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Okay. Headcanons for Outlaw Queen in the kitchen. Who does the cooking? Who cleans up? Who bakes, and who likes to try exotic foods? Do you think they christened the countertops???

Thank you love :)

Regina usually does the cooking- the lasagne is a family favourite and the cooking helps her to relax. However Robin is a good cook too, and can often be found preparing a romantic meal.

Regina bakes- apple turnovers, cupcakes and milk cookies are all favourites, she can’t wait until Peanut is old enough to help her.

Robin tries the exotic food, he is still somewhat baffled by the idea of takeout

They christened the countertops in matching chef aprons one valentines day because they are both adorable dorks like that. The aprons didn’t last very long though ;) (Sorry I can’t write smut)

Gifs aren’t mine- If they are yours let me know and I’ll credit :)

Sleepover Saturday, ask me headcanons, ships, fmk anything really

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Omg, where did you get that Uno keychain??

I got my Uno keychain off Ebay, I’m not sure if the listing is still available but I know that the shipping for the keychain is super long, I did a bit of looking and it turns out I waited 46 days for mine, so as long as you don’t mind waiting, and it might be different ship times depending which country you are in so, search away. I’m really happy with my Uno keychain =w= despite the wait time…


Travelled halfway across the world to be mine (Italy to USA to New Zealand) and boy, was it worth it the wait! Thank you so much @artistari-chan for letting me participate and annalovesfiction for the constant encouragement.

Every piece of art and writing oozes love and adoration. I can’t decide which are my favourites because everything is so unique and so good and I’m brimming with joy from this zine.


please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

Be careful, spoilers for the game in the video !
Just something quick I had to do after finished this stunning and wonderful game. Honestly I still don’t know if I rather ship her with Erend or Varl… Too many ships I know haha Anyway, I always want to edit games like The Last of Us, Life is Strange or Bioshock Infinite but these games are so huuuuuuge I can’t even know where to begin. I waited for Horizon Zero Dawn since the start and I was lucky enough to ship them early and think about this video as I played so here we go.

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 4)

Enjoy! By that I also mean suffer. Thanks to @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr for proofreading!

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"Are you flirting with me?” BITTYPARSE

(previous installment) 

The obvious, logical thing to do is to wait until they’re both perfectly sober and then drive to Reno and get divorced. It’s not how Bitty exactly intended to spend his marriage.

Well, honestly, he never intended to get married on the Vegas strip, officiated by an Elvis impersonator, to Kent Parson of all people. Like not that he has a problem with being married to Kent which – wait what.

“Bits?” Kent asks. They’re still sitting on the kerb outside the chapel with their marriage license fresh in hand.

“Yeah?” Bitty asks.

“You look a little worried,” Kent says, nudging his foot.

“We just got drunk married by Elvis,” Bitty points out. “Of course I look worried.”

“Well, hey, if it means I get a right to conjugal visits,” Kent says, leaning back on his elbows like they’re not sitting on the fucking filthy sidewalk of Vegas at four in the morning.

“That’s not what a conjugal visit – wait, are you flirting with me?” Bitty demands.

“Have been for months, but thanks for noticing,” Kent replies.

Bitty thinks back over the past few months of his interactions with Kent. They were just talking, and they were getting to be friends, it’s why he’s in Vegas in the first place, and – and yeah, okay they’d definitely been flirting.

“Yeah, but like, flirting doesn’t mean we should be getting married!” Bitty insists.

“Sure, but, chill out, Bits, we haven’t even consummated the marriage yet,” Kent says. “I mean, if you’re game then I’m willing to make an honest man of you but–”

“You’re only making someone an honest whatever if you had sex before marriage,” Bitty replies, crossing his arms and trying not to think about Kent naked.

“So we’ll get divorced, then we’ll go back to my apartment and have a ridiculous amount of sex, and then I’ll make an honest man of you or whatever,” Kent suggests. Bitty smacks him in the arm.

They sit there on the kerb until the sun starts to truly shine over the Strip and the Nevada desert.

If he’s being honest with himself, Bitty did come out to Vegas fully intending to jump Kent. That was his endgame with this visit.

“How far away do you live?” he asks, well aware he’s blushing.

Kent just grins.

My apologies to the city of Reno. There was a clue in a crossword once that was “divorce capital” four letters, and since Vegas is the marriage capital I put in Reno and it turned out to be the right answer. So, yeah. 

Victory is mine!

I have been blocked by @destielette without even having a single direct interaction with her or violating a single one of her supposed “rules” (I don’t hate Misha, I don’t hate Castiel, and I don’t hate Destiel…wait, maybe it’s that I hate all real-person-ships, including the BS that is Cockles). I actually feel better as a person for being blocked.  If this being who is so utterly vile hates me, I must be a pretty decent person.  I mean, this is a human being (not worthy of the term person) who has reduced a real person’s suffering, spread over multiple decades, to a token to be played in a “shipping war” that she seems to be having with a bunch of non-shippers who didn’t like her Destiheller crap in the general tags.  I wonder how long it is before the sane Destiel shippers manage to upset her delicate sensibilities and she starts basically having a shipping civil war?

Adding that being blocked by hateful bigots like @thefreckledfain also makes me feel better as a human being.  Promoting rape culture by saying that making eye contact is proof of sexual interest is repugnant.  It is absolutely possible to be biphobic and homophobic whilst also being LGBTQ+.  Another one strictly in the “human being” but not a person category, imo.

*For those wondering, human being is a statement of species, personhood roughly requires the capacity for reflective self-evaluation as well as an understanding of morality/right & wrong.  Basically, you have to have a soul to be a person, and anyone who can bring the Fritzl case into a “shipping war” is likely lacking in either a soul or sufficient intelligence to self-evaluate.  

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Relationship status: Waiting for a prince.
Top 3 shows: Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Clone Wars *facepalm*
Top 3 characters: Kylo Ren, Revan, Sherlock from BBC
Top 3 ships: mine char/everything is not interesting, they are all favorites so let it go be Sherlock/Irene Adler, Joker/Harley Quinn, Anakin/Padme

I want to tag my favorite professor but she is only on deviantart so I tag @patrisska @armentarius and @sabalmirss

I keep forgetting I never formally announced I was jumping ship from @palolabg to this blog (At least art wise) and I’m still like “wait you didn’t know?” When people are surprised this blog is mine omg

So if anyone sent an ask to my old blog or anything Im sorry I didn’t see it! I’ve been mostly working here as it is a fresh start and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback as opposed to ppl who pester me for certain arts I won’t mention.

I honestly love how tight knit the kurotsuki fandom is, like we’ve survived being a small ship, hated, all this crap (and still going through it) and now we’ve developed into this big amazing kurotsuki family and I love it. I remember thinking back when people were confused of the ship “Just wait, people are gonna see how amazing kurotsuki is, and not a rarepair,” and it happened and I couldn’t be happier!!

Trafalgar Law Week Day One (4/20) - Heart Pirates // Doflamingo Family

The Heart Pirates did everything they could for their captain when they could. Those mornings when they knew their captain had been up all night looking through medical texts, there was always a pot of coffee ready and waiting for the grumpy man upon his emergence from his room. And if he noticed that they took extra care to be more quiet in their complaints of the heat or while they worked away in the hull of the ship, he said nothing. It wasn’t long after the crew was formed that they all realized that they cared for their captain like he was family because, in a sense, he was family. The glue that bound their group together. Without him, they would not have met one another and would not have had the numerous adventures.

That’s why, when they separated from their captain for an undisclosed amount of time, the worry that clawed at all of their throats was not totally unexpected. Sure, there were reassurances from the now Shichibukai that everything would be fine, but the crew knew he was lying to them. So, to lay their worries to rest, Trafalgar Law placed a scrap of paper into the large white paws of his first mate and best friend.

“It’s a Vivre Card. I have one for you as well. Don’t follow it - that is an order.” So why give it to them, the crew wailed. Law only smiled, patting the apologizing Bepo on the head and turning his back to them for the last time. “So you can see when I die.”

The words stuck with the crew. Days, weeks, and months they sat around the scrap of paper, watching with anticipation for any kind of reaction. How did a Vivre Card work, only Jean Bart knew that one. Watch for burning edges, he would remind the crew while he did the maintenance that they were too busy to attend to. Burning edges mean that the person is dying. Of course, the large man did not expect the edges to burn - Trafalgar Law was a capable man and knew how to fight. Knew how to survive. He could tell just by looking at him.

And then the day came. The paper announcing the alliance with the Straw Hat Crew had arrived not too many days before. Jean Bart was in the kitchen making dinner when he heard the shouts, screams with the only word he could make out being ‘card’. It was all he needed to hear to move out from the kitchen and approach the table that they crew surrounded, leaning over their heads to take a look at the paper.

Small wisps of smoke curled up from the edges of the paper, thick and gray and choking one man who had gotten his face too close. “It’s nothing to worry about.” Jean Bart assured them, though he wasn’t sure himself if that was the truth. Smoke like that usually led to burnt edges sooner rather than later, and he wasn’t sure what was going on with his captain and that other crew. But he laid the worry to rest, because they needed to trust in their captain.

“It’s burning!” The shout came not too long after - the same day. Jean Bart rushed from the kitchen then, his own worry gripping at his stomach as his eyes laid on the paper. The edges were black - burnt, with larger wisps of smoke rising to the ceiling. The scrap of paper was significantly smaller than it had been, and was still shrinking. Penguin was already out of his seat and moving to the control room. “We’ll go find him.”

But he was met with resistance in the form of Bepo, standing in his way with his arms crossed over his chest. The man tried to push past the bear, but the latter stood firm. The other men moved to help - to push the first mate out of the way because why was he doing this? Didn’t he want to save their captain? He was only allowing him to die by standing in their way! They stopped, however, when they noted the tear tracks in his white fur trailing down his face, and it was only then that they recalled the last words their captain spoke before leaving - his last order given to them, which were reiterated by Bepo in that moment with a shaky voice.

“We were ordered to stay.” No one could look the bear in the eye. Heads hung low, shoulders were stiff, and there was a thick tension in the room that was only broken when Bepo spoke once again. “Captain’s orders.”

Curses filled the room as each man, though they wanted to go and save their captain - the man they looked up to; admired - they knew Bepo was right. If they went after their captain, he would only berate them for going against his orders. It would be an insult to go against his authority in that way, and they knew it.

So through the day, for hours upon hours, the crew sat in silence around the burning piece of paper, crossing their fingers and praying for the first time in a long time that their captain would make it back to them alive and okay.

So I finish reading Lady midnight.... SPOILERS!!

●Kieran and Mark was just WOW! I think that was the thing that shocked me the most (and I still don’t know if I ship it )


●I totally ship Kitty (Ty and Kit)
●Emma and Jules first kiss tho😂
●Perfect Diego is just..👌 I like him.
●Malcom Fucking Fade
●Raphael and Max Lightwood-Bane ❤
●I love Ty and Livvy soooo much
●I loved how cassie included shadowhunters from other countries.
●I was starting to Ship Cristina and Mark and then kieran came, (why do you play with my emotions cassie, why?!) ●"Why lie" WHAT THE FUCK!!
●Annabel Blackthorn
I LOOOOOOOOOVED IT can’t wait for the second book I wanna see more Jemma and more Kitty ❤❤❤

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Finally on its way to me a bokashi (gradient) indigo dyed denim kimono straight from the center of Japan’s denim making ateliers Kurashiki in Kojima prefecture. These kimono are preta in terms of the tailoring (there are only a few size options available, the size L is 165 cm long), but the dyeing takes place only when you order a kimono and no two are exactly alike. This also means it can take 3-4 weeks of extra waiting for your bokashi denim kimono to ship.

Still I am so excited mine is finally on it’s way to me. It’s taken me about a year to finally decide I didn’t want to live without this kimono in my collection.