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the best family in the marvel universe tbhhh

hey everyone it’s, uh, jeff from the overwatch team here, with another developer update. as you can see i haven’t, uh, slept in a few days, because my, uh, dreams are still haunted, by terrifying visions of former creative director chris metzen pressing his, uh, face against my windows and proclaiming that, i, uh, am not worthy, with his voice a thunderous and unnatural rattle and the moonlight glinting off of his many rows of, uh, sharklike teeth. anyways a lot of you had some questions about the new ana changes and

“The age difference between the actors is too much, she’s just a girl and he is an old man”

Vision was totally abusive and manipulative with Wanda, they relationship is so toxic”

“She is a woman with the world ahead and he’s just a robot, a machine. How can you ship them?”

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I’ve been having a rough couple weeks health-wise and haven’t been in the greatest of moods. Imagine my surprise to see a package on my door yesterday, and discovering it was art from the incomparable CAT (@drawallthesorikus).

Thank you, awesome human. This cheered me up so much and now I have something to look at when I’m feeling up to writing. <3




Happy 32nd Birthday Emily Kinney
August 15, 1985


Theo Raeken

Why does he look so damn hot in this gif? Like he’s getting head?

Summary- The reader is a hunter who’s had a crush on Theo for a while and takes him to her place to torture him with pleasure.

Idk if that make sense but I just got the idea from the gif lol.

In honor of teen wolf sunday.

Warning- Daddykink!Theo Sub!Theo(Begin half) Sub!Reader, Dom!Theo., Blowjobs, chocking, bitting, unprotected sex. That’s all I could think of

Word Count-2,553

Theo pulled on the zip ties groaning at the tightness around his wrist. He had been captured by an unknown hunter, Theo was in his truck hesitant on calling Scott from what he had discovered when he was at the clinic a spider that disappeared into thin air. When he was in his truck a flashlight came into his view, he thought it was the sheriffs department but it turned out to be a hunter by it’s lonesome who shot a dart into neck knocking him out.

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The blue rose is a flower that seeks to convey a message of mystery, enchantment and a sense of the impossible. One should never forget that as a flower that is not found freely in nature, the blue rose has a certain charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.

Fly free, babygirl.


Ok ok I know that we’re all hype about the pictures and everything but can I just address that Vision is able to change his very form, but can’t change the color of his freaking shirt….or just unbutton some of those top buttons maybe? 😂


idk how solid i am on these designs yet but heres my magic music man theyre a high elf bard that wears a hat he stole from a nearby ranch on a hot day & they got cursed by the ranch’s wizard to look scary forever LOL

also hes a nasty fuck who drinks the juice out of the pickle jar & trashes the pickles