trying to get their brothers to fall in love for SO LONG but there are no developments omfg save these poor losers
  • So one day they’re just moping around, sadly flipping through Shawn’s binder and trying to brainstorm, when Shawn mumbles “What if…we…involved the youth.”
  • “The youth?”
  • “The youth.”
  • The youth.”
  • “THE YOUTH.”
  • Maya, Farkle and Riley, who have just arrived from school, are like “Why are you guys just yelling about youth wtf”
  • Shawn and Cory see them and scream “YOUTH” really loudly, like they all jump lol, and shoved the three of them onto the couch and are just like “Listen we need to make our brothers love each other.”
  • Farkle is immediately like “I’m out, I’m sick of romance drama, fucking goodbye, just send whatever you’re having for dinner to my house” and walks out omfg
  • Cory, yelling loudly at Farkle’s retreating figure, “Okay, now that the WEAK LINK IS GONE-”
  • So anyway, they explain their plans and objective to the girls.
  • Maya’s on board in ten seconds flat lmao but Riley is just like…why don’t we let them live their lives and whatever happens, happens
  • “What child of mine would EVER say that?”
  • So they ignore her and go back to plotting and Riley’s deadass just live blogging this whole experience she opened up a group message with Eric, Jack, and Josh and they’re all cracking up and trying to come up with ideas to mess up the schemes or make Shawn and Cory think Eric and Jack got in another fight and aren’t talking again lmao
  • So they have fun with that for a couple weeks
  • Okay so one night, Eric and Jack take Riley and Josh out to dinner because Riley won a writing competition but she didn’t tell anyone else she entered the contest but those three wanted to celebrate it was this whole thing
  • So they’ve got a very private, secluded both in the restaurant, so they feel safe discussing their relationship, and Josh asks them when exactly they were planning on telling everyone else, because the holiday season is coming up so like?? They should figure something out.
  • So they started going back and forth, doing pros and cons of different ideas. Riley and Josh are really anything but helpful lol
  • Jack said something like “I mean, we could just do it over the phone” and they both slammed their drinks down and demanded “But where’s the drama in that?!” in perfect unison, and then gave each other ‘wtf’ looks because they had surprised themselves. That had Eric cracking up lol
  • Eric keeps giving ridiculous ideas like “What if we just let them catch us making out over the Thanksgiving meal” or “Let’s send out some Ambiguously Gay Duo style Christmas cards” 
  • “Eric there’s nothing ambiguous about this
  • And then Jack leans over and kisses him while Riley and Josh give mildly sarcastic ‘awwww’s
  • And then there’s a camera flash
  • f u c k
  • All four of them start looking around in a panic but they can’t figure out who took the picture holy shit they’re freaking out
  • They can’t just outright interrogate restaurant patrons or personal but like!!!! Code red!!!! Code blue!!!! Code apricot!!!!
  • Eric waves over Agent LaChance to ask him to help but he’s holding up his cell phone which has a notification from a huge news site that’s promising they ‘Just dug up some MAJOR DIRT on our favorite New York Senator, story hitting in 15 minutes!’ and like…they screwed omfg
  • So they just all rush out into the car and Jack and Eric are deadass  calling their parents and grandparents and Feeny but since it’s dinner time no one’s picking up so they’re literally just LEAVING VOICEMAILS LIKE ‘HEY FAMILY I’VE HAD A STEADY BOYFRIEND FOR 8 MONTHS WE LIVE TOGETHER SEE YOU AT THE HOLIDAYS LOVE YOU BYE” OMFG
  • So they get to Cory’s apartment and burst in and Eric’s in Serious Mode ™ and is all like ‘Cor dude I need you to not freak out right now because I’m already freaking out and I didn’t want to tell you guys about this yet but I also don’t want you to find out from the news you know???” and Cory and Topanga (and Auggie, Farkle and Maya are chilling there too) are just like omfg what’s happening what’s wrong what’s hitting the news in five minutes??
  • So Eric tells them he’s with Jack and Jack, Josh and Riley are just kinda awkwardly waving in the back and Cory just. silently collapses onto the couch.
  • So everyone’s lowkey freaking out- not in a bad way, just in a ‘holy shit’ way. And then the news report comes on
  • And THAT’S bad omfg.
  • Shawn’s immediately blowing up Jack’s phone like why the fuck didn’t you tell me???
  • Everyone’s calling and texting them omfg phones are blowing up
  • And obviously there was A LOT of negative feedback from the news site itself and some viewers bc politics are a shit show but they powered through all that bs
  • Eventually get married and adopt 3 kids and have 2 via surrogate yay
  • This is like fucking 11 pages long if you made it through honestly congrats bro I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ERIC MATTHEWS AND JACK HUNTER