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"Still waitin' on th'full details of what this guy wants," Guzma mentions, his usual joking tone pushed aside to maintain an air of seriousness, something necessary when discussing business, "but you CRAZY if ya think I ain't sendin' ya on this one! Only want th'BEST job done."


   Plumeria’s smile turned smug, her eyelids dropping to half-mast as she angled her chin up towards the Calavera.

   “Tch. No need for big up my ego, G. Your girl got your back on this. Trust.” Drawing a little closer to him, she arched one eyebrow, the corner of her mouth giving a little twitch.

   “Ready when you are, Skull King. As she passed him, she ensured that her shoulder playfully clipped his. The sentiment might not have been strictly true at the moment, but it would be by the night’s end.

   Ariados venom. There was a story here–what was it? People didn’t usually make specific requests for jobs like this. Plumeria went over the possibilities in her head as she descending the steps of the back lanai, breathing in the scent of Shady House’s back garden.

            Flowers and petrichor meant home.

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Oooohh So it's Jacksons verse from Jun.k's SuperMan JYP Nation Mix and Match stage

My ass out here bout to die thought he was bout to drop a sound cloud and a solo track on us

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Hi! I'm asking as much of the Children of the Earth (the ASoIaF meta-tumblr community) this... what are/is *the* crucial, essential element(s), if you could be that precise, of ASoIaF that makes you think 'yup, this is a series worth pouring tons of time, words and blood into'? Even through any and all *really* frustrating elements (Dead Ladies Club, undeconstructed misogyny, uncomfortable orientalism, slaver bears and weaker writing points)?Thank you in advance and hope you have a good day!

Hi! Lots of cool people giving lots of great answers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I love good worldbuilding. I wanna touch “a little bit of creation that hasn’t had all the awe and the wonder ripped from it yet”. That’s my favorite kind of fantasy story, where the world itself has been crafted as carefully as the characters. I’m like GRRM, I wanna walk under new stars, over the hills and far away. For all that I complain about his worldbuilding (@grrm, i’m still waitin for the names of those western hills, the clock is ticking here), grrm is a good worldbuilder. He’s made very complex societies, to the point that real academics study and write papers about ASOIAF economics, and law, and geology, and sociology, and that’s exactly the type of stuff I love. I wanna visit distant worlds and see how they work. I wanna sit in their libraries and study their books and read all their history. Oh gosh, the number of fantasy libraries I’ve wanted to visit, ever since I was a little girl … and grrm makes it happen. I like worlds that have a history to them, to know that there’s so much beneath the surface, even if I’ll never get to see it … just the fact that it’s there makes Westeros a place worth visiting. 

And I love GRRM’s romanticism, how richly emotional the story is, how beautiful… “He dreamt an old dream, of three knights in white cloaks, and a tower long fallen…” GRRM makes you care. Maybe you don’t care about everybody – I certainly don’t – but you care about somebody while reading ASOIAF. He makes you care intensely, beyond reason, to the point where you’d willingly clobber somebody over the head with a frying pan because you care so much. The ones you care about become like your friends, or your own family. And you’ve suffered for these characters, whether it’s the Red Wedding or the Purple Wedding or whatever emotional trauma you’ve shared with your favs.

And I like how GRRM approaches morality, I love Tyrion, whose such a great example of a morally grey, compelling character. And most of all, GRRM’s a damn good storyteller.